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[ Read Online Syren î oral-history PDF ] by Angie Sage Ï Syren is the fifth book in the world of Septimus Heap series and a great one, with a huge page count I read the paperback edition of the book sometimes switching to Ebook and ended up reading it in five days and giving it a straight five star This book has been so well written and planned that I can barely find any flaw and its better than the previous books in the series and much like Magyk Angie extends the Magyk Universe discovering new haunted Islands and introducing new maps and locations to the reader These locations have a unique climate and changes the mood of characters in the book like Cattrock Light, The Peele, Sand Dunes, Star Island,etc Also sage introduces two new ship namely Cerys and Marauder in the book and they have a lot of Pirat ish things in common The character development is very well and the secondary characters many of them which are new like Jim Knee, Linda, Syrah Stars My favorite , Miarr, Jack, Theodolite, Barney Pot, etc have been introduced with their own particular story and nature and a fixed behaviour and speech which makes the reader indulge band enjoy these characters heartily Septimus, Beetle, Milo, Lucy, Wolf Boy, Jenna, Nicko can be considered as a major characters who have grown a lot Septimus has been awarded his Senior Apprentice and this marks the series coming to its midway Even the plotlines of Jenna, Wolfboy, Lucy were not at all boring Here, the author tries to introduce a lot of new things in the magical world skipping all the previously important landmarks and characters like the Castle, Marfan Marshes, Simon, Zelda, Marcia, Silas, Sarah, Merrin I love the Grim Feeding Part and find it very funny and horrifying at the same time Even the bind between Spit Fyre and Septimus is clearly and particularly explained in the earlier chapters There is a a closeness and sometimes argument between the major characters The Pigeon Post was also excellent The Syren and the Syarh Syara part is the one which amazes and wonders me in the most in the book It is delicate and a bit horror and emotional for to reader Septimus reacts to things and events in the book very naturally Milos new band and Theodolite s new band in the book is well portrayed I was very shocked as the final plot was revealed which included that Fume has allied with the Syren to destroy the castle and do blue bluffing Milo to capture warrior Jinnies and transport them through the underground ice tunnels The ending will be understood by the person who has involvingly read the first four books The character Jim Knee is the real spotlight as he is dramatic, Humorous, and wary I would strongly recommend this book to every Magical Genre reader with a great twist It involves potions, charms, chants, safeguards, Jinnies, Dragons, Haunted Islands, Spirited Souls, Pirates, Ghosts, Wizards, Cat Man, And a load of great heroes and villains that will be sure to entertain you The descriptive Nature of Sage of various locations and landmarks is at the epitome and paramount here, reaching its highest potential and giving the reader a world full of fantasy and beyond imagination and also teaching him about how to interact with people and understand and help them A truly great and fantastic read Plot Wow, setelah merasa agak kecewa dengan buku keempatnya, buku kelima ini makin menarik ternyata Petualangan Septimus makin asyik dan bikin penasaran An ever deepening understanding of life of a young hero Makin banyak juga bagian yang bikin ketawa ketawa saat membacanya, terutama bagian bagian saat Jim Knee muncul, hahaha kocaakk Suka Dan, Jenna, aku makin suka juga sama karakternya.
In This Fifth Book In The Magykal Series, Septimus Ends Up On A Captivatingly Beautiful Island, One Of Seven Set In A Sparkling Sea He S Stranded There With His Badly Injured Dragon, Spit Fyre, Along With Jenna And Beetle There Are Some Strange Things About The Island, Including A Magykal Girl Named Syrah, A Cat Shaped Lighthouse That Has Lost Its Light, And An Eerie Presence That Sings To Septimus Can He Escape The Persistent Call Trouble Is Also Brewing For Lucy And Wolf Boy, Who Have Become Entangled With Some Nefarious Sailors At Sea, And For Milo Banda, Jenna S Father, Who Is Harboring A Mysterious Treasure Chest In His Ship S HoldCharismatic Storyteller Angie Sage Continues Septimus Heap S Magykal Journey With Laugh Out Loud Adventures, Enchanting Charms And Spells, And An Ever Deepening Understanding Of The Interior Life Of A Young Hero 5th book of a seven book series, Warner Bros have brought the film rights and will start movie production as soon has harry potter has finished Get those signed first editions while you can At this point, fatigue is setting in, and I feel like this book just wasn t as good as the others Most of them got off to slow starts, but nothing much happens in Syren for the first 300 pages There s an awful lot of filler, and for some reason CattRokk has to be described by every single character Also, the main plot device is getting repetitive Jenna Septimus Nicko is kidnapped or otherwise stick somewhere, the others rescue him her Honestly, at this point they should just all be chained together and call it a day.
As usual, once the action really does start, the book kicks major butt It s just that I waited too long and was somewhat disengaged by that point Honestly, Sage could have spent fifty pages getting everyone to the island instead of 300, and then let the action begin.
Among the highlights, I have to hand it to the unlikely coupling of WolfBoy and Lucy Gringe the latter has especially grown on me And I thoroughly enjoyed Marcia and Zelda butting heads as well Best part, however, was the very snarky genie, who made me crack up with every line of dialogue More of him please Still, Syren is the low point of the series for me.
Kinda disappointing after Physik and Queste, but I suppose I was judging based on the thickness of the book compared to the others and the title The Syren hardly plays any role in the plot I mean, yes she s the one who lures The Cerys over and takes over Syrah but that s it And Syrah in turn doesn t do anything in this book, and it just makes me want to readSeptimus Heap, the fact that she falls unconsious and doesn t wake up Septimus s obsession with her is a little annoying, I mean, he hardly knew the girl, and she s five years older than him It was the same case as Snorri and Nicko Why can t Angie make her relationshipsgradual And Stanley doesn t show much either That s a shame.
On the bright side, some new characters I really would like to seeof are introduced here, such as the lazy Jim Knee , the jinnee, and Miarr and his futuristic Red Tube, and Skipper Frye and his goons Plus I m hoping forof Ephaniah Grebe and Catchpole, who s great for a laugh This series is addictive, I m glad I picked up on it Can t wait for Sep Heap 6 Five books seems to have finally gotten to Angie Sage With the return of the Wizard Apprentice, Septimus Heap, the book seems to have lost quite a lot Like they say, sometimes bigger doesn t always mean better Slow moving, the book took quite a while to get into things And when it did, oh boy The usual charm of characters that I hold Sage in pristine for, is lost I quickly lost my love for the characters It was heart breaking The plot was confusing as well I wish she had putinto it Then we lose almost all of the characters that first appeared in the other four books Again, I was saddened Hopefully, the next one will hold this series together for me.
I really did Totally in the flow, I can now sit back, relax and read the madness unfold The Syren bits legit spooked me out while I was reading them last night So much that I went to bed scared Well done, middle grade book, well done indeed I don t know why but I don t feel like explaining what happened in these books I ve been writing uncharacteristically short reviews for them I will try and undo that here So, in the last book Septimus, Jenna and Beetle were trying to get Nicko and Snorri back into their own time They did and the book ended before all of them could go home In this one, Septimus and Co get sidetracked by getting marooned on a Spirit Island We have three groups Septimus, Beetle and Jenna then Nicko, Snorri and Milo Banda then Lucy Gringe and Wolf Boy All go their separate ways do their separate things and then their paths converge.
I love how Angie Sage begins the book with multiple threads and then all of it slowly and perfectly fits into place at the end The transition from wtf is even happening to it all makes sense is so smooth I love it I m a little annoyed that no one has bothered to give Wolf Boy a proper name yet I mean, come on, it s been years How hard is it to give someone a name Instead of being called 409 or Wolf Boy give the guy a real name like Paul or something I ve been secretly hoping that Merrin would come back from the darke side but the little weasel remains a giant thorn in the backside till date I ve also slowly come to appreciate how badass Marcia is Like, she s literally the most powerful woman in the Castle with a temperament to match and when she sasses people it makes me happy Can Septimus and Co please age and be 17 or whatever I like growth in a series both psychological and physical They all seem to be stuck at 13 Part of the reason I left How to Train a Dragon series is because the repetition combined with the fact that time refused to pass tired me out.

Loving this series on Audiobook Aunt Zelda picked up a small, pear shaped gold bottle and placed it very carefully in the palm of her hand She saw the deep, dark shine of the purest gold gold spun by the spiders of Aurum and a thick silver stopper inscribed with the single hieroglyph of a long forgotten name She felt a little nervous the small flask that rested in her hand was an incredibly rare live SafeCharm, and she had never even touched one before.
Marcia s visit to Keeper s Cottage to collect the potions for Ephaniah and Hildegarde earlier that morning had left Aunt Zelda feeling very twitchy After Marcia had left, Aunt Zelda had been overcome by a sudden Sight Septimus on Spit Fyre, a blinding flash of light and nothing , nothing but blackness Feeling extremely shaken, she had sat very still and Looked into the blackness but had seen nothing And nothing was a terrifying Sight.
After the Seeing Aunt Zelda had been in turmoil She knew enough about what people called second Sight to know that really it should be called first Sight it was never wrong Never And so she knew that despite Marcia s insistence that she herself would be flying Spit Fyre to get Jenna, Nicko, Snorri and Beetle, it would actually be Septimus on the dragon What she had Seen would surely happen There was nothing she could do to stop it All she could do was send Septimus the best kind of SafeCharm she had and this was it.
Syren by Angie Sage is the fifth installment of the Septimus Heap series The stories are exciting, funny, tension filled series that has entertained me from the very beginning Each book ends with tantalizing cliff hangers that leave me anticipating the next one I started these on audiobook and have purchased the complete series already Gerard Doyle s performance adds a higher level of enjoyment that I would miss if reading the books I ll be sad when I finish listening to the seventh and last one in the series This is the fifth of a seven book fantasy adventure series featuring Septimus Heap by English author Angie Sage I haven t read any other books in the series before, and this was a chance find on the shop soiled table in my neighbourhood bookshop What attracted me to the book was the cover, and its somewhat different shape it s nearly but not quite a square I loved the cover art and the others in the series one set of covers, in particular are equally pretty Septimus Heap is the seventh son of a seventh son, and so as folklore tells us, he has magykal powers He is apprentice to the ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand with whom he must serve an apprenticeship of seven years and seven days.
The books starts out with two parallel storylines On the one side we have Septimus Heap who is setting out to fetch his friends Jenna and Beetle, and his brother Nicco, and Snorri who I think is Nicco s girlfriend, though I m not very sure from the trading post where they have stopped after their previous adventure Jenna and the others have in the meantime met her father Milo Banda and his ship the Cerys, and have gone on board Septimus sets off on his dragon Spit Fyre, and on the way back only Jenna and Beetle have accompanied him , Spit Fyre is injured and they are forced to land on an island where everything is not quite as peaceful and calm as it seems on the surface there is something amiss in the background The Island belongs to the Syren, and she is luringthan one person there, though at this point it is unclear why Meanwhile Wolf Boy is sent by Aunt Zelda to the Port Witch Coven to perform an unpleasant and dangerous task, which he doesn t know is the first step to being her apprentice At the Coven he finds Lucy Gringe girlfriend of Septimus other brother Simon has been captured by the Witches He helps her escape but in getting away they end up aboard a ship, the Marauder captained by the shady Captain Frye, which is setting off on a mission to steal the light from Cattrokk Lighthouse, with a nefarious purpose Both events end up related to a dangerous plot, and the rest of this about 630 page adventure relates how Septimus and his friends tackle the situation.
I really enjoyed this one despite the obvious drawback of reading a book from this late on in a series This did mean that I wasn t quite sure who was who, their backgrounds, what adventures they d had in the past, how the magyk and such worked, among other things and not all of those questions cleared up by the time I reached the end either But the plot itself I thought was very well done I liked how the author tied all the different plot threads together to create an exciting adventure I only picked up some clues of what was going on, but didn t entirely see how the different lines would come together, and what they were leading to I also very enjoyed the world the author has created there s a map of the actual world but I also meant the other elements the magyk, alchemy, dragons, and jinnees as other reviewers have said, not as dark as Harry Potter s world but very imaginative all the same there s the magic of course, and also the legends, and even games at least one in this one And speaking of Harry Potter, while there were things one could compare, I liked that this one didn t have its protagonists on in the Harry Ron Hermione as many fantasy series books following Potter have done Not that there s anything wrong with that but it s nice to see something different too I liked many of the characters, Septimus himself, the Wolf Boy, Beetle, and Mr Miarr But while the ExtraOrdinary Wizard may have been female, two of the girls in this, Lucy with her tendency to scream all the time, irrespective of the occasion, and Jenna who seems to rely on her emotions heartthan her head didn t come across too well, especially the latter Syrah on the other hand I liked much better, and a part of her story was very well done pretty scary when one thinks about it I also loved Spit Fyre the dragon and Jim Knee you ll know who that is when you read the book.
This was a really fun read for me, and I definitely want to readof the series Of course, I can t end this review without writing about the illustrations which I really liked very very much Those of the characters of course, but my favourite was that of the ship the Cerys, which I though was really beautiful all her sails and details stood out very well This review is on my blog at