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[ Read Online The Fall of the Blade ✓ irish-literature PDF ] by Sue Reid Á I read this just after watching Les Miserables and just before going to Paris I love it and still do today A lovely, quick read I wanted something quick to read before going on holiday as I didn t want to carry a book with me on my month long vacation I do have a kindle though This is a story about a young aristocratic girl, caught in the middle of the French Revolution from 1792 to 1794 I thought it was based on true facts, but alas, it is not However, it does not detract from the fact that this is a well written and well crafted, historical story I will not be giving anything away as it is a short read At the end of the Diary there are some historical facts, that are very interesting It is fascinating to think that all forms of worship were banned during this time and it was the priests and nuns that were persecuted not just the Kings, Queens and aristocrats This book would suit children from a mature ten year old upwards But would also be enjoyable as a quick read for any adult.
Isabelle begins her diary in the summer of 1792, when she is thirteen Raised the privileged daughter of an aristocrat in a chateau outside of Paris, Isabelle is frightened and confused by all the changes brought about by the French Revolution Because she cannot speak freely of her fears, she begins a diary where she can write down all her thoughts and true feelings as everything in her life changes Because she was born into an aristocratic family, many of the revolutionaries hate Isabelle and her family simply for who they are.
The news from Paris grows worse every day The royal family are imprisoned and the king is executed Many of her friends, neighbors, and relatives have fled to the countryside or left France to seek safety in other countries Isabelle and her own family eventually leave their home, hoping to find refuge in their old chateau in the countryside, but even there they are not safe forever, and are eventually imprisoned Throughout this difficult time Isabella keeps writing in her diary, hoping that someday the Revolution will be over, she will be free again, and have her diary as a record of all she went through, to show her own children someday.
The Fall of the Blade is enjoyable addition to the My Story series, and I am glad to see the series branching out recently and featuring books set in places other than England The French Revolution has always been a time in history I found interesting so I really enjoyed reading Isabelle s story I do wish the book had been a bit longer and that the ending had been detailed as I wanted to know what happened to some of the other characters But overall this was an enjoyable book that I would recommend to readers who enjoyed other My Story books or books from other similar series such as the Dear America or Royal Diaries series.
Loved this cover The French Revolution was a dark time but then again aren t all revolutions Isabelle is the daughter of a aristocrat who are now hated by a lot of the French people along with the Royal Family She keeps a diary about her experiences She looks after a boy called Armand after she finds him hurt in their garden and her along with her mother nurses him back to health and her father takes him to safety somewhere else He told them that he was forever grateful to them After the King and his family are executed Isabelle and her family flee to her fathers childhood home hoping they are safe from the revolution but are not Isabelle and her brother Francois find a secret passage way beneath the house In the night her brother escapes without her or her parents leaving a not saying he has gone to fight Soon after they are put under detention in her own house and after that she and her parents a locked up in prison along with other aristocrats and nuns and priests She was moved 3 times to different prisons in all of them she isn t in the same cell as her parents and in the last prison is completely separated from them One night she gets her chance to escape and she does Soon after in a crowd she finds Armand and together escapes with him on a boat to England leaving her family in France not knowing where they are or if they are ok I did not think this story was finished I wanted to know I was disappointed this wasn t as good as the others Though I learnt a lot about the French Revolution.
Thee books are very popular, so I thought I would read one to see what they are about On the whole I thought it was pretty good It provided a good eyewitness view of the opening stages of the French Revolution as seen by a teenage girl from the minor aristocracy We get to see the optimistic opening stages, the Terror, the wars, the family dislocation, the horror All pretty well described, though toned a bit for the target audience The plot trotted along quite well, though I can t say there were many surprises The main characters were well drawn and described, though I was disappointed in some of the minor characters which were a bit cardboard Never mind On the whole I enjoyed it, a good history novel and I would say very good for its intended audience.

Really enjoyed.
Zat m asi nejlep kn ka z edice M j p b h A moje milovan gilotina Isabelle is a young aristocrat living in a grand chateau outside of the city of Paris The French Revolution has already begun, but as the city of Paris turns violent and the safety of aristocrats is threatened, her family decides they must flee further into the French countryside There, they are threatened with discovery, burdened by a lack of supplies, and faced with the prospect of being taken to prison or even executed All the while, young Isabelle keeps a diary to record her fears for her life and for France.
The story itself, which takes place in the midst of the violent events of the French Revolution, was fairly exciting and had a good amount of action However, I felt that the book was far too short and the ending was abrupt I never really got a feel for the character of Isabelle, and without spoiling the ending, I felt the concluding entries in her diary were strangely devoid of emotions and thoughts that should have been present for her Overall, The Fall of the Blade is a decent addition to the My Story series, and perhaps something that younger readers might be interested in before they move on to heavier and detailed French Revolution fiction.
It S Isabelle, Daughter Of An Aristocrat, Lives In A Chateau Just Outside Paris But France Is In The Grip Of The Revolution, And As Terror Takes Hold Of The City, Isabelle S Family Decides That They Must Flee To The Countryside But Will They Be Safe There Will They Escape The Guillotine S Falling Blade