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✓ Hell Divers (Hell Divers #1) Æ Download by ✓ Nicholas Sansbury Smith Note Received a copy of this book from NetGalleyAs I was reading this, around the middle of the book, I kind of already had a rating set in my head, and it was around a 2.
5 or 3 star But I realized I was comparing it to other books that it really had no business being compared to Is this the next A Little Life No absolutely not, but it s not trying to be What it is is an action packed, fun, entertaining science fiction treat that was a really, really great ride.
There were still some things that I think could have been a bit better, like I found Tin s acceptance of X felt really rushed All of a sudden because he managed to get his class into the farms he starts talking to him again and everything is totally fine it could have had weight behind it Also the introduction of Katrina irked me a little just because I m so tired of the whole she was beautiful but she was also strong and just as good as any man business That doesn t really need to be said X could have been attracted to her for her strength and competence, her looks don t even need to be brought up.
Aside from that it was a really enjoyable and exciting read I especially loved the creepy Sirens, and I pictured them as being very Silent Hill esque which was great Honestly it felt like watching a movie and I really do think it would make a fantastic film The diving was so intense with all the lightning and the uncertainty of who would make it to the surface, and then who would survive once they got down there I loved Weaver s solo adventure on the surface too, all the ingenuity he had and his ability to survive, and I adored Captain Ash who was basically President Roslin from BSG Would definitely recommend this to anyone who was a fan of things like Pitch Black or Starship Troopers.
After five Extinction Cycle novels and a sixth on the way , Hell Divers, the first installment in a brand new series from Nicholas Sansbury Smith, is a refreshing change of pace While it has all the hallmarks of Smith s usual brand of brimstone and bullets, its premise goes a long way in making this a distinct entry in this author s oeuvre.
In both the Orbs and Extinction Cycle books, Smith approaches his doomsday scenarios as fresh threats to humanity on the brink of destruction with The End Of The World As We Know It just right around the corner or rapidly in progress In Hell Divers, the apocalypse has already happened and, two hundred years after Trump s presidency later, mankind has been reduced to roughly a thousand souls spread out across two airships, the Ares and the Hive The Earth below them is a radioactive wasteland, the skies treacherous with the constant threat of electrical storms After Ares is damaged, the Hell Divers think futuristic paratroopers with wildly short lifespans aboard the Hive are sent on a rescue mission Soon enough, they find out the ground is not as lifeless as they thought, as marauding bands of vicious creatures they dub Sirens are out to get them.
One thing Smith does exceptionally well are action scenes, and there s plenty of those to go around here as Xavier Rodriguez otherwise known as X and his team do battle across frozen wastelands, and the shipboard Militia stave off homegrown threats, as well as elemental troubles When the Divers do their diving, there s some legitimate excitement to the sequences and Smith does a terrific job describing this horrific adrenaline rush Ground combat is equally fierce, although the Sirens could use a little oomph As a fan of the Extinction Cycle series, I didn t find these mutant killers quite as intriguing as the Variants However, with two books on the way, Smith certainly has plenty of space left to flesh out the concepts introduced here.
On the character front, X is the strong dashing male hero, and Captain Ash is the strong willed woman in charge of the Hive both are great characters, and get their own moments to shine I m definitely looking forward to reading about these characters, as well as their lives aboard ship, and the ten year old Tin has all the makings of a heroic prodigy if he survives all the threats life in the skies brings.
There s a lot about Hell Divers that feels comfortably familiar, but Smith freshens it up with a new coat of paint and shakes up the formula of his previous series enough to avoid feeling derivative of his other apocalyptic military thrillers I think he s on to the start of something that could be pretty bold here, and I m excited to see what he has in store for the Hive, and readers, with future installments Onward and upward Note I received an advanced copy of this title for review from the publisher via NetGalley.
More Than Two Centuries After World War III Poisoned The Planet, The Final Bastion Of Humanity Lives On Massive Airships Circling The Globe In Search Of A Habitable Area To Call Home Aging And Outdated, Most Of The Ships Plummeted Back To Earth Long Ago The Only Thing Keeping The Two Surviving Lifeboats In The Sky Are Hell Divers Men And Women Who Risk Their Lives By Skydiving To The Surface To Scavenge For Parts The Ships Desperately NeedWhen One Of The Remaining Airships Is Damaged In An Electrical Storm, A Hell Diver Team Is Deployed To A Hostile Zone Called Hades But There S Something Down There Far Worse Than The Mutated Creatures Discovered On Dives In The Past Something That Threatens The Fragile Future Of Humanity If u don t mind some mindless action and adventure by putting away all sense of logic and reasoning behind carried out by cardboard cut out chatacters, then dive right in Pun totally intended.
To be honest I somewhat did indeed enjoy reading this book So 3.
25 stars for sheer frivolous ness factor amidst all my heavy reads.
Five HUGE HELL YEAH Stars Ahhhh my love for Hell Divers was an insta love bigger and obsessive than of one of a sparkly teenager fanger And to think this ARC has been silently waiting for me for months What a freakantastic surprise Can we talk about how freakantastic this book is pleeeeeease Yes YES Let s talk about it Get comfy because I got lots to tell you This is gonna take a while.
Let s talk about first impressions, OK Hell Divers was a first impressions feast This ARC caught my attention in Netgalley because of the title Hell Divers How is that for a title, huh The Cover Guys in futuristic suits diving through a hellish sky How is that for a cover The opening lineThe average life expectancy for a Hell Diver was fifteen jumpsHOW IS THAT FOR AN OPENING LINE That got the gears of my imagination spinning wildly and screeching like exorcised hellions Then, in page 1Ash turned a blind eye to the diver teams debauchery after all, she was dropping them into the apocalypse to scavenge for parts on the poisoned surface of the Old World.
HELLOOOOO Pffffffff say NO MORE I m yours I m ALL yours You have me I m drooling at page 1 Daredevils diving into a poisoned apocalyptic world A thousand HELL YEAHS But even before we dive into Hell with them, let s talk about the Hive, the massive airship where they live The Hive is such Steampunk treat I imagine it as an oversized, sophisticated version of La Minerve Don t you just profoundly adore my visual image of the Hive Now Let s talk about the overpopulated, claustrophobic, disease ridden, life in The Hive There is social inequality, famine, rebellion holy s There is everything that there should be.
And let s talk about the fact that the captain is a woman, and a very respected and capable captain who is shouldering the responsibility of the survival of the remains of humanity five hundred and so souls under these impossible conditions HELL YEAH, GIRL POWER Nice touch Nick I will forever be your biggest fan for making this awesome captain a woman hummmm Nicholas I think I ll call you Nick now that I am like this oversized fan Please let me know if it s not OK and I ll stop But please let me know in writing Please enclose the formal request in an autographed hardcover and mail it, yes So let s talk about these daredevils especially the MC Call him X please Short for Xavier Rodriguez but really short for eXtremely eXtraordinary and seXy.
So I was there, like gaping, like sighing like an idiot ooooohhhh his name is X Like the Xmen I adore Like Wolverine giggling moment and the last name is Rodriguez as in latin stud Rodriguez maybe gasping moment.
Whatever Who cares X is perfect X is one badass daredevil diving so humanity can survive sigh sigh sigh I m in love with this X guy, just so you know This is the guy you want to be stranded with in a desert island when the ship sinks.
Though he is a totally flawed drunken asshole well, he lives in the Hive people he is also awesomely brave and selfless.
Well X, you are right up there with Darrow from Red Rising now You two are the Apex of my heroes pyramid.
All other heroes, come here please I need to talk to you.
CALLING ALL THE OTHER HEROESYes, YOU, so called Alpha Males Don t play dumb Come here You too, controlling sparkly vampire And you too, controlling kinky billionaire ALL OF YOU Please gather around Ok Everyone Here All of you Thanks Thank you gents Ahem, excuse me OK OK Silence.
Helloooooquiet all of you X is the real deal, gents The real McCoyThe standard by which you all will be measured from now onAnd now let s talk about Nick s writing His writing is like well like an overnight FedEx package HERE BAM Package delivered Simple, streamlined AWESOME The way the multiple POVs are handled so you get all the different perspectives of the life in The Hive BRILLIANT NICK IS A GENIUS That s it I said it.
Let s talk about the world Nick builds This is dystopian apocalyptic readers Disneyland where all dreams come true So I just learned this because I, of course, stalked Nick s webpage Nick worked for Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management in disaster mitigation giggling giggling giggling soooooo this world is soooooooo well thought and described down to every possible detail The poisoned Earth, the crazy climate, the wastelands, the ruins of the abandoned cities, the technical specs of the divers suits and of the airships The life in the Hive, how they farm, how they manage their waste, how they deal with sickness and crime Family relationships, friendships, love affairs political and personal dramas brewing everywhere love, hatred, loyalty, betrayal You name it Nick thought of it And let s talk about the nonstop action The diving through the perpetual electrical storms of this apocalyptic sky The landing in the radioactive wasteland that Earth is The trekking through the dangerous ruins of decayed cities Holy hellish hecatomb And let s talk about the hellions of mutants that inhabit Earth Holy hell, these beasts are so deliciously horrible, terrifying and despicable.
Someone please tell me WHY on earth this is not already a freaking humongous major motion picture, surely a blockbuster Daniela ArkBookworm, book blogger, writer, collector of stories that matter and passionate about diversity and equality especially feminism.
email contactme danielaark.
com Listened to this I enjoyed the world, but felt the author did not think things through There appeared to be no prey for the Sirens to eat, yet there were appeared to be endless swarms of them And if the Sirens were some how living off radiation, why did they evolve to be super predators Also if the humans lived on the airships and were always in need of supplies, Why were the Helldivers able to just throw away things like parachutes, crates, guns, boosters, armor and all sorts of other things Also were did they get zip ties Today we dive so humanity survives That is the motto of the Hell Divers who risk their lives to dive to the earth s surface to scavenge for parts to keep their last two surviving airships in the air Pretty cool slogan huh I think it is I love it The whole book was awesome and I have a huge book hangover right now I totally loved the airship setting and the dives to the surface It was creative and intense and there was never a dull moment I got so wrapped up in the story I felt like I was immersed in this whole other world for a little while Another thing I loved about the story, there was hardly any cheesy romance in it There were a few, very minor scenes but that was it The plot stayed focus on the divers and the survival of the airships The ending though had the mother of all cliffhangers but I m not going to truly accept what happened at the end until I read the next book to see for myself Which sucks for me because the next book has not even been written yet and I need that book right now I ve come across several of the authors books before but I ve never read any until this one I can t believe I waited so long I plan to read them now though, while I m waiting for the next book in this series to release If you like post apocalyptic stories, you should definitely give this one a try I received this ARC from NetGalley Blackstone Publishing in exchange for an honest review Thank you Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterRead my discussion if you want to know about why my opinion is unpopular I ADORED AND LOVED AND RAVED about the first 20% of this book That opening scene and battle and jump GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Seriously I LOVED it that much I was certain I had stumbled onto a 5 star book and I TOTALLY didn t care that the creatures were ridiculous and didn t make much sense if that is the only plot hole I thought I will take it and run to the hills so I can admire this dystopia from a safe placeThen I hit the 35% mark and nothing much was happening that I was compelled by I kept reading hoping we would get to cool badassery but alas we got a fat drunk instead sigh The time we spent in the air and not on the ground the less I believed and the the world started to burn around me I did love the kid and I enjoyed all the running around once we were back on the ground but it lost a lot of its luster with all the unbelievable world building on the ship Can t have a food crisis AND be making boozeDUH No chemicals to make drugs, especially since so much time has passed and they aren t salvaging and hauling a lot up off the ground If they have cancer and NO cure AND food shortage they be tossed off the ship There would be NO BRIG for long term offenders remember the food shortage NO FAT people The upper decks would be healthy but still NOT fat Limited resources would simply mean they get the unrotted stuff Why is X so lucky but everyone else so unlucky No need for belowdecks at all Only people who work would be allowed to stay Seriously, they d toss they over the side.
I may be really harsh but the END OF THE FREAKIN WORLD is a harsh time and there is no vice or pussy footin around You work, you eat, you die Rinse, repeat Anything else gets tossed off the edge because a being who doesn t keep the ship afloat is just garbage.
Hell Divers was a super fun premise and I really liked X, a diverse man who went through some tough times and had the unlucky luck to be lucky If you can take HUGE holes in your world building it is certainly a place you haven t been before Authenticity Writing Style Plot Pacing World BuildingYou can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my special perspective at the bottom of my reviews under the typewriter

Very satisfying post apocalyptic scifi While there are some minor plot holes, the book really delivers a satisfying, summer blockbuster feel If this was turned into a movie, I d be in the theater on opening night In simple terms, HELL DIVERS is a monster story, a tale of survival Humanity is pushed to the very brink of extinction, magnifying the potential impact of every character s actions and decisions Smith does a great job of using two literary devices, the option lock, where character have no choice but to fulfill a particular option if they want to survive, and the time lock, a.
a the ticking countdown timer of a bomb Both devices add significant tension, and when Smith combines them, I was on the edge of my seat.
Overall, this is a strong work I loved it.
Hell DiversThe Hell Divers Series, Book 1By Nicholas Sansbury SmithNarrated by R C BrayThis is one of my favorite books It is so exciting with sci fi and the fantasy part Suspense, intrigue, nail biting moments, and creatures Oh yeah I loved this What if the only people left on Earth was in ships that floated about the Earth, down to only two ships now Now one needs help your ship is the only one left and the only one that can helpall supplies are on Earth that is contaminated, lightning storms between you and Earth, and creatures on the Earth that are growing in number So exciting The narrator is the great RC Bray My favorite narrator He makes any book better The emotions, voices, and inflections are perfect The suspense is doubled So intense Wonderful as usual