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[ Read Online Deep Winter ☆ metallurgy PDF ] by T.C. Sherry Ñ From A Relatively Normal American Life To A Survival Situation In Moments, This Story Follows The Drummond Family As They Learn To Adapt To A Now, Very Different Communityand World Beginning On A Bitter Cold January Night, The Story Begins With A Series Of Earthquakes Tearing Through The Pacific Northwestd In The Following Days The Family And The Nation Face Challenges From Unexpected Sources Similar to Rawles Patriots , this book serves as the author s platform to describe his preparations for a major regional disaster which leads to a national international level crisis Similar to my feelings about Patriots , there are elements in this story that strain belief or are simply too convenient to take seriously neighbors leaving the protagonist tremendously valuable resources when they leave town, for example Still, there is much food for thought in the book and that serves a valuable purpose.
I really liked this book It was about a family near Spokane caught when a volcano erupts The father has prepared for years for a major disaster, much to the amusement of his family neighbors Now his family is the only one ready for hard times The disaster is so widespread, it causes the fall of the U.
S government as we know it I loved reading about the practical things the man had thought of in the years he was preparing his home for a disaster like he had downloaded instructions on how to make maintain outdoor facilities , and when the water mains and sewer mains broke in the earthquake following the volcanic eruption, that s exactly what he had to do The community turns to him to learn how to survive after their lifestyle was instantly set back 100 years A really good read.
If you enjoy EOTW fiction, this first book in a trilogy 2 Shattered, 3 Remnant will be an interesting read Although there is plenty of action within the story, it concentrates on the lives of the Drummond family and a few relatives and close friends as they experience earthquakes, eruption of Mt Ranier, collapse of the US and global economy, nuclear war and biological threats all while trying to survive in their subdivision in Spokane Lots of important information about key subjects a family would face if these things occurred today The second book takes us through the beginnings of reconstruction and rebuilding a decimated world Have not read the third but starting it now I have enjoyed this series.
I have read One Second After, Alas Babylon, Lucifers Hammer, Lights Out, and the Dies the fire series Deep Winter is as good if not better than all the other reads Cant wait to read Sherry s next in line Deep Winter is the first of three books in a series set in the Pacific Northwest that detail survival after a natural disaster This may be a novel, but there is a lot of good information on getting and being prepared both physically and mentally for what will happen if the world as you know it abruptly changes.
Mr Sherry doesn t really seem to get that half the population is as capable as he is That part was very disappointing.
Suppose you lived in the Spokane Valley, eastern Washington What do you think would happen when Mount Rainier finally erupts Just a matter of time.
The info dumps in this book are extreme When the earthquake damages the house we get the complete description of everything in the house, everything that is salvaged or destroyed and everything stored in the barn and what order it was all done in The other random irritations is that Carl says K in response to every question at least once a page, the women are only seen when it is time to feed their all action menfolks and there is so little conversation between the characters that it is impossible to get any idea of their personality or care enough what happens to them They are just cardboard cutouts And HOW can a prepper whose brother lives in Seattle near the volcanoes have to look up a dictionary to find out what a lahar flow is I mean really I just felt I was plodding through endless details I didn t need and getting bogged down in stuff that didn t matter when time could have been spent getting to know the characters better.
I m 20% into this one and teetering on the verge of giving up Post apocalyptic is probably my favourite genre, but I don t, as a rule, choose instruction manuals to read for fun There s some attempt to write this book as a story, but it s pretty clear that the author s main agenda is to describe in great detail what you need to prep for an emergency Mount Rainier erupts The family is hit by the mega earthquake that follows and then cut off by liquefaction mud , and then suffer through ash fall Within the first few minutes of the quake they are all bugged out from the house via their emergency ladders, with their emergency de bunking kit bags and sheltering in their barn which has generators, heat, cooking facilities, water filtration, food, gas to last them and their neighbours for as long as it takes It s all quite instructive My bag of rice, saved in the garage, looks pretty pathetic to be honest But I think I ve made all that seem exciting than it actually is in the story When you re focusing on the tensile strength of your ladder and not the actual events causing you to climb down it, something is wrong from a narrative pov There is a huge amount of fun, however, to be had imagining women reading this, and I m looking forward to seeing some of their reviews Mr Drummond runs a tight ship Woman and kids know their place But I guess he s the only one who knows how to work the generators, the stoves, the radios, the water purification systems he built and installed it all , so he s top of the competence hierarchy Sorry ladies.
I ll persevere with this because there is a good story in this book, it s just not the one currently being told I mean, even the shooting of four looters wasn t exciting How can you get that wrong I ll update when finished or given up.
Well, huh, I did finish this book and was quite glad I stuck with it Poor old Drummond family, not only did they suffer an earthquake and volcanic ash, they were then hit with the US currency crashing, war with China, Mexico invading the south, illegal immigrants turning on the American people to support the invasion, the US government falling, the federal system collapsing and State rule returning, and then the author threw in a Chinese bio weapon pandemic to round off the story But it was all told in such a dry way, basically Rick Drummond listening in on his shortwave radio to news reports, that it was all quite logical and realistic But even whilst all this was happening somewhere else and to other people , the Drummond family were discussing planting seeds or cleaning boots from the ash mud, or eating something, or keeping warm, or well, all the things you actually would fill the day with while the world around you collapsed So in some ways this was an incredibly realistic book, it was just a bit boring A bit weird for an apocalyptic novel More text book than fiction, political polemic than fun I genuinely think this book would trigger some readers too much to cope with This is extremely Christian, patriarchal, anti Government, pro gun There s no doubt the author speaking through Rick Drummond thinks post earthquake, volcano, mud, nuclear war, invasion, federal collapse, pandemic America is better off than pre all those disasters There s no doubt this author knows his prepping stuff but he s not really an author I wish he d partnered up with a better writer, as massively edited and rewritten this could have been absolutely brilliant As it was, I winced at lines such as I put the water on to boil The water was fresh that day Water was something else I d have to think about for the future The water started to simmer Okay, I admit I made that up, but it was a pretty good impression of reading this at time constant repetition of words and pedantic descriptions of every menial task.
So, in summary, read if you enjoy being triggered, or read if you need to check your prepping is up to scratch I don t think I ll be reading the 3 sequels.