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[ Pdf Prelude ä mixed-martial-arts PDF ] by Kurt Cobb ¸ In This Romantic Thriller Cassie Young Is A Rising Star At A Prestigious Energy Consulting Firm When She Discovers Secret Files That Reveal The Truth About The World S Oil Supplies And, It S Not Good News Soon, She Finds Herself Locked In A Game Of Cat And Mouse That Places Her Career And Ultimately Her Life On The Line After Reading Her Story, You Ll Never Think Quite The Same Way About Filling Your Gas Tank Cassie S Transformation From One Of The Firm S True Believers Into A Worried Skeptic Begins When She Meets Victor Chernov, A Former Oil Trader Contrary To The Public Pronouncements Of Her Firm And Many Official Agencies, Victor Says The World May Start Running Dangerously Short Of Oil The Lifeblood Of Modern Society Within Only A Few Years In Her Search For The Truth, Cassie Uncovers Evidence That Convinces Her Victor Is Right But That Evidence Now Makes Her A Target For Those Who Desperately Want To Keep An Unknowing World In The Dark A Startling Reinterpretation Of Contemporary Events, Prelude Follows Cassie To The Canadian Tar Sands To The Heart Of Houston, The Energy City To An Offshore Drilling Platform And To The Streets And Suites Of Washington, DC In A Journey That Unlocks The Mysteries Of A Substance That The World Cannot Do Without Had to read this for a book club discussion Good content, nice way to bring the story of peak oil some human context but can t say that I really enjoyed it However, Kurt Cobb is extremely well informed and did a Skype discussion for us very nice guy and gifted activist.
Kurt Cobb knows his stuff on peak oil and the peak oil community I appreciate that I m giving three stars because the world needs novels that paint a bright warning sign on the impending catabolic decline or collapse, depending on events of our hydrocarbon civilization Fortunately, Cobb has a compelling character in the Russian emigre Victor, Cobb s mouthpiece on peak oil Through him Cobb gets the tone and message about right I m wondering if Cobb modeled Victor on the real life Dimitri Orlov, a Russian emigre and U S citizen who has been a visible figure in the peak oil community see Dimitri s blog, Club Orlov Another possible candidate, the Italian scholar and scientist Ugo Bardi see the blog, Cassandra s legacy Whatever the inspiration, the dry humor and stoicism of that character worked for me The romance and the corporate intrigue didn t hold my interest, which is unfortunate because that s most of the plot Ah well, hopefully it s just me Interested in the collapse novel genre Let me commend the climate change novel Vapor Trails, sort of a fraternal twin to Prelude Very similar to Prelude in structure but the story and characters seemed absorbing.
Closing thought peak oil and climate change, coming soon to a lived experience near you.
A Pretty Good Story, But A Flawed Portrayal of the Petroleum BusinessI rather enjoyed the story about Cassie, Paul and Victor, even though they barely rise beyond being stick figures designed to drive the plot What most concerned me is the author s facile knowledge of the petroleum industry and the specious argument about peak oil I checked some of his references and they are circa 2005, which means they pre date the shale revolution which, although this novel is copyright 2010, was in full swing at that time Although I can t guess his motives or where he acquires his information after all, he lives in France , he completely ignores and sidesteps an aspect of the energy industry that is turning the entire world on its ear and will continue to do so for at least another 30 50 years I m glad that s so, and that no such phenomenon as peak oil should concern us beyond abstract, philosophical musings, because now we have a few generations to get our energy act together with wind, solar, hydro and other renewable resources.
I gave this two stars, but I think it s worth reading It s a super fast read and supports a MI author Absolutely relevant to our times than 10,000 other books It took great skill and courage to put such a troublesome topic into fictional form Anyone who does not know about our energy predicament has their head in the sand, and a good story like this is about the most painless way to learn about it.