Ó Lights Out À Download by Ç David Crawford

Ó Lights Out À Download by Ç David Crawford Ok, in regards to writing, this is no piece of literature that will go down with time as a classic, the writing is pretty straight forward There are a few things that border on unrealistic or just to coincidental in regards to plot points That being said, this is an excellent book in detailing various What Ifs in the case of a SHTF scenario written in a narrative format You are presented with several things that may happen if things went south fast and how to prepare for them, as well as considerations to take in case something like this could happen I think the most important lesson this book might teach is the importance of networking in an end of world scenario If you are interested in prepping or have a functional zombie plan, you would enjoy this book.
This was kind of an odd read The basic plot was pretty good It s a journey through what it might be like to experience an EMP, and many of the individual scenarios were inventive and exciting, if a little unrealistic However, the whole thing comes off a little bit like the expression of the conservative male ego I had trouble getting past the blatant moral messages We get the feeling that if you go to church, love your wife and kids, scare your daughter s boyfriends off with a shotgun, listen to everything that old war veterans say, work hard, save your money, and love your guns, you will be the ultimate hero despite the fact that you don t really have any leadership experience, skills, or appropriate preparations.
It s not that I didn t like it It was an entertaining enough book, but it s really about an expression of individual heroism than a community experience or post apocalyptic vision.
David Crawford S Novel Has Been Download Thousands Of Time By People From All Over The World This Remarkable Piece Of Fan Fiction Is Shared Daily On Forums Such As AR, Backwoods Home, Frugal Squirrels And The Survival Podcast Forum The Novel Examines How Normal Americans Might Cope With A True National Disaster Shutting Down The Nations Electrical Grid And Follows The Downward Spiral Created By Such An Event Man was that a long book It really reminded me of One Second Later and that s probably why I picked it to read It had a lot of thought provoking things in it Opens your eyes to what might happen if something did seriously put the US out of business for a while The only issue I had was the rambling on about weapons and attack scenes As a girl one not particularly interested in these things I ended up skimming some of the technical scenes He went here, she went there, they had this FAL or that AK gun Too many details for me Otherwise it was a good read.
The writing is often amateurish, but the ideas are solid and well thought out, and I liked that most of the characters were regular folks, with normal names and personalities I found it superior to One Second After, which also deals with the aftermath of an EMP strike over the United States, but in a hackneyed and sentimental way than Lights Out Let me put it this way I m tempted to take notes I never would have thought of bleach Definitely one of the best books I have read this year, and that is saying quite a bit since I m very picky about them The story is quite believable, even without an explanation of how The Burst happened no spoilers here, as you ll find out what it is on the second chapter The story is gripping and has a nice incremental pace to the action, with a well presented and explained sequence of events at no point was I feeling that there was something I couldn t explain as the logical course of events.
If you like survival apocalypse type novels, then this is definitely a book for you.
Very impressive story I d say this is a great man s read I enjoyed it immensely because I like stories like this rich in detail At 600 pages it is chock full of information about weapons all sorts of guns, ammo and such , cars and what models and how to fix them to make them run, fighting tactics, and general survival techniques.
This guy who wrote it REALLY did his homework on how to make things work after an EMP There is a slight bit of romancenot an actual thread but woven in, but it s of a character sketch of the main protagonist Mark I ll tell you Amid the murder and mayhem, the writer David Crawford made me laugh out loud than once Just the way he had Mark thinking and talking at times was laugh out loud funny The snark really was perfect as a tension reliever.
I gave it a 5 star because of the supreme amount of data and research contained in itand the story was well done too I would have liked a little at the end, but I think that s just because after 600 pages I wasn t ready to let go of the characters I let some of the cheesy dialogue get a pass because the rest of the book was so well done, and I wouldn t want someone to miss it because of that.
Well done

Wow, what an amazing book No trilogy or tons of books to buy, thank goodness It was really a great read all in one book The U.
S has no electrical power The story does not go into depth about why there s no power, but that doesn t matter because the story is so good that you don t care why It concentrates on a small community that struggles to survive against gangs and traitors At first I was concerned that it had a lot of characters It had the perfect amount Some you love and others you will despise The author did an amazing job with character development Each person or family was clearly described, that I could visualize them I could not help but compare this to the book, One Second Both books had similar scenarios, but this book seemed to be the true version of what would happen if an EMP took out the electrical grid in the U.
S This was much realistic Yes, there would be gangs combing homes, killing, and looting, but entire cities doing that No This book simply a great realistic point of view I would recommend this to everyone My opinion it is a five star read A huge thank you to David Crawford, author of this wonderfully written book.
First of all, let me be clear This book is poorly written Whilst an improvement on the original free PDF version, the edited and published version is clumsy and tedious to read It s very methodical and linear following a he said, then she replied then he thought and he said formula That said, the level of detail is also one of the book s strengths There are no large chronological or situational gaps The author has thought of everything and done a great job of juggling such Another thing I liked about this book is that is points out that a SHTF scenario is not like flicking a switch, even when it is something as dramatic as a countrwide blackout caused by high atmospheric nuclear detonations resulting in an EMP that fries electronics in the air and on the ground Even then, it takes several weeks for things to really break down, and the characters in this book to varying degrees either leap ahead or drag behind in adjusting to the social and economical collapse One of the most important issues especially for American and the survivalist crowd is regarding the use of firearms Murder is still illegal regardless of whether the world is as it is today or whether it has all gone to shit Doesn t matter if there is no law enforcement around to either protect or arrest you At what point during that slide into collapse do you make the switch from your current attitude to the carrying and use of firearms to where you re cruising around town with all passengers the good guys armed with AK semi automatic assault rifles I think the author was a little optimistic about people adjusting post SHTF and recognising the impact and what needs to be done There was the occasional character who protested but I think in a real situation the general rule would be that people would want to carry on pretending like things aren t that bad, that they would be seriously unhappy with barbed wire fences being erected and holes being dug in their front lawn So think of this worse case scenario fictional account as the best case response and believe that people would be far sheep like and sluggish to react to the signs.
This book is an interesting look into the potentially not to distant future of America It takes place in rural San Antonio, TX and follows the hero , Mark, as he, his family, and his community battle all the obstacles one would encounter if suddenly the lights go out and there is no electricity Because the book is a bit optimistic and sometimes too coincidental, it s better read as a fictional story with all the archetypes present and a definite storyline with designated plot points, rather than a survival study Although there is lot s of information and sometimes the reader is left thinking of possibilities in real life, it is of fictional thriller that will quench the thirst of the post apocalyptic junkies.
The author shows his knowledge in the decay of American society and politics while also bringing a survival perspective He goes a bit into the government s attempted control and seems to brings his own theories as far as FEMA camps and martial law goes, which may scare the reader of potential future outcomes Crawford also seems to have extensive weapons knowledge and throughout the book his gun advocacy seems transparent Overall, I really enjoyed the book and finished it surprisingly within a week and a half It is a bit heavy at 600 small print pages, but reads extremely easily and almost every chapter finishes with a cliffhanger making you want to continue on and on and never put it down There are quite a few spelling printing errors, and the dialog is a bit he said, she said , but otherwise the author gives you quite the entertaining piece