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25 STARS CATCHALL I wanted to like this book I really did It was one of those books I heard about by random chance and immediately started counting down the days to its release It looked that good, and was beautiful besides And when I finally bought it, with its gorgeous cover, I was ecstatic I dove right in The beginning was amazing and drew me in right away And now I m embarrassed to admit I own it Yet another time where I ve let beautifully written dust jacket blurbs and lovely covers suck me in.
This review will contain spoilers Major ones And profanity, so if that insults you, stop here Please However, my clean, profanity free review can be found on Sparkles and Lightning.
Seriously There is A LOT of profanity I m not sure I ve ever used so much in a review before Or at all, for that matter THE HEROINE Was I supposed to like her at all Juliet was vapid, shallow, and selfish Not to mention that she could never stick to a decision Ever All she ever did was complain about how she hates Romeo because he killed her, and then near the end of the book she remembers that SHE FUCKING KILLED HERSELF What The Fuck There are no words sufficient to describe the stupidity of this Oops My bad You didn t kill me So I ve been hating you all these years for nothing Shit It makes no sense Basically, she s wasted her entire centuries of her life And what was with the whole I hated myself but I should really love myself shit It sounded too thrown in at the last moment, too rushed There was no real substance and throughout the entire book Juliet felt so false and fake THE LOVE INTEREST Um So What about him Let s see, he s hot, he s dreamy, he s hot, he s dreamy, and, oh yeah, in his past life he was BENVOLIO FUCKING MONTAGUE This makes absolutely no sense and felt so thrown in Can you say random Or how about I have no clue what to write so I think I ll throw this in It felt like Jay needed to end the book so she made something up at the last minute Too bad it makes no sense And what was with his creepy, overprotectiveness Not to mention his weird, annoying habit of being stupid and obtuse He annoyed the hell out of me Where s the good character traits that I m supposed to fall in love with Why was he so shallow Why does Juliet love him Answers, please There s not even anything good to say about him He talks too much and when he talks nothing that makes even remote sense comes out of his mouth THE VILLAIN Romeo is the only remotely interesting character in this book He has a sexy, bad boy attitude that s actually attractive He s supposed to be evil, at least according to Juliet, but I don t see it I love the two or three intermezzos incidentally, I speak Italian Intermezzo means interval Which makes no sense Just saying when we get to hear the story from his point of view He has a gorgeous, sarcastic voice and his parts are actually well written.
He hasdepth than every other character combined he has regrets, and he made his choices he has to live by them, but he doesn t have to like them I love that about him and I wish there werecharacters like him in this book THE BEST FRIEND Ariel s best friend, Gemma, is so freaking annoying Talk about a spoiled brat Although Juliet couldn t seem to make up her mind about her, liking her one moment and hating her the next So bipolar Make up your damn mind There s not much to say about her, but I wanted to say this, so here goes what was the point of her, exactly THE PLOT The plot was, like, OMG, amazing.
Wait, that s not right It sucked.
Juliet is so freaking indecisive, which does not help the plot at all.
I must be with Ben I love him.
I can t be with Ben He s supposed to love Gemma.
Screw Gemma Ben, let s make out.
Go away, Ben We can t ever be together Actually, let s elope.
Or try this one Romeo, I m not working with you.
Oh, Romeo, fine Let s get it over with.
Just kidding I want to stay with Ben.
No Wait I need your help Screw you I don t want to speak to you again.
And so on and so forth So the book drags on for pages and pages of unnecessary shit where nothing happens.
Basically, Juliet makes out with Romeo to convince Ben that they re together so he and Gemma can be together Then she realizes Gemma and Mike are soul mates and Ben is her soul mate They make out and fall in love A bit too convenient, don t you think Hmm, you re right Way too convenient.
And what happens Love Yep That pretty much sums up the whole plot So let s move on THE ROMANCE Romeo and Juliet fall in love in about five days, give or take The author says she doesn t believe this love was real, and yet she has Ben and Juliet fall in love in three days It makes no fucking sense There s no substance to the romance Seriously, if anyone knows why Ben and Juliet fall in love, please tell me Because it looks like a serious fucking case of insta love to me All they ever do is make out They never actually have a deep conversation And let s not mention that Juliet is technically lying to him about who she is So he s in love with a stranger and doesn t know it Lovely How wonderful for them that they can fall in love without knowing one another at all It seems to me like Juliet is repeating her mistake How great What a wonderful message to send to the world THE ENDING Oh my God ALTERNATE UNIVERSES Are you fucking kidding meThis feels so thrown in at the last second Innocent Ariel is lying on the ground She s going to die, and so is Juliet But waitJuliet gets sent to an alternate universe And Ariel exists in a another universe too, so it s okay Well, what about this universe I hate this The damn alternate universe thing is such a damn crutch Jay is basically saying she had no clue as to how to end the book, so she threw in alternate universes Where Juliet falls in love with Ben as Benvolio Montague, in her original body Instantly And everything is happy and cheerful Except for the fact that it s completely unbelievable She gets a new life in the most pathetic way possible And Ariel can start over But since she, you know, died in this universe, making everything that Juliet was semi decent enough to try to do for her, completely fucking pointless Because she s dead So the entire book was a waste Why not just start at the fucking ending She might as well have Everything that happens throughout the entire book becomes irrelevant at the end Ariel starts out in a new universe as Romeo s second chance Great So clean Except for the major plot hole where did the fucking alternate universes come from And why are the Ambassadors the only one who can use them Oh, and what happened to the Mercenaries Never mind them We got our happy ending Yeah Sure THE WRITING Juliet is the narrator Nuff said.
No, but seriously, her voice is so annoying I might ve actually enjoyed the booktold from third person P.
V or someone else s P.
V Romeo s brief chapters, for example, I actually enjoyed He has a dark, sardonic voice that pulls you in Juliet, on the other hand, pushes your away There s really not much else to say Juliet was irritating and Romeo was not WRAPUP Will I read the sequel Probably only if it s about Romeo And even then, only if it has a nice cover Otherwise, I d be too ashamed to buy it A SPECIAL NOTE ON THE QUOTE ON THE BACK OF THE DUST JACKET ON THE HARDCOVER U.
S EDITION That was a mouthful Anyway, that seemingly romantic quote on the back of the book Well, not only does it turn out it would ve sounded stupid because there was no love between Ben and Juliet that I could see, she doesn t even say it She just thinks it How lame is that Pathetic, I know.
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What a beautiful cover I remember when I first saw it my initial thought was, Oh, please don t let it suck I know that sounds harsh, but sometimes a cover just calls out to you and you know when you finally hold a physical copy of the book itself you ll just want to stroke it and love it and tell it it s found its home on your shelves Unfortunately, the innards as my boy is fond of saying don t always match the outtards And then I am forced to cry Becauseso pretty So when a review copy of Stacey Jay s Juliet Immortal came my way, I held my breath Just a bit Okay, maybe for the first five pages or so Thankfully, that s all it took Because this innovative retelling of sorts of Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet has teeth And they sank into me with delicious ferocity This was my first foray with Stacey Jay, though I know she has a handful of books already out After this encounter, I look forward to checking out her other work.
Juliet Capulet s nightmare is never going to end No one knows what really happened to her Murdered by her true love, Juliet is saved at the last minute by powerful but nebulous forces of good known as the Ambassadors , who recruit her immortal soul in their timeless battle against the powers of evil known as the Mercenaries Filled with grief and hate at Romeo s unforgivable action, Juliet accepts the offer and finds herself pitted against Romeo, who essentially sold his soul to the Mercs for promised immortality And the two of them face one another over and over and over again For seven hundred years, they ve been racing against the clock and each other to save in Juliet s case or damn in Romeo s pairs of soul mates, literally slipping into human bodies in Juliet s case and dead ones in Romeo s in order to sway their charges for good or ill Each and every time Romeo tries to kill Juliet and Juliet fights back and escapes, though she is forbidden from taking his life as part of her mission for the Ambassadors But this time this mission something is different And they can both tell This timeseems to be riding on the outcome than just a point scored for one side or the other This time it s difficult to tell just who exactly are the soul mates, just who loves who This time Juliet may not escape with her immortal soul intact.
Juliet Immortal wins because it is both a competent retelling and re envisioning of the most famous star crossed lovers of all time, while managing not to forget the ruthlessness, violence, and eerie inevitability of the original In fact, I thought Stacey Jay s clever explanations went a long way toward fleshing out the characters and events of the play I certainly loved the life and depth she breathed into both leads How brave Juliet is And evil Romeo Where have you been all my life There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it This Romeo is evil, he s out for Juliet s blood, and the enmity between them is real The story starts off with a bang, literally, as Juliet is flung into the body of a girl who has just decided to end it all and drive the car she s in off a cliff, taking her shoddy date with her It s one of my favorite scenes in the book and the first one to give me real chills Right after the crash taken from my uncorrected ARC Dylan s eyes flutter open.
Even in the moonlight shining through the ceiling they look dark, peculiar There s something strange about this boy, something warped inside him I m not surprised that he played a cruel trick on Ariel, but I m curious to see what he ll do next How will he deal with the fact that she nearly killed them both Ariel he asks, his voice slurred Are you okay Ye yes, I think so Maybe he doesn t remember how the car crashed If so, I won t be helping him with his recall I keep my expression carefully blank Are you okay I think I m fine Ithink I might beHis words fade as he leans closer He s staring at me I can feel it, though his chin is tipped down, creating hollows the light through the roof can t touch.
The roof I look up, and a sigh of relief escapes my lips Glass It s made of glass Thank goodness Getting out of this car seems like a better idea with every passing second If Dylan is this disturbing at eighteen, he ll be a serial killer by the time he s twenty We ll be fine We just need to get out I lift blood slicked fingers to pry at the latch, ignoring Dylan when he leans even closer.
The sunroof is manually operated I see that the glass panel can pop out, but the mechanism gives me a bit of trouble Still, I ll get it open and there will be plenty of room for us to fit through the hole Me first, of course I m sorry, could I He exhales, his breath hot on my neck I fight the urge to shudder Could I ask you something He wants to talk Lovely.
I sigh Sure I pull on the hinges, then realize I should have been pushing and sigh again Has anyone told you your hair looks silver in the moonlight I glance in the rearview mirror My new hair does look silver, like something from a fairy tale And the rest of what I can see of myself is equally haunting shocking, really.
Why does Ariel think herself so repulsive Huge blue eyes dominate my new face, dwarfing my small nose and thin lips The scars on my cheek and jaw are visible, but they aren t as terrible as Ariel thinks The face looking back at me is attractive, compelling There s something about it that makes you want to look twice.
So I do, staring a little too long, giving myself away.
Dylan laughs, his lips suddenly far too close to mine But soft, what light through yonder window breaks No It can t be We ve never He s never Did you miss me, love He kisses me on the cheek, a rough, playful kiss that leaves a bit of wet behind.
Dylan has died after all And Romeo has found a corpse It s my last thought before his hands are around my throat.
Yep Chills There s also a pretty sweet love story going on within the pages I was delighted with who Stacey Jay chose for Juliet and how she updated him for a contemporary take Their initial encounter is another of my very favorite scenes in the book, and my affection for them lasted for the duration the story So much so that I actually could have done with a littleconnection between the modern boy and the one from the play as it would have enriched the bond for me That part, along with one section in which Juliet sort of uncharacteristically fails to make a few connections, are the only instances that bothered me a bit Otherwise, the novel s strengths stood out, particularly older and wise Juliet herself She s such a strong character, able to contain a plethora of rich and complex emotions She is clawing her way toward revenge or peace, whichever comes first I loved her fire, and I loved how the writing reflected her rage and pain, without marring that original, first love between the two kids from Verona Rather, it supports its authenticity in all its breathless perfection Which then only highlights the atrocious betrayal and the loss she feels It s all very affecting and enjoyable As is Juliet s foray in young Ariel s body Her interactions with Ariel s well nigh estranged mother and her problematic best friend Gemma are nuanced and gripping Lastly, I do have to say that my favorite thing about this book is that it scared me There are a couple of scenes in particular that gave me the cold shivers, and I just love it when that happens All in all, Juliet Immortal is an unexpectedly visceral read I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to handing it around.
Interesting beginning middle had highs and lows ending was PERFECTI appreciate that not everyone is going to like this book It s very much a Marmite kind of thing you either love it or you hate it except, unlike Marmite, I loved it I think I liked it evenbecause it was very far from what I was expecting and I had expected all kinds of possible ways this could go super luvvy duvvy romance, melodrama, ultra angstOkay, there was the teensiest, tiniest bit of teen angst but I thought it all worked, it wasn t too much and the words were oh so pretty I must stress this, I thought the writing was beautiful in that I must quote this kind of way but you find it hard to choose which bit to quote Like Laini Taylor but not that good.
I read it mainly because I am obsessed with Shakespeare I went through High School with this ancient but really cool English teacher who taught me how awesome Shakespeare is and was entirely responsible for my good grades in the subject Now I find myself exasperated and reading the same old takes on Shakespeare s work Romeo and Juliet must have been re written into every culture and time period possible by now But this Well, this was different Suddenly, it isn t a tale about the famous star crossed lovers who sacrificed everything for love Oh no Because the tagline says it allThe greatest love story ever told is a lie That s right Romeo is not what we all thought he was he s a manipulative SOB who betrayed Juliet and over the centuries the two have battled it out against one another, fighting for control of the destinies of soulmates Sound a bit TRUE WUV y It isn t Or I didn t think so I thought it was nasty and gruesome and really interesting.
And the ending was wonderful You know, I had the smallest recollection of something in the back of my mind early on that led me to suspect something that I quickly disregarded But I was right Certain things are not coincidences and there sto this story than first meets the eye excited yet You should be.
Also, you should know, even though the novel has no sex, there s some not so subtle innuendos and girly tingling Excellent Juliet Immortal was one of my most anticipated books of 2011 I loved Stacey Jay s Dead on the Delta, and when I learned that she was writing a Shakespeare spin off involving an original type of paranormal being, it seemed like too much awesomeness in one package I really wanted to like Juliet Immortal, and it makes me sad that I did not.
Here s the premise Romeo and Juliet fell in love in medieval Italy, but their story ended rather differently than the version we all know Romeo sacrificed Juliet to gain eternal life in a supernatural faction called the Mercenaries When Juliet died, her soul was claimed by the Mercenaries rivals, the Ambassadors The Ambassadors goal is to make sure soul mate couples get together and commit to each other The Mercenaries goal is to destroy these couples by getting one of the lovers to sacrifice the other, as Romeo did to Juliet Ambassadors possess the bodies of living people while carrying out their missions Mercenaries can only possess the bodies of the dead.
As Juliet Immortal begins, Juliet is sent into the body of Ariel Dragland, an insecure teenage girl who is beautiful but can t see it because of a burn scar on her face Juliet, while in Ariel s body, begins to fall in love again for the first time in 700 years, with a classmate named Ben Trouble is, Ben is one of the soul mates she s supposed to be helping, and his counterpart is Ariel s best friend Gemma Yet Ben and Gemma barely seem to like each other, and between that and Juliet s growing feelings, she has a difficult task ahead of her Meanwhile, Romeo is being creepy as usual, but has some troubling information to impart about the Ambassadors and the Mercenaries.
There are scenes in Juliet Immortal that are absolute gems Juliet s heart to heart conversation with Ariel s mother is one of them, as is the scene in which Juliet forgives herself for the events of long ago These scenes reminded me why I like Jay s writing in the first place, and made me wish evenfervently that I could like the book.
Unfortunately, it bogs down in Juliet s angst, which is fueled by her missing something that s obvious to the reader long before Juliet figures it out Edited to add view spoiler It s not obvious who Gemma s real soul mate is, but it s obvious it s not Ben and that there are actually two pairs running around hide spoiler I loved this book Stacey Jay manages to turn the story of Romeo and Juliet on its head with this haunting retelling Beautiful This is not your typical Romeo and Juliet love story For one thing the starting premise is the one where Juliet did not commit suicide for the sake of everlasting true love as the Bard s version claims but was killed by her lover Romeo who exchanged her life for immortality But the betrayed and forsaken Juliet did not die according to plan On the contrary she become an immortal, an ambassador of light whose sole purpose is fight for the sake of true loves across time against her one true love and arch nemesis Romeo Reborn in to the mortal realm each time soul mates find each other Juliet has to give up the life she inhabits each time her job is completed But the irony of the matter is Juliet who is destined to bring true loves together herself do not believe in true love After her experience with true love Juliet wants nothingto do with it herself But that is until she meets Ben a kind hearted boy with whom she experiences an instant connection Now when circumstances urges Juliet to rethink her position Romeo enters the picture and he will do anything to ensure that Juliet remains his for all eternity When I first picked up this book I admit I wasn t much excited to read about a YA Romeo and Juliet story In fact that was the last thing I wanted But my inquisitiveness got the best of me and I decided to give it a try Surprisingly I found this book a very enjoyable and interesting read The concept is fresh and the treatment commendable The one part worth mentioning is the practicality associated with the story of Romeo and Juliet Rather than portraying Romeo and Juliet as the symbols of undying love the book makes you think about practical scenarios looking at Romeo as an exiled 17 year old noble with no skill or livelihood and Juliet as a 14 year old innocent girl who never had to face actual hardship in her well pampered life The book portrays Juliet as a strong and stubborn character who has faced her share of challenges but still moves forward strongly, Romeo as a misunderstood and naive character who is forced to live with the consequences of his wrong choices Even though Romeo was portrayed as an evil character I couldn t find it in me to hate him The new character Ben on the other hand is likable and refreshing It is always a treat to read about characters who are so sure of what they want and do not shy away from expressing it The premise and settings are well developed and the story manages to engage you in all the crucial points This book I would recommend to all those readers who are willing to keep and open mind and treat the story from an entirely different point of view Some readers though may find it difficult to cope with some of the liberties the author has taken with the Romeo and Juliet story but here also open mindedness is the key But this book like most books is not without its own set of flaws that stick out For one thing it goes on and on about the concept of love But if you are willing to overlook such misgivings you might find your self highly satisfied.
These Violent Delights Have Violent EndsAnd In Their Triumph Die, Like Fire And Powder,Which As They Kiss Consume William Shakespeare,ROMEO AND JULIETJuliet Capulet Didn T Take Her Own Life She Was Murdered By The Person She Trusted Most, Her New Husband, Romeo Montague, Who Made The Sacrifice To Ensure His Own Immortality But Romeo Didn T Anticipate That Juliet Would Be Granted Eternal Life As Well, And Would Become An Agent For The Ambassadors Of LightFor Seven Hundred Years, Juliet Has Struggled To Preserve Romantic Love And The Lives Of The Innocent, While Romeo Has Fought For The Dark Side, Seeking To Destroy The Human Heart Until NowNow Juliet Has Found Her Own Forbidden Love, And Romeo, O Romeo, Will Do Everything In His Power To Destroy Their HappinessSecrets Unfold And Surprises Abound In Stacey Jay S Powerfully Dark Romance, Which Reunites Literature S Most Tragic Couple Forget everything you thought to be true about Romeo and Juliet s story It isn t some great tragedy with starcrossed lovers that couldn t bear to be apart No, it s a story about betrayal Romeo murdered Juliet in hopes for his own immortality, but in a twist of fate, Juliet was granted the same Only, she serves on the side of light, whose job it is to protect true lovers from people like Romeo who would tear it all apart It s been over 700 years of fighting him and his kind every step of the way All that changes when Juliet starts to fall in love again It s a forbidden love, and we all know just how Romeo feels about that Juliet may just lose love again, after it s taken her so long to finally believe again, and then nothing will be able to save her broken heart.
Juliet is truly broken for lack of a better word She doesn t realize this, but in her quests to ensure couples find their soul mates, her heart just in the task Yes, she thinks everyone deserves love, but in the end she s really only going through the motions rather than believing in love any In fact Juliet is filled withanger and hate towards Romeo and her situation to really be able to believe in much of anything I think this is what made her slow opening of her heart again all thesweet Granted the love did seem to come about with nothing to really establish it, but then they do say love at first sight can be real, and this book makes a very good case for it.
I had assumed I would hate Romeo s character based on the description, and in the beginning, I did However, theI got to see him, theI realized that there was so muchthan met the eyes I had thought he was an evil uncaring character, but I couldn t have been wrong He truly is a tortured soul who has had to live with his mistakes for a very long time To be honest, I m not really sure the punishment fits the crime, as in the end he really was only weak rather than evil Of course that punishment has had such a long time to fester, making him now capable of terrible things Even though he appears to live to torment, you can see that he hates it all, making me wonder if somehow there is some goodness left deep down inside of him.
To be honest, I never really cared for Romeo and Juliet s story I just hated the tragedy of it I just think for something to be considered a great love story, then there should be some happiness there, which we all know just isn t the case I just found the whole sacrifice thing to be quite sickening to be honest Love should go on, no matter what So, when I read the description of this book, I was very excited I couldn t wait to read something that would turn the original story upside down, and Juliet Immortal definitely did not disappoint in that area From the moment I picked Juliet Immortal up, I just could not put it down So if you are like me and would love to see the greatest tragedy of all times get a little shake up, or even if you just enjoy reading about second chances at love, then Juliet Immortal is one book you won t want to miss.
Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo Why, right here, my love Oh Romeo, whyfore dost thou kiss me so All the better to suck your soul away, my love I couldn t resist, okay And I know Shakespeare is turning over in his grave I feel obliged to apologise to Krystle too but people, Romeo and Juliet In a YA novel set in contemporary times How awesome is that And Romeo and Juliet on opposite side of the spectrum with Romeo batting for the bad guys Evenawesome But and Shakespeare certainly did roll over for this one Romeo and Juliet are out to annihilate each other You can t kill someone who s already dead You have to annihilate them So yes, fantastic premise I couldn t wait to sink my teeth into it and examine it in great detail and with great delight.
And I liked it I did It was very readable and there was only one thing that jumped out at me which took away two stars but honestly As far as entertainment goes, it was very entertaining Juliet has a strong, clean voice and I appreciated that she made time to work out her body s Mommy issues and wow, yeah, body, host, you get the idea, right I liked the atmosphere set, the absolutely chilling feeling that accompanies you when you see a ghost of yourself Jay does this is all very well and I liked that she did it all very well The mean girl trope sort of goes through a metamorphosis and changes in ways I m not sure I approve of but apart from an occasional mutter about the stupidity of it all, it s not as offensive as it has the potential to be And this is totally girly of me but the love interest Totally swoon inducing At least to me I thought he was hotness personified which might, in some way, explain this rambling thing that I m trying to pass off as a review.
But And you ought to have known it was coming The thing that detracted from the novel in a big way, in my opinion solely, is the deus ex machina which, if you are like I was and clueless about what deus ex machina is, Wikipedia provides a definition is a plot device whereby a seemingly inextricable problem is suddenly and abruptly solved with the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability, or object The ending seemed too abrupt, too neat and way too contrived to be satisfying in any degree It felt forced I didn t like that I really didn t I mean, you go through the book trying to make your brain forget the fact that Juliet is, you know, 14 in a 16 year old s body but mentallythan a 100, wow, it gets convoluted but you make your Brain ignore that and then, the ending And you are likeOh no what Where How WHY It s not a sad ending though However, it seems that Romeo gets to have his own story so we should look forward to that Well, I am anyway Looking forward to it, I mean.
Upon hearing about Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay which turns the famous tragic love story on its ear I was immediately desirous of it I relished the notion of a kickass Juliet protecting true lovers and battling, rather than mooning over, an evil Romeo I thought Juliet Immortal would be the novel for all those who had ever sacrificed everything for love only to find out they ve been cruelly played Can you tell I m building up to a but Juliet Immortal strove for that to some extent BUT fell short of my very hopeful expectations I have never been a huge fan of the play As my son said, it s kinda stupid to kill yourself over someone else It s all that friar s fault, he added I agree And yet Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet have been the poster couple for ideal, romantic love for centuriesO, she doth teach the torches to burn bright, he whispers That horrible play That contemptible, lying play he helped Shakespeare pen all those hundreds of years ago when he first twisted our story to fit his agenda It worked far too well Shakespeare s enduring tragedy did its part to further the goals of the Mercenaries glamorizing death, making dying for love seem the most noble act of all, though nothing could be further from the truth Taking an innocent life in a misguided attempt to prove love or for any other reason is a useless waste Amen, sister The Juliet of Juliet Immortal is full of anger, still punishing herself for loving a faithless Romeo Who among us hasn t fallen for the wrong guy handsome, persuasive with false sincerity, full of poetic promises of forever Only in Juliet s case, the wrong guy got her to kill herself to secure his own eternal life Upon her death, Juliet was given a choice by an Ambassador of Light to fight for their cause, which is to make sure that soulmates on earth come and remain together Juliet commits herself to waking up every 50 or so years in someone else s body and assuming her life, in order to protect true lovers However, working against the Ambassadors of Light and soulmates are the Mercenaries On their side is the dastardly Romeo, who continues to live but only if he furthers the Mercenaries mission, which is to keep true lovers apart The setup is fantastic and our heroine and villain have dynamic scenes that crackle with electricity Juliet is driven and fiesty, but not so bitter that she doesn t believe in true love After all, her sole purpose in the afterlife is to be a sort of avenging angel of lovers And although strong, she is also portrayed as too self sacrificing, a flaw which the author spotlights It is both a comment on the original Juliet and a mirror to suggestive young girls who fall in love too hard, too fast for the first time Despite his evil ways, Romeo, like all seductive players, has the charming narcissism that leaves no doubt as to why Juliet fell for him in the first place By the end of the book, my hatred for him in the beginning, upon seeing the ugly face behind the beautiful poetry, had changed to pity I was pleased, though, that the author didn t turn Juliet into the classic victim heroine by having her fall back in love with Romeo all over again In fact, Juliet grows from a place of fury and self hatred to aenlightened, even stronger person who thinks for herself rather than blindly loving or blindly following the rules Another aspect I loved was that Juliet posing as teenage Ariel had a parent That was THERE You know what I m talking about, right Teens in novels with mysteriously absent parents or clueless parents because the authors didn t know how to write about those pesky parental units Because in real life, unless you re an orphan, parents usually get in their children s business they rarely stay off scene while their children s lives are in obvious danger They usually have at least a clue that something s up So thumbs up for Stacey Jay for actually writing about a mother daughter relationship of depth within this supernatural tale Juliet s blind love and self sacrifice, the mother daughter relationship, and the defiance of expectations are themes from the original play that are explored with a fresh take in Juliet Immortal You ll enjoy this reworking even without having read the play, but evenso if you have, especially with the clever interspersing of the quotes within the narrative, their original meanings seen in a new light So from where do my misgivings stem I would think that since Juliet Immortal was set up as as an anithesis to the false love in Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet, the love story in it would berealistic and mature, showing our heroine s growth In the play Romeo and Juliet spy each other from across the room and fall in love at first sight At least Juliet did and look where she ended up So having learned that hard lesson years ago and being around soulmates for centuries, you would think that when she does fall in love again, it wouldn t be the insta love of her youth, right Wrong Insta love part II The real tragedy is how YA books promote love at first sight as ideal and a surefire, tell tale sign of true love Real, true love takes time to build Trust isn t, shouldn t be, instantaneous The role of the Ambassadors and Mercenaries confused me I like the ambiguity of whether they were really good vs evil or neither and just out for themselves However, the structure and rules of this universe were puzzling.
Finally, the last scene just plain sucked It was anti climactic and had none of the beauty of the original play from which the chapter presumably followed.