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[ Read Online Lights Out Ç space-archaeology PDF ] by David Crawford ì Downloaded From The Internet Over Three Million Times, This Exciting, Action Packed, Survival Story Is Finally Available In Book Form Lights Out Chronicles The Challenges Of Mark Karate Man Turner When The Lights Go Out Over Most Of The Free World He Must Find In Himself The Ability To Unite His Family, Friends, And Neighbors If Any Of Them Are To Survive The Harsh Reality That Everyday Life Becomes When The Veneer Of Civilization Is Stripped Away Ok, in regards to writing, this is no piece of literature that will go down with time as a classic, the writing is pretty straight forward There are a few things that border on unrealistic or just to coincidental in regards to plot points That being said, this is an excellent book in detailing various What Ifs in the case of a SHTF scenario written in a narrative format You are presented with several things that may happen if things went south fast and how to prepare for them, as well as considerations to take in case something like this could happen I think the most important lesson this book might teach is the importance of networking in an end of world scenario If you are interested in prepping or have a functional zombie plan, you would enjoy this book.
In this genre, One Second After set the bar This book does not come close Lights Out and many of it s contemporaries all suffer from serious problems First and foremost is the fact that the authors are all working from the same playbook An EMP strike hits, a few people who are prepared take charge as society collapses Then, when their communities are at rock bottom the super hero survivalists help them survive and teach people how to sustain life when there are no modern conveniences any longer Crawford and his contemporaries turn their works of fiction into survival manuals than novels In this book the characters are flat and predictable Stereotypes are all over the place It s quite apparent from Page One who the hero is The truth is that David Crawford is an average writer He does not have much talent That is apparent from page one as well There is very little insight, thought or description in Lights Out The creativity is limited He essentially took a stock EMP End of the World plot, added his own characters and that was all He should have wrote a survival manual instead of a novel As far as the message of the book goes, I agree with it I m a conservative, not a bleeding heart liberal My thoughts and issues have to do with the writing style, etc.

First of all, let me be clear This book is poorly written Whilst an improvement on the original free PDF version, the edited and published version is clumsy and tedious to read It s very methodical and linear following a he said, then she replied then he thought and he said formula That said, the level of detail is also one of the book s strengths There are no large chronological or situational gaps The author has thought of everything and done a great job of juggling such Another thing I liked about this book is that is points out that a SHTF scenario is not like flicking a switch, even when it is something as dramatic as a countrwide blackout caused by high atmospheric nuclear detonations resulting in an EMP that fries electronics in the air and on the ground Even then, it takes several weeks for things to really break down, and the characters in this book to varying degrees either leap ahead or drag behind in adjusting to the social and economical collapse One of the most important issues especially for American and the survivalist crowd is regarding the use of firearms Murder is still illegal regardless of whether the world is as it is today or whether it has all gone to shit Doesn t matter if there is no law enforcement around to either protect or arrest you At what point during that slide into collapse do you make the switch from your current attitude to the carrying and use of firearms to where you re cruising around town with all passengers the good guys armed with AK semi automatic assault rifles I think the author was a little optimistic about people adjusting post SHTF and recognising the impact and what needs to be done There was the occasional character who protested but I think in a real situation the general rule would be that people would want to carry on pretending like things aren t that bad, that they would be seriously unhappy with barbed wire fences being erected and holes being dug in their front lawn So think of this worse case scenario fictional account as the best case response and believe that people would be far sheep like and sluggish to react to the signs.
This book is an interesting look into the potentially not to distant future of America It takes place in rural San Antonio, TX and follows the hero , Mark, as he, his family, and his community battle all the obstacles one would encounter if suddenly the lights go out and there is no electricity Because the book is a bit optimistic and sometimes too coincidental, it s better read as a fictional story with all the archetypes present and a definite storyline with designated plot points, rather than a survival study Although there is lot s of information and sometimes the reader is left thinking of possibilities in real life, it is of fictional thriller that will quench the thirst of the post apocalyptic junkies.
The author shows his knowledge in the decay of American society and politics while also bringing a survival perspective He goes a bit into the government s attempted control and seems to brings his own theories as far as FEMA camps and martial law goes, which may scare the reader of potential future outcomes Crawford also seems to have extensive weapons knowledge and throughout the book his gun advocacy seems transparent Overall, I really enjoyed the book and finished it surprisingly within a week and a half It is a bit heavy at 600 small print pages, but reads extremely easily and almost every chapter finishes with a cliffhanger making you want to continue on and on and never put it down There are quite a few spelling printing errors, and the dialog is a bit he said, she said , but otherwise the author gives you quite the entertaining piece