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ë Endless Summer Ù Download by à Jennifer Echols BEST BOOK EVER I LOVE IT I WANT TO read THIS BOOK OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN I LOVE IT JUST THE TYPE OF BOOK I LIKE TO read you can like feel the way adam and lori love each other i want a boyfriend like adam I bought this book on a whim before going on vacation since it looked like a nice read for sitting by a lake The Boys Next Door first half was pretty good I would probably give it 3 and a half stars It sometimes fell into cliches such as the overused childhood neighbor one true love and I felt like some of the plot was just random and not developed enough However it was entertaining and pretty cute.
Endless Summer was really a sort of unnecessary addition It kinda ruined the whole thing for me to be honest, because I started to feel the urge to bash Lori s head in Her actions and ideas bordered on ridiculous and petty, and when I start disliking a main character the whole thing starts to go downhill The ending also seemed rushed, and I couldn t help feeling disappointed by it, not to mention the cheesy dialogue on the last page.
I liked the whole idea of the book but it is not something that I haven t already read I liked Adam and his relationship he had with Lori but their relationship did not seem like a close friend rather than a flirting close friend thingy Regardless, when they plot to date I was excited to see how it would turn out The most problem that I had was that Lori kept kissing both brothers I get that she wanted to make one jealous but man, if I was a guy and my girlfriend kept kissing my brother I d probably be pissed off and annoyed Adam changed toward the ending which was so unlike him, he said mean things he was just off I did not like that at all And most of all, when it finally ended I was like yay But why another sequel let me just say that while I did not like that there was a sequel, I guess this second part showed what would of happened I liked that she went deeper into the relationship It also showed that most happy endings aren t always going to stay happy But anyways, I was also annoyed with the fact that Adam got controlling, Lori kept kissing Sean making Adam jealous and then Adam starts fooling around with another girl At one point I was like IS ANYONE GONNA GROW UP But after all the kissing and dissing, I d have to say the story does all go well together, just some minor annoyance and some really stupid character decisions.
I love Jennifer Echols, who knows just how to write YA romantic comedy It s the kind of book where you just settle in and go along for the ride which is a rollercoaster kind of ride fun and funny and a little bit wild.
I loved Adam he was really well done and very crush worthy and a little vulnerable I love how in touch with his emotions he is haha Lori is also very cool definitely blonde, but in the best of ways.
Like most rom com s you kinda know who the guy is supposed to be and what the happy ending will involve, so the main fun is seeing how it all goes down Echols writes in such a way that keeps the pages turning.
It has to be said Echols is the queen of the make out scenes Whoah some pretty hot stuff in there teens world wide will be fanning themselves LOL.
This is a hard one for me to rate b c I thought the first book was muchcompelling than the sequel second half of this book The second book, for me, felt a little endless I just didn t buy the premise even though in this genre I will normally go along with most things the conflict felt a little contrived and I didn t have that sense of the stakes being raised in such a way that it kept me turning the pages it just feltlike a series of misconstrued events that frustrated me rather than amused me.
Still, definitely a fun read and teens probably wont have the same frustrations as I did in the the second half had to remind myself who the intended audience was While I m here though giving a shout out to Going Too Far which earned a huge 5 stars from me Echols is still up there as a fave of mine Endless Summer was one of the best books i ve read in a long time I don t really like to read and for me to actually finish a book that s over 300 pages long is saying something There must be something interesting or intriguing about it I highly recommend this book to people that like drama, love stories, or summer flings Endless Summer can relate to any ages but mostly ages around 16 The novel is about summer love and a teen love triangle Lori is ready to turn 16 and is ready for a relationship She s had her eye on the older Vader brother, Sean She s always been just one of the guys but now summer is here and she s getting older and she wants to be seen as one of the girls One of her many strategies to making Sean fall for her is to use his younger brother, Adam, to make him jealous but Adam has plans of his own Maybe Lori isn t the only one with a secret crush Will everything end up happily ever after or will this love triangle crumble to pieces read the book and I promise you you won t want to put it down.

I personally am frustrated with the entire book I started reading it at a friend s suggestion that this book would change my perspective of teenage love I read the first book The Boys Next Door quickly and thought it was entertaining I ll admit it I liked the prospect of having a guy sincerely head over heels with a tomboy turned hot That being said, the writing style wasn t impressive and Lori, the main character, was frankly annoying The one reason that I would recommend the book was the description of the hot guys and the ending not to give anything away, but it fills readers with cheesy romantic gooiness The moment I started the second book, I knew that it was going to be a bitthan disappointing Continuing the use of a mundane writing style, the events and characters becameoutrageous and stupid I mean who thinks that kissing a boy s brother will get your father to agree to let you date the boy aside from Lori The book honestly made me annoyed of the portrayal of teens I know we have raging hormones but these teens take it beyond that Enough of my rant my mom and the readers who continue to read this realize I show detestation towards the book The book is an easy read that fills its readers with emotion whether it be rage, reminisce or hope that out of a series of idiotic events a dreamy boy will stand waiting for you I personally think that the book is a bad teen novel and is a regrettable purchase If you re still wanting to fill the craving of reading about teen woes, here are my suggestions which obviously doesn t include Endless Summer The Lovely Bones, 13 Reasons Why, Looking for Alaska, The Fault in Our Stars, Along for the Ride, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight or Perks of Being a Wallflower I realize I am the worst a spelling and grammar, so please forgive.
I m already a huge fan of Jennifer Echols works, so I already knew that I would love this book Endless Summer is the sequel to The Boys Next Door, but if you haven t read the first one yet, your in luck, since this books binds both, so you can fall in love all at once.
And fall in love I did.
Jennifer has a flawless flow to her writing, making an easy connection to her characters.
I love the boys, Sean and Adam, both very yummy worthy while Lori is rather an amusing and enthusiastic character.
A sweet and irresistible romantic comedy perfect for reading outside on a long summer weekend.
Boys next door Endless Summer will melt your heart At this point in my life, I ve given up on young adult.
Lori is the girl next door to a family of three boys, Cameron, Sean, and Adam She s been in love with Sean since she can remember and will do anything to get with him Like, seriously, anything She pretends to go out with ADAM, the youngest brother, in attempts to make Sean jealous.
Unfortunately, Adam has been in love with Lori since he was four or something Also Adam had a girlfriend that he kept just to get Lori jealous Also Adam has ADHD And all five of them including Lori s older brother have grown up on this lake and can wakeboard and do all the water sports.
The story only goes downhill from there Adam also has anger problems, and Sean is the WORST older brother ever, so the two have fights nearly ever single time they run into each other.
Then Adam confesses and Lori is confused, and I don t know how but they magically end up together.
Yikes Adam is not your typical male ya main character And for good reason He s angry all the time, he makes dumb mistakes, and does not think about Lori s good will at all.
Also Lori is a terrible planner She creates mishap after mishap, all for these harebrained schemes of hers Not to mention I m not exactly sure what she is doing, flaunting herself in front of Sean If Sean wanted you for just your body, Lori, he would have had you a long time ago.
So anyway, not much depth to this story Main characters are honestlyannoying than they are productive at garnering any sympathy I think because of that reason alone, they are perfect for each other.
When browsing my local bookstore the other day I came across Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols, I literally had to do a double take as my bookstore never stocks books by Jennifer Echols, I picked the book up and went straight to the tills, no way was I passing this missed opportunity, who knew when they d have somebooks by Echols in I was excited to have found this book well actually its two books in one The boys next door Endless Summer as I d wanted to read it for some time But also because the blurb sounded quite similar to The Summer I turned pretty series a series I held really close to my heart Book one The boys next door tells the story of two brothers Sean and Adam Vader who live next door to Lori there s actually three brothers altogether including Cameron, but the story largely focuses on Sean and Adam Sean is drop dead gorgeous, has most of the girls after him and Lori has been infatuated with him as long as she can remember Whereas Adam is sweet, can be a little impulsive at times but is alsoof a friend to Lori Lori loves the summer vacation, as it s the only time she gets to work at the marina all summer long with the Vader brothers Since Lori s mum passed away Lori s known that she meant to be with Sean After pining for Sean for so long she s finally decided to go for it, after all this may be her last opportunity with Sean going off to college soon Lori starts by trying to get Sean to notice her anyway possible innocently swanning around in her bikini and trouncing the boys in wakeboarding But Sean still remains as clueless as ever, the only attention she seems to be getting is from the wrong Vader brother Adam So Lori comes up with an ingenious plan to pretend to hook up with Adam to make Sean jealous What follows is a comical ploy full of disaster, mistaken identity and endless fun To me it was blatantly obvious that view spoiler Adam liked Lorithan a friend, the way he agreed straight away to their fake relationship, how he was always ruining the moment between her and Sean or discouraging Lori away from Sean and the fact that he d still kept and wore her skull and cross bone pendant that she had given him when they were 12 years old hide spoiler Two Irresistible Boys One Unforgettable Summer Lori Can T Wait For Her Summer At The Lake She Loves Wakeboarding And Hanging With Her Friends Including The Two Hotties Next Door With The Vader Brothers, She S Always Been Just One Of The Guys Now That She S Turning Sixteen, She Wants To Be Seen As One Of The Girls, Especially In The Eyes Of Sean, The Older Brother But That S Not Going To Happen Not If The Younger Brother, Adam, Can Help ItLori Plans To Make Sean Jealous By Spending Time With Adam Adam Has Plans Of His Own For Lori As The Air Heats Up, So Does This Love Triangle Will Lori S Romantic Summer Melt Into One Hot Mess