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Download Epub Format ë Kingdom of Ash PDF by ¸ Sarah J. Maas How is it possible that my heart is so full of love but feels so empty at the same time This book broke me in the worst and best way possible and I m so happy and sad I have no words except of This world and those characters will stay with me forever 333My heart is aching and bleeding and hurting so damn much TTI just can t write anything coherent right now because I m drowning in an endless sea of feels Full RTC once I m emotionally stable again I dunno if this is ever going to happen though I.
HEARTBROKEN PEOPLE Buckle up This is no drill THIS IS FINALLY HAPPENING Over this next month my precious Gem and I will read the hell out of this book 333I can t wait to see all my amazing babies in one book Sarah, you better don t kill my faves I mean it glares I m not ready for this torture well, as ready as I ll ever be So hit me and destroy me with everything you haveMy name is Virginia and I will not be afraidPOMG That cover I LOVE IT Gosh I can t wait for this to hit the stores First things first though Empire of Storms and Tower of Dawn I m looking forward to read you babies October, I still have plenty of time to finish those two books before the last one comes out I can do this I CAN DO THIS I CAN DO THIS YAY runs around hyper P.
S YES I love the Bloomsbury Publishing PLC cover I want this so badly 333 Thank you so much, Alex, for this tour edition I love you 0.
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5 The Assassin and the Empire 1 Throne of Glass 2 Crown of Midnight 3 Heir of Fire 4 Queen of Shadows 5 Empire of Storms 6 Tower of DawnOnce upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, there lived a young princess who loved her kingdomI had a good time reading Kingdom of Ash And there are no words I have to describe the feeling that I get while reading a book with what feels like the entire book community All of us updating, crying, and swooning at the same times all over social media It reminds me of reading Harry Potter with my friends back when I was little, and there really are no words to even begin to describe that feeling, because it truly transcends words and language Here is the thing if you have loved this series from the start, you are probably going to love this conclusion and be very happy upon turning that last page I ve had a rocky journey with Throne of Glass even before it became cool to dislike this series and even before the stans thought it would be cooler to ignore all the gross, problematic elements I ve just never loved this series And I always feel like the characters I do end up liking from this world, get the bad end of the stick And Kingdom of Ash was no different And, in true Sarah J Maas fashion, the book was ungodly longer than it truly needed to be This review isn t going to be a drag or a gush, it s just going to be my thoughts and feelings on what I did love and what I did hate I m not looking to hurt anyone s feelings if you have been hurt by SJM you are valid, and if the book means than words to you you are valid These are just my thoughts about a series I never really loved, and a conclusion that I thought was a little too convenient and a lot too straight and white And if you are new to the book world, or just never bothered to actually look up the synopsis, Throne of Glass is a series about a young assassin that is enslaved A prince from a royal kingdom, and his best friend who is also the captain of the king s guard, rescue her from slavery so that she can compete to become the king s assassin But after a few books, you realize that this world is also full of magic, and Fae, and demon like creatures called Valg who want to conquer everything And this assassin, this prince, and this captain of the guard, get way than they ever dreamed to bargain forThe threads of fate weave together in strange waysBut if you re reading this review of the concluding and seventh book of a series, you probably already know this And you probably want to know my thoughts on this conclusion Overall, I feel like my favorite character got done really dirty, where everyone else got a happy ending So, I m bitter, and petty, and will talk about it in the spoiler section of this review Also, a lot of people said really horrible things to their friends lovers and then didn t care that they said it until they were about to die Like, I m not here for any kind of abuse, and some of the actions of some of these characters to the people they are supposed to love was really gross and unacceptable Plus, I feel like this series ending was way too clean, and that SJM really didn t listen to the complaints about A Court of Wings and Ruin The deus ex machina was very abundant at the end, in my opinion and seemed to happen back to back to back in the last 150 pages instead of giving us substance in the 800 pages before it I also feel like SJM was really setting up for her new series, Twilight of the Gods, too, maybe But again, if you love this series, you will probably love this ending I ve always felt like this series was just alright, so I felt like the ending was just alright, too Also, this book got very dark in the first 25%, so please use caution while reading Content and trigger warnings for captivity, graphic torture, threats of sexual assault, talk of past sexual assault, murder, death, self harm, talk of suicide, blood depictions, PTSD depiction, depression depiction, animal abuse, animal death, very severe physical abuse, verbal abuse, enslavement, sexual content, and war themes Now, I m going to get into FULL SPOILER THOUGHTS FOR Kingdom of Ash below Please do not read past this point if you do not wish to get spoiled for Kingdom of Ash and all the books in the series leading up to this final book Breathtaking art by Gabriella Bujdoso Okay, friends Again, I m going to be talking about SPOILERS FOR Kingdom of Ash so please use caution before reading Basically, all of our main characters are broken up into five different groups, all being tasked with different things.
Dorian, Manon, and the Thirteen, are trying to unite the witches and find the third wyrdkey, which is being hidden in Morath Lysandra is pretending to be Aelin, while Aedion is leading the army Chaol is heading to Silver Lake to meet with his father, with Yrene, Sartaq, and Nesryn Rowan, Elide, Lorcan, and Gavriel are trying to rescue Aelin Because Aelin is still in captivity because of Maeve, being tortured by Cairn, with her only ally being Fenrys Kingdom of Ash is broken up into two parts, and part one is very much all of these groups trying to come together, while all fighting their own little mini battles Where part two is really about everyone coming to Terrasen for the big and final battle I think I m going to start out by doing character break downs with my thoughts and feelings about the cast individually Celaena Aelin My heart actually felt for Aelin throughout most of this book Like, again, the first 25% of this book, and everything she had to go through, was really dark and really hard to read But when her sacrifice in part two, lead her to just being an immortal fae, completely taking away her being a human Come on And then I was like, oh, but she lost her powers That s the trade No, they are just weaker, BUT she infused her blade before, just in case, so that s still super powerful Like, my eyes, they are rolling out of my headI told you once that even if death separated us, I would rip apart every world until I found youRowan I was actually really empathetic towards Rowan in this book too Chaol It s no secret, Chaol has always been my favorite character behind Manon in later books , so I am really biased But he really let Yrene be the person she wanted to be, without question, every single time, and it made me love him even I still think Chaol is easily the best dude in this entire series, and I still never understand the hate he gets Yrene When it first came out that she was pregnant I was so scared Like, during a war I was not prepared But Yrene is honestly such an amazing character, and I loved her entire storyline and every scene that she was in Also, my favorite part of this entire one thousand page book was when Yrene and Aelin met up for the first time in all those years Abraxos Why give him a mate to just kill the mate Like, honestly a lot of things made me upset about KoA, but that might be the thing that made me the most upset Petrah The true MVP of this book, for saving Abraxos and my lifeOnly a Crochan Queen may ignite the Flame of War, to summon every witch from her hearthManon Manon, Queen of witches and my personal queen, deserves better than Dorian s rude, wish washy, refuses to communicate, ass And no one in this world will ever convince me that Manon is straight, I m sorry Like, the most uncomfortable I felt while reading this book was when they had sex, and she told him what she wanted and that she didn t want him to leave, and then he left without even saying goodbye I mean, after they fucked Then seeing her say that she thought it was a promise, but it ended up just being a farewell Like, friends, Manon deserves every star on her crown and every star in the sky, she doesn t deserve Dorian s nasty behavior Like, I really wanted her to tell him to get bent at the end of this book And there is no way that she would be this weak over some twenty year old dude that was treating her like crap throughout the book Dump him Dorian I ll be honest, I thought the reason that I was disliking Dorian in this was because Maas was going to learn from A Court of Wings and Ruin, and actually give a believable war ending with Dorian dying But no, he was just an asshole throughout the entire thing to Manon And when he was like checking out Maeve I threw up in my mouth Oh, and when he turned into a girl and was discovering his new body throws up again The Thirteen Minus Manon Wow, they got done so dirty Like, I know I touched upon it in the Abraxos paragraph, but like I can t believe SJM would only kill them and one other dude that we honestly didn t give a fuck about Feels so bad So damn bad When they told Manon to live, I threw my book to the other side of my bed and just bawled, because I knew that it was going to happen Asterin dying really messed me up All of them dying just felt so cheap, so bad, and I knew when it happened that they were going to be the only real sacrifice SJM made with this concluding novel And it ended up being true, so everyone else could be heterosexually paired off with their mates Elide I love Elide, and her loyalty, but she also said some really abusive things to Lorcan, and then only regretted it when he was going to die Also, again everyone is just going to heal all their disabilities and it feels a little questionable Also, also, does Elide have a foot fetish I mean, I don t kink shame, but what Lorcan I really loved Lorcan in this He tried so hard, for Elide, for his friends, and for himself, and it really warmed my heart Also, now he s making and packing his own homemade pads for Elide Bonus pointsHow long until the allies you collected start asking why the Fire Bringer does not burnLysandra I ll be honest, Lysandra and Aedion s points of view were easily my least favorite And let s be real, Lysandra could do way better Aedion Because Aedion was an asshole in this book and was so hurtful And again, things are realized, and things are forgiven, because death almost came for them That will never excuse abuse, ever Gavriel I actually hated how he and Aedion reunited for only like one page, just for him to see his dad die Like, not only did it feel pointless, it felt cheap Evangeline Sweet lil bean And I really do love her found family with Lysandra, and I just wish her the best in life Falkan I loved his reunion with his niece, Lysandra Fenrys blinks once I actually loved this character and felt so many sad feelings for him, but I think the book was honestly better with the addition of him Nesryn I still feel like Nesryn was such a fill in character, always, but I m happy she s happy, I guess Sartaq I enjoy him and his birds, and I m happy he makes Nesryn happy, I guess, but it s whatever Erawan The last remaining Valg king But how they tricked him was like the most Scooby Doo thing I have read in years Maeve I felt like she was going to get a redemption arc like five times while reading this book, and I was so scared But, again, anticlimactic ending And I hated how when these two villains were taken out, so was their army It just felt too easy, and even the battle scenes weren t great But let s talk about the real character that I want to talk aboutDo you know the story of the queen who walked through worldsRhysand Did Aelin really see Rhys and Feyre in Valerius and did he like help her get back to Rowan and the gang Like, I felt like he was playing Star Fox 64 and he gave her the boost or slow or something Like, I m not making this cameo up, right Like this happened My mind still can t process this information I mean, we all knew the crossover was going to happen, but I truly didn t expect it to be like that Okay, let s talk a bit about things that happened First off, everyone is a couple And importantly, everyone is a straight couple Next, everyone was a shapeshifter in this book Like, Lysandra totally lost her unique and cool ability because like everyone and their mother can do it in this book I hated it Seriously And Maeve could have done so much with her powers, but she just chose not to for some reason Thirdly, there is still a lot of sex in this book, but I feel like the scenes were a lot briefer and much fade to black So, that s either going to be a good or bad thing for you.
I kept forgetting two things while reading 1 that Aelin is only twenty years old That s so wild I ve been reading these for so long, it just feels like she should be older And 2 This entire series really plays out just over the course of a year Again, I ve been reading these for so many years, I just can t wrap my head around this timeline and everything these characters have done I mean, how many relationships they ve had, how many deaths they ve witnessed, and how many terrible things that have happened It seriously blows my mind that this it s only been a year I wasn t sure if I wanted to bring this up for not, but I guess I will briefly, especially if you ve read the entirety of this monstrosity of a review I was hurt by the Charlie Bowater art, found in the BN special edition, and I just wanted to say that Asian and white will never, ever, be interchangeable Ever And you know what SJM didn t do with these 1,000 pages of KoA Anything to say or show that Manon was Asian I am half white and half Asian, and this is not the representation that even I will ever think is acceptable, and most certainly not the representation that will ever make me feel seen And authors and artists who have previously drawn characters as white need to do better.
I also want to link Aentee s review, because it is amazing, and she really talks about the lack of diversity in this book And she brings up a lot of similarities that really blew my mind regarding The Lord of the Rings It s a really good review, you all should check it out Overall, I am happy that this series is over I m not sure if I will pick up by Sarah J Maas or not, but I am happy to have finished this series off Again, this will never be a series that I love, but I truly love the reading experience of feeling like I m a part of a massive buddy read with 75% of the book community It s a feeling that I can t put into words, but one that means a lot to me and that I cherish with my whole heart.
Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch The Final Battle Is HereAelin Galathynius Has Vowed To Save Her People But At A Tremendous Cost Locked Within An Iron Coffin By The Queen Of The Fae, Aelin Must Draw Upon Her Fiery Will As She Endures Months Of Torture The Knowledge That Yielding To Maeve Will Doom Those She Loves Keeps Her From Breaking, But Her Resolve Is Unraveling With Each Passing Day With Aelin Captured, Friends And Allies Are Scattered To Different Fates Some Bonds Will Grow Even Deeper, While Others Will Be Severed Forever As Destinies Weave Together At Last, All Must Fight If Erilea Is To Have Any Hope Of SalvationYears In The Making, Sarah J Maas S New York Times Bestselling Throne Of Glass Series Draws To An Explosive Conclusion As Aelin Fights To Save Herself And The Promise Of A Better World AHH this finale was on such a grand scale SO ENJOYABLE, SO EPIC Just filmed my booktalk and it will be up sometime in the next week on my channel polandbananasbooks.
I mean, I d be happy to swear a blood oath to Sarah J Maas So much thoughts were running through my mind whilst I was reading this, but now that I have reached the ending of this book, I m just a mess of tears and emotions and I don t know how to express how much it all means to me I think I can safely say that this is my favourite book of all time It was transcending Let it be known that Sarah J Maas is a Dreamer, and I don t think any book has fulfilled my dreamer s heart as much as this book It satisfied me to no end All my hopes and dreams were placed in these characters and their world and for the cause they fought for It hit me deep and it has carved itself into me and gratitude alone does not cover the feeling I have in my heart right now You write and read stories and dream up better worlds, so you can find some hope in time s of bleakness, to get by, to will yourself to live another day, and look towards a future that is better than what you ve experienced and are living Hope emanated throughout my course of reading these books and what I was left with All of their lives intertwined so beautifully, kindness being repaid with infinite kindness and I was being taught over and over again that goodness outshines and outlives everything And then the acknowledgements happened I m just done with my emotions getting trampled all over Had such an awesome time reading this with Azrah The support was needed thaaanks, girl I m going to go onto my mourning phase now, which ll last for let s not even go there Pre reading ramblings WE HAVE AN EXTRACTI will find youfolks HOT DAMN AELIN LOOKS SO FUCKIN BADASS I can t believe this series is ending WAILS These characters have absolutely become ingrained within me and every year these books were the ones I would look forward to the most.
Sigh my heart is already starting to hurt and I m welling up Fuck knows how I ll survive reading this THE EDIT IS CLOSE TO A 1000 PAGES.
I REPEAT THE EDIT IS CLOSE TO A 1000 PAGES Title and blurb in one day I feel spoiled As for the title I love it Surprise But there s a sense of doom I can t shake off now Ash ASH I ain t gonna be able to make it OMG THE FUCKIN SYNOPSIS MY EMOTIONS How, how, HOW on gods earth that Trump is ruling do I wait till 2018 for the final Throne of Glass book sobs violently I m gonna miss my babies too much In other news, we re getting a full fledged Chaol novel goes back to composing thine self Here is my updated shelf Here s my big boxed set with poster And below it is my shelf with the goodies 11 1 18 Got my UK Edition with the beautiful art cards inside If you want to see pictures of my wall art then just scroll all the way down past the other pictures This is how much I love this series Also, let it be known that I m crazy that I have the hardback, audible, kindle, special paperback on its way and then ordered the complete hardback box set Yeah THIS BOOK WAS EVERYTHING TO ME I loved this last installment so much All of the characters I love were in it There was torture, sadness, war, happiness and so much I cried I mean of course I did, that s what I do I m not giving out any spoilers, I just wanted to say it s perfect for me I really wish it never came to an end but there are only certain things you can do in certain series without messing it up At least, that s my take on it I really have no words peeps I m going to leave it here because there are so many that are going to be talking about this, I really wish I had a real life friend that read books that I do so we could talk on the phone about it Anyhoo, enjoy my pictures I have some funko s I m making slowly and changing the ones I have made I am working on a couple of walls that I have dedicated to book art and my photography I hated removing those book shelves but I m loving my art Will do a wall and new bookshelf tour later on This first pic is just a couple of things Later on I will do the whole shelf tour when things arrive and get made My wall art of Aelin Rowan And the beautiful, Manon More to come my lovelies xoxoMel BLOG I have no words Brilliant, powerful, amazing Thank you Sarah J.
Maas, thank you I had impossibly high hopes for this book I make no secret that this is my faverite book series Yet somehow every book just seemed to get better then the last Could SJM possible do it again Yes she can, and she did Wow what an epic finale.
The book is a perfect length, though close to a thousand pages not a single line is wasted Every possible loose end is tied up Every hint or hidden story leads to this masterpiece.
The story is awesome, the character development and use is unreal Every characters moderation and reasoning is spot on Every character has something to contribute However we still know who the hero of the series is.
Action, adventure, suspense, and such intense emotion evoking writing This could not have been done better As made as o was for having to wait a extra couple of years for this book to come out it was worth the wait I cannot find a single negative thing to say about thus book Except the series is over Though I think almost any surviving characters are good enough to have their own book hint begging Aelin Celaena is my faverite female character of all time Strong, deadly, intelligent and most of all she will not yield I love that quote and I honestly do not think it can be applied better to any other character.
This is an awesome finale to the most awesome series, after reading that all other game of thrones are secondary The Queen that was promised delivers big time.

I am in awe and weeping, my remnants of a heart full I was scared that this last book, through whatever course it took, might diminish my love for the whole series but gods, was I wrong It was a thing of beauty, satisfying and heartbreaking in all the right ways Bittersweet I cried and sobbed, I gasped, I screamed, I smiled, I felt my heart beating out of my chest, I shivered, I swooned I don t think I ll ever be able to write a proper review, but I still feel the need to highlight some elements that marked me slightly spoilerish gibberish ahead Fenrys Aelin s silent language Aelin not knowing what s real and what s not Aedion hurting and being an ass because of it Lysandra battling without stopping Elide sprinting towards death for love Ansel s soldiers Aelin s scars Rowan s vision Dorian s lack of self worth and perpetual need to sacrifice Aelin crying when seeing her second love walk Aelin realising little gifts pay off greatly Aelin grinning and swaggering Chaol running towards his King Dorian thinking about Sorscha Manon and the three Matrons A Queen of Witches with a crown of stars Aedion thinking about dying like his childhood heroes Abraxos The Little Folk Petrah Blueblood Gavin Kaltain Manon stopping herself from thinking about Dorian The Thirteen, the Thirteen, the Thirteen A tribute to the fallen Dorian adoring his best friend s wife Dorian as an uncle The gods Nameless is my price Elena s soul Mala s gift The fall through worlds and the help received along the journey A lion and his cub, together Yrene Towers being amazing every step of the way A queen defending the walls Evangeline melting an old man s heart Cousins finding one another, two faces of the same coin A letter from a mother The original trio and their incredible love for one another A broken curse Brothers by choice Saying hello from time to time A prince becoming a lord A warrior becoming a lord A field of blooming flowers Looking forward to tomorrow A better world.
No, I m not crying, you re crying All these things above broke me in different ways, ripped me apart, some mending my heart back together I am so in love with this story, so grateful for this fictional world and these characters, that I cannot quite believe it is over It should be illegal to attach so deeply to imaginary beings, because it goddamn hurts when reality seeps in and they re no longer around you My favorite series, without a doubt, one that I ll cherish forever.
Thank you, Sarah J Maas, for sharing them with us It has been a joy.
S Shoutout to my faves Dorian and Manon, I love you to the moon and back P.
S Where the hell is Nox I tried to write something longer but I believe that only one word is enough so To this series which made me dream and live in a world of magic, friendship, love and sacrifices To Dorian, Aelin, Chaol, Manon, Rowan and every single character that made me laugh, cry and fangirl feel with them To everything Sarah J Mass has done for us, no matter how frustrating it turned out to be or how we didn t agree sometimes with itTHANK YOU to this series which will stay forever in my heart 3I m going to miss you guys