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[ Read Online Batman & Robin: Batman & Robin Must Die! ï vampires PDF ] by Grant Morrison ☆ God, I hate Morrison None of this shit makes any sense.
Chaos Joker, now revealed as Oberon Sexton and the Domino Killer, has poisoned Gotham s population with an unknown viral narcotic that has yet to be triggered He and Damian fight it out and get inextricably linked for the duration of this volume Meanwhile Doctor Hurt, having survived the helicopter crash at the end of Batman R.
, has returned to Gotham to masquerade as Thomas Wayne and destroy Bruce s reputation and livelihood But wait, who is Doctor Hurt Add to that Professor Pyg running amok oink oink oink and the release of Blackgate and Arkham inmates, and you have a recipe for unabashedly entertaining Batman I ve finally figured out why The Black Glove, John Mayhew, and Doctor Hurt hate Bruce so much It s because, in The Return of Bruce Wayne, they re trying to unlock the Bat Box for the secret to immortality which Barbatos, the Bat Demon, will bestow upon them But Bruce takes the Bat Box last minute from Professor Carter Nichols and disappears into time, leaving Hurt empty handed and vowing revenge And here we are But it turns out Hurt gets the Box after all And Joker has it out for the Black Glove and Hurt because of R.
P and being used to lure Batman And that s when I finally realize it, the mystery that s been tugging on my spinal column all along view spoiler Doctor Hurt really is Thomas Wayne Not modern Thomas Wayne but classic, from the 18th century, Thomas Wayne The one whose portrait is missing from Wayne Manor and who makes a deal with Barbatos for immortality Aaaaand, Thomas is also El Penitente and behind the railroad accidents fund hide spoiler On The Eve Of Bruce Wayne S Return To Gotham City, The New Batman And Robin Team That Battled Crime During His Absence Must Deal With The Return Of The JokerThen, Grant Morrison Connects The Batman Robin Story With The Bestselling Batman The Return Of Bruce Wayne In The Climactic Showdown Between Batman And The Black GloveAnd In A Story Illustrated By Acclaimed Artist David Finch, Learn What Happens To Dick Grayson After The Real Batman ReturnsCollecting Batman Robin Batman The Return The Joker and Dr Hurt wage an all out war against each other as Gotham burns Can they make Dick and Damian look sufficiently like chumps in time for Bruce Wayne to return and save the day As you can tell by my brief and sarcastic synopsis, I didn t think much of this Batman collection It showcases the entire problem with Morrison s run on Batman and Robin when no attempt is made to make the readers accept Dick and Damian as Batman and Robin, does it really matter much when they bring Bruce back Not to me Sure, the plot had a lot of potential, just like Dick and Damian s run as Batman and Robin I love the idea of Batman and Robin teaming up with the Joker in order to take down Dr Hurt and the Black Glove Too bad it sucked for the most part As with a lot of Grant Morrison s stuff, too much is going on and not enough of it is a good story.
The word genius gets thrown around almost as easily as comparisons to Hitler Leonardo DaVinci was a genius Einstein was a genius Grant Morrison is not He s just a little willing to take risks than many of today s comic book writers Sometimes, his risks pay off and a memorable story results, like Batman and Son or even the first Batman and Robin volume In this book, the risks did not and wound up seeming like a confusing waste of time.
While I m griping, I m just going to say that the whole Batman Incorporated concept would work if Bruce Wayne wasn t publicly funding it Way to conceal your identity, world s greatest detective Still, this volume has a few good moments The Joker is in fine form and Damian managed to entertain me Dick even had his moments when he wasn t being made to look like a chump Bruce Wayne s return would have been enjoyable had it not come at the expense of the rest of the story and not been so hokey, as I ve been told The Return of Bruce Wayen was.
That s that I m pretty much done with Grant Morrison on Batman Save your money for Scott Snyder s run.
Oh dear.
Grant Morrison s story threatened to come off the rails towards the end of the second volume of this series and sadly it crashes and burns during Batman Robin Must Die Admittedly, i m not familiar with a lot of the continuity that s referenced here, but things aren t helped by a complete change in art style that threw me off, too I found this volume both hard to follow and unappealing to look at I don t consider myself a Morrison fan or a critic, but this was a disappointing end to what i d found to be a fairly enjoyable run.
Finally, Grant Morrison completes his Bruce Wayne is dead oh wait he s not storyline that s been going on for aaaaaaaaaages with this book Batman and Robin Must Die which by the by doesn t complete Morrison s run on the character as you ll see by the end With Thomas Wayne seemingly returning from the grave to smear the good Wayne name in Gotham, we see the gradual take down of the Wayne empire as Dick Grayson as Batman battles Dr Pyg, his drug addicted, blank faced fiends, while Damian Al Ghul as Robin takes on Joker The first and only real gripe I have to make is the decision to have Frazier Irving as main artist for this book I hate his art You know those programs where you take a photo and then select to have it look like a painting That s what Irving s artwork looks like It s mostly drab as most of his colour palettes are blacks and greys However I will say that the final panel in his illustration run of the series results in a gorgeous full page spread of Bruce Wayne as Batman returned Pyg, while in previous books chilling and formidable, is in this book unlike any other B list Batman villain and seems to be a poor man s Penguin It s a shame because I expected of a showdown than what s given in the book That said, Thomas Wayne makes up for it and the final fight between him and Batman ends in a satisfyingly interesting way by an unexpected character To be honest I found the conclusion to the main story of Batman returning a bit anti climactic It wasn t nearly as good as the previous volume and there seemed to be too much crammed into this book to really develop a strong enough plot at one point there s a nuke on a train The best part was the revelation at the end and the subsequent one shot story that sets up the next book Batman Incorporated The premise for that and the new villain should hopefully make for a interesting next book and some amazing possibilities for spin off series A good read but a disappointingly weak ending to a fascinating storyline, if you ve been following the series then you ll have to read this for closure but it s not the best of the bunch But maybe the best is yet to come Can I just go on record in saying I wish Dick got to be Batman another 2 years He was great Now let s talk goods and bads The good begins with some great fight scenes done in here, love the back and forth between Damien and Joker, I really dug the Joker in general here, and watching a certain someone return was fun The flipside to the bads are two major things The art and pacing So the art is darker, weird faces, and just not nearly as fun looking as the last two volumes Also the pacing seem to go slow for a moment, lightspeed the next, things felt like they were skipping chunks of informaiton, and a day went by in two pages I just wasn t enjoying the pacing all too much Also the last issue is exciting but feels like a pitch than a solid conclusion to Batman and Robin Overall it s a enjoyable volume, like 2, but not nearly as fun as the first volume for me Next up, black mirror

I really did like the first two volumes of Batman and Robin Really I liked the characters and what Morrison was doing with them, I liked the storylines, I liked the interactions between people It was going great And then there s this.
I m not even going to try and describe what happened in volume three, because I m not entirely sure I d get it right Let me just say that it was a big mess Way too much supernatural stuff going on in a Batman book, which I just don t think works Batman is too grounded for this stuff Yes, even the Dick Grayson version This is all aside from the fact that it was really a convoluted mess There s Joker and time displaced Batman and the other Batman and a Wayne ancestor and It s too much Pyg shows up again, and instead of being creepy and weird, he s just plain weird And then there s the bizarrely cut off ending that was so abrupt I wondered if my copy of the trade was missing pages This simply isn t Morrison s finest moment.
Impression of Batman Must Die after five pages Wha Impression of Batman Must Die after finishing it Wham Wham Wham Wham That was the sound my head made as I beat it against the wall.
I read volumes 1 and 2 Why didn t this make any sense It should have made sense, dammit Warning Long winded rant on the wayinhales deep breathto start long winded rant Let s start with Professor Pyg I hate him And not in a good way For those of you who haven t had the misfortune to read about this character yet, I ll fill you in He s this lame ass villain who surgically alters people into dollatrons, has weird mommy issues, and wears aing pig mask Oh My God He is possibly the stupidest new villain to hit the DC universe inever For Christ s sake, he oinks or snorts every other word He needs to GO AWAY.
We now move on to the second lamest character in Batman s world, Dr Hurt Really, if he had the pig mask, he would have moved right into the 1 slot It was neck and neck for a while What I want to know is who came up with this ass clown Worse, his retarded back story Again, for those of you who don t know already, here s the shortened version of Dr Hurt.
He s Bruce Wayne s ancestor fromwhen buckles on hats were the height of fashion Pilgrims maybe Nobody cares Anyway, he was a devil worshiper Yep When you re all out of ideas, it s time to toss out a few Satanists Naturally, Hurt makes a Deal With the Devil, or possibly just some low level demon Again, who cares The end result is that he s somehow managed to retain his youth Oh, and time travel Yeah, he s been bouncing through time messing with Batman WhyBecause he s eeeevil For some convoluted reason, he is impersonating Bruce s father, Thomas Wayne, in an attempt to destroy Wayne Sr s legacy of good works Remember,He s eeeevil This is where our story picks up Something, something, something and in the nail biting conclusionhe tries to blackmail Damien into opening The Box How does he blackmail him view spoiler By shooting Dick in the back of the head with a bullet that will explode or something and leave Dick a vegetable If Damien agrees tosighSell His Soul, Dr Hurt will operate on Dick and save him hide spoiler I ve been reading Batman comics since I was a kid in the 1970s I d watch reruns of the cheesy Adam West show and the Superfriends every chance I had I dressed up like Batman for Halloween and had all kinds of Bat toys And as I got older, the comics seemed to grow up with me I read The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, Year One, Year Two, A Death in the Family, A Lonely Place of Dying and countless other collections For a while in the 1990s I had subscriptions to every monthly Batman comic that DC was publishing I saw the Tim Burton Batman movie something like four times in the theater even though I also grumbled about it a lot, and I paid money to go to the rest of the those Bat movies, too, including, god help me, Batman Robin I rejoiced at Christopher Nolan s Batman Begins as being the Bat film I d been waiting for my whole life, and I obviously lost my little fan boy mind over The Dark Knight In addition to Batman, I ve read probably thousands of comics in my life including everything from other superheroes to Preacher,Y The Last Man, Sin City, Scott Pilgrim, The Walking Dead, Sandman, Watchmen, and many, many.
And yes, I was very popular with the ladies.
I ve gone out of my way to establish my comic and Batman street cred so that you will fully grasp what it means when I say this about Batman Robin Batman Must Die I have no fucking clue what happened in this comic.
I read the first two volumes so I thought I was up to speed, but as I was flipping the pages of this, I became aware that it might as well have been written in Sanskrit I literally could not comprehend what in the name of Burt Ward s jock strap was going on in this story And I blame Grant Morrison.
Yeah, I know he s supposed to be the cat s ass and DC has practically turned the entire company over to him To be fair, I did like his run on X Men, but his All Star Superman left me scratching my head I was ashamed to admit that for a while since most of the comic s world seemed to think it was fantastic, but I honestly didn t know what the hell was going on half the time What I d read of his stuff leading up to Bruce Wayne s death wasn t making a helluva lot of sense either.
But I gave this Batman Robin series a try, and I did like several things about it I got to this third volume when Well, I can t exactly say what happened because it was all pretty much gibberish to me I know a lot of fans claim that Morrison is working on this whole other level where he s incorporating all kinds of stuff from the long history of characters, but honestly, if a comic geek like me is sitting here flabbergasted, what chance would a casual Bat fan have with this And I think that s why I m done with Morrison His inside baseball type stuff might delight some fans, but what good is it without a coherent story Plus, his big sci fi style really doesn t fit here Batman should be about crime stories, and Bruce Wayne should not be time traveling Or whatever the hell he was doing when he was supposedly dead.
I would have given this one star, but oddly, I liked the extras with Morrison s notes to the artist about some modifications to the bat suit It was the only thing in this that I felt like I understood.