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[Tracy Deebs] Ú Tempest Rising [wicca PDF] Ebook Epub Download î On LandTempest Maguire Loves Her California Coastline Home Surfing The Killer Waves Taking Care Of Her Brothers And Dad Loving Her Longtime Boyfriend, Mark But The Weight Of Her Secret Is Pulling Her Under, Toward The Ocean S Ever Growing Call Among The WavesTempest S Secret She Is Half Mermaid, A Legacy Left By Her Absent Mother, Who Returned To The Ocean Many Years Ago And Now Tempest Has Her Own Choice To Make Complicating Matters Is Kona, An Enigmatic Newcomer Whose Otherworldly Abilities Hint At A Shared Passion And Common Secrets Beyond The SeaBut There Is At Stake Besides Tempest S Heart And Her Identity Her Life May Be In Danger Too Because The Waters Hide A Mysterious And Dark Secret World Of Their Own, One Full Of Sweeping Romance And Thrilling Adventure But One Where Nobody, Least Of All Tempest, Is Safe Tempest Rising was rather silly.
Is it redundant for me to call a mermaid story silly I don t think so Mermaids are nosilly than vampires and werewolves and the like If they re well handled And the mermaids here are not.
There s something about the realm of mermaids that has the potential to be gorgeous and beautifully written The location alone is bound to be gorgeous it s the ocean beach Beautiful So if the author can find a way to capture that beauty in her writing, it s going to be a decent read, maybe better And mermaids themselves are fascinating They re beautiful and deadly It s what they re known for And there s so much mythology surrounding them We have the sirens of Homer s Odyssey to the Peter Pan variation and everything in between The idea of water women has fascinated sailors for the past 3,000 years there should be something there to research So there s a ton to go off of And it hasn t all been beaten to the ground a hundred times, as seen with vamps, werewolves, angels and even faeries So there s tons of potential.
And Tracy Deebs did not tap into that at all Based on this book, she chose to abandon all efforts as far as research goes and just go off of the basic girl with a fin underwater idea She narrowed the whole wide world of mermaids down to the most humdrum, mundane version possible The only thing interesting or unique about Tempest is her name the rest has been seen before a million other times.
She s tough She hangs out with a bunch of dudes She s super hot She isn t extremely compassionate She frowns upon wearing makeup and spendingthan thirty seconds on your physical appearance She s rash and hot tempered and really got on my nerves Ugh Do I really need to say that I found her absolutely loathesome I ll say it cuz I can I found her absolutely loathesome Anyway, Tempest lives in a beach area in California somewhere She likes surfing Her mom is a mermaid who was eventually called back to the sea and never returned Standard fare of mermaid books really I ve read several like this Tempest is facing her 16th maybe 17th can t remember birthday and will have to choose between being a human or being a mermaid She s going to be a human, she knows Because she loves being a human Until she meets this dude, Kona Kona wasn t any better than Tempest He was hot, sexy, mysterious, dangerous and completely flat I don t know anything about him I can t really attribute any personality traits to his vague image He didn t have a distinct manner or anything He was almost as annoying as Tempest.
Anyway, he drags her down, under the water, they go off to Mermaid Land and find this evil sea witch trying to kill them, or, particularly, Tempest They spend some time in melodramatic dialogue and then pant after each other and then there s a big, bloody showdown, like something out of a Transformers movie.
Well, if Transformers could take place underwater Which I doubt it could, because they re made out of metal and would probably rust and be unable to move, which would make the action sequences rather difficult to shoot Also, I don t think robots can bleed Maybe leak oil, but oil isn t blood, so it wouldn t really be a bloody showdown, just an oily one A greasy one Yucky, like Severus Snape s hairBut you know, if Transformers did have blood and didn t rust and were mermaids andYeah, Tempest Rising was pretty silly.
Review contains some spoilersWhy can t you just tell me It was my turn to reach out for him, to grab his hand Because you re not ready for the answers yet Does it sound familiar It doesn t Then this is certainly the right pararnormal teen romance for you For me it is like a multi echo d j vu and therefore impossible to bear I think it is probably not the author s fault or the book s Perhaps I have just consumed too many stories of its kind in too quick succession and now this sort of brain candy is not tasting juicy and exotic any, but sticky sweet and artificial on the verge of causing nausea The undeniable fact is I am 65% in and I just cannot take it an Some of you may rightfully tsk now and say Could have told you so My excuse for preordering the book with rather high expectations is that I have been adoring and unsuccessfully craving mermaid themed stories since reading Evelyn Kolnberger s Der Sommer als Nixe kam for the first time as a kid or even earlier, since delving into Ottfried Preussler s Der kleine Wassermann, and nowadays Urban Fantasy books featuring mermaids and other merfolk heroines flood the market and beckon my burried mermaid obsessed inner child with supposedly unique settings, unforseen twists and unparalleled emotions Plus, I have to stress that although it might seem to be so, I am not yet fed up by the complete paranormal romance genre Even now I occasionally encounter a story that boldly leaves the path of the mandatory plot formula yes, it is possible , or though following it plants a character set in front of us that is too life like and too likable to be off the rack und thus saves the day Alas, balancing matters of the mentioned sort or others are sadly missing in Tempest Rising What is mentionable are the accute descriptions of the weather thunder storms, churning oceanic water and so on The rest is business as usual clad in a sparkling oh, pardon me, I meant fluorescent skin of not so new mermaid lore There is a girl with hidden powers and open affinities Her mom, a mermaid, left her family for the ocean, puzzling her daughter with a cryptic good bye letter that promised changes and explanations in abundance to come There is a boyfriend of the harmlessly cute and jealous variety The reader is expected to like him but to let him drop with a sad, but short, sigh when the worthier aka superhuman angle of the paranormal love triangle makes his glow in the dark tattooed and silver eyed entrance and captivates heart and soul of the heroine with the forming of in instant connection attraction recognition lust tugging whateverI couldn t help the way I responded to Kona, though every inch of my body and most of my concentration was tuned toward him like he was a lightning rod There didn t seem to be anything I could do about itSaid supernatural love interest is not immortal, but very old with an even longer life expectancy and thus very mature opposed to the heroine and very experienced in the pleasure giving department Certainly the heroine is not really mortal, too Said experienced, fluorescent instant lover turns out to be filthily rich and this comes as a shock or not heir to a throne how could he not, good looking as he is By the way, there was one thing that bugged me The heroine had to swim through a very, very tight dark tunnel to reach his not on human maps castle and is told that it was the only way to get there, but then his room is full of old books, DVD and state of the art entertainment systems and everybody is clad in hip designer clothes The heroine herself is the long awaited daughter of a very influential person, and because of an ancient prophecy that mentions her very name the only hope to restore the peace to the merfolk world Her probable royal future inlaws therefore fall around her pearly, tattooed neck and declare she was worth the wait Oh, yeah There is an evil, evil opponent with evil, evil minions who will be quieted or fought or converted by the heroine somehow I don t care, but I can imagine perfectly well And finally there is the not to be missed page consuming dance of secrecy around the difficult and dangerous and uncomprehensive questions of what kind of creature the supernatural guy is and of what the hell is the problem down here Both questions are answered after a lot of screaming and trust me pleading and it s too early too tell repetitions right according the lines every half experienced reader had already guessed chapters before.
This will not be the last mermaid story I have tried to enjoy And I believe it might be perfect for a lot of those paranormal romance fans, who do not expect diversity, but long for slightly different versions of what they already know and like.
One of my straying thoughts, which amused me a bit, was Poor Stephenie Meyer You said you wanted to hop on the mermaid band waggon But your fluorescent mer prince story has already been told Now what Talking budgies or a Persephone retelling It doesn t matter But you have to be quick Trends shift as quickly as the incoming tides these days.

Tempest Rising is the story of a teenage girl who discovers she is destined to become a great and powerful mermaid Being obsessed with all things Mer related for all my life, I m picky when it comes to books about the merfolk But I can now strongly attest that Tempest Rising is my favorite mermaid book of all time I really loved the main character of Tempest She felt very human, despite being half mermaid She knows from the book s opening that she is a mermaid and destined to become one However, Tempest doesn t want to be a mermaid She s got her younger brothers to look after, aspirations to become an artist, and, well, she s also got surfing, a boyfriend, and good friends she doesn t want to leave behind All this made Tempest complex and meaningful, not just another cardboard cut out of a character Her dreams and aspirations were known, and the reader can t help but feel sorry for her.
Something else I loved about the novel was Tempest s refusal to become like her mother She doesn t want to make the same choices her parent did, and for most of the book Tempest resents her mother for those choices Watching Tempest grow and develop made the reader develop along with her.
Another thing about this book that was a refreshing change in a world where paranormal romances usually feature half naked heroines slaying evil creatures without blinking an eye, Tempest actually feels guilt when she has to kill someone in self defense And she doesn t just get over that guilt it still plagues her even after the book comes to a close.
As for the writing, Deebs has a lyrical, almost poetic, style Some passages were lyrical, like they were part of a song, which is only fitting, being that the novel is about mermaids, the sirens of song.
I also loved the villain or should I say villains in the novel Tempest has one bad Big Bad to fight off, and from the evil sea witch to her sea monster minions, there was just so much Tempest has yet to conquer, and I have a feeling we haven t seen the last of those beasties.
Mermaids, selkies, sea witches, and various other fantastical sea life swim through the pages of the book, creating a rich mythology that I couldn t get enough of In fact, most of the mythology is rooted in actual folklore, such as Tiamat and the Lusca, and so I actually looked up myths and legends surrounding these creatures and was surprised at some of the stuff I found Thumbs up to Ms Deebs for her myth weaving All in all, I loved this book, as you can probably tell, and as much as I knew I needed to at times, I couldn t stop reading it no matter what Deebs s writing was flawless, Tempest was refreshingly human, and the mermaid mythology was intriguing and mesmerizing I ve heard this is supposed to be a trilogy, presuming sales are good, and I really hope so There is so much left to be explored, and I hope to immerse myself in the depths of Tempest s mermaid world again someday soon I have always loved loved loved the idea of mermaids, but yet to find a book that I could just sink into I m so happy to say that I finally found it in this book It may not be an absolute favorite, but I have to admit, this book came pretty dame close.
Tempest Rising is a very compelling story about a girl named Tempest who fears the loom of her seventeenth birthday Her mom left her for the ocean when she was just ten years old, but left a note saying that Tempest had a choice But does she really For the most part, I really just loved this book It s intriguing with solid characters to get lost in the drama of it all, the writing really pulls the reader in and the pace is adventurous and mysterious, keeping me guessing all the way through.
Tempest is a veryerratic and conflicting character Her pain, confusion and inner turmoil is on one hand completely justified and realistic or as realistic can be in paranorm but on the other hand, she s very hard to keep up with It seems like she wants everything and nothing at the exact same time and then dwells on the fact that she can t have thisbut she wants that Then blames her absent mother for everything she has to deal with Don t get me wrong, I did enjoy her character and liked that she can be very strong minded when she wants to be, but the pull and push of her thought process got me a bit dizzy andthen frustrated But that s the only real thing that bothered me about this book.
As for the love interest s , it was pretty tough to pick a side I like Mark, a lot, but I think it was because he was already hers, loving Tempest, supporting her and I liked that he didn t take her crap and saw through her bullshit, plus I like a guy that would fight for you But then there s Kona, with his long dark hair and killer words to melt a sappy gushing heart like mine in a pile of goo and like Tempest I m all Mark who Both guys are amazing and while I wouldn t normally like what Tempest didI was hooked on every moment none the less The chemistry was sizzling and intense for both of the guys in her life, but in the end I m happy with who she picked As for the plot of this story, I loved it It s part self discovery whether she liked it or not parts adventure, magic and love set to the rumble of the ocean Kona s world is simply gorgeous, I felt transported under the sea Tracy Deebs writes with haunting passion, really pulling the reader in the thick of things All in all, this is the best mermaid book I ve read so far and I only hope that it s not the end of this world I like the way it ended, but still think there is a lot that can still be explored So I m crossing my fingers for .
Dark, deep and emotionally breathtaking, this is one mermaid book that I m definitively gonna have to add to my shelf Well done