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[Rebecca Schaeffer] Ö Only Ashes Remain [m-m-m-f PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö Stop making me ship murderers, smh This series is so weird for me because I like it I guess But then characters are so dumb sometimes that I just want to throw it Only Ashes Remain begins right after the last book, with everyone at the black market that held Nita captive dead Proof of her abilities leaked on the darknet and now bounty hunters of all sorts are after her, to sell her body for parts Nita teams up with master torturer Kovit again as she tries to kill enough people to make her reputation so dangerous they don t come after her again Nita shifted forward so she was inches from his face, her eyes locked on his We will never be prisoners again And we will destroy anyone who tries Finally he nodded, his black eyes tracing her face as he whispered, Never againThis book is so dark and bloody and I was pretty into it for most of it The story is so fast paced and I was super entertained Nita is an antihero and Kovit is such a psychopath and I m very happy to see their relationship is progressing I ship them so much even though I really don t want to because they are so fucked up But also annoying because Nita couldn t make up her damn mind either We love a judgemental serial killer judging another serial killer.
Literally the plot of this book is Let s kill as many people as we can Oh wait that makes everything worse and I shouldn t have done that Darn and it was so frustrating I didn t know this was a trilogy either so ugh, wrap it up already Why is this a trilogy Pretty sure they ve already killed enough people.
Nita is literally such a dumbass I want to fight her even though she single handedly killed like a dozen people in this She keeps going after the same guy to kill and fails because she s d u m b and then gets mad he sends someone to kill her Girl You started it why are you mad She makes so many mistakes too Her entire idea to get out of her problem was a mistake but go off killing tons of people for NO reason I guess.
Nita kept going off about how the police would instantly shoot her in the US just for being brown but none of this book even takes place in the US Why are you so obsessed It felt like the author was weirdly into inserting lines like that and I was so confused every time.
Also Nita and Kovit are murderers who have killed dozens of people and do so without remorse so like Shoot them please, they aren t stopping And ew stop mentioning the toe munching, that shit was gross in the first book and I didn t need to remember it again.
Otherwise this book was fineee and even though it bugged me, catch me still checking out book three from the library.
75 stars.
This was so gooood This was much darker than the first book, especially so since Nita s actions are what made the book darker than the situations she was thrust in There was of Kovit too I love this cute monster, though as with Nita, his actions do freak me out at times too I m really glad with both of their growths and with the improvement of Nita s relationship with her mom.
The book focuses a lot on their personal growth, dealing with their inner demons and the acceptance of their dark evil side Nita s original plan on how to deal with the black market was interesting but it wasn t probable I m really loving the new direction she took at the end of the book and her murder attempts with Fabricio The story ends in a cliff hanger but compared to the first book, I can survive until the next book comes out I remember when I just finished reading the first book, I couldn t wait until September because of Fabricio and couldn t stop thinking about the possibilities The cliffhanger here was good and I m really excited on what will happen next but it s not eating me from the inside compared to the first.
Three other characters were added too Adair is also a questionable character while Diana is a monster but a goody two shoes Adair s whole character and the way he lives was really interesting Despite how the relationship between him and Nita ended, he helped her a lot, got her mind thinking deeper and inspired her as well Diana was nice but she was somewhat troupe I m not really sure what to feel about Gold just yet besides that she s in the way and that I couldn t care less about her.
What I somewhat disliked about this book though is how repetitive some stuff is and how convenient some of Nita s wrongdoings went Moreover, Nita s body modification was barely mentioned and I felt like it didn t contribute to much compared to the implications it could do in the beginning of the book.
Overall, I ended loving the duo even especially Kovit and I m really excited for the next and final book I can t wait for Nita to beat up the whole black market.
Dextermeets Victoria Schwab In This Dark And Compelling Fantasy About A Girl Who Seeks Revenge On The Boy Who Betrayed Her, A Sequel To The Critically Acclaimed Not Even Bones After Escaping Her Kidnappers And Destroying The Black Market Where She Was Held Captive, All Nita Wants Is To Find A Way To Live Her Life Without Looking Over Her Shoulder But With A Video Of Her Ability To Self Heal All Over The Dark Web, Nita Knows She S Still A Prime Target On The Black Market There S Only One Way To Keep Herself Safe Nita Must Make Herself So Feared That No One Would Ever Dare Come After Her Again And The Best Way To Start Building Her Reputation Take Her Revenge On Fabricio, The Boy Who Sold Nita To Her Kidnappers But Killing Fabricio Is Harder Than Nita Thought It Would Be, Even With Kovit By Her Side Now Caught In A Game Of Kill Or Be Killed, Nita Will Do Whatever It Takes To Win Here it is, the sequel to a book I never thought would sell It s surreal to see this book on goodreads, with a cover and release date.
I hope you enjoy my terrible children who are not all bad and not all good, and justify their terribleness to themselves with paper thin excuses and pleasant delusions as they embark on the second instalment of their adventure This book balances an interesting and unique concept with real world commentary in such a clever and unique way These characters are so fucked up but they re also incredibly complex and human This book outdid the first and I m so excited for in this series and from this author.
Not Even Bones million stars Only Ashes Remain million stars Untitled All the bloody limbs I mean, stars in the universe If the first book was dark, bloody and gruesome, this one was worse.
books like this are the ones that make me doubt where is the line between YA and ADULT There s really a line The age of the characters Not really, lots of teen characters in adults book and vice versa Sex I ve seen teen books with on page sex than adult ones Blood Depends of the book and the level of violenceThere s less blood on ya books in general tho You won t see sex on this book, but you will see bad language and the details on violence, amputations, blood, viscera, wounds and torture are pretty much graphic I have to confess, I was slightly disturbed some times and I am a person who can withstand gore very good only in books But the book IS SO GOOD I don t care about labels Nita and Kovit are back on action, and things get darker than in the first book.
You will see them fight with their own morals, defining lines, putting and taking away rules about what it s wrong and what s not for them and their twisted and bloody lives And seriously, what a bunch of gray and dark morals.
The character development was amazing, and the fights and the wrongs they did to get to the end of the book were believable and exciting to see as well as frustrating.
And the romance My favorite type Subtle, but not hidden or overlooked It s there, you can see it, you enjoy it, but it s not all over the book, it doesn t overwhelm the plot, it goes naturally, and the characters don t think in kissing first and survive later It was amazing seeing their relationship slowly grow from an alliance, to friendship, to fights about morals, and to something AND I NEED THE THIRD BOOK NOW PLEASE I would gladly let Kovit torture me to feed on my painnot did i say it is a bad thingin exchange for getting my hands on this book NOW.
ARC received in exchange for an honest review thank you Okay, so if you ve been following my reviews for any length of time, you know that I basically NEVER give out 5 star ratings Like, genuinely almost never Especially to YA books.
But this book and its predecessor, Not Even Bones, are the exception They are absolutely brilliant QUICK PLOT SUMMARYThe series stars Nita, a 17 year old unnatural with the power to manipulate her own body Having been captured in the previous book to be sold to the highest bidder, we left her at the end of Not Even Bones under the protection of INHUP She abruptly comes face to face with Fabricio the boy who betrayed her after she saved his life.
Of course, Nita wants revenge But a run of bad luck means that every hunter in the world is now on her trail The good news She has Kovit, the twisted zannie, back as an ally, although his appetites make her uncomfortable The book revolves around Nita and Kovit s attempts to make Fabricio pay while eluding hunters, INHUP, and Kovit s mafia Family, who are determined to regain their pet torturer WHY THIS BOOK MATTERS Only Ashes Remain is a gorgeously written, darkly complex novel Sometimes it s about good people making bad choices but it s also about bad people making good choices Or good people making good choices And bad people making bad choices You get the picture.
Most importantly, it s about Nita who I think is the most incredibly relatable heroine , someone who s neither all good nor all bad and her choices, which are sometimes good and sometimes bad Because she s human Maybe not in terms of her powers, but certainly in terms of how she thinks and acts Sometimes she was conflicted, occasionally she tried to reassure herself she wasn t a total monster I ve never seen a compelling depiction of our desire to justify our choices to ourselves, no matter how evil they are.
Kovit also was a fascinating study He had a bad childhood, but as he points out, his decisions remain his own it demeans him to say that his choice to get pain through torture rather than through sitting in hospitals is a result of his circumstances I don t know what it says about me that I really resonated with his character Schaeffer s prose is a lot simpler than many other writers , but it s ten times powerful I honestly can t believe it s YA sometimes As an added bonus, the book was also wonderfully diverse Nita is half Chilean while Fabricio is Argentinian, and there were brief mentions of the kind of conflict this might result in Meanwhile, Kovit is Thai, and there s also an Iranian girl whose story I m dying to read OVERALLA sequel which will stay with me for a long time to come, and just as fabulous as the last one Can t wait for the third bookARC received in exchange for an honest review thank youBlog bookstagram

Sometimes she could see the monster inside him And sometimes he made her see the monster inside herself I haven t been this emotionally gutted by a book in forever and I love this wonderful devastation This was everything amazing from the stunning first book only a thousand times better My love for this dark story about a messy, beautiful world is DRASTIC, okay I am catastrophically in love, to quote one of my first YA crushes Also, it is most unfair that I have to wait until the finale of this series because I am beyond desperateYou didn t grow up with parents in the business of dissecting unnaturals and selling their body parts online without committing a few feloniesThis book takes a different slant on Nita s struggle for survival In the first book, it was very clear life or death situations and it is the same as well in the sequel, but with a subtle approach She has the luxury of not being in a literal cage and yet the stakes are still high for her It s such a treat to read about her complicated story, but I what I truly loved the most in the sequel wasthe learning curve Nita goes through as a characterShe truly is one of the most fascinating, multi faceted, realistic YA heroines I ve ever read She is neither a hero nor a villain, she is just herself trying to find a place in the world in the best way she knows without slipping too far into becoming a bad guyWhat would it be like, everyone despising you for being a monster, but also wanting you to be of a monsterKovit is also such a complicated character He and Nita truly balance each other out so well as messed up people doing the best they can in a world built to hate them There was so much of him in this sequel, and every moment was bloody goldI m keeping them in the basement I lived here for three months, Adiar, I know where the guest room is And it s not in your sketchy murder basement Along with the new setting majorly in Canada vs South America from the first book, comes a few new cast members Adair the kelpie and Diana the ghoul who added much to the plot, as well as a good deal of humor I d love to see of them and they re one of the reasons that solidified my opinion that this series would make a truly interesting mini series hint hint, Netflix, Hulu, and Prime.
She didn t want him to go Monster or not He was her best friend She trusted him than anyone else in the world She wondered when being able to trust someone had become important than whether they were a monster or notFinally, I have to shriek about the relationship between Nita and Kovit of all levels because they have one of the most interestingly developed, fascinating interactions of all time I love everything about them, from their dysfunctional backstories to their unwavering resolve to stand by each other, no matter what This is how you write an enemies to romance and, oh, it is beautifulI have rules not to break me Nita s voice was soft You have rules to not break you But I think we need rules to keep from breaking us Honestly, the character depth and complicated moral situations remind me so much of my obsessive love, The 100 TV show with Nita and Kovit like a Victoria Schwab version of Bellarke You can t convince me otherwise, okay Anyways, I say this because these are the tropes I absolutely love so to have everything like that in one series I m half dead from happiness, no one revive me.
AND I WOULD LIKE THE FINALE ASAP PLEASE I received a digital ARC from HMH books via NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own Quotes are taken from an uncorrected ARC copy.
Nita really found out the world would try to kill her for money and decided the best solution was to become so scary no one would try iconThis series is so interesting and new and revels so hard in being over the top and occasionally kind of brutal But it is so engaging Schaeffer quickly gets you to root for people who are, on an objective level, awful neither Nita nor any other character are particularly good, but almost all of the characters are strangely likable Something I absolutely adore about this story is the wide and interesting cast of side characters This book adds a couple Kovit, a pain eater with a few morals Marielle, a view spoiler half dolphin hide spoiler Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest NOT EVEN BONES was one of the disturbing YA books I ve ever read, but I really enjoyed the tight storyline and strong female heroine Even though there were parts that made me straight up cringe, I couldn t help but applaud it for being daring and taking risks in a genre that s basically stagnated, with everyone trying to outrace each other to write the next over hyped Sarah J Maas clone If you like SJM, that s on you, but I can t stand those stock footage fantasy novels Adventure, please Only Ashes Remain begins where NOT EVEN BONES left off Nita has just come in contact with the person who sold her out and caused her to be tortured almost eaten She still bears the wounds physical and psychological of that interaction, and is eager for revenge However, her betrayer has ties to a secret organization that holds lots of power in the unnatural community, and her new zannie friend a creature that feeds off pain has a dark history that s about to return with a vengeance.
This is not as dark or as brutal as its prequel, and there s a lot running around There s still suspense, but it didn t have the high stakes of the previous book On the other hand, we get to meet some cool new characters, like a kelpie named Adair and a ghoul named Diana, as well as some INHUP agents and Nita s mom returning to act like the savage meanie she is I think I liked the prequel than this one in terms of plot and pacing, as this book definitely suffered from a mild case of second book syndrome You can feel the sequel baiting.
That said, I enjoyed Only Ashes Remain because it s got unique world building, morally grey characters, conspiracies upon conspiracies, and some pretty solid writing I d recommend this urban fantasy series to anyone who likes grimdark or wants to read about female characters who don t always think about looking pretty or acting sweet The diverse cast and doomed romance are just an added bonus, especially since they re both basically villains cast in the role of reluctant heroes YAS Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 3.
5 stars