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Ç Smoke/Ashes Ù Download by » Alex de Campi Alex de Campi provides an adventure story that features all the trappings of an 80 s movie an all powerful evil empire existing in the shadows, a reformed assassin looking for answers, and a hot chick ready to tag along for the adventure so she can get a great scoop for her newspaper And as a bonus a robot assassin and an internet apocalypse Somehow, the book fails to become than a sum of its individual parts and the workmanlike prose and art provide a comfortable tale where everyone behaves exactly as if they were following the playbook of Alan Moore s V for Vendetta For once, theGoodreads stars give a perfect summary of the book it was ok except for the cover, which is absolutely awesome 3.
5 The good things in this book the ideas that are never followed through, Nathaniel s inventive digital space are so dragged down by the muck, the distractingly different changes in the art, the incessant picking at the dignity of anyone who is not a loner black ops assassin You could call that tragic, I guess, but it s hard not to feel like all the things I really enjoyed in this book are essentially accidents, which makes Kieron Gillen s fawning preface even distasteful My assumption is that he spent two pages mythologizing the author because he didn t have anything nice to say about the book either.
I really liked Smoke It was an engaging mystery and I tore through it Ashes was a lot harder to like The art took away from the story Each chapter I found myself puzzling over the characters Were these new people or just complete reimaginings of the current cast The story was alright Less engaging and puzzling but the art made it difficult to enjoy.
This was a difficult book to rate because there s a lot of brilliant stuff here The book itself is fucking stunning, a beautiful layout and design for the two pieces Smoke as a story and art are excellent homages to the thriller genre although some of the action was a little overblown and American for a comic all about London and Britain, in narrative, metaphors and themes But None of these things particularly grab my interest and the characters don t grab me either Ashes isn t as strong Some of the art is brilliant, some is messy The story sort of follows this although there are some moments where the story and art meat together perfectly and are beautiful Those loads of homages and cute references but the story chases these images rather than building a narrative of its own Ending, like for Smoke is also relatively weak Deffo an interesting but unpolished one, that isn t quite enough in my interests for me to really love.
Not great read because Bill Sienkiewicz was involved and it wasn t enough Smoke is much better than Ashes but it still isn t worth your time.
Alex De Campi And Igor Kordey S Eisner Nominated Sci Fi Thriller Smoke Is Back, Packaged For The First Time With Its Acclaimed Sequel, Ashes, Featuring The Art Of Carla Speed McNeil, Dan McDaid, Richard Pace, Bill Sienkiewicz, And Reporter Katie Shah S Exposes Of The Corruption Of The English Ruling Class Put Her In The Crosshairs Of Powerful Men On A Good Day Smoke And Ashes Are The Stories Of The Bad Days, As She And Assassin Rupert Cain Become Targets Of A Sinister Cabal Bent On Controlling The Nation S Oil And Of A Psychotic Intelligence That Has Uploaded Itself Onto The Internet This story of intrigue and conspiracy tales place in a future London run by a corrupt government Rupert Cain was separated from his girlfriend when he was forced to transition from soldier to government assassin Katie Shah is a young reporter whose path collides with Cain s She s trying for an expose on the government, and he s investigating who killed his former C.
O who s also his ex girlfriend s father Both of them are into something far bigger than they suspected.
Cain is a very human mix of professional competence and hangups about his ex, and Shah has her own complicated combo of perseverance and temper This turned out to be one of my favorite post apocalyptic comics.
We did not enjoy the followup story Ashes as much because the changes of artist were jarring, but it was nice to get some closure with the characters since I d grown to like them very much.
I had heard a lot of great things about de Campi s writing in this book, so perhaps all the praise was overinflated, because it didn t meet my expectationsat least not all of it The first part, Smoke, was very good, an engaging thriller with several moving plot parts The ending quickly fishtailed, but overall the original story was solid Ashes, on the other hand, never seemed fully formed Or at least it didn t seem as mature as it s counterpart Maybe part of the problem was the many different artists who worked on Ashes, story disjointedness underscored by inconsistency of art But the bigger issue rested with the storytelling At times Ashes just didn t seem as sophisticated or as well thought out as Smoke, haphazard and reliant on comic book whimsical premises.
I am sorry but I must agree with the majority of other reviews Smoke solid and Ashes inconsistent and all over the place Sometimes the different artists helped and other times it felt forced as if they couldn t afford or schedule to have a consistent artist Ending of both series were disappointing On a positive note Smoke is gorgeous and engaging, with believable characters and a story that was unusual yet believable Was truly rooting for Alex and hoping that Smoke would deliver the goods but nope.