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↠´ Blood Red Road ✓ Download by Ð Moira Young Alright I wrote a review for this probably in the middle of the night or early in the morning when I first finished the ARC Now Going through that review, I cringe a bit It s riddled with mistakes and some of it doesn t make any sense So, I decided to write a briefer, clearer review.
But if you re interested, I ll leave the old one under a spoiler tag view spoiler 2.
5 stars This is a long review by the way First off, I was really excited about this book I love dystopians not based around a controlling society, but a anarchy Plus, I love the desert, wasteland feel Growing up in the desert, I know a thing or two about it But this also may be the reason why I m so hard on the book.
Blood Red Road has so much potential, it s practically overflowing with greatness But sadly it falls short of just that.
I liked the book, but there s a ton of stuff I didn t like about it too And as always, dislike over rules like First things first Dislikes.
PROSE Blood Red Road is written in dialect so it s 1st POV, but the narration follows the exact voice of the main character Saba There s a few books out there that have the same type of prose The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Every heard of it Well, unlike Huck Finn, the dialect prose doesn t quite work for Blood Red Road Using dialect is difficult It lacks detail on the surroundings and goes in depth with characters Plus, sometimes it s difficult to read dialect in your head Young does a great job at writing her voice mostly there s a few spots where I read out loud and found that it still sounded funny but she chose the wrong prose I mean, I wanna know about the world About the battles Saba and friends face I want to feel the gritty earth beneath her feet and feel the urge to win in cage fighting But we only get the minimum This may be a dystopian, but I still treated it as if it s a fantasy It s a whole new world a wasteland full of thieves and murderers Yet, even after experiencing it, it still failed to show me I wanted of everything.
Another thing about the prose that drove me insane was the way Young wrote everything Short Sentences Usually writers use short sentences to create tension, to really get the adrenaline going during actions scenes Young uses short sentences all the time Enough to kill the tension After awhile I didn t care whether Saba was fighting for her life or just riding a horse I m not kidding you By the end of the book which is nearly 500 pages I was pulling out my hair I couldn t finish it one sitting because I couldn t stand the structure Sounds like I m being picky, but as the book progressed the annoyed I became.
SABA FOr the first few breaks there s no chapters just little breaks that probably waste half the book due to white paper I actually liked her She was a stubborn naive girl She loved her brother and her father, living on her dry farm, blah blah blah Then as soon as her bother is taken away, suddenly she s a changed individual I mean, she s like, I m a bad ass who hasn t left my little isolated farm and can t read that s right I m not afraid to kill That right there made me angry It s possible she could develop from naive girl, depending on her father and brother, to warrior chick, but we don t see any of that development It wasn t till over half way through the book she started to fall back into my favor again But that was due to different characters and the development between her sister and Jack Shows that she s vulnerable but not too vulnerable HOLES This book is like swiss cheese Usually I don t mind swiss cheese It s an okay cheese, but books aren t suppose to be swiss cheese As long as the holes can be patched up in a book or two, then I m alright I don t even care But the holes in this book are purely fact based There s on moment where Saba is traveling She s thirsty so she drinks water then splashes her face with water My thoughts at that time What are you doing You re in the desert Don t you need water Why are you wasting it But I let it pass, thinking there must be some reasonable explanation But then a little bit later she s like We re low on water Palm to the forehead Seriously Didn t you think of that before Stuff like this happens through out the book She could have killed the bad guy, half way through the book, but instead just says, Oh he looks dead So he s dead Or, my favorite, that Saba exposure and knowledge of the world less than that society is very limited, yet she s able to handle things like some God damn genius I don t know Some may disagree and I ll admit She had moments where she seemed naive but not enough moments I mean, I don t care if your 18, you can still be a child And the prose may be partially to blame The lack of detail and short sentences don t help expand ideas or the surroundings.
CLICHE AIRS Like holes, I m okay with cliches, as long as they tread their own path away from the typical structure Blood Red Road actually didn t have many cliches, but the ones that existed in the text, were the ones that mattered If you ve ever watched a western or are a western fan, then reading this book may feel familiar Jack which is a total western, rough and tough name and Saba s relationship is cliche I hate you, then love you but even the characteristics between them are cliche Jack s the tough loner traveler Bad ass, only cares for himself blah blah blah No plans just ideas Wild card But of course he can t resist Saba s stubbornness I won t go any further I m not saying I didn t like it, but man, I d like to see some originality Then, besides the romance cliche, you have some other western cliches You know, scary lookin guy, but he s a all soft Ike, sound familiar with a kid, Tommo and then deaths that seem almost pointless Or the end yea, that was a cliche too.
Airs as in, half this book gives off this this is impossible, air There were moments in the book were a mission was deemed Life threatening, like, luck s the only thing that s gonna get us out alive But then, all the sudden everyone s alive Hardly anyone s bleeding Now wasn t that easy I felt like every other event was like this Talks it up, all big and scary and ends up finishing in a page or two I don t know I just found myself sighing, wishing for AGain this may be due to the prose That realistic, this makes sense feeling was missing.
Okay, so I know I m raggin on and on, but I did enjoy the book I mean, yea I hated the prose, ready to put it down, but I kept reading because the plot was intriguing So much can be explored, but Young did a good job at leaving the book as a stand alone BUt it s gonna be a series It says so, damnit They re many unanswered questions who s the Tonton What about that Chaal What about Jack What about the stars I don t need to tell you there s action You re guaranteed you ll be blown away instantly like literally because of the dust storm and if you loved that never ending stream of activity, well this is the book for you Blood, fights, instincts All here My favorite part was Saba and Emmi s relationship development In the beginning it was obvious Saba despised her little sister, but by the end it was love all around It was a nice easy pace unlike Saba s own transition and I was pleased Overall, this book may seem great, but once you sit and think about it, things fall apart But in reality, this book isn t a thinking book It s an action book All that is required is go go go go and you definitely go go go All the time hide spoiler My First Impression What the hell is this writing style Immediately, you notice the grammatically incorrect sentences For example Lugh s bin sayin it fer a while now Pa s gitten worse Mind you, he ain t bin right fer a long time My thoughts on this writing style At first, I had a hard time reading it After about 20 pages, I did not even notice it As the story progresses, you realize how important this writing style is to portray Saba The grammatically incorrect sentences reveal Saba s rawness and her simple desire to survive without the need for fancy words or even correct words Saba can t read, or write She hasn t even seen a book they were destroyed by the Wreckers the people responsible for the Post Apocalyptic world they are living in , never written a sentence, and never had a need to The Characters Saba Saba had me all over the place I hated her, loved her, felt pity for her, felt anger for her and in the end, I wanted to cheer for her and tell her good job Saba is your typical middle child in the beginning She lives a life of non existence As the story progresses, you see Saba grow into an individual person and not just one half of a twin.
Lugh Her older brother he s Saba s twin but older by two hours is always in the lead Where Lugh goes, Saba follows Saba doesn t have to think, or feel, or live beyond the four walls of her shack because no one expects her to Lugh does the thinking Emmi Saba s younger sister Emmi is the one that gets the blame for all the problems the rest of the family doesn t blame Emi but Saba s blame poor Emi s guilt play an essential part in the story regarding the development of the characters If only Emi wasn t born, her mom wouldn t have died If only happens a lot to poor Emmi You feel for her Emi was one of the sweetest, most enduring characters I loved how Emi came out stronger than anyone imagined by the end of the book.
Jack I waited, and waited and waited for Jack to disappoint me He s the romantic interest for Saba and I expected the author to do the typical lack of trust route or misunderstanding route often taken with the romantic interest in the book Did not happen Just because there was trust and overall communication, doesn t mean the potential romance between Jack and Saba was boring In fact, I loved their interactions Jack not only put Saba in her place regarding the way she treated Emi but he also challenged Saba in the way she thought about herself and their relationship together.
The Setting Dusty Dirty Gritty Blazing Sun Deadly winds It does not rain, it pours The people are not civilized, they are trying to survive Get in their way, you die You can t fend for yourself, you starve and then you die.
What I loved Saba wasn t perfect She screwed up plenty It s easy to forget that she is so young when you really get into the book There is a point when she is running out of water and she uses some of the water to clean her face This is what a girl just trying to survive would do The author made her imperfect in an imperfect world Because of that, I loved Saba and the story even.
The 2nd half of the book It was character oriented and less action world building but I thought it was wonderful I love how the reader is witness to Saba s transformation The pace in the 2nd half is slower but much personal In the beginning, it was all about survival and tactics, and figuring others out The 2nd half was watching Saba s walls come down and the development of her relationship with Jack, her sister and her new friends What I didn t like Small holes in the story I really had to look for things not to like That is how much I loved this book.
Overall Loved it I want the 2nd book now ACE Saba Has Spent Her Whole Life In Silverlake, A Dried Up Wasteland Ravaged By Constant Sandstorms The Wrecker Civilization Has Long Been Destroyed, Leaving Only Landfills For Saba And Her Family To Scavenge From That S Fine By Her, As Long As Her Beloved Twin Brother Lugh Is Around But When Four Cloaked Horsemen Capture Lugh, Saba S World Is Shattered, And She Embarks On A Quest To Get Him BackSuddenly Thrown Into The Lawless, Ugly Reality Of The Outside World, Saba Discovers She Is A Fierce Fighter, An Unbeatable Survivor, And A Cunning Opponent Teamed Up With A Handsome Daredevil Named Jack And A Gang Of Girl Revolutionaries Called The Free Hawks, Saba S Unrelenting Search For Lugh Stages A Showdown That Will Change The Course Of Her Own Civilization the protagonist of this post apocalyptic YA western is a crow named Nero now this is some bird he has tons of personality kind and generous and affectionate and reasonable and quick thinking and a good sport and he finds clues and naturally he saves the day in the end with his excellent ability to fly swiftly summon cavalry Nero, you re the MAN BIRD I loved that crow and was enchanted by his every appearance happy sigh the blurbs for this book describe it as a sort of Mad Max in book form I dunno about that maybe a little I also dunno about it being a Road Warrior type book however I would say that it is definitely a Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome type book, complete with a sort of thunderdome and tough kids coming out of their world to rescue other kids and get in all sorts of unpleasant adventures.
so Nero flies through this blighted landscape trying to do the best that he can and usually succeeding he is some kind of bird unfortunately he is surrounded by a cast that is less than inspiring there is a mysterious young adventurer named Jack who charms everyone and has important life lessons to teach and who spends a lot of time shirtless and who inexplicably hides important details about an important journey because well, why exactly I dunno there is a two dimensional villainess named Ma Pincher, I think, who is characterized by her apparent manliness which I suppose is a real flaw in a woman, right huh there is some character who enters the narrative so that he can die in the end there is a tough and loyal little sister named Emmi, who I didn t mind so much and thought was rather adorable in her tough and loyal little way there is a boy twin named Lugh who is pure good and who has long golden hair and a hairy chest and that s about all as far as characterization goes most unfortunately there is a girl twin named Saba who is dreadful, just thoroughly repellent unimaginative, short sighted, petty, verbally and emotionally abusive to her younger sister, disinterested in anything but her own goal sulks about saving the world for chrissakes , and harboring distinctly creepy and quasi incestuous feelings towards her twin she was a real drag whenever she appeared unfortunately she appears on every page.
there is a love story that takes over in the last third which only made the stomach flu I was stuck with this past weekend feel worse thanks a lot, love story the cover is cheez whiz and that silhouette doesn t look much like the character it is supposed to be and where s Nero the voice is not badly done, I suppose it is a FIRST PERSON YOU ARE THERE NOW I AM DESCRIBING THIS AS IT HAPPENS TO ME RIGHT NOW OMG type voice except in a Bastard Out of Carolina rural redneck twang and minus the omg despite being annoying it was rather effective too I guess so thanks to the not bad prose and especially thanks to the wonderful, amazing, delightful hero of a crow named Nero who owns every scene he s in, a painful to read book gets 2 stars instead of 1 star.
good job, Nero not only did you save the day, you just saved this book from being a completely excruciating experience for me in the end, it was only rather excruciating yay, Nero this book is one of the most anticipated release titles in teen fiction, and i got to read it early because ariel is a gift to mankind.
take that, teens you guys get fast metabolisms and hopeful outlooks and unlimited potential, and i get advanced readers copies even steven.
so she gave me this book about twins and a bird, which is like giving a new young mother a buddy book where a kidnapper teams up with SIDS for adventures and romance.
but i braved my fears and read what i was hoping would be cormac mccarthy for teens a postapocalyptic meditation on evil where a chick on a horse roams the desert enacting vengeance and trying to reclaim her kidnapped twin sounds rad, right i started reading this on the subway home from going to see true grit as Blood Red Road is about a rugged sunbaked environment and a girl on a horse with a mission, there was no way i wasn t going to visualize that true grit actress in this role, even though she was considerably younger than the girl in this book.
this is simply anecdotal and maybe i am stalling the book is very fast paced, and the story is exciting and original the kids are going to love this me, i had troubles with my disbelief suspension because i have been around the literary block and have read all sorts of books, but i was still enjoying it and turning the pages rapidly with anticipation the cage match stuff was the best, and i would love to have read of that segment it reminded me of blood of heroes, which is an excellent movie WHY DOES NO ONE AGREE WITH ME ON THIS but in this book two girls, one cage anything goes and any girl who loses three times gets to retire by being torn apart by the rabid crowd why have any additional plot this is all i needed to love this book alas, it was but fleeting but while it was happening, it was badass and i was riveted.
however, the romance subplot was the weakest element she is eighteen, he is older, but they act like teenagers in their mood swings and emotional fumblings and ariel pointed out that in this situation, where there are so few people and no way to pattern behavior and no expectations based on media, etc, they would naturally behave in an awkward way, but if this is the case, it requires a lot of psychological extrapolation on the part of the reader, which seems unkind to a teen audience, who are necessarily weaker in their extratextual assessments, simply based upon inexperience, so i am dismissing that explanation hear me, ariel i dismiss it it was good, and i will read the rest of the books when they come out, no mistake, but it didn t turn me inside out the way hunger games did it just seemed superficial katniss has depth as a character she is flawed, but her flaws make sense and humanize her this character is just single minded to her own detriment, and prone to little hissy fits again, this might be a result of not having anyone in her life to teach her behavioral norms, or just of different norms for a different world, but characters take really serious actions that should have repercussions and consequences, and they make these decisions so casually YOU ARE LIVING IN A WASTELAND WITH SCARY SANDWORMS AND A MANIACAL KING CAUSE AND EFFECT NEEDS TO BE CONSIDERED, PLEASE don t just assume there is going to be a later y all need to communicate better.
it may be the next big thing, but it may not be my next big thing i will most definitely read of this series, and the rest of you can wait until june to make up your own minds.
This is the novel that I wanted Graceling to be An alternate world reality full of adventure with a hardcore warrior heroine, and here s the key bit, who doesn t feel the need to unsex herself la Lady Macbeth and prove that she s not feminine In fact, all the female characters are wonderfully strong and unforgiving, no damsels finally, and there s just a general sense of equality pretty much everyone is a warrior without a masculinity v femininity contest Where Graceling seemed in some ways downright offensive to a certain type of women, Blood Red Road has a heroine who is unapologetic of her gender and doesn t attempt to constantly prove herself by becoming stereotypically masculine.
Saba is a great heroine She makes no pretense of being some kind of saviour or martyr, she simply has two missions find her brother, and stay alive She uses violence throughout, but only to accomplish her missions rather than some kind of demonstration of her worth I also liked the love interest of the novel, even with all the unnecessary dithering about they both did with regards to one another, it seems romance is never straight forward.
The dystopian element of the novel had just the right amount of action and horror, without that I m just cruisin along through this awful, oppressive society like in Matched, where it s damn near impossible to care about the characters because even they don t seem too bothered about the whole situation It was a refreshingly quick take off too I prepared myself for a slow start when I encountered dust clouds in the first few pages uh, do I care but the novel got to the action almost instantly with a murder and kidnapping that s right, no Diana Gabaldon style digression from the main story, I ve missed this kind of novel that get s into the thick of the plot right away Oh, and another thing journies I love journies in novels, when they re kept at a good fast pace you feel like there s constantly something happening Though the books are actually very different from Blood Red Road, one of the main reasons I loved The Knife of Never Letting Go and Beyond the Deepwoods is because they had awesome fast paced journies throughout So, yeah, kudos for that.
I know some people who ve read ARCs of this didn t like the language style, but I did I ve always liked different accents, dialect and colloquialism It was different, but a good kind of different Though, on that subject, I d just like to finish with my own opinion of a bad kind of different What on earth is this bloody awful UK cover The US version is a million and one times better Full review postedHere s a fun concept, let s write a book but instead of using actual WORDS we ll just slam our palms against the keyboard repeatedly and then publish whatever we get 1 11 1 best seller I want firstly to apologize to the synopsis of the book bc it was too good to be representing such an awful book remember, this is my opinion Secondly I want to apologize to grammar rules of the English language I m sorry this book killed you, you deserved better And for those who think I am overreacting, this is what we had to work with Lugh thinks fer a moment Then he says, Love makes you weak Carin fer somebody that much means you cain t think straight.
This book definitely takes place in a dystopian world because quotation marks are extinct So, as you can see, getting past the writing is a feat on its own which I was not able to overcome bc I was too busy clawing at my eyes after reading 3 sentences Thirdly, saba is a terrible main character Not only is she a self pitying, whiny, loserhead but she s so incredibly mean to her little sister it made me sick she even reached a point where she slapped her in hER FACE LIKE THE KID IS NINE YEARS OLD YOU PIECE OF TRASH And she went all boo hoo, woe is me what have I become but THAT DOESN T MAKE UP FOR ITThis book tries REALLY hard to make it interesting and so it builds conflicts upon conflicts upon conflicts that result from some hella dumb decisions and are all so underdeveloped it s just, I can t andthentheromancemeet prince charmingLike what you see, Angel he says.
At this point I was doing that ear shattering screech bc GET ME AWAY FROM THISAround 50% of wading through this swamp of a book I finally decided that I didn t hate myself enough to continue and so I skimmed to the end and read a Wikipedia synopsis why are there so few of those, I demand Wiki tells me that a few side characters, who I didn t particularly care about, die in a very lame and unnecessary fashion and to this I say ha I knew this book wasn t worth it And the characters are so dumb like they have absolutely NO game plan, they don t think twice about ANYTHING, they trust EVERYONE like fricken just make it stop please Thus ends my suffering bc please don t make me relive this book againYer in my blood, Saba, he says Yer in my head Yer in my breath, yer in my bonesgawd help me, yer everywhere You have bin since the first moment I set eyes on youcan someone translate this into English for me thanks 1 star i never heard of this book in my entire life until my canadian sista told me and then i read the synopsis and died bc it sounds incredible Buddy read with my partner in crime, my bleach bae

Have you ever wanted to read a bleak quest novel narrated by a rough and ready Elly May Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies If so, this one s for you Just kidding Er, sort of The narration style of this will certainly alienate some readers but after the first 15 20 pages, I didn t really notice it any In fact, it actually felt comfortable Saba, the protagonist in this work, lives in a barren dustland with her Pa, younger sister Emmi, and her twin, Lugh Saba s narration is due to the fact that she and her siblings have lived an isolated life and never learned to read or write, which seems typical of basically everyone in the story It s never totally clear how our world has morphed into Saba s world or where all the Wreckers presumably us have gone, but Young s world stands on its own and frankly, at the rate our disposable culture is going no one has to try very hard to convince me that our world will be shit in the not so distant future The descriptions of the sandy dunes, the blowing winds, and the overall bleakness of the landscape made my lips dry and my throat raspy It s probably best to keep a cup of ice water nearby you ll want it Trust me After a group of men on horseback come to their home, kill Saba s father, and kidnap her twin brother, Saba is on a mission to rescue Lugh from the danger he is in For me, the best part of the story is Saba s journey from the time she leaves home until she leaves Hopetown this makes up roughly the first half of the book I mean, wouldn t every YA book be a little bit better with cagefighting Think on that I absolutely don t want to ruin any of the storyline for you I want you to be as surprised as I was and there were several moments when I was super excited to find out what would happen next.
This novel has a very strong set of supporting characters Saba is supported in her mission by her sister, Emmi, whom Saba undervalues and disregards for much of the book Emmi shows her worth several times over, and I m hoping that she will be an even larger part of the rest of the series I had a smile on every time Epona showed up in the story any fellow Zelda lovers will know why cue me watching 20 minutes of people playing the ocarina on Youtube Epona, Maev, and Ash are all Free Hawks, a gung ho group of female warriors who raid and harass authority They show up several times in the story, and will likely be part of the series to come view spoiler Lugh and Maev love connection wink hide spoiler Listen up since you may never hear these words from me again about any other book I am not surprised in the least that this book is getting such buzz, nor that rights to the film have already been acquired by Ridley Scott You want to know why Because this book has everything that will keep anyone, whether a reader or movie goer, hooked action, suspense, drama, unpredictability, emotion, romance, and great characterization.
Unlike other dystopian YA novels, Blood Red Road isn t focused on issues that lead to rebellion and upheaval You know what it is An adventure, plain and simple It s not seeking to teach but to engross and entertain and, for me, I was so thoroughly engrossed and entertained by this story that I really became invested in it over the course of almost 500 pages.
Truthfully, Blood Red Road brought with it much of the amazement and horror that books such as Wolf Tower, Poison Study, and The Hunger Games had brought me in the past The world building is not the main focus here the characters and their emotions are in the spotlight while the adventure of the story acts as the plot.
And what an adventure it is Dystopian, as I felt with Veronica Roth s Divergent, gives too many false impressions and preconceived notions to readers about this book Rather, the term dystopian fantasy fits Blood Red Road just right since the world of the story is much easier to imagine in fantasy terms than realistic ones It s a fantastical adventure that, though lacking magic and swords, still manages to thrill and amaze.
The heroine, Saba, honestly takes a bit of time to warm up towards.
but she is loyal, brave, and gutsy She comes from a long line of heroines like Katniss from The Hunger Games and Katsa from Graceling who are flawed yet powerful, emotionally stunted in some respects but passionate when it comes to the well beings of family, friends, and other loved ones Such heroines come to mean to me than most other YA heroines, especially those who fall hard and fast and oftentimes irrationally for the love interests and who can t take care of themselves whatsoever without falling into angst or damsel in distress mode.
Don t let me fool you into thinking that this novel is the Saba Show yes, it s her story but that doesn t mean she s always the center of everything Honestly, I loved all the characters and every little piece and tidbit about them Jack, the love interest, didn t coddle Saba but tried to lead her to changing for the better even though she railed against him again and again Emmi, for being a little sister character, was not a whiny little brat instead, she was a hard working and loyal girl, a smaller version of Saba, just much innocent and child like.
The dialect in the narrative may turn off some readers, just as the lack of dialogue tags and overt descriptions might, but I found all of it to be marks of this book s refreshing qualities compared to other YA dystopians focused on love and rebellion No, this book won t wow everyone, but those who value adventure in their stories may come out of this book with praise than criticism.
I really look forward to what happens in the sequels I suspect that Moira Young will keep surprising and amazing me in equal doses June 7th can t come early enough for me to own my own copy of this book This review may contain mild spoilers, but they re nothing that you won t see in the trailer for the film That s right, Ridley Scott optioned this book for a film before it was even published, and it s easy to see why It s a hugely entertaining spectacle full of adventure and excitement and thrills, with action scenes that you can clearly picture as you read them.
Saba s twin brother Lugh has been kidnapped by a band of horsemen, and she sets off alone on the quest to bring him back Well, she tries to go alone, but her pesky little sister Emmi keeps finding a way to tag along after her, even though they re trekking through a dried up wasteland filled with danger around every turn Here are some of the things that made this story super fun Saba is a bad ass There s no beating around the bush about this, the girl can handle a crossbow and won t let anything get in the way of her goal There is cage fighting Girl cage fighting There is a thrilling prison escape There are giant killer worms.
I could go on and on, but frankly if you weren t convinced by giant killer worms, this is clearly not the book for you Oh But there is one very important thing Jack Tall, handsome Jack Saba doesn t want to be distracted by anything, but it s pretty hard not to pay attention to a guy as attractive as this one All of these things made Blood Red Road a great escapist fantasy, and I think most people are really going to enjoy it.
There were, however, some things that I felt could have used a little fleshing out While I liked the pivotal third cage fight, the previous two fights were throwaway scenes, which were lost opportunities for action Some of the transitions between scenes could have been a little smoother There are two scenes of sacrifice in this book, both of which I expected, but both could probably have been written to pack of an emotional punch I did appreciate the clear visual beauty of the first one, however, I also think the relationship in this book was probably its weakest point I like Jack a lot, and I like Saba but the push and pull between them felt unreasonably drawn out and a little forced The dialogue there also bordered on a little cheesy at times, though again, I did like them as a couple It s also important to note that the dialect in this book, which is harsh and a little grating, may be hard for some readers to stomach Normally this kind of thing would be irritating to me, but actually I found the speech in the book pretty easy to adjust to, which is a mark of how great a job the author did with moving the action and dialogue along There is also lots of terrific humor and great characters peppered throughout, though it might ve been nice to give them a little ink What makes this book a 3 star book for me, though is that it s an enjoyable read but perhaps one that s not terriblydeep Or complex But then again, it s not really trying to be Overall, the story is a lot of fun to read and the action and adventure provide one heck of a ride Saba s going to be remembered as a literary heroine who is prickly and flawed, but still fiercely determined and ultimately extremely likable I can t wait to meet up with her again to see where the next journey takes her This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher.