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Trailer » Infinity PDF by ¸ Rachel Ward Like the first book in the trilogy, this one wasn t quite a four star book yet it was so close I decided it was deserving of being rounded up It was so close that it did not make a difference if I bumped it up that tiny amount.
With this book we re back to the slower pace of the first book In fact, it is the mirror of the first book The first book introduced everything to us and this final book brought everything together There isn t quite as much action as there was in the second book, but things are progressing throughout Plus, as you would expect with the end to such a series, we re able to see characters from the first book and that made for a nice little moment.
As a whole, it was a good end to the series.
Infinity or Numbers Book 3 Infinity the third and final book in the Numbers trilogy by Rachel Ward picks up two years after the second book, Chaos Adam, Sarah, little Mia and Sarah s two little brothers Struggling to survive in a world that s now nearly without government, medicine, shelter or anything they were used to just two years ago in 2027 England.
Adam can still see everyone s numbers, see the day they re going to die just by looking into their eyes.
No one s number s ever changed Except for Mia s She was supposed to die that day in the fire Only she didn t his Nan did She died and Mia lived lived and has her number now Adam and Sarah don t know if Nan gave it to her or if something else happened.
And now it looks like there are others out there who want Adam and Mia, want them and their secret and the possibility to live forever it may bring The Chaos might be over but they danger s still very real.
I started this series by reading Numbers after selecting it at random when ordering some random UK published books to buy Stolen was another one of them I absolutely found it by chance, selected it because it sounded amazing and then read it because a of the sounding amazing and b I love the cover I m still super fond of those UK covers Rachel Ward and her Numbers trilogy absolutely make the case for going to a bookstore bookseller website and finding a book you ve never heard of that just sounds really intriguing and buying it Okay, now onto why Infinity was such a brilliant conclusion to the series We ve moved forward in time a lot from the first book which was about Adam s mum Jem and her ability to see the numbers, the trouble it caused for her and the big, mass death event that she foresaw While sometimes it s odd to have books jump in time that one fifteen or so years to book two, this one two years from book two it feels oddly cohesive with this series.
Numbers and The Chaos both featured big events where a lot of people died a dramatically large number in The Chaos there needed to be time between the novels It allowed the events of each to be dramatic while still being logical and it put the characters in the right mindset for the desired events.
After reading The Chaos I never, ever would have guessed at the plot of Infinity but I adore it massively It has quite a different feel from the other two books The world is obviously very different after The Chaos and we get to see just how different in Infinity we also get to see how those events have affected the people that are still around.
The characters are fantastic this time around again We get to see Sarah s strength again More so as a mother this time as she fights to protect her children both biological and adopted against some crazy odds and people It s nice to also see a bit of Mia Though she s only two she is quite a large part of the story Adam, of course, is a big part of the book and in some different ways than before now that his situation is so different having spent two years with Sarah and Mia and the boys and lost his grandmother.
Infinity is a great wrap up to the series that started with Jem and her secret and now ends with Adam, Mia and Sarah The world is undeniably changed but Rachel Ward s ability to tell a brilliant story, keep you guessing, and holding on until the very last page is still very much present.
Post Chaos Adam, Sarah And Mia Are Living Together, Struggling With The Fame Of Seeing Numbers The Dates When People Will Die But Something Is About To Tear Them Apart During The Chaos, Sarah S Young Daughter Mia Swapped Her Number For Another Suddenly Her Powerful New Ability Makes Her A Terrifying Target Probably a little better than dreadful, but not by much Adam, Sarah and Mia are hiding from the government since he is supposedly a murderer But, he has a chip so how hard can he be to find It also seemed like Adam got stupid, even before view spoiler falling of a motorcycle hide spoiler Not a horrible ending to a trilogy which began with such promise, but definitely the weakest of the three The first half is a lot of meandering and false starts and waiting for something to happen The villains are cut out caricatures However, I thought the ending quite strong and very exciting bumping it to 3 stars It is dark and violent, emotional and nail biting view spoiler The fate of uber villain Saul eaten by rats is pretty awesome if I do say so myself Mia swapping Sarah s number and saving her life is beautifully written, especially since she gives Sarah the ability to see auras The new baby being born with no eyes was also interesting, especially from Adam s point of view What a gift for a father, to love his precious child in the moment rather than living with the certain knowledge of their death date hide spoiler After reading a few reviews on the thrid and final book in this triliogy I really didn t want to read it Why Because I liked the first two books so much that I didn t want to spoil my opinion on them But after seeing that Infinty was only 256 pages on my kindle I decided to read it anyway.
So, the story begins two years after the ending of The Chaos Adam, a pregnant Sarah, her two brothers and Mia are all living together in the wildnerness travelling from place to place, keeping away from the big cities The government has now mostly fallen as well as how civilisation used to be Medicine, food and even shelter can sometimes be difficult to find, so when three mysterious men on motorbikes offer Adam chance of a better life for his family, should he take it even though it goes against his better judgement The first thing I noticed when I began reading Infinity is that its a lot different from the first , and even the second installments of this trilogy The points of view and most of the chracters are still the same but it just reads slightly mature than the previous stories I found this quite strange at first because both of our protagonists are only eighteen, but having lived through a lot in their lives I knew things were bound to be different One other thing that disapointed me with this book is how it felt very rushed, as if the author just wanted to get the job finished and over with, nothing like I felt when reading the previous two books But, one thing I really did like about Infinity was the chracter development, espicially with Sarah I just loved how strong, and sure of herself she was in this book I thought she was an amazing mother to Mia and I really admired how determined she was in keeping her safe.
Overall I still did like this book, but just not as much as the first two, it was a little bit of a let down in comparison Never the less I still rated it 3.
5 stars as I enjoyed seeing how everything would work out for the chracters that I had become so attached to over the trilogy.
5 starsSince The Chaos, Sarah, Adam, Mia and Sarah s brothers have been traveling from place to place trying to avoid people who might want to take advantage of Adam s ability to see the death date of anyone he looks at Because Adam and Mia are both tagged with tracking chips, they are in real danger of being found Though they are thankful that Mia is still alive, they still can t figure out how she ended up with Nan s number and survived the fire at Sarah s parents house at the conclusion of the second book Did Nan give her number to Mia or did Mia steal it The family has found a settlement where there is a doctor and adequate food, and Sarah, who is very pregnant, wants to stop running and stay where they are at least until the baby is born though Adam s instinct is to keep moving Then a man named Saul who claims to be working for the government comes looking for Adam He tells him that the government wants Adam s help in rebuilding the country and that he can take him and his family some place where they will be safe and cared for When they try to refuse him, he kidnaps Mia, forcing them to come with him The three end up in an underground bunker with Adam separated from Sarah and Mia It soon becomes clear that Saul s intentions are sinister and selfish and have very little to do with the government I am sad to say that like The Chaos, Infinity just didn t live up to the standard set by Numbers, the first book in the trilogy This may be because Numbers was set in the present day whereas, Infinity is set in the future in a post Chaos dystopian world that the author doesn t quite succeed in developing for her readers The characters were another problem I can t say exactly why but I just never connected to Sarah and Adam the way I did to Jem and Spider The story is told in alternating chapter between Adam and Sarah, and that didn t work for me either I often had to flip back to remind myself who was narrating because their voices just weren t very different The secondary characters were pretty cookie cutter and not very interesting Saul is undeniably evil, but the reader is left to wonder what his role in the government is and how he came to have so much power Recommended as an optional purchase where the first two books were popular.

This was a little disappointing.
I m not going to bother reviewing this one on the blog because it s the last book in a series and I didn t review the first two novels because I read them such a LOOOONNGGGG time ago Numbers Infinity started off well, it was fast paced, intriguing and so much fun to return to a world I loved in my teens While I ultimately enjoyed it, the story started to drag at the midway point and became quite repetitive as if the author was trying to find ways to draw it out longer so that it was a typical book size Saul made the perfect villain, I still enjoyed hanging with the main characters and I liked the additions to the worldbuilding Rachel Ward s writing was still snappy and engaging The ending was satisfying, and I still can t believe I begun this series nine years ago It took me a long time to finish it, but I m glad I did.
We all have a number That number is what Adam sees whenever he looks someone in the eye It is the person s date of death Along with this unwanted information, Adam receives a strong feeling, a sense, of how each person will meet his demise Will it be drawn out and painful Calm and peaceful Agonizing and humiliating Everyone in futuristic England after the world as we know it has ended knows this about Adam They recognize him on sight Many want to thank him, some want to be privy to his secrets and others wish him harm This is a lot of pressure for a 17 year old boy particularly the boy who predicted the Chaos and saved thousands of lives with his warning With no way to tell what people want from him, Adam has been on the run for two years He has a huge responsibility, traveling with his unique family his pregnant girlfriend, her younger brothers and her two year old daughter, Mia She calls him Daddy While his girlfriend doesn t share his gift, she does harbor a secret Her daughter s number has changed Did little Mia take someone s number, or was it given to her In one camp, Adam meets two men Both seem determined to protect and serve him, in gratitude, as well as with the hope that Adam will be an intricate part of making things right in society One is them is lying He is evil originally pursuing Adam for personal gain, he quickly sets his sights much higher when he learns of Adam s daughter and his baby on the way Believing their powers must far surpass Adams , he becomes a threat to Adam s family Will Adam s fans stand behind him, or will all be lost Infinity is an engaging book The story moves very quickly The characters truly come alive, leading the reader through varying emotions along the way I should note, Infinity is the third book the conclusion to the Num8ers trilogy I did not notice this until after I read the book I thought it worked well as a stand alone however, now that I know there are two , I will be reading them as well.
First of all, there were only 247 pages Anyway, this book was great and I loved it The writing, characters, setting and emotions were portrayed strongly throughout the entire series The ending was happy and satisfying, which I definitely wasn t expecting I had prepared myself the whole book that one of my favourite characters was going to die at the end, but thankfully I was wrong I wish there was to read It feels like I m losing my family because I ve become attatched to Adam, Sarah, Mia, Daniel and even Gemma in the short time I knew her Can t forget Nan, Jem and Spider of course I thought the first book was the best for action and plot and the second and third weren t AS good, but I still liked them The first book had to it and going on I loved how it carried on down the generations of my favourite and much missed characters A neat concept that I ve never encountered in a series before I am extremely sad it s over and I wish it had been longer I wanted all the drama and the same type of storyline as in the first Numbers book, but it was quite different and focused on the powers than the actions It didn t seem to have as powerful an effect.