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[ Read Online Nor the Years Condemn ☆ shinigami PDF ] by Justin Sheedy Ë Excellent Reviews for Nor the Years Condemn HERE An interesting look at war and the challenges faced by the younger generations which are so different to the older generations who have just been through the Great War to end all wars.
Read the full review at Nor the Years Condemn Is Based On The Incredible True Story Of The Young Men Of The Empire Air Training Scheme Who Answered The Call Of Britain In Her Darkest Hour They Learnt To Fly Bone Shatteringly High Performance Combat Aircraft In Which They Fought For Freedom Against The So Far Unstoppable Might Of Nazi Germany In Their Teens And Early S, They Were The Top Guns Of Their Era, Out Of Pure Necessity For The Job At Hand The Best And Brightest, Physically And Mentally, Of A Generation This Fact Will Render The Death Of So Many Of Them Doubly Heart Rending For The Reader, Albeit That They Were Sacrificed In So Noble A Cause Nor the Years Condemn Portrays The Gripping Saga Of Doomed, Brilliant Youth Through The Eyes Of Year Old Australian Law Student And Rugby Star, Daniel Quinn Flanked By The Highly Intelligent, Sometimes Hilarious Young Men Of His Elite Ilk, He Leaves His Peacetime Life Behind And Crosses The Planet To Fight Tyranny Flying The Iconic Supermarine Spitfire To This Day A Stirring Symbol Of The Resistance Of Good Against Evil , Quinn S Personality Is Transformed From His Peacetime Self Into A Professional Killer With In The Cockpit Seat Flying Sequences That Readers Have Described As Cinematic, Nor the Years Condemn Is Also A Story Of The Grieving Mothers Cursed To Relinquish Their Wonderful Sons To War, Of First Love, Of Strategic Deception And Betrayal, Of Brotherhood And Once In A Lifetime Friendship On A Knife S Edge It Is A Story Of Shining Young Men Destined Never To Become Old, And Of Those Who Do The Survivors Condemned By The Years, And To Memory Of Their Friends Who Remain Forever Young Nor the Years Condemn Has Recently Received Excellent Reviews See Crackernight Top notch book One of those rare books, for me, that keeps me up late at night, hard to put down This novel of an Australian pilot in the British RAF was well written, such that I really felt that I knew the characters and shared their losses And the story did not sugar coat the costs, stresses and actions of the war Don t miss this one, if you enjoy the genre.
Justin Sheedy s Nor the Years Condemn is a riveting read Although our hero Daniel Quinn feels a little impossible good looking, good pilot, good son, good sportsman it s not as eye roll inducing once you get past that into the almost cinematic flight scenes and the trials of many young men and women in the Second World War Each of the characters is well formed, has their own story to tell but without distracting from Daniel Quinn s own narrative There s sadness without being too melodramatic and romance without too much snappiness Sheedy seems to have researched well and he stretches the narrative around the history rather than the reverse, not always easy in historical fiction.
I loved this book so much I read it in one sitting I had just read a book about a Spitfire ace and this is biographical in style The characters are such that you are rooting for them from the word go Some excellent early reviews of my new book, Nor the Years Condemn , now available in Print on Demand Paperback at.
Nor the Years Condemn 5 STARSBy Mike HighColorado Springs, USA Nor the Years Condemn Where to start The writing Excellent Everything flowed and, from the first chapter to the end, was fluid Hints here and there as to what may happen in the future were freely dropped along the way This kept me engrossed, kept me reading.
The story Again, excellent The history behind these young men and women , the planes they used, the circumstances surrounding this time frame, et cetera all well done I thoroughly enjoyed the story of each character and how they interacted with each other There were some shockers in there war is hell, no I also liked the hint of espionage involved Nor the Years Condemn , to me, was a fantastic read I can but recommend this book to others and impatiently await Justin s next work.
IN APPRECIATION OF Nor the Years Condemn By Martin Zitek, Sydney, Australia Nor the Years Condemn recounts the horrors of war as seen by one elite and effective unit of WWII The author puts us there, in that time, by depicting language, description of locations, the attitudes of the people and the spirit of the nation that would see it prevail through its darkest period of history The reader is shown in clear, flowing narrative how war can touch us all, from the other side of the world, to the heights of the clouds.
The characters feel so real, we are sure they must have existed The flying is portrayed so brilliantly, we feel an ace fighter pilot must have possessed Justin s head while he wrote this The planes themselves become characters, even though mere machines, they became tools of victory and a symbol of ingenuity, technology and bloody determination This is a testament to the research undertaken by the author and his wordsmithing we see as the end result.
We should count ourselves lucky today that the whole world has not since been embroiled in such a conflict and we hope it never will be again Recounting the bravery of these men, and the staggering odds against their surviving, should make us never forget.
We will remember them.
SHOULD BE A MOVIEReview by Shell Lancaster, Melbourne, Australia.
The book Nor the Years Condemn is a must have for any history buff Not only for an insight into what it was like at the start of the war, but also an insight into Sydney at the time Not only for the boys, everyone will take something away from this Could definitely see this made into a mini series or movie The author sucks you in from the start, it is very hard to put down You can tell that the author did a lot of research when writing this book and is passionate about the story and characters Hoping there will be a sequel.
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As an historical author myself with a keen interest of the twentieth century, particularly World War Two, it was delightful to read Nor the Years Condemn by Justin Sheedy.
Credit has to be given to the author s stringent research undertaken in all aspects of the book s contents thus making the story truly believable.
It is obvious from the detailed descriptive sensations felt by the fictitious pilot that the author s personal flying capabilities and experiences have been transposed into the text thus transporting the reader from his her armchair into the aircraft s cockpit Being allowed to share these mental images with the pilot were a privilege.
Nor the Years Condemn is the first of three books The sequel Ghosts of the Empire is just as brilliantly written and a joy to read The third book in the series No Greater Love is due for release later in 2016 I for one cannot wait to purchase a copy.
YOU RE A VERY TALENTED AUTHOR JUSTIN SHEEDY D You did your research well y Wow just wow Spitfires, Typhoons Focke wulfs.
before reading this novel I didn t even know about the different types of aircraft used in war At first I found it a bit confusing keeping up with the air force lingo but the I kept reading the I understood and learnt from it.
It was very interesting to read of the different stages of one s journey from Pilot officer to Squadron Leader Mr Sheedy depicted the characters in a way that allowed the audience to connect with them, especially the main character Quinn I liked how this novel showed us from various angles how war affects people in different ways and their personal views Various emotions from the characters and yes us readers was experienced such as courage, fear, admiration, proud, loss grief, love and I loved how the Australian culture and language was used and the mateship shownbut most importantly I loved how realistically this novel was writtenthere wasn t one character who was perfect or immune to life s hardships e.
g Stephen Maddox s stutter, suicide, loss of a mate etcIf I had wanted to, I wouldn t be able to find one fault of this book which is why I gave it a 5 star rating I recommend this book to everyone especially young readers well done Justin Nor the Years Condemn by Australian novelist Justin Sheedy draws the reader in and simply will not let go.
This story follows the war of an Australian law student who leaves school to volunteer in the RAAF as a fighter pilot Beginning with the highs and lows of pilot training, the plot continues on to England and the early, uncertain and scary days as a new Spitfire pilot Inexperienced pilots had no chance unless they could find a way to stay alive long enough to learn how to kill Not an easy task, and one very well covered by Sheedy Lucky, and not so lucky accidents and incidents take their toll, but the novel s protagonist persists and survives, against all odds He moves up the chain of command at a harrowing pace, eventually becoming a fighter ace and assuming command of his own squadron flying ground attack Typhoons Action prevails, both in and out of the cockpit.
The plot and character development show a wealth of research It is clear that Sheedy consulted with warriors who lived the actual events, and no fault in fact or concept was evident This is not, by any means, a pretty story rather, it shows war the way it really was gory and nasty In short, this book is as real as it must have been.
I cannot remember when a novel so engrossed me and forced me to read all hours of the day and night Sleep and work may have interrupted my progress, but I made it through in 5 days, a near record for this plodding reader I was honestly disappointed that I had to spend time to sleep before my reading could continue This is a fine novel, and one that begs a sequel.
The cover art says it all First time overseas With a unique job Stop Hitler Well done to the Allied fighter pilots, and to Justin Sheedy.
Marc H StevensAuthor of Escape, Evasion and Revenge The True Story of a German Jewish RAF Pilot Who Bombed Berlin and Became a POW