Trailer ¹ Fast-Trapped (Fast-Track Trilogy, #2) PDF by ✓ Tracy Rozzlynn

Trailer ¹ Fast-Trapped (Fast-Track Trilogy, #2) PDF by ✓ Tracy Rozzlynn This book continues the story started in Fast Tracked.
I've enjoyed both books.
My biggest disappointment was having to wait for the next book.
Again, this book builds upon a world in which the United States has suffered an economic collapse.
The characters are negotiating their way through a world of class systems which are designed to take care of the upper class and keep the lower class in line.
There is a romance which twists through the plot.
I have been quite surprised by this YA trilogy.
I truly enjoyed the first book and the second book did not disappoint.
It is a twisted politicalsocietal dystopic mess.
now that's a mouthful.
There have been a plethora of hypedup dystopian novels over the past few year and many I have readHunger Games, Divergent, Legend, Matched, Wither and Enclave to name a few.
The FastTrack Trilogy I found on my own while surfing through Goodreads, so I consider it a diamond in the rough.
I will also mention that I enjoyed it more than some of the previous mentioned novels.
It is fastpaced and an easy read.
I finished it in 2 days and that is an accomplishment when you have a 2 year old at home :)

The author's telling of the lengths the "creme of society" will go to to gain power and maintain control is chilling.
You can almost envision how current political situations could mutate into her version of reality.
where class is assigned to you from the TOP.
If a book has the ability to become a topic of my dreams its worth a good review.
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I'm glad it wasn't "loveydovey" all the time.
It had very meaningful moments about friendships, abusive relationships, and even some political stuff thrown in there.
WOW, loved it! 4.
5 Stars.
I loved all of the twists and turns.
It made the book feel like less like just a middle book of a story arch but more like it had a story of its own as well.
I'm definitely looking forward to book 3.
It's still as YA as ever but not jam packed with cliches and annoyances which I definitely appreciated.
:) (view spoiler)