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☆ Stuck in the Game (Dream State Saga, #1) ô Download by ¹ Christopher Keene Stuck in the Game tells the story of Noah Noah s friends have become immersed in a virtual reality game, played via the Dream Engine, which Noah and his girlfriend would like nothing to do with After a tragic accident that leaves Noah paralysed in hospital, the doctors keep him from slipping into a coma by hooking him up to the Dream Engine Noah has one life in the game, dying in the game may result in Noah slipping into a coma.
The book starts of slow with Noah undertaking the tutorial, like in any game, but once Noah passes that the story starts to pick up I thoroughly enjoyed this book Christopher Keene has created an expansive gaming world that mirrors the characteristics of real games All aspects within the game are explained to Noah by various characters, this allows you to learn about the game along with the main character Stuck in the Game is a well written cyber adventure that appeals to gamers and non gamers alike I would recommend this book to video gamers, science fiction fans fantasy fans I received a copy of Stuck in the Game from Future House Publishing in exchange for an unbiased review.
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5 Stars I have an extreme love for books about VR games When I had picked up this book I was hesitant but it did not disappoint The author was really able to draw you in from the beginning and you won t want to put it down which I can t say for many books I really enjoyed this book and I m so glad Future House sent me an ARC so thank you After A Terrible Car Accident Puts Seventeen Year Old Noah Newbolt Into A Coma, He Is Hooked Up To The Innovative Dream Engine A Virtual Reality Helmet That Immerses The Player In An Online Fantasy Game The Dream Engine Keeps Noah S Mind Alive While Doctors Frantically Work To Heal His Body, But Dying In The Game Could Send Noah Back Into A Coma, Forever Meanwhile, Noah S Girlfriend, Sue, Is Suffering Injuries From The Same Car Crash, And The Doctors Grow Confused When She Seemingly Fails To Connect To The Game Then Noah Encounters A Mysterious Avatar Who Suggests The Last Remnants Of Sue S Consciousness Are Being Held Prisoner In The Most Dangerous Part Of The Game Noah Takes It Upon Himself To Rescue Sue, Allying Himself With A Group Of High Level Players But As He Rises Through The Ranks, His High Status Earns Him The Ire Of Top Players Across The World Can Noah Stay Alive And Awake Long Enough To Save Sue And Escape The Game NOTE Stuck In The Game Is A Cyberpunk, LitRPG, Video Game Science Fiction Fantasy Novel A very inventive and enjoyable read Apart from a few dryer moments at the start of the novel to bring the reader up to speed regarding the online Dream Game structure, and the player s interactive menu system , this was an enjoyable read.
The premise of players stuck in a virtual game environment was not new to me, and neither was the die in the game die in real life restriction, but the variation that our book hero Noah was the only one stuck in the game and the only one who would die if he failed a game challenge, was a new enough twist Hospitalised and comatose, in an effort to stimulate brain activity Noah is connected up to a super immersive Dream Game world This is explained very quickly at the start of the novel, so is hardly a spoiler As one would expect, Noah does not sit on his hands and hide in the safe zones of the game, waiting to see if he will recover enough in the real world to return there, instead he embraces his new situation and gets on with it With those ground rules in place, we experience Noah s journey as he delves ever deeper into the game world, meeting and sharing adventures with old friends and new The Dream Game world is the usual swords and sorcery on steroids live action avatar interface The fantasy locations and action are well described and exciting, and there are also some very inventive spell and weapon variations and combinations.
Action on its own can become a little repetitive, but Christopher Keene weaves a mystery plot into the story, which adds depth The mystery thread was introduced gradually, revealing that not all was as it seemed in the game world or real life To say would be a spoiler I was also engaged with the teen appropriate relationships that were explored and the distinctiveness of each character.
In conclusion, I m sure readers of this sub genre of Fantasy will not be disappointed by this novel.
The premise of this book sounds amazing But it just didn t deliver for me As the story begins, Noah has been in a car accident and is in a coma Somehow, the doctors are able to hook him up to the Dream Engine, a virtual reality helmet that immerses him in an online fantasy game The main premise is that he needs to stay alive in the game or he will go into a coma in real life Except that he is already in a coma, so that doesn t make any sort of sense at all And regardless of this, Noah makes a lot of stupid choices and takes some ridiculous risks The first several chapters were backstory, probably necessary for setting up the parameters of the tale, but boring nonetheless The extensive tutorials were especially mind numbing And that s from someone who is a non gamer, who probably needed at least some basic framework for what was happening For people familiar with game play, it would probably be even tedious There s no way my teenage kids would sit through all of that in a tutorial, let alone read it in a book They just jump right in and start playing the game Overall, there really isn t anything that pulls you into the story Noah s real life girlfriend, Sue, was also involved in the car crash, and she is near to death throughout most of the narrative Not only do we learn hardly anything about her during the course of the entire book, but Noah doesn t seem to have any real connection to her, even less so than he does for the other characters in the book, most of whom he has only recently met in a virtual setting He actually refers to her as having a mousy face Seriously That s how he thinks of his girlfriend that he is supposed madly in love with At the same time, he very minutely describes the face, hair, and especially body of every female character that he runs into in the game He certainly doesn t let his feelings for Sue stop him from getting involved in a very weird and awkward wanna be love triangle with a couple of girls in the game And yet we re supposed to believe that he is so in love with her that he ll risk everything, including his virtual and real world life, to try to save what he believes is a portion of her personality It just doesn t ring true for me.
At every turn in the story, there is suggestion of a conspiracy Some things do end up being part of a bigger agenda on behalf of the corporation running the game But many others are just never explained or followed up on And what in the heck is going on in the real world while all of the game play is happening If the powers that be for the Dream Engine are so intent on finding information that they believe Noah or someone close to him has, why aren t we hearing about them harassing his friends and family in real life I really wondered why, if they can cut Noah off from being able to access his spells and possessions, as they do in one of the final battles, why couldn t they have just haven taken the item they are seeking from his inventory long ago Or even just deleted it, since it is, after all, just a virtual game.
The ending had to be the dumbest part for me Noah knows that his friends are in danger, and that the culprits won t stop going after them, in the game, and quite possibly in real life But he just proceeds to leave them, with hardly even a farewell or explanation Is this really the end of the story Or is there a sequel in the works Either way, I found it to be a totally lame ending If you enjoy monotonous stories with extensive descriptions of gameplay, and if you have a very strong ability to engage a willing suspension of disbelief, this may be the book for you Otherwise, I wouldn t really recommend it I received a digital copy of this book from Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
A Thrilling Ride for Gamers and Non Gamers Alike Having never played a video game or RPG before, I was surprised how much I enjoyed the world of spells and tiers in this story about an immersive video game called The Dream Engine Noah Newbolt, a 17 year old teenager, is almost killed in a terrible car accident and is kept alive by hooking his brain up to the game while he heals The problem he must keep from getting killed or his body in the real world might lapse into a coma His girlfriend, Sue, who was in the car accident as well, is struggling for survival and Noah believes she is trapped in the game at a higher level He must advance through the game to try and save her, risking his own life in the game The different trials and dungeons are varied and well depicted The various ways Noah solves problems are ingenious and the battles are exciting He has a cast of friends who are entertaining Unfortunately for a non player, I found it a little disruptive when Noah has to pull down a Key Triggers menu to call up a strategy to avoid being killed in the midst of a life threatening battle Each time this happens, I feel pulled out of the story Nevertheless, I found his concept interesting, the characters endearing, and the story well written Fun for any reader When I read the synopsis for Stuck In The Game, I was immediately interested It strongly reminded me of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, if only because the story takes place in a Virtual Reality World, and Ready Player One happened to be one of my favorite books of 2015 So no surprise I was excited to read it.
First of, before I start raving about this story because yes, I loved it this is not another Ready Player One The story line is completely different Seventeen year old Noah experiences a terrifying car crash with his girlfriend and ends up in a coma In a world where playing virtual reality games that feel very real indeed, is very popular, it is suggested his brain gets connected to the Dream Engine a virtual reality helmet that enables his mind to enter a fantasy game This way, via the game he can communicate with others and his mind is trained Only one flaw if he dies in the game, he will probably die in real life, because his mind won t be able to handle it One of the things I loved about this book, was how soon I got hooked to the story Normally I need some chapters to actually get into a book, but with Stuck In The Game I was addicted from page 1 I loved the idea of the main character continuously playing a game and the challenges, battles, skill building and exciting environments that come with it I love playing games, so this definitely spoke to me, but I think it would be fun for most fantasy readers I also loved how Noah meets with new and old friends in the virtual world Finally, the plot twist came as a huge surprise When the end chapters started I was kind of apprehensive was this really how this book was going to end But when it all went down it seemed logic after all I really enjoyed this book The only reason I didn t gave it four stars although I might change my rating to four stars later after all , was because sometimes the book felt a little young for me I received a copy of Stuck in the Game from Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest review, which I m very grateful for.
I enjoyed Stuck in the Game I was pleasantly surprised.
Why I like the book First, I was thinking Ready Player One It started a little slow Settings things up In retrospect, perhaps I was impatient Soon, I was satisfied that it was not another Ready Player One Yes, some similarity, but a unique approach to the VR game thing Noah has been in a terrible automobile accident He is paralyzed and in a coma Sue, his girlfriend, is also grievously injured Doctors and the helpful mega game corporation Wona Company have hooked him up to the game so that he can communicate, but now he must learn to stay alive in the game If he dies in the game, then he ll never escape his coma Talk about stakes The game is creatively and thoroughly imagined What an interesting place Well done.
Who else would like it Gamers, certainly If you liked Ready Player One I would think Fantasy Sword and Sorcery types DD types Although there are bad guys and stuff the overall feel is pretty light hearted No need for a handkerchief Pace gets pretty quick at the end Heart still racing a little.
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Note 2 Readers can enter to win an autographed copy of Stuck in the Game on launch day on Future House s blog August 4th Note 3 They ll be giving away some physical copies too via a Goodreads giveaway Sadly, I suspect it will not include an all expenses paid trip to Christchurch, New Zealand to get it yes, the author is a Kiwi Note 4 I received a pre release digital copy of Stuck in the Game from Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest review I have attempted to live up to my end of the bargain.

Stuck in the Game follows Noah, a 17 year old boy who wakes up in a virtual reality video game after a devastating car accident that left him paralyzed and his girlfriend in critical condition He must survive the game until his brain is ready to wake up otherwise he runs the risk of slipping into a coma Just like Noah is placed into the game, Keene drops his readers right into action and doesn t let up until the very end I gave Stuck in the Game 3 out of 5 stars, so here s what I enjoyed about the book and qualities that weren t my cup of tea Upsides The blend of sci fi and fantasy was nicely done Keene s writing is friendly for gamers and beginners like myself alike Everything is explained and I seldom felt confused by the gaming terminology I liked that readers figure things out and learn the game at the same rate Noah does However, I feel the gaming system is interesting enough to intrigue advanced gamers as well Which brings up my next point The research that went into this book is evident in the characters knowledge of video games and the rules of the game itself, which made me appreciate the world Keene builds Finally, the creativity of the gaming world and the imagery Keene creates is wonderful I was worried that the setting would be lacking because of it taking place in a video game, but the different lands and areas within the game were beautifully described Downsides These aspects are things I personally didn t like, so people are welcome to agree or disagree While the setting was greatly described and imagined, the characters descriptions, mostly the male characters, were lacking I m still unsure of what Noah looks like, and the other male characters were only briefly described As someone who needs to have a clear picture of characters appearances, this was a hard for me to overlook However, it was completely opposite for the female characters, but disturbingly so The way the female characters were depicted sometimes made me uncomfortable Their bodies were constantly highlighted, and used, along with their hair color, as identifiers I also found the girls characters unbelievable at times, and as a female reader, I couldn t relate to their motivations and their characterization was lacking The romance in the book felt highly forced and fake as well However, I did like the fact there wasn t a damsel in distress situation and that the female characters could at least fight for themselves Overall, Stuck in the Game is a unique read and lovers of or readers new to sci fi should definitely check this book out Stuck in the Game will be available for of 2.
99 on August 4th I received a copy of Stuck in the Game from Future House Publishing in exchange for an unbiased review.
Stuck In The Game by Christopher KeeneRating 2.
5 StarsI would like to state upfront that I was sent this ebook for free from Future House Publishing in exchange for an honest review Summary Noah has recently been in a car crash and lies paralyzed in the hospital There s only one was for him to currently communicate with the real world, and that is using Dream Game, the newest virtual reality game that hooks straight into the brain There s one catch If Noah dies in the game, he won t regenerate he ll slip into a coma and possibly never wake up again.
Review I was sent an ebook ARC of this book by Future House Publishing Personally, I was not a fan of this book It reminded me a lot of an anime that I love called SwordArtOnline Everything from being trapped in the game to having to beat harder levels Even the concept of having someone so sick that they have to use the game as a way of communication which happens in the second season That started me off on a bad foot I know that this book was intended for YA, However, I felt it would be better as a middle grade level The wording was very repetitive, simple, and concepts were explained over the top The beginning was very rushed, Noah was your typical everything works out Mary Sue, and there were many things in the book that were random and not clearly explained There was also some weird attempt at a love triangle that was awkward than anything else This book wasn t for me, but it might be for someone younger than me who might struggle with reading.