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[Seth Chambers] ☆ Beautiful Machines [war PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ To What Desperate Lengths Will An Android Go To Fit In How Will We Cope With Boredom After The Machines Solve All Our Problems Can A Robot Go Insane Is Artificial Intelligence An Existential Threat Are Thinking Machines Our Friends Our Enemies Or Both In These Pages, You Will Encounter Machines That Laugh And Cry And Kill And Make Love And Write Bad Poetry You Will Meet Robots That Dwell In That Uncanny Valley Wherein Humans And Machines Share A Common, Existential Crisis

I enjoyed reading this anthology The prose is great The stories are humorous, serious, and unsettling Chambers does a good job of making machines come alive However Many of the humans in these stories seem muted, their emotional highs too low and their lows too high, almost as if in trying to make the machines seem human, the humans became machine like Panic Button , Ars Poetica , and She Has a Lovely Voice were my favorites.