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[Steve Niles] ¼ Simon Dark: Ashes [siege-of-petersburg PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¸ Continuing the saga of Simon Dark,giving us a look at his origins and of his supporting cast This book is so weird and quirky, I honestly can t tell you why I like it, but I do however, it s not quite as good as the one that came before it.
This volume finishes the story that started with the first volume, and leaves room for the next Plot is a bit interesting, and we get to understand Simons world a bit in this one, but ultimately it lacks plot and character development like the previous volume.
The art also looks exactly the same as in the previous volume which is good for the continuity of the series.
Overall, another ok, and really quick, read.
comics,horror Weird, oddly lovely, awkward, but somehow still intriguing enough to want to keep reading even for the larger flaws I am so confused and fascinated by my interest in this book.
In The Dank Alleyways And Shadowy Corners Of Gotham City Rest Vicious Criminal Elements That Not Even Batman Has The Resources To Combat When The Need Arises, Simon Dark, A Modern Day Frankenstein Boogeyman Hero, Pushes Back The Ghouls That Go Bump In The NightFinally Facing Down The Serial Killing Cult That S Had It S Death Grip Firmly Around The Neck Of The City, Simon Dark Learns Macabre Secrets About His Own Origins In This Second Volume From Acclaimed Horror Writer Steve Niles Days Of Night, BATMAN GOTHAM COUNTY LINE And Award Winning Illustrator Scott Hampton BATMAN NIGHT CRIES