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☆ Read ☆ Belligerent (Vicara, #1) by B.N. Mauldin µ For those of you who ve been saying Oh, it s just another Hunger Games Big whoop, you need to shut your mouths right now before the rest of your brain falls out This is not The Hunger Games Aside from the fact that it includes a televised event of children fighting each other in a dystopian universe which is not an idea unique to The Hunger Games originally anyway , these two books really don t have that much in common.
One of my personal favorite premises in this book is the fact that anyone who is caught committing a crime become a Belligerent and lives out the rest of his or her life a either a servant, a labor worker, an entertainer, or a modern day gladiator Of course, committing a crime isn t nearly the same thing as getting caught committing a crime, but talk about a motivator to keep the public in line Do something illegal and you get a band strapped around your wrist that will inject a sedative into your bloodstream the moment you try to resist.
Not only does becoming a Belligerent mean that you practically forfeit all control over your own life, but you have to give it to someone else You are now property of an Owner that has every power to make you do whatever they want That s where Ryan ends up after he tries to steal the car of a wealthy Owner who s determined to have his team win the Vicara games for reasons that are never fully clear to us All we know is that Shifter, the man that s now calling the shots of his life, saw something in Ryan that he needed and decided to take it.
I liked how you could see the different opinions people had of the Belligerents, and how they changed with time When Ryan was younger, he thought it would be the coolest thing ever to be able to compete in the Vicara Games, but now all he wants to do is get out of them because he sees Belligerents for what they really are slaves Sure, a few of them may gain the status of wealthy celebrities every year, but up until that point, their freedom is the very last thing they have control over.
Shifter s team is probably the best thing about Belligerent Meeting them way by far my favorite part of the novel, and they are always the easiest characters for me to identify They re all so unique and obviously became Belligerents in different manners, yet their differences are probably the very reason they work so well together They all need each other in some way, and I love the family dynamic that B.
N Mauldin creates with them.
My one criticism for this book lies with the ending Cliffhangers, man Cliffhangers Belligerent is obviously supposed to be part of a series, but what a place to end Do you think you could have left me with even to wonder about TaylorFor the original review and , please visit Marked By books.
Even if I hadn t seen the synopsis or saw the grungy but awesome cover, I would have instantly known that this was dystopian There s no explanation, you re just thrown into this world where if you re punished you GET to join a Colosseum type of fighting, and you may or may not get training I can t imagine wanting to be a criminal but sometimes it s either that or starve to death, and that s where we meet our main character, Ryan.
I really like Ryan, although he has some trust issues But living in this type of world I m pretty sure everyone does For a short book this was pretty intense B.
N Maudlin is able to introduce Ryan s team mates but that doesn t mean the drama stops, quite the opposite And the drama gets and interesting as we get to know his group and the school that he attends Sadly we don t see much of Shifter I am curious about that guy And we also lose touch with Alex I really liked her Into dystopian and need a short read Pick this one up It s fast, dramatic, and is completely different from anything I ve read Fabulous Book review originally published here is a car thief on the streets of a dystopian world He shares an appartment with some of his friends, and a whole bunch of strangers Life is tough, but he s managed to make the best out of it, along with his best friend, Alex And life could be worse he could be a Belligerent, the lowest of the low, criminals and outcasts With his profession, it s only a matter of time before something like that really happens When he catches the eye of an Owner, Ryan s life is in greater peril than he could anticipate.
The Owner, Shiftler, sets up a trap for Ryan, and when he s caught stealing, Shiftler makes him a Belligerent and brings him to an academy for Belligerents, where he will be trained to fight in the virtual competition called Vicara Along with the other members of his team Eva, Mackenzie, Logan, Daylan, Kenichi, Aria and Clarisse he has to learn to work and function as a team member, not just an individual But the problem is that he s replacing someone James, the car specialist the other team members all loved dearly and that nobody can seem to trust him, and Ryan isn t exactly very trusting of them either As he puts his trust in the wrong people, he may need his team members to survive I liked the ideas mentioned in this book the Belligerents, Owners, the virtual competition None of those ideas are particularly original, but it s the combination of those that works so well My largest pet peeve was that, for a dystopian novel, we don t get to see a lot about how the government works in this world, or even what the rules are For now, all I ve gathered is that criminals are Belligerents, some kind of slaves, and you ve got Betas and Omegas, Omegas being house slaves You ve got Owners, who obviously own some Belligerents, and Commoners who are basically nobodies So a caste system is nice and fun, but that can t be all there is Who is in charge of this world Can Commoners get actual jobs, or is this limited to Owners only Isn t the presence of law enforcement necessary to declare someone a Belligerent Or can any Owner do it at any given time I had a lot of questions in regards to the world building that were left unanswered, which was a little annoying, but it was probably the only pet peeve I had with the book That, and the characters ages They re all about fourteen years old, but when you read about them, they sound much like seventeen year olds Ryan sounds way too mature for his age So I m willing to believe he s mature because of his life on the streets, but even then, he acts way older than fourteen, and it s hard to believe.
But on to the good stuff Let s start with our main character, Ryan I liked him, because he s probably as far from perfect as can be He gets caught stealing, makes a fuss about turning into a Belligerent but never actually tries to escape or something like that, then he starts hanging out with the rest of his team members but can never quite fit in The other team members were all right as well I got a sense of personality from each of them, but I would ve preferred to get to know them a little better Oh well, maybe in the next book I have to say I liked Clarisse the best She instantly wanted to make Ryan feel like part of the group She s always outgoing and social a stark contrast to Ryan s personality Mackenzie was all right as well I understood her reasoning a little better toward the end, and I liked how she was willing to give Ryan a shot afterall.
Belligerent reads like a mix of The Hunger Games and X men or something Not that the Belligerents have supernatural powers, but they re looked down upon, and they have to work together as a team The writing was great as well it pulled me in almost right away, and really made me care for the characters.
An excellent read if you like young adult books, or dystopian novels in general.
I won this book in a goodreads first reads giveaway I honestly wasn t sure what to expect going into it, but I absolutely loved it The writing hooked me in from the first page The writing is simple yet elegant and easy to read It is a fairly short book at 221 pages and a quick read I read the book in one sitting, unable to tear myself away The world in this book was so unique It is a world where criminals mostly children aged 10 late teens are kept by owners and train at academies to fight in the Vicara games, which are a sort of virtual reality game of capture the flag held in a coliseum There are teams of eight and the winning team wins riches and a lifetime pass of freedom This world is made up of elite, commoners, and belligerents The elite are rich and free The commoners are poor and seem to mostly be criminals because it is the only way for them to make money to survive The belligerents are the criminals that are caught and either become beta belligerents and try to get into the Vicara games or if they aren t good enough or too old they become omega belligerents who are basically gladiators who are also used as slave labor The world is complex and interesting It beautifully combined new and old to form a disturbing and realistic dystopian future.
The characters are all around fourteen years old Not since Harry Potter have I read a book with such young characters that I was able to relate with and thoroughly enjoy The characters are young, but living in a constant life and death struggle They think and appear as much older than they are due to their circumstances There were several prominent characters in this book, but I think the main character would be Ryan He is a fourteen year old master car thief who cherishes his freedom and lives with his best friend Alex a fourteen year old girl He attracts the attention of an owner, Shifter, who sets him up in order to get him on his team of beta belligerents He is caught breaking into Shifter s car and taken in He ends up at Proserpine Academy to train to be the transportation specialist on the team Once in the academy he has a lot to deal with in becoming a part of the already existing team, training to hopefully gain his freedom in the next Vicara games, and in surviving the academy.
This book is the first in a series and I cannot wait to see what happens next This first book was so much better than I thought it would be and it ended in such a way that I have a feeling the next one will be even nerve wracking and exciting It s so hard not to give the ending away, but this book is a must read in my opinion I am really looking forward to the next Vicara book.
I won this book from I really enjoyed this book I liked the world building and the characters each of them unique and diverse I m excited to see where the series goes from here In A Dystopian Future The Populace Is Segregated Into Castes Belligerents, The Lowest Of Status, Are Comprised Of Criminals And Outcasts Content As A Faceless Commoner, Ryan Has Made A Life For Himself On The Streets As A Car Thief While The Work Isn T The Most Noble, He S Known As One Of The Best Despite His Young AgeRyan S Skills Catch The Eye Of A Flagrant Owner, Bent On Winning The Virtual Competition Vicara Newly Branded As A Belligerent, Ryan Struggles For Freedom And Acceptance At An Academy Specialized In Training Teams For Vicara Ryan S Place On The Team Is Shaky As He Learns The Truth And Tragedy Behind The Person He ReplacesJoin The Belligerents As We Get Our First Look Into The World Of Vicara This shows a lot of promise, if you really like YA dystopias with competitions, but basically tries to cram a 500 page book into a 200 page book Every aspect suffers as a result.
Just wow I am shocked that this book hasn t received readers Granted, this book doesn t have the most complex plot developments or character developments, but it is an amazing book The book s description doesn t really do it justice A better summary for this book would be, Delve into the world where children gladiators and technology combine to form an amazing tale, of intrigue and betrayal I encourage everyone who reads this review to read the book if you have Prime, it is free Yipee Onto the serious review.
The tale of an orphan kid being picked up from the streets and placed into a new, special , role is nothing new, yet the method that this author approaches the subject is truly inspiring Not only is our protagonist adept at thievery, but he also has the ability to be an accomplished pain in the ass sometimes, to the degree that you begin to sympathise with the other characters update to come Each and every character is compelling and well developed So many authors don t do this well when there are too many characters, but Mauldin introduces them to you in a way where you care about them all.