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[Brian Azzarello] Ì Joker [wonder-woman PDF] Ebook Epub Download à Seriously Being The Joker is no laughing matter.
The Joker left the campy, groovy 60 s in the dust some time ago Maybe rearranging Robin s Jason Todd hairline with a tire iron was a turning point for him Who knows Let s leave that debate for the comic book scholars The family friendly cartoon version usually portrays him as 25% Insanity 50% Madcap humor 25% Menace.
Brian Azarello plays with these percentages a bit, but doesn t let you in on the formula Sure the crazy is still there, the humor goes from the trick BANG gun to the kind of humor that if you think it s at all amusing you keep it to yourself in polite company Menace It s like a snake lying low in the grass waiting to strike anyone lulled into thinking The Joker s your pal.
Cheers This one starts off with Jonny Frost choosing the short straw and getting to pick up The Joker after he s released from Arkham In an effort to get acquainted , The Joker pays a visit to some of his old pals, including the Penguin.
Along the way the body count goes up and free advice is proffered.
Bottom Line As a comic book villain character , the Joker s regularly makes most people s top five lists, usually beat out by cosmic level villains like Dr Doom This book along with Moore s Batman The Killing Joke should be must reads for comic book fans who want to get of an understanding as to what makes The Joker tick.
And seriously Good luck with that.
The Joker is let out of Arkham and looking to reclaim his turf This isn t your typical Joker story It is in fact an Elseworlds tale without the label This is Batman s Rogues reimagined as rival gang leaders and street thugs The story is told through the eyes of a two bit criminal, Jonny Frost, as he looks to upgrade to the big time by volunteering to be Joker s driver This allows us to see the Joker at his most menacing, a compete psychopath He s clearly based on Heath Ledger s Joker, all menace without the humor, clearly unhinged This is one of the darkest comics I ve read and Azzarello s treatment of Harley s is problematic, so be warned.
Bermejo s art is a star in its own right I could just look at a book of his art without any word balloons and take in his art It s gritty and dark, yet incredibly detailed His characters look and feel like real people that just stepped off the street.

We ve all read or seen the story before the savvy but borderline crazy street level crimeboss goes about his day, protecting his turf, extorting money, consuming copious quantities of drugs and alcohol, skinning a guy in a strip club, and having some laughs It s equal parts scary and depressing, and maybe even a little bit thrilling.
This time around, instead of being some slick haired mobster type, our antihero is the Joker Does that make the story scarier More depressing More thrilling All three I think it s all three, in addition to being simultaneously interesting and disappointing Clearly, I have some ambivalence about this story.
On the one hand, it s a gripping and well executed tale of a man on the edge, a desperate man living in a desperate world doing desperate things to survive It s terrifying, but strangely relatable On the other, this is THE Joker One of the craziest, most insane villains to ever grace the four color funny pages To see him reduced to this a common street criminal whose vices are not the stuff of spandex clad legend, but rather the sad coping mechanisms of a troubled mind runs counter to why we or, at least, I read comics in the first place I m not a huge grim and gritty kind of guy when it comes to comics I can enjoy and respect a well told tale regardless of what angle it takes, but when I read a Joker story, I want it to be wild and over the top and so outlandish that it could only happen in a comic not suburban New Jersey So, maybe the long story short is this this is a well written, well conceived story with quality art It features an intriguing antihero And it keeps the pages turning It s just maybe not quite optimally suited for me, and so fell a little short Then again, I once wrote a 1,600 word impassioned review manifesto screed about the greatness of Saved by the Bell, so feel free to openly question my taste We ll call it 3.
5 stars, rounded up to 4.
I thought this was a pretty good story I didn t think the graphics were too great but there was something about the story I really liked It seemed sort of laid back to me but still the Joker if that makes any sense Jonny Frost gets to pick up the Joker when he gets let out of Arkham Jonny hangs out with the Joker and takes him all around He tells the story in his perspective I mean that s not the whole story with Jonny telling it, he just tells his thoughts as well We get appearances from Harley Quinn, Penguin, The Riddler, Two Face and of course Batman I might have left someone out Anyway, there are a lot of other freaks and what not in the novel too And of course people being killed and things being blown up You know, Joker stuff I m not good at writing reviews for graphic novels I have said this time and time again so I m just leaving it at I have wanted to read this book for a long time and it didn t disappoint me Off the Damn Side of the City, Man The successful the villain, the successful the picture, Alfred Hitchcock once observed, and that rule of thumb is arguably even relevant for comic books than for movies The Joker is usually described as the greatest comic book villain of all time, yet he is often written as little than a clownish, spectacularly absurd nut case who happens to be obsessed with keeping the Batman on his toes Not all that interesting.
Occasionally, though, a writer comes along who manages to unlock the Joker s full terrifying potential, and Brian Azzarello is one of those writers Granted, Azzarello s Joker still tells a lot of jokes, but the thing is those jokes are not even remotely funny Instead, they seem to bring down the room temperature by about 30 degrees from one second to the next and that s before things start to get ugly Make no mistake Azzarello s Joker is one earth shattering force of chaos He has the unique ability to see all those little strings attached to us and our feeble realities, that is, he fully understands the degree to which our lives are determined by social rules and bonds and structures And he has come to the conclusion that those strings must be cut After all, who in his right mind would voluntarily transform himself into a mere puppet by becoming a productive member of society As far as the Joker is concerned, he d much rather toy with all those little puppets out there, and Lee Bermejo s detailed artwork ensures that such alternative forms of entertainment look appropriately nasty and disturbing.
One of the Joker s henchmen sums up the whole mess like this I been to some parties in my day but this was one hell of a party It wasn t just off the hook it tore the hook off the wall and the wall off the house off the damn side of the city, man Sounds like fun In this one off non canon book, writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo, both extraordinary artists, imagine a realistic take on Joker partly in the style of Chris Nolan s Dark Knight film The story is told through the eyes of Jonny Frost, a low level thug sent to pick up a newly released Joker from Arkham Asylum Joker sets about reclaiming his criminal empire against Two Face with the help of Killer Croc Re reading this 4 years after I first picked it up, the book still retains its power and brilliance Azzarello creates a Joker with newly revealed sides to his character than just the insane murderer he s usually portrayed as In a brilliant one panel aside, Joker is seen in private on his knees, arms wrapped around Harley Quinn, sobbing, as we really see his relationship with her she is the only one he can truly be himself with Azzarello s Joker is a pill popping junkie, snorting lines and chugging brown liquor, fuelling his rampages to explain his extreme behaviour than simply writing off his actions as those of a crazy man Azzarello and Bermejo utilise comics unique format of the spaces between the panels to intimate some truly heinous actions by Joker In one scene Joker randomly wanders into an apartment and murders an elderly couple in their beds with a razor blade, but the reader sees only the break in and a murky aftermath as Joker lies on the bed atop contorted and bloodied human forms, the blade glinting off to the side Later, Jonny s wife is saved from Two Face and it s hinted that Joker then raped her before setting her free Azzarello s vision of Joker in this book is far human and far scary in moments like this than has been seen before in other comics This makes Joker even scarier as he seems almost charming and likeable in moments of seemingly sober contemplation, as both the narrator and the reader find themselves warming to him despite his horrible deeds Lee Bermejo draws the book beautifully His Joker takes his cue from Heath Ledger s visual portrayal with the cut open mouth making up a grotesque clown s smile but otherwise it s the familiar Joker of old minus the stark white face and a cut figure I thought his depiction of Croc as less a mutant lookalike and a thug with a real life skin disease was an inspired choice though his depiction of Batman s outfit he appears briefly at the end was a bit too SM, there were too many straps You won t find a brilliant artist drawing Batman comics today I highly recommend checking out his own Batman scripted and drawn book Batman Noel for another example of his fantastic art as well as an excellent Batman book Joker is an incredible book, maybe the best one about Joker ever written yes I m including Killing Joke Azzarello captures Joker s voice and character perfectly, making all the right artistic choices with the other characters While the book s plot doesn t really resolve itself, hinging on a Pulp Fiction type literary device, the book is less about plot and story and about giving the reader a fully realised character study of the Joker In that, the book succeeds completely, complimented perfectly with Bermejo s gorgeous art Joker is a powerful vision of one of the best literary villains ever created and a must read for all Batman fans If you enjoyed this, definitely look up Azzarello and Bermejo s previous book on another DC villain, Lex Luthor.
Welcome to the most overhyped Graphic novel of the year Boring, pointless, and containing nothing interesting to say about The Joker either as an Icon or a Character Boring, both over and under plotted, and with art that crosses the line from simply ugly to fucking stupid Gotta Love 2 Fast 2 Furious Riddler.
Those hyping it as the next Killing Joke are kidding themselves.
Thank you, Brian Azzarello, for this Joker mini series Batman only has two scenes, so this book is one for the villains, pure Joker Azzarello creates a low level thug named Jonny Frost read Joe Chill who narrates and serves as Joker s right hand man Let me tell you, Jonny sees some wild shit So wild, at one point he stands on a rooftop edge for an entire afternoon he s so dumbfounded at what s happening Yeah, it s pretty intense What s most brilliant about the writing is the Joker is at his most psychological human, fragile, broken, disguised beneath his war paint He laughs, cries, rages He sucks down pills and liquor, lusts after women, projects his own self hatred and disillusionment onto others through his brutal and senseless acts of violence Jonny says he isn t crazy and I think he s right Joker is just pure evil, one complex villain, and my favorite Even the best writing can suffer from terrible art and doom a potential classic to be forgotten But Lee Bermejo absolutely kills it It s scratches and slashes, dark and muddy, and maybe wouldn t work with a different subject But the art perfectly complements the writing and the weather Joker creates Azzarello just gets dark and gritty Joker This comic is overwhelmingly good It s close to being on par with the Killing Joke Close Not enough Batman for that Not quite timeless enough Not enough jokes But here s one for you Where s the safest place to hide when the world is against you In sanity.
An original Hardcover Graphic Novel That Tells The Story Of One Very Dark Night In Gotham City From The Creative Team Behind The Graphic Novel LEX LUTHOR MAN OF STEEL The Joker Has Been Mysteriously Released From Arkham Asylum, And He S None To Happy About What S Happened To His Gotham City Rackets While He S Been Away What Follows Is A Harrowing Night Of Revenge, Murder And Manic Crime As Only The Joker Can Deliver It, As He Brutally Takes Back His Stolen Assets From The Penguin, The Riddler, Two Face, Killer Croc And Others Brian Azzarello Brings To THE Joker All The Visceral Intensity And Criminal Insight That Has Made His Vertigo Graphic Novel Series BULLETS One Of The Most Critically Acclaimed And Award Winning Series In All Of Comics 3.
25Tras la liberaci n del Joker del asilo Arkham, este se ve en la necesidad de recuperar a toda costa aquello que le pertenece su ciudad, Gotham Visto desde los ojos de su nuevo esbirro, nos percatamos de una nueva visi n del malvado villano, posiblemente, esa que s lo sus m s fieles seguidores son capaces de ver.
A lo largo de la entera extenci n de la novela nos encontramos con una historia m s bien densa, sin ese toque caracter stico de humor que siempre parece estar presente en el hombre sonriente, con algunos de los antagonistas de la historia base de Batman, y una Harley Quinn aparentemente muda.
No me pareci especialmente buena como The Killing Joke Sin embargo, pretendo estar leyendo un poco m s de Batman Year One entre otros y sus villanos en los pr ximos meses A bit of advice don t ever apologize to no one for the way you look I don t know what he was thinking or if he even was Joker, I was lernin wasn t about thinkin but all about doin You d know that the safest place to hide is in sanity They say there s no honor among thieves I guess that s true But is that exclusive to thieves Maybe there s just no honor, period You know what I hate, Jonny Jonny Everything My friend Jonny Jonny What I hate than everything is apologies I m on the top of the world, looking down You know what I see Do you want to know what I see I see you A disease One that has been around longer than Gotham, the city infected A disease that s older than any city Hell, it s probably the same disease that built the first one There will always be a Joker Because there s no cure for him Not at all Just a Batman.