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Download Epub Format ¼ The Death Cure PDF by È James Dashner It S The End Of The LineWICKED Has Taken Everything From Thomas His Life, His Memories, And Now His Only Friends The Gladers But It S Finally Over The Trials Are Complete, After One Final Test Will Anyone Survive What WICKED Doesn T Know Is That Thomas Remembers Far Than They Think And It S Enough To Prove That He Can T Believe A Word Of What They Say The Truth Will Be TerrifyingThomas Beat The Maze He Survived The Scorch He Ll Risk Anything To Save His Friends But The Truth Might Be What Ends It All The Time For Lies Is Over 1.
5 stars It s a very old axiom, but do you believe the end can justify the means When there s no choice leftNO No, I do not Especially when the end, which in this case is the supposed resolution of 900 pages worth of suspense and mystery, ultimately ends up being bullshit There is no explanation for anything and what little there is turns out to be the biggest fuckfest I have ever had the misfortune to read The Maze Runner trilogy started off with so much potential Yes, there were parts in The Maze Runner that grated on me like a wayward blender, but I lapped it up and dove into the next installment, eager as a three month old puppy The Scorch Trials disappointed me greatly, still I was like, It s okay, it s cool The third and final book will make up for it Right, guys Right RIGHT A little background information before this review spirals out the football field of sanity Thomas and the others have gotten out of the Scorch and back in Wicked s headquarters They are then offered a chance to get their memories back in order to fully complete this experiment and extract a cure for the Flare Now from what I remember of Thomas from the first book, he was Alice in a dystopian Wonderland Curious and always asking questions Where are we , Why are they doing this , Just answer my questions, dammit Armed with this knowledge, you d think that Thomas would be real eager to get his real memories back and figure out why his past self justified and conducted these trials in the first place, his relationship with Teresa, and who his mother is.
In what I can only fathom as a bullshit way to drag out intrigue and save time in creating a backstory, the author makes Thomas not want his memories back because Wicked is evil, wah, wah, wah, and we can t trust anything they say In fact, we ll escape yeah, that s what we ll do Never mind that getting back your memories is the sole thing you ve been hankering for since you woke up from the Box months ago Never mind that by doing this, you could potentially help Wicked discover the cure and save millions of lives Never mind that view spoiler your friend, Newt, has the Flare and if you could pull your head out of your selfish asshole for one second, you could save him hide spoiler Wait are you telling me that the government completely anticipated every last move and this was exactly what was meant to happenAgain Between the all knowing governments and coincidental memory loss, this book really lost my interest Everything is so freaking convenient The Maze Runner was intriguing.
The Scorch Trials went a little left field This one is so far out of the ballpark that we are in the next county or possibly country The Main Pain Character StupidityExample Thomas and the rag tag group fly from one part of the country to another to seek the TRUTH The absolute worst part they park their flying ship right outside of city gates AND use fake paperwork with their real names to get into the city Then, they are completely flabbergasted when they are immediately tracked down by WICKED They spend so much time wondering aloud how this could have happened Could you imagine a blazing trail This behavior is not a one off The entire book is centered around acts and decisions like this The OTHER Main Pain Love Triangle Now, if you think the romance with Theresa was shoe horned in you are going to absolutely hate the Brenda one There s so much competition for Thomas and I have yet to see a competent argument for why either of them of them are interested Thomas spends the whole book mooning over one and then the other it didn t build tension, I just became apathetic PICK ONE ALREADY The OTHER, OTHER Main Pain Missing MemoryEventually, Thomas gets the chance to finally figure everything out FINALLY the audience is going to get some answers for such an incredibly convoluted and precariously written novel view spoiler He decided he d rather not know AKA I waded through 3 novels only for the main character to go, ehhh, I d rather keep everything shrouded in mystery It felt like the author wrote himself into a corner and used Thomas s lame excuse to not have to fully answer the many many questions that arose throughout the book hide spoiler GAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I just read the synopsis on BN s website and it sounds totally EPIC Cannot wait 5th most popular book this month Alright Dashner DANG I actually did not fancy this book at all view spoiler Ugh I hate to say it but I was extremely dissapointed by the finale of The Maze Runner series, The Death Cure It was written well like the other books but I have to say that the plot and the end were terrible I can t even describe how dissapointed I am because I love the first two books and I had faith that James Dashner would be able to make this last one just as awesome or better, like all finales should be Well, he has failed at doing that, in my opinion.
First of all, I absolutely HATED how Teresa, whom I love so dearly and wanted Thomas to love just the same, was practically NEVER in this book She was probably only present for a total of like 15 pages scattered throughout the book She served almost no purpose in the book other than to cause Thomas to feel a little betrayed and to save his life in the end which any of his other friends could have done, so nothing really special on her part She was a very promising character and she could have brought so much to this book, but it seems like Dashner just decided to throw her out because he couldn t see those possabilities I mean, come on, you can t just throw a main character out like that Like they were never important This brings me to Teresa s replacement character Brenda Oh, dear lord, kill me already, BRENDA UGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH She was so annoying to me She brought hardly anything to the story except a little sexual appeal for Thomas, especially in the book prior to this one Her and Thomas had absolutely NO SUBSTANCE to their relationship but kissing and hugging and flirtitious comments There was no passion But wait didn t Thomas have a passionate relationship with someone in this series before Who was it with OH TERESA But NOOOOOOOOO, she had to be thrown out of the picture for who knows what reason She and Thomas could have had such a strong, passionate realationship that would grip the reader s hearts just as strongly Honestly, why in the world would Dashner think that his readers would want Thomas to be in a shallow relationship over a strong, passionate, dramatic one And then Dashner decides to put the cherry on top and KILL POOR TERESA And he only spent half a page on it and then it was over with and Thomas hardly suffered a bit It was in no way dramatic enough and in no way served Teresa right I mean, a tragic hero is one thing, but just because you save someone s life doesn t mean you re the most amazing hero in the literary world It happens all the time But Dashner didn t make Teresa into the amazing heroine she could have been He didn t give her a chance In addition to the awful ways Dashner used his characters or lack of usage thereof I also didn t really care for the events that happened in this book It seemed like many of them didn t push the story toward the resollution I can t really explain that, but I just felt bored a lot The story could have been character driven.
The only part I rally liked in this book was Newt and his whole deal and how he ended up getting killed It was the most emotional part of the book and it was probably the single part I wouldn t have changed.
Other little things I didn t like How Thomas never got his memory back so we could learn exactly what he and Teresa did before the Trials How WICKED was neither a good guy or a bad guy It was just a nothing that was trying to be a good guy with the best intentions but went about them in the wrong way That is so cliched How we didn t get to learn about that Paige Chancellor I got this giddy hope near the end that she d turn out to be Thomas s mom or something I like surprises like that, and this book lacked them big time While reading this I actually though of so many twists that could have happened and could have been awesome But no, Dashner had to be un exciting and predictable It seemed like there were some mini themes in this book that amounted to nothing Like how it seemed like Thomas never wanted to become a killer, even of Cranks, but he did anyway and nothing was said about that matter after that What was with Newt s note I mean, why couldn t he have just told Thomas what he wanted so there wouldn t be a problem with him knowing when to read it I thought the note could have been life changing and revealing about the plot or something and throughout the whole book I was thinking that woud happen but then I was so dissapointed that it didn t really affect the story at all except for Newt dying There was pretty much no reason for the note.
All in all, James Dashner not only killed off the great characters, but he killed the plot too This story could have been amazing but all those open ends and great oportunities to really let this book shine were thrown out, left hanging It was well written, but it was a terriblee ending to a good story What a shame hide spoiler A message to everyone reading this review Hi It s nice to discuss The Death Cure with all of you There is a smorgasbord of grammatical mistakes in my review, and as I look back on what I wrote, I find myself disagreeing with myself When I have time to re read the Maze Runner trilogy and its prequel, I will review each book again, and hopefully I will do justice to what is indubitably one of the best cabin slash dystopian novels I ve ever read I ll still leave this review up, and if you d like to leave a comment, I d be happy to respond PS, when I read my review earlier, I realized I sounded um, let s say slightly immature and I glossed over the ideas behind the story itself I was once very attuned to the characters in a novel, but now find myself enjoying the beauty in the plot and philosophies of novels So when I re review this book, hopefully I ll sound less like a maniacal fangirl Okay That s about it for now Enjoy Spoilers are ahead.
For those who have waited for so very long, my review is finally here Yaaayyyy.
The Death Cure s end gave us a new hope, didn t it A hope for survival It was plainly obvious to me that WICKED was bad, but in the end, they did or Chancellor Paige did one thing good they transported our Gladers, Group B ers and the rest of the Munies to the last Paradise on Earth, the last place where they could be free and not ruled by an evil corporation claiming to do good.
I couldn t help but to smile when I read the last few pages of The Death Cure, though it admittedly was tainted by a frown The without a doubt epic saga concluded with death, and while expecting it to be this way, I did not want it I did not want a happy ending for this story, because after all that Thomas and his friends had been through, there was no possible way for it to end happily I just wish that the three main characters who died didn t have to Chuck, of course, died during The Maze Runner He symbolized youth and innocence 2 things that did die inside the Gladers by the end of Book One and it s hard to smile when youth and innocence die Newt and Teresa died in The Death Cure Newt symbolized friendship and loyalty, even when the whole world went insane His death did not have me producing tears, for it was a mercy, but he should not have had to die Shame on WICKED, not on Dashner Newt wouldn t have been so Gone had they not made him that way.
Teresa s death upset me I couldn t see it coming, but I did feel it coming I hated her as Thomas did when she betrayed him loathed her as Thomas did when she tried to convince him that WICKED was good, and that she was sorry But ultimately, as with Thomas, I forgave her just in time for her to be crushed by the ceiling of Wicked as the Munies were escaping Really, though, her death did not quite surprise me Thomas gained closure regarding his previous best friend, and closure is only had in death, be it a metaphorical death or not.
I wanted none of them to die they did There is nothing to say on this count.
The premise of The Death Cure can be defined in three words death, rebellion, and insanity Looking at the Flare ridden world for the first time, it hit home for both Thomas and myself that a cure was needed desperately, but not by WICKED s means No good company dedicated to the preservation of mankind does everything it had done to the Gladers and Group B.
Besides, I think they were looking for a cure the wrong way obviously You can t torture a cure out of immune kids with memory loss that just doesn t work Really, the way for a cure to be discovered would be to examine the disease, and find a way for it to stop spreading and wreaking the horrific damage.
But on that note, the damage of the Flare confused me A man made disease based on controlling population suddenly turns into a pandemic that makes people become crazy zombies It seems unlikely.
And based on that hole in the plot, another one sprung out at me why, exactly, were we readers told that the sun caused the Flare, and then have the information revealed that it was actually mankind Was this WICKED telling the kids and Thomas, which is how we know , or was it just poor writing I sincerely hope it was the former.
Hey, by the by, how exactly did the sun flares fit into all this anyway Like I just said, everything seemed sun flare related, and then we were just told that Nope, sorry, we lied Mankind did it all Didn t mean to allude yaBy the end, I felt like there were numerous plot holes and misgivings, and this was one of them Aside from the fact that I don t like plot holes, nor do I like characters I like dying, I did not like how it was essentially just Thomas in the third book Minho who I absolutely adored , Brenda who I m kind of mad at, because the epilogue revealed her to be a kind of traitor and Jorge were there throughout the book, I guess, but it felt like they were moved to the sidelines a bit, you know I did not like the fact that Aris was only mentioned, what, four times total in the Cure I did not like the fact that Group B suddenly vanished from the plot I did not like Teresa s explanation for why they left the WICKED compound in the beginning sans Newt, Thomas and Minho it made no sense Also uh, if lots of brain activity make the Flare get worse inside the killzone, then why, exactly, did Newt not go crazy in the first two books The sun couldn t really activate it, since Newt had spent two weeks running a hundred miles in the Scorch to get to the safe zone, and he didn t go crazy then So how exactly DID HE GO CRAZY It was like Hey, guess what, Newt, you ve got the Flare , and only after this announcement, for no real reason, did Newt go crazy What do you think Plot hole Or the doing of WICKED But I did like the book as a whole James Dashner did a fantastically fantastic job of writing He made me feel every single experience along with the characters, so that I hurt when they hurt, survived when they survived I literally felt everything they felt, throughout all of the series, which made it so fantastic.
Because of the fact that I did not re read the first two books before reading this one, I cannot say that I would feel towards The Death Cure what a person who did read all three in a row would feel This was an excellent ending to the series, I think again, I wanted happy endings for all, but hey, that just wasn t feasible , but this view could almost certainly be different for that person I hope that those of you who read the three books in a row will appreciate them the way I do, but I can only hope for this.
Finally, I mention the irony of the title with the ending of the book The note Chancellor Paige left to the members of WICKED finalizes the fact that yep, the world s going to hell, and there was no cure, so only the Munies can survive Though I am curious there is bound to be hundreds Munies left outside the hidden paradise Thomas and crew inhabit at the end of The Death Cure, so what happens to them Could there possibly be a spin off series relating somewhat to this, or to the eventual reunion between the Paradise Munies and the Wasteland Munies because yeah, undoubtedly there d be a reunion Thus, the only cure for the Flare is death Ha ha ha Ah, irony, how we so love you.
MINHO IS AWESOME MINHO IS AWESOME MINHO IS AWESOME MINHO IS AWESOMEokay I think I made my point CANNOT WAITTTT why do authors like to torture people hmm where to beginFirst, the title The Death Cure A little misleading perhaps I THINK SO There s NO cure There s not even hope for a cure Let s just all give up on our ridiculous plan to save the world that ended up having NO medical support at all La de dah de dah The Death Cure my foot.
Second, this book really got me thinking why the heck is Thomas the almighty one I don t know how old he is, but I m just going to go out on a limb and guess 16ish Okay, so stick with me on this one Thomas is a young teenager who is immune to the flair He works at WICKED because let s be honest, what major scientific medical research facility doesn t hire young boys The Creators die somehow and for who knows what reason, Thomas and his equally young friend Teresa get to be in charge And are just the smartest leaders WICKED could have What the HE S NOT THAT SMART Third, RIP Newt But don t worry, Thomas will remember you every paragraph or so and his chest will ache or clench or whatever the heck it keeps doing.
Fourth, no one knows who Chancellor Paige is Convenient of her to show up though.
Fifth, are you getting tired of my counting , I m so glad we got to listen to Thomas complain about having no memories for the first two books and then when he finally gets the chance to get them back, he super wusses out and says no LOVED that part Totally ensured I d get to read of the stupid vague sentences that have no reward at all like it reminded Thomas of a memory that he couldn t quite grasp, or it frustrated him that he couldn t remember why this detail stuck out to him Totally hooked me in with those show stoppers insert eye roll Sixth, lots and lots of death The end has a fleeing scene similar to the first one and it s hard for me to imagine it being realistic Over 500 people tried to escape and only 200 made it Come on, 300 people died In a chapter where they re escaping nothing than a crumbling building Those are some very poor statistics.
Seventh, Peace out Teresa You were replaced by Brenda.
in the second book You really had no other option but to be killed No hard feelings.
The end.
Ok, first off I m going to say that I loved Maze Runner and Scorch Trials I ve been waiting for this final book for a long time The author does a great job with fast paced writing and action packed scenes The mysteries and puzzles were what intrigued me about this trilogy in the first place Right as you re trying to get one thing straight in your head, another crazy mind trick gets thrown at you, making you shake your head and ask a bunch of questions again So I was so excited to finally read death cure and get those answers Okay.
now, the way this book failed for me was twofold First, the characters I loved Thomas I loved that he was smart and selfless and loyal and compassionate But he lost all of those qualities to me in Death Cure He didn t trust Wicked Ok, I get that but to not want to get his memories back Come on He just chose ignorance over knowledge and I don t think that was true to his character Then he rejected Teresa the whole time which I felt was unwarranted since after scorch I think the author did their relationship a complete disservice I m still mad about it I never liked Brenda and I m disappointed that Thomas ended up with her I mean, come on, she obviously had a double agenda the whole time, and yet he trusted her and not Teresa Blech Okay, and then there was Minho He used to be funny, despite the circumstances Nope, no And then there s poor Newt His storyline was good, but the final scene between he and Thomas was just as quick as the rest of the book, and it was a shame Fast is good, but not when the scene is as meaningful as that one Oh and his note I thought it was a cop out And I m supposed to believe that Wicked would just let Thomas wander around Denver and not come get him because the virus was too rampant They supposedly have unlimited money and resources, and we re led to believe they watch his every move, yet when he returns to Wicked at the end, he just goes to the bathroom and plants the disabling device No one notices And then when he s getting the immunes out of the maze, why didn t the other Gladers try to leave before If everything was disabled, why wouldn t Gally and frypan and the B girls try to escape I could go on and on Okay, now the second reason the book failed to me The questions Really No answers No explaining why Thomas was chosen or how he trained the Creators Nothing about he and Teresa or their parents or chuck or how the rest of the world is I mean, the virus makes people zombies and a Candidate s brain was supposed to cure that Okay And then they just end up in a green paradise with a hundred or so immunes so they can start over And the chancellor just happened to save him right before his brain removal and leave him a map but doesn t go to the paradise herself Seriously There were so many things that didn t add up So many questions that were answered haphazardly or not at all Oh and I could have done without Thomas and Brenda staring off into the sunset at the end I so don t like her Now they re in another Glade all over again At least before, I actually liked Thomas I m so disappointed because I wanted so badly to like thisI m totally bummed Well, that was a major disappointment.
Was it just me or did it feel like the author had absolutely no idea where to go with this story I still feel like 90% of the book was left unexplained And for me it was completely a cop out view spoiler to have Thomas refuse getting his memories back If Thomas, our MC, doesn t remember then the author doesn t have to bother thinking up an explanation hide spoiler Rated 1 to 1.
5 starsEver since I picked up the first book in this series, I ve thought to myself This book is only good if the ending is good Turns out it was nothing surprising and lacks substance.
Major complaints The author did not explain WHY they need to put all these subjects through all these Variables Only a very loose and generic rationale was provided It just seems like a very poor excuse on the author s part to throw in some action and bloodbath into the series There is absolutely no purpose to any of those attacks and traps happening Does not add to the story at all Thomas never got his memory back Why o Just another device to keep the reader in the dark I mean, why else would anyone read this book until the end otherwise Newt s note and its request You would think the content is something IMPORTANT But nope Other than for it to be used to bait the readers to read on, it served no purpose So pointless.
Debated between giving it a 1 or 2 stars, but in the end, because it just failed so miserably, I figured people should be warned.