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[ Pdf Diver Creed Station Ë baseball PDF ] by Oliver Phipps Ê As a fan of dystopian sci fi stories, I knew I would enjoy Diver Creed Station It takes place in the 23rd century, after wars, radiation, sterility, and tribalism affected humanity and destroyed civilizations.
Diver Creed Station explores a future where people go back and forth between living in reality and in a virtual world It shows what can happen when virtual technology falls on malicious hands Instead of doom and gloom, Oliver Phipps writing gives a practical take on how trusted, competent workers Divers and public figures band together and combat conspirators.
Throughout the story, we see how tough situations can give people hope and resourcefulness Unlike too many modern day stories, where characters are bitter, backstabbing, and antagonistic, here we have loyal characters always looking for each others backs, even when they hardly know one another.
Oliver Phipps also does a good job at exploring different time periods in human history, how people from the past and future the story s present communicate, cultural barriers and all.
Would recommend 5 5 stars Entertaining Science Fiction stories has always been my genre in terms of books, next is Romance That s why when I found out that this book is a Romance and Science Fiction, I bought it immediately I really had a great time reading this book, Love the book and the story line Another great book to add to your collection of books Highly recommend this book.
Drive Creed an intricate commentary on post modern society masquerading as a sci fi drama This is exactly why I fell in love with the genre, sci fi not merely entertain us but force us to think, to go deep into the uncharted territories of morality and ethics.
The question that begs to be mulled over is are we going in the right way Is being what we are today will turn us tomorrow into what is imagined in these sci fi book

Wow, what a great story I love this one There is wonderful mix of everything in this story Relationships, danger and mystery I have read some science fiction that just left me tired after I finish, too much action etc The pace of this novel is good and when I finished I felt relaxed and satisfied.
This is a really imaginative novel that really updates on my SecondLife I really liked this book It was imaginative and crazywhat if this could really happen It was a page turner for me and I hope the author adds to the story I don t read Science Fiction very often but I will be sure to look for books like this from this author.
a story of Oray and Rizette and a story of hope and survival The story of the two brilliant technicians against all odds The two characters are well canvassed, and lend the humane depth to the sci fi story.
Wars, Disease And A Massive Collapse Of Modern Civilization Have Ravaged The Human Race Of A Hundred Years In The Future Finally In The Late Twenty Second Century, Mankind Slowly Begins To Struggle Back From The Edge Of Extinction When A Huge Virtual Life Facility Is Restored From A Hibernation Type Of Storage And Slowly Brought Back Online, A New Hope Materializes But This System Is Haunted By The Long Lost Past System Ghosts Intermingle With Mysterious Factions That Place Two Young Technicians Into A Cyberspace Trap, With Little Hope For Survival This story is like, sci fi and all kinda other stuff all mixed in to make something awesome I don t normally read sci fi but I like Oliver Phipps and this book is really great I very highly recommend If I like it and I m not really a sci fi girl then I think the sci fi people will love.
Awesome story I thought I never like science fiction but I love this one Easy to follow and the story kept getting better.