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[ Pdf Bogus to Bubbly: An Insider's Guide to the World of Uglies Ù literature PDF ] by Scott Westerfeld Ð THE WORLD OF UGLIES, SET IN OUR NOT SO DISTANT FUTURE,is A Complex Place Filled With Bubbly Technology And Lingo, Yet Bogus Rules About Status And Appearance That S Why A Guide To The World Of Uglies Has Been Requisitioned From The Hole In The Wall Inside You Ll Find A Rundown On All The Cliques, From Crims And Cutters To Tech Heads And Surge Monkeys The Complete History, Starting With The Destruction Of The Oil Bug To The Launch Of Extras In Space How All Those Awesome Gadgets Came To Be Hoverboards, Eyescreens, Skintennas, Sneak Suits PLUS An Exclusive Look At Scott Westerfeld S First Draft Of Extras Starring Hiro, Not Aya And So Much , It S Mind Wrecking Fans of Scott Westerfeld s Uglies series will definitely give this fun and helpful companion book a thumb up It s like a reel of bloopers and behind the scenes for a well loved movie, and what s better is that it is written by Scott Westerfeld himself It is chock full of the fictional history of Tally Youngblood s world, from the days of the Rusties, the Diego War, and upto the age of Mind Rain and face ranks the technology present in the post scarcity dystopian society, including maps and instruction manuals for hoverboards and other gadgets geography of the setting trivia about the names of the characters and about the slanguage used in the books, among others.
Very informative I enjoyed it for the most part, except for the ones that I ve already encountered in the info superhighway p Westerfeld seems so pleased about being a geek that he forgets that it s important to get science right.
1 The word nano means a billionth no, the word nano in today s culture probably means someone s iPod the PREFIX nano totally means a billionth, and yes, this is nitpicking, but it is actually really crucial to get it correct2 Current superconducting materials have to be kept, like, a hundred degrees below zero this sentence is scientifically useless without saying which temperature scale you re using, and even then it s not correct high temperature superconductors operate at around 90K, which is 183 deg C, which is nearly 300 deg F Recent HTS operate at, oh, 18 deg C But those were only developed in 2009, after the publication of this book 3 The proteins in your body, like DNA, are basically nanoscale machines This is the worst The writing is ambiguous to the point of incoherence either he s saying that DNA is a nanoscale machine, which I might agree with, or he s saying that DNA is a protein, which oh my god it isn t And yes, there s a good chance he meant the first option However, his job is writing he s supposed to be good at this crap.
4 You can think of the hole in the wall as a kind of three dimensional printerin Tally s world you can print things in three dimensions Yeah okay this was published in 2008, which is the same year that I had a research project in a lab that had had multiple 3D printers for years The technology has been around since 1984.
5 I stole the term ping from corporate slang for an email that reminds you to do something The term ping has been used since 1983 as part of IP troubleshooting further, there s about a hundred people I know from college who use it to greet people online, by email or instant messaging, as a check to see if their potential conversational partner is currently available This is just etymology fail.
6 Tricks are very important in the world of Uglies and also prostitutes lolYes, he s writing for young adults no, he s not scientifically trained although I read that he was a software designer, which is cool yes, it s great that he s writing science fiction at all no, I don t expect everyone to get everything right all the timeBut if you re going to informally teach kids about science as part of a guide to the worldbuilding of a popular dystopian sci fi series, and this is the only way some of them are going to get access to this information, please, please, PLEASE do your research.
Anyway, this is a problem I ve had with Westerfeld a lot the mythology of Midnighters doesn t hold up at all when you look at it, and it seems he goes for Rule of Cool a lotthan accuracy and realistic extrapolation, and overall he s just waynerd fandomy than actually nerdy Which makes me sad.

Bogus to Bubbly takes fans of Westerfeld s Uglies series behind the scenes For anyone who hasn t read any of the Uglies books Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras the series is a futuristic look at what could happen down the road, told first from the perspective of sixteen year old Tally In the future, children are considered Uglies as soon as they turn twelve, until they reach the age of sixteen and can have the surgery that turns them into a Pretty The Uglies series is one of my favorites, so this book was much appreciated.
Westerfeld explained what happened between our era the Rusty period , and the major downturn our society took as too many people inhabited the planet, used too many resources, and basically exhausted the earth He also explained how he came up with some of the ideas, and gave background on many of the concepts used in his books.
If you ve ever read one of Westerfeld s Uglies books, you ll definitely want to check this book out If you liked the Uglies trilogy, you ll like this book I loved it, not because it s so super fantastic, but because it brought me back to the world of the Uglies, and it was nice to revisit with new material I appreciate Scott Westerfeld s tone, which is conversational without being condescending, as well as the range of topics covered here from the science of beauty to a hoverboard instruction manual Also included are neat little tidbits that Scott was probably just bursting to tell people, like how many times the phrase, I love you, is said in the series only twice or that each book ends with the word that is the name for the subsequent book Well, now he got his chance, and I m glad he did.