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Trailer Í Restoring Harmony PDF by ☆ Joelle Anthony Molly lives in a world very different from the one you and I have come to know And that is not because she lives it Canada It s because she lives in 2041 and after the Collapse, which left the entire world in financial peril.
Molly and her family live on a small island, an island that was able to recover quite well after the Collapse, one that s small and quaint one where family is the most important thing you ve got When the island doctor is killed in a freak accident and Molly s grandmother in the United States is feared to be dead, it s up to the 16 year old Molly to make back to the U.
, find her ex doctor grandfather and bring him back to the island before her pregnant mother gives birth.
The way the world is described, I would be terrified It s a totally different kind of world than we live in today The economy has totally collapsed, there s no oil, the government is in ruins, and most of the large cities are ran by The Organization basically, the mob There s little actual money any, the economy is mostly made up of the barter system, and occasionally gold That is all so very odd to me, but that s also a very different world than the one I live in, and the one you live in.
Technology has of course advanced A LOT Like there s CyberSpeak an advanced version of Skype , most cars that are left are electric, and there s a number of other kind of awesome contraptions that would be totally useful weightless trailers that can be pulled on a bicycle, anyone At times it doesn t really feel like technology is all that advanced because transportation has gone back to trains and bicycles, but the downfall of cars and the like really didn t have anything to do with technology as much as it was because the government had taken over the oil supply.
Armed with only her fiddle, feisty attitude, and a good sense of the land, Molly heads to America With the help of a few friendly strangers, Molly s adventure takes her right where she needs to be, but can she make it home alive There s some really strong character in Jo lle Anthony s debut novel I found Molly to be an adoring sort of person she s smart and relatable in a sense Spill is that sweet guy with the tough outer shell that I was dying to see of Grandpa, while rough at first, had the warmest heart and was absolutely hilarious at times They were all strong, well developed characters, and I totally adore that.
But I did have a few concerns Molly has got to be the luckiest character in dystopian literature history Every predicament she got into, she got out of generally unscathed and in about two seconds, talk about unlikely and after a while, very predictable The bad guys weren t bad enough There were plenty of bad guys, but they were either seriously stupid or way too soft, and this should have been a story where the bad guys were really bad I really wanted action too Molly spent so much time doing ordinary, mundane things and I was hoping for adventure and action in this excitingly, dangerous world.
While it did have its flaws, there were things I thoroughly enjoyed I love how Molly risks it all, including her life, for the attempt to save her family I love how caring she is even towards those she barely knows i.
e Brandy and Michael Watching her relationships with those around her grow is also a major treat, and totally refreshing to see, since a lot of what we see are broken families and unhealthy relationships It was nice and moving to see a different kind of relationship between characters, after a while seeing nothing but dysfunctional people can get tiring.
Despite the setting, I didn t really find Restoring Harmony to be as much a dystopian novel, as I saw it to be about family and relationships And that s not completely a bad thing, although I was disappointed since I was expecting something of a dystopian adventure At its roots, Restoring Harmony was a fairly enjoyable story, but don t go into it expecting to be shocked and scared by their dystopia I found Restoring Harmony to be a quick and interesting read I love dystopian novels, so I was intrigued by this 2010 novel While I liked it, I found some aspects to be lacking and the dialogue awkward at times The portrayed world of 2041 is definitely a different world than that of today s 2010 I liked that Anthony focused on oil one of the main contributors to the Collapse, as that is a definite possibility I found the story that much believable because of that detail.
I really liked Spill, the boy that Molly meets in America I felt a stronger bond to his character than to Molly s actually I found Molly somewhat one dimensional and found Spill to be much dynamic I did find some one the dialogue awkward though And sometimes I felt like the story was flying along and then it would slow to a stop I think part of this might be attributed to the fact that in some parts of the book I felt like the author had detail and then other parts would be kind of bland Since I felt like there were inconsistencies I have a hard time rating this novel.
Ratings Out of 10 Plot 9Characters 7Writing 7Romance 9originality 10Total 42 50 B Fans of dystopian novels should defintely check out Restoring Harmony when it is released in 2010 I really did enjoy it, even though there were some parts that I felt dragged I still finished it in one sitting

After the Collapse in 2031 the world is a very different place, one with food shortages and high crime rates 16 year old Molly has been brought up on an isolated farming island in Canada but when her family hear world that her grandmother is very ill she must venture into the world to find out what has happened to bring her grandparents back to the island with her Travel is made difficult by the lack of oil and poor public transport but Molly is the only one who can make the dangerous trip to help her grandparents When she arrives she finds them in a desperate situation with no money for food let alone enough to pay for their trip back to Canada It is up to Molly to help them survive and find a way to get them all home.
Joelle Anthony has created a very realistic word in Restoring Harmony it is so easy to picture the Collapse actually happening, possibly even in our lifetime which is quite a scary though The Collapse was brought on by oil shortages and had a massive effect on the economy Living in a country that imports a lot of food it is very easy to picture how hard life would be if travel made importing food practically impossible You can easily picture yourself living in Molly s world and it isn t something I would particularly look forward to.
I really liked Molly but I did find it hard to believe that someone so young and with such an isolated upbringing would cope as well as she did on the journey to find her grandparents I can t picture myself doing as well as she did in her situation, especially if I was as naive as she is Although Molly faces problems on her journey I found that the solution always seemed to come about a little too easily I d have liked things to be just a bit harder for her to make for a realistic read Having said that I still found myself really enjoying the story.
I loved Molly s grandparents particularly her grandfather and the handsome young man she met Spill was fab He was that great combination of someone who always seemed to be helping her but who you could tell had his secrets you could never be quite sure if he was trustworthy or not The relationships between Molly and her family were well developed I wanted to see them make it back to Canada safely Overall this was an enjoyable story that I would recommend to fans of young adult dystopian stories The book includes some action and a little romance but the emphasis is on the importance of family and community which I think gives an important message I thought this was a great debut and I m looking forward to seeing what Joelle Anthony comes up with next.
I m not going to write a synopsis of Restoring Harmony because enough other reviewers have done that, but I am going to voice my praise.
Mixing music with the dangers of a dystopian world is a stroke of genius and in writing Restoring Harmony Jo lle Anthony has created a wonderful story for middle grade students and young adults.
Her Canadian heroine, Molly McClure, is a talented musician but importantly she is a sweet and loving person Filled with generous gestures and kindnesses, Restoring Harmony reminds us that these things are desperately needed in our world today.
In any story labeled dystopian the reader can be certain something very bad is going to happen We start to worry when Molly loses her shoes and our brows furrow further when her Grandmother is slow to recognize her when she shows up at her grandparents house after her grueling journey through the broken urban landscape of Seattle In Restoring Harmony civilization has all but disintegrated and when Molly realizes her friend is involved in a mob like organization, the story becomes truly scary.
But by using gardening to symbolize nurturing and music to symbolize hope and connection, Ms Anthony paints the future not only with the dark colors of despair, but with the light hues of goodness In doing so she reminds us that darkness may very well descend on our real world if we don t wake up and show support and love for one another.
Family is one of the main themes of Restoring Harmony, which makes the book ideal for parents to share with older children as a read aloud.
This story is an inspiration to live the way Ms Anthony writes, that is, to lead with the heart In an era where cynicism and sarcasm often rule the day, I m happy to find a writer like Jo lle Anthony who values innocence, hope and love Like fiddler Molly McClure s music, Ms Anthony s writing is capable of restoring a bit of harmony to us all.
Restoring Harmony In the year 2041, a teenage girl named Molly leaves her home in Canada to the U.
S to find her grandpa like grandparents Oil was running real low, and the world is no longer safe, criminals and crime everywhere As she sets out on her adventure she meets and discovers many things, some pleasant, others not.
My thought opinion I personally like to read romance and adventure, so I liked this book a lot I think Spill is cute, though sometimes he can be a bit disappointing The writing style was pretty good in my opinion, but I read pretty much anything that catches my interest, except I don t read the types that are written as diaries.
or maybe it s the genre and story that I don t like.
Anyways, I think it could use some better adventure There is adventure, but it isn t dramatic enough for me, maybe a little dramatic would be betterFor me, the ending was a bit rushed and was not what I was expecting, not so much in a good way.
From the book I realized that you have to pay a price for everything, I learned this because along the way, Molly had to sacrifice some important things to gain what she wanted, and that you don t always get something in return.
I would definitely recommend this book for anyone that likes romance on romance with adventure.
I had kind of been dreading this one, but it was a pleasant surprise to find it engaging, easy to read, and plausible but exciting at the same time It s a dystopian near future set in the Pacific Northwest including Canada where society has suffered a collapse and many modern services aren t around any Electricity and water are iffy, and there s nowhere near enough oil for cars The trains run or less, and it was kind of weird to be reading about Portland s MAX light rail still working while I was riding it.
The main character is a young girl who travels from Canada to Portland on her own to retrieve her grandparents There s a lot of focus on gardening and music from a fiddle, mainly , but they fit in and enrich the story The characters are very human and believable, from the main character who sometimes makes believably stupid decisions, to the grandparents, the drunk next door, and even Spill, who works for well, maybe you don t want to know who Spill works for.
I don t know why, but I feel like this book is kind of similar to Navigating Early, though I can t think of almost anything specific that is similar between them Both are journey growing up stories, but that may be it Not the same author Why does this book make me think of the other Restoring Harmony tells the story of Molly McClure and how she travels from an island off the coast of Canada to Portland Molly discovers how in 2041, life is hard for her grandparents as they struggle financially and physically She meets many interesting people and when Molly witnesses something she shouldn t have, her whole trip turns in the opposite direction afterwards.
In my opinion, I would give this book 3.
5 5 stars because I wasn t a big fan of the writing style I wished the author would have written in first person instead of third, but this is simply my personal preference I also wasn t feeling a connection with the book until about halfway through I loved how the story was told in dystopian times and how realistic the world could be in the future I also absolutely adored the relationship between the main characters I learned that the book was telling us what the world we live in could be like if we don t stop the pollution and risking the potential health of earth, leaving people starving and penniless I would recommend this book if you re looking for a quick read This book does not necessarily have the most interesting story line, but I still recommend it to people who love dystopian novels I would definitely read the second installment if the author were to make a sequel.
This felt pretty first drafty to me there really isn t much depth to it at all, conflicts always get resolved a little too easily, and even though the main character is sixteen, the book reads like one aimed at kids of eleven or twelve, and Molly herself seems a lot younger than her stated age Also there were a lot of holes in the plot, and decisions that people made that just didn t make sense But it s a cute story one that feels much like a twenties era novel what with the organized crime and the liquor trade than it does a futuristic dystopian one though there are mentions of a few bits and pieces of technology not currently available to us I liked the premise, but I guess I wish Anthony had gone a lot deeper with it it really lacks the dark feel of most other dystopian fiction and never really goes into much detail about survival, or about anything else, really I never felt even a tiny bit worried that things weren t going to work out just fine in the end, and that worry is what generally hooks me on dystopian fiction This is really of a straight adventure story I think it s a book that may be successful with middle grade kids, but that isn t really going to work well at all for most adults and older teens Received this book through First Reads.
The Year Is Sixteen Year Old Molly McClure Has Lived A Relatively Quiet Life On An Isolated Farming Island In Canada, But When Her Family Fears The Worst May Have Happened To Her Grandparents In The US, Molly Must Brave The Dangerous, Chaotic World Left After Global Economic Collapse One Of Massive Oil Shortages, Rampant Crime, And Abandoned Cities Molly Is Relieved To Find Her Grandparents Alive In Their Portland Suburb, But They Are Financially Ruined And Practically Starving What Should Have Been A Quick Trip Turns Into A Full Fledged Rescue Mission And When Molly Witnesses Something The Local Crime Bosses Wishes She Hadn T, Molly S Only Way Home May Be To Beat Them At Their Own Game Luckily, There S A Handsome Stranger Who S Willing To Help Restoring Harmony Is A Riveting, Fast Paced Dystopian Tale Complete With Adventure And Romance That Readers Will Devour A gem of a book Not to be missed if you love stories of folks roughing it after the collapse Electricity, public transport and food security have become spotty things for most folks Molly lives on a small Canadian island protected from much of the real world until her grandparents in Portland, Oregon have a crisis that must be attended to This is her journey to re unite her family and the hardships she faces on that path Love this book