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[ Read Online The Descent (Detective Louise Blackwell Book 2) ✓ bolsheviks PDF ] by Matt Brolly » I have read the previous book in the series and even though i enjoyed it I feel this outing was much better I love the main character and the way the investigation was pieced together step by step I found myself drawn into the story and could not keep away This is the second book in a series featuring DI Louise Blackwell and in The Descent we are once again transported to the seaside town of Weston super Mare where similarities in recent deaths pour towards a body count that appears to be growing, although the only clue that all is not what it appears are the notes left with each body saying Death is not the end.
The book takes us through Blackwell s investigation into these mysterious deaths before anycome to light, whilst at the same time, we are witnesses to her own personal struggles that are happening within her own family.
Yet again it is Matt Brolly s characterisation and the highly descriptive writing that shines through and only adds to the intrigue and suspense in this psychological thriller I would definitely recommend this book Were They Pushed To The Edge Or Over It In The Quiet Coastal Town Of Weston Super Mare, A Body Is Discovered At The Foot Of A Cliff Just Months After A Near Identical Tragedy And Detective Inspector Louise Blackwell Can T Believe It Could Be A CoincidenceNext To The Body, She Discovers A Note That Echoes One Found Beside The First Death Is Not The End Louise Is Certain That Behind These Desperate Acts Someone Is Pulling The Strings, But How Many Will Plunge To Their Demise Before She Can Find Out Who And Why Struggling To Stay Focused Under The Strain Of Her Troubled Brother S Disappearance With His Young Daughter, Louise Hits A Much Needed Breakthrough When A Third Tragedy Points To The Involvement Of A Charismatic Cult Leader The Suspect Is Within Her Sights, But He Knows She S On To Him Short On Proof And With The Body Count Rising, Can Louise Intercept His Deadly Mission Or Has She Taken On An Unbeatable Foe Thank youPublishing for the eARC.
DI Louise Blackwell, in the second of the series, is still in Weston Super Mare, where a body of a young woman is found at the bottom a cliff, a probable suicide Whenbodies are found, also possible suicides, Louise is starting to believe there s a link between the deaths, but is frustrated because she and the team can t figure out how the women were connected She s also concerned about her brother, who is drinking heavily and neglecting his little girl She s torn between her job and her family s problems, not a good thing for her career The charismatic leader of a small group of women plies them with a hallucinogenic and Louise, when he s on her radar, strongly suspects he s the reason for the deaths and is obsessed with stopping him.
This book is fast paced, tense and sometimes depressing, and I found Louise at times a bit irritating, but I am looking forward to reading no three in the series.
Louise investigates the apparent suicide of 3 woman.
After further investigation, it seems that the victims have been murdered There are quite strong emotions in this book especially for Louise Her brother is an alcoholic and can t cope after the death of his wife Paul still has a daughter to look after and he is not doing a great job Between trying to catch a killer and saving her brother, Louise feels a lot of pressure.
My heart was pretty heavy while reading The Descent I love Louise as she tries to help her parents to take care of her niece Emily She is equally dedicated to her job and her family I love this book as the emotions are very well described.
In the second book in the DI Louise Blackwell series, the character has begun to hit her stride Unlike the first book, I was hooked immediately as Louise contends with boredom and loneliness in her exile to Weston super Mare as well as increasing family chaos as her brother s personal troubles mount Called to the scene of a suspicious death, Louise is unwilling to write it off as a simple suicide.
and gets drawn into a complicated puzzle that forces her to make tough decisions, both personally and professionally A solid police procedural.
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The Descent was a great mystery novel which I struggled to put down Whilst facing a challenging series of deaths, Detective Louise Blackwell also faced worsening family drama An alcoholic brother with his vulnerable daughter take Louise s mind off a case which she needs to focus on.
I struggled to put down this book once I started The way the narrator switched between Louise and a possible victim made it painful to read Louise s thoughts whilst knowing the answers to many of her questions.
I now need to go back and read the first Louise Blackwell novel, which I foolishly skipped I am very excited to read any future developments in this series.
The Descent by Matt Brolly Second in the series featuring Detective Louise Blackwell Louise is faced with personal struggles within her family and at work At times the backstory of Louise s family seems repetitive and distracting from the current investigation All in all a solid police procedural and a good addition to the series Thank you to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview the book.

The Descent is the second book in the DI Louise Blackwell series by author Matt Brolly It s a british police procedural, and a psychological thriller It s now been two years since DI Blackwell got summarily transferred from Bristol s Major Investigation Team to the small coastal town of Weston Super Mare following a deadly setup by her former partner, who was angling for a promotion Weston super Mare is her childhood town, and her parents, her recently widowed brother and her niece all live in the area In spite of her success in her first major case six months prior, and a generally supportive DCI, Louise Blackwell still hasn t put her partner s treason behind her She s as paranoid as when we first met her As a result, she has trouble making herself at ease with her team She keeps to herself, hides her personal life from her colleagues, made very few friends among them, and generally trusts no one Her career has been derailed and, bitter about it, Louise Blackwell would like to get it back on track All the while, she s certain other parties will do everything in their power to prevent it And, as if to prove her right, the harassment from her manipulative narcissistic ex partner, DCI Finch, starts again It seems to the reader that she ll never get rid of him interfering with her life, her team, and her cases.
The new case begins when the body of a young woman is discovered at the foot of a cliff, mere weeks after a similar suicide When a third woman kills herself in the same fashion, fear of a suicide epidemic creeps in Then, impossible coincidences link the deaths together, leading them to be all deemed suspicious But, the investigation of serial deaths all appearing to have been voluntary is tricky The team has no motive to work from, and no profile of a suspect that might not even exist.
However, the reader getsinsight in these events Once again, in what seems to be a feature of this series, the perp is known to us from the very start The narration alternates chapters between DI Blackwell and her team s investigation, and the point of view of a potential victim to be We don t get the point of view of the killer as in the first book He is nonetheless omnipresent, his strong psychological hold on his entourage weighing heavily even on the reader.
Don t let the absence of mystery deter you As with any good Columbo episode, the story is all about the journey, and not the destination As I expected, this book proves to be a very welcome return to the town of Weston super Mare The writing and depiction of the locales and inhabitants is as atmospheric as the first time around The sea, piers, cliffs and islands are as we left them Adding to the already oppressive mood, voluntarily or not, the victims, the woods, syca trees and a mysterious waiting room are also highly reminiscent of David Lynch s masterpiece, Twin Peaks The Descent is a deeply psychological thriller, evenso than The Crossing, especially due to the somber motivation and methods of the perpetrator This psychological aspect bleeds into Louise Blackwell s personal life, as she cannot help but see parallels between the early lives of the victims and the current situation of her niece, Emily Unable to cope with the death of his wife, Emily s father, Paul, fell off the wagon His alcoholism leads him to neglect his daughter, and his behavior gets increasingly erratic And, we can guess early that this distressing personal situation won t be without consequences on Louise Blackwell s work There was only one good possible ending to this story, and Matt Brolly doesn t disappoint He leaves us with many questions to ponder, some of an existential nature As for DI Blackwell and her many problems, the ending only brings us to eagerly expect the next entry in the series Thanks toPublishing s Thomas Mercer and Netgalley for the ARC provided in exchange for this unbiased review.
This second episode in Matt Brolly s new series featuring DI Louise Blackwell opens with the suicide of a young woman Louise discovers a number of similarities to an earlier death and is hesitant to sign off the case as a suicide As she struggles to findevidence of a link and tries to stop the press sensationalizing the deaths, she is concerned there may becases She s also distracted from the case by her brother Paul s behaviour Recently widowed, he has taken to drinking during the day and Louise is concerned that her niece, five year old Emily may be at risk.
The unusual plot made for an engaging read with some interesting characters including a young woman who relates some chapters from her point of view Louise s life needs a bit of improvement She s lonely and stressed after being moved out of the major incidents team at Bristol to a smaller station at Weston after a dispute with a fellow officer and feels she isn t liked my most of her new colleagues Her work is also being impacted by worrying about her brother and niece, to the point where it became overly repetitive The ending of the book suggests that there will be changes for Louise in the future but whether they will be for better or worse we ll just and to wait and see With thanks toPublishing and Netgalley for a copy of the book to read