The Woodcutter É Download by À Kate Danley

 The Woodcutter É Download by À Kate Danley I enjoyed listening to The Woodcutter It s not a hugely action packed story, character led really However, it is fun following The Woodcutter on his travels, as he encounters a number of very famous fairytale characters At first it reminded me a little of Alice when she arrives in Wonderland and goes on a journey of meeting random quirky characters My main criticism is that I think The Woodcutter met too many different characters, making the story feel a little repetitive and slightly confusing at times.
I borrowed this in audiobook format through Kindle Unlimited, and it was well narrated.
The Woodcutter was an interesting idea, I was sure I was going to love it because who doesn t like fairy tales After reading it though, I honestly believe if it ain t broke don t fix it The Woodcutter is basically a Frankenstein monster of all the pretty tales you grew up with as a child Practically every fairy tale you can think of has been dissected, and sown back together in an unattractive and messy way.
I really didn t like the narrative and flow of the book I was only a few chapters in, and had to check the book was not part of a series I felt that I was being dropped into a world I should have already known about, and should not have needed explaining You are swapmed with an overload of information at once, which made the first part of the book feel very bogged down and clunky The VERY short chapters also made for a jarring and disjointed feeling, and made it difficult to really get absorbed in the book.
To be honest the story became a little repetitive as it went on At every challenge The Woodcutter faced he seemed to be defeated, only to find a predictable solution and carry on the next trial to do it all over againNot a book I would read again I wasn t keen, but with so many familiar and well loved characters making an appearance, it will appeal to some people.
Cinderella Is Dead And One Of Odin S Hellhounds Has Gone Rogue The Woodcutter, Protector Of Peace Between The Twelve Kingdoms Of Man And The Realm Of Faerie, Is Charged With Finding The Beast And Returning Him To The Wild Hunt Unfortunately, It Seems The Forces Of Evil Have Other Plans It Is A Race Against Time As The Woodcutter Travels East Of The Sun And West Of The Moon, Up Beanstalks And Down To The Bowels Of The Earth To Unravel A Mystery That Can Only Be Described As Grimm It as been some time since a book was able to so utterly transport me to a different world This was an absolutely enthralling read that I was scarcely able to put down Kate Danley has a very interesting writing style that works for this type of genre The Woodcutter s multi dimensional character contrasts well with the decidedly one dimensional evil of the Queen and the Gentleman The emotions that run through this book made me cry with joy and sadness, made me angry, upset, and frustrated, and filled me with tender caring and contentment.
I had never heard of this book before I saw it on Kindle s Daily Deals praise for that and yet I was instantly attracted to its premise after reading the summary As a diehard fan of ABC s show Once Upon a Time , which takes traditional fairy tales plus Wonderland and Neverland and puts them in a completely different context, I wanted to see how Kate Danley approached the same task I was very pleasantly surprised Not only do we see the quintessential fairy tale characters such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rumpelstiltskin, but we also see characters from ethnic fairy tales, such as Baba Yaga and the Girl in Iron Sandals Shoes view spoiler in this book doubling also as Belle hide spoiler No I am sorry but no I dont see how anyone can give this then one star It lacks the passion, action and adventure the author tries to portray in its description Remember the clear eyes commercial guy Yea monotone and bland but the words he says are meant to be exciting Yea thats how I picture The Woodcutter wow Its like pure vanilla sex when you were promised the ride of your life Im sorry usually I try not to give a bad review and even if I didnt like the book that much I still give them a couple of stars but this I fell asleep while reading every chapter Its a bad sign when a book naturally sedates me If maybe she would have written The Woodcutter with character maybe it would have been better I mean it is the main character he should captivate the reader not put them to sleep.
A thoroughly enjoyable retelling and combining of fairy tales from various sources.
The message the same, even if the meaning is a little different True love conquers all In this case however, true love is not the romantic, Disneyfied stuff It is love that comes without enchantment or disguise It is the love that contains a willingness for sacrifice and the quiet, comfortable warmth of true understanding and acceptance of another There is so much of this book that I want to quote, but I don t want to give too much away I can t resist these three though She was who she was, no , no less, and that was what made her so special Some spoke gentle words some remained silent But he understood Understood that the pain he endured thinking he was leaving them was nothing compared to the pain they endured knowing he was gone So together they rejoiced in life She held him and he held her, two souls that had known each other for ten years and ten years Two souls reunited He looked at the woman who held his heart safe as she whispered his name.
I am so happy I did not stop myself from reading this book because of the bad reviews here It was so beautiful I now understand why so many people not liked it If you expect a modern fairy tale retelling, I have to dissapoint you This piece is written in the old ways as the traditional original oooold fairytales like H.
C Andersen, I felt like a little child again when I listened to the story of Red Riding hood and and recalled as a child wanting to get under the blanket of the fear of the wolf wanting to eat everyone I recalled as I met Snow White and the seven dwarves for the first time in an ilustrated book and how I watched an old czech fairy tale movie about Rumpelstiltskin It was haunting, it was nostalgic, it was lovely, it was weird I really enjoyed this Really, the problem here is that it is not written in todays modern ways of giving the character deep characteristic and backround story and explain all the details Here it is the Woodcutter, the Snow White, the Iron Shoes, etc and their old fairy tale stories If the author would try to give everyone a space to tell the whole story with details instead of the brief appearing, it book would be 1000 and it would become boring Like this it had the haunting mysterious feeling and magic of the old fairytales.
I really recommend this But BE AWARE This is not written in a modern way but if you love old traditional way of telling a fairy tale, if you were that child as I, then you might love it as I did.
The Woodcutter is a fairytale focusing on, you guessed it, The Woodcutter of a magical forest that links 12 kingdoms together The Woodcutter is a part of the forest itself but when he discovers a young girl with glass slippers dead, he knows all is not right in his world As he goes to investigate, he ends up having to use his particular brand of magic to save himself, and others, on countless occasions.
This was a surprising but enjoyable read, and I was able to fly through it in one sitting.
At first, the style of writing was a bit odd it s slightly whimsical and fairytale like as can be expected, and I didn t always know exactly what was going on but I really enjoyed how all the fairytales we know were brought into this story in such a unique way I loved that the forest itself was or less a creature on its own, and had its own special magic that also flowed through The Woodcutter It reminded me a little bit of the forest in Uprooted by Naomi Novik, combined with the fairytale characters from Once Upon A Time.
I really enjoyed seeing how Snow White, Rapunzel and Jack were all brought into the story but we also had mentions of high fae like Oberon and Titania, as well as some Norse gods I really loved the rules around the pixies and how they couldn t touch the ground.
I really enjoyed this, though it wasn t my favourite fairytale book ever I would recommend it for people looking for something whimsical to read with fairytale connections.

I m still not sure if I liked this book or not I liked it enough to read it in a couple of sittings I liked it enough to want to know what was going to happen and to care about some of the characters But ultimately I came away feeling a bit cheated as if I d been given an old pair of shoes in a sparkly box and for a second I d actually believed they were new.
The Woodcutter is a retelling of not just one fairy tale, but pretty much every fairy tale you can possibly imagine All the standards are there Snow White, Rumplestilskin, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Twelve Dancing Princesses, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood plus Baba Yaga, Odin and Titania and Oberon for good measure It s a tale that puts The Woodcutter of Little Red Riding Hood fame, at the centre of a quest to preserve the twelve respective kingdoms, the fairy world and the human world It is a tale of pixies and iron, of trees that protect their own, and tragic women on quests to rescue their doomed lovers.
I really liked The Woodcutter character He is well developed and complex and easy to empathise with And perhaps that s where I feel torn I wish it was a book about him, without all the other stories mashed in around him Every time a Snow White, or Titania pops up it feels like the cheapening of an otherwise good tale It takes the edge off the originality of the telling Even a layer of subtlety would have helped if the characters were all there but not named then you could guess at who was being alluded to.
Given that I bought this book through the Kindle Daily Deals, only cost me 1.
99 and was a pretty quick read, on balance it s probably not too bad a deal Should you read it I don t know, I m still not sure if I liked it or not I m at work so I can t write too muchThis really seems to be a hit or miss with people I remember when this book hit my radar a year or two ago I immediately read the reviews which led me to mentally nixing this book from my TBR This is partly why I stopped reading so many reviews I actually really liked this story, and had I relied on reviews alone I probably wouldn t have picked it up Was it confusing at times Um, yes I had to stop the audio multiple times to search the book for information I kept losing my place in the story mentally You see, this is one of those that had one big arc with a bunch of little baby arcs underneath Fairy tale after fairy tale was brought into play Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, The 12 Dancing Princesses, along with Baba Yaga, King Oberon, Queen Titania, and Odin and The Wild Hunt and I mean, there was SO MUCH GOING ON and ofttimes there was not enough information presented upfront In order for things to make sense you had to keep readingBut it worked for me I loved the way all the tales were brought together.
I thought she did a great job bringing them all to life, and I have to admit I m a sucker for a creepy, sentient wood The Woodcutter kind of reminded me of Hagrid, just kind of this lumbering dude who is steadfast and loyal to a fault I appreciated that about him He was called to duty, and though he didn t want to leave his wife, he still picked up his tools and leftbut she was forever in his mind and heart I thought it was incredibly sweet I don t know, I just enjoyed it I thought it was pretty damn good It even made me tear up at the end.