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↠´ Read ↠´ Batman & Robin: Batman vs. Robin by Grant Morrison á Batman takes Bruce Wayne s corpse to a Lazarus pit Damian returns and he and Batman investigate clues to Bruce Wayne s whereabouts But who is Oberon Sexton and why is Damian acting so strangely Dick Grayson s run as Batman continues He and Damian seem less like chumps in this one but Bruce Wayne, even dead, still has them playing second fiddle.
The stories are pretty good The Domino Killer case continues, Talia Al Ghul gets some screen time, and an old enemy of Dick s has a fairly prominent role Still, it feels like it s mostly setting the stage for Bruce Wayne s inevitable return than anything else.
It still has its moments, though, like the revelation of Oberon Sexton s identity and Damian s body getting usurped It could have used a consistent artist, though I m not a huge fan of Frank Quitly but his art gave the first one a unified feel This one feels really disjointed by comparison.
Three stars but definitely on the low end of the threes.
Amusingly disjointed, irresponsibly fun and outrageous, and atrociously silly these are the foremost adjectives I would describe Grant Morrison s story arcs entitled Blackest Knight and Batman vs Robin which this second volume was composed of I was a massive fan of the first volume Batman Reborn because those six issues are probably the most insanely crafted storylines I have ever read in a Batman series, and yet they were also able to impart something resonant when it comes to characterizations and thematic conflicts I originally intended to only read the first volume this year but since I have a week to spare before I get started on my December list, I decided to just jump right into the next six issues and I was glad I did because it was the most fun I had, particularly when everything about the stories just clicks with me easily There wasn t anything of notable depth for this volume In fact, most of the plot ideas are plain silly but it s the kind of silly that entertains Morrison was not pretentious in delivering these action packed tales which I quite appreciated because it kept everything light hearted and exciting for me to follow I don t even notice that it s not Bruce Wayne underneath that cowl but Dick Grayson This is set after the events of Final Crisis where Bruce Wayne was presumed dead It s in this volume when it was revealed that he is very much alive and was merely transported by Darkseid to some alternate dimension, and it s up to Dick, Damian and Alfred to find and retrieve him, but not without complications and the other important missions to face as the Dynamic Duo.
The inarguable bonus for me in picking up this series was the fact that I m able to enjoy Damian Wayne as Robin again after the months of heartache I experienced when he was tragically killed by Morrison himself something I m slowly forgiving him for these days in Batman Incorporated Due to his year long absence and death in the New 52 continuity, I tried my best to avoid any material that included him for a while Choosing to read him again in the comic book pages is honestly an act of courage, and a step towards accepting him back in my life as a beloved favorite character I know this all sounds laughable to you, but I love Damian Wayne in a way I never thought was possible because it was unexpected so losing him was like losing my own family That s not an exaggerated sentiment That s how it felt like when I watched him die I had to grieve him alongside Batman and the rest of his friends as I read and reviewed Tomasi issues as dutifully as I could six months ago That wasn t an easy task to do It was a very masochistic endeavor I even cried a lot.
Now I was absolutely torn about him coming back in Tomasi s run but reading him here in Morrison s own version has made me realize how much I ve missed him after all, and that I do look forward to reading him again in New 52 This volume s last issue 12 provided a very insightful and brutally honest look at Damian s relationship wit his mother Talia al Ghul I ve talked about it in this review, so I won t repeat myself You can just read it by clicking the link Overall, if you are a Damian Wayne fan yourself, then I recommend Morrison s Batman and Robin It s fun, comedic and surprisingly sweet in some ways This one was illustrated by two artists, Cameron Stewart and Andy Clarke for the respective two story arcs There is a lot of dynamic and tantalizing panels and action sequences in their artwork which I guarantee will keep you engrossed as you turn the pages.
I am ready for Batman and Robin stories both from the old and new continuity RECOMMENDED 8 10DO read MY BATMAN COMICS REVIEWS AT 3.
5 starsThis wasn t bad at all, but you really need to read a few things and not just Batman and Robin Vol 1 Batman Reborn to understand what is going on in the story I m really looking forward to getting my hands on Batman Robin Vol 3 Batman Must Die There are quite a few unanswered questions that I m hoping will be addressed in the next volume I m crossing my fingers, but this is Morrison, so there is a distinct possibility that he will go off of his medication againThe biggest surprise was how much Damien grew on me in this volume I actually like him now Whodathunkit P.
S This is what I wish someone would do for me on occasion If you re interested in reading about the new Batman and Robin and have been out of the loop for a while here is what I think you need to get your hands on first This is in no particular order, by the way.
Batman Battle for the CowlBatman R.
Batman Time and the Batman this one is pretty necessary Batman The Black Glove Ugh I hate to do this Final CrisisAlso, a small working knowledge of what was going on with Blackest Night wouldn t hurt, but it s not strictly necessary I had already read Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne, so some of this stuff probably made sense to me, but again, not necessary, since what s happening in this book is before Bruce s return.
If it s been a looooong time since you ve cracked open anything about the Dark Knight, you might want to check out Batman Batman and Son, as well.
And if you re interested in the red headed Bat Chick in the Lazarus pit Batwoman Elegy is a great place to start.
blinks blinks again If I was a forensic comic psychiatrist, I d say this was as good a place as any to point to the genesis of Grant Morrison s future break with reality.
I m too lazy to type up real paragraphs, so I m going to bullet this sucker Go The first couple of issues take place in England so an English translation would be in order and nothing like a Lazarus Pit storyline to breed ennui and reader contempt Right, Guv nor view spoiler Dick Grayson Batman uses it not once but twice hide spoiler Dick Grayson heads to England with what he thinks is the corpse of Batman in a desperate attempt to locate a newly found lazarus pit and reanimate Bruce Wayne Damian Al Ghul has been taken by his mother Talia to have a new spine fitted after his battles in the last book but is the spine all its cracked up to be What s underneath Wayne Manor that s attracting the attentions of a devil worshipping cult And who s been killing off the members of The Black Glove The way they re being killed almost feels like a joke Grant Morrison picks up the story of Batman and Robin Vol 1 with a blistering pace From the opening scene in London which almost feels like a James Bond opening, to the final reveal of a masked character, this is possibly his best Batman book yet If you ve been following the side story of Bruce Wayne s journey through time in Morrison s The Return of Bruce Wayne , you ll get the references in the book and it s a really good companion piece to read alongside this one But even if you re not familiar with that book, this is a great standalone volume Cameron Stewart and Andy Clarke s artwork are brilliant throughout, proving themselves to be equal to the incredibly talented Frank Quitely who supplies the covers included here also It s really just a fun, well written, interesting Batman book, one of Grant Morrison s best From the first page to the last I was reading it so fast I had to go back and look at some of the individual scenes to appreciate them Devil worshippers, wonderfully daffy English superheroes, and a confrontation between Grayson and Damian what s not to like New Batman Dick Grayson decides to haul Bruce Wayne s corpse to a Lazarus Pit in England to try and bring his mentor back from the dead Hilarity ensues resulting in a zombie version of Batman They also figure out that Bruce Wayne must be alive Shocking And he s been trapped in the past leaving clues in the history of the Wayne family and the design of Wayne manor yawn Time travel and Batman stories really shouldn t mix.
I ve already done my bitching in my review of the first volume about how I d be far invested in this storyline if Bruce Wayne was really worm chow, and Dick Grayson was permanently Batman I m interested in the story between Dick and Alfred dealing with Bruce s bastard son Damian as the new Robin rather than the notion that Bruce Wayne was running around the past in a pilgrim hat being his own grandfather or whatever other horseshit scenario that Morrison cooked up to explain how he supposedly survived.
There s a good comic story lurking in here, but since the clock has now started on Bruce Wayne s rescue and return, I m even less interested now.
Grant Morrison Continues His Habit Of Teaming Up With A List, Critically Acclaimed Artists By Joining Cameron Stewart Seven Soldiers Of Victory Manhattan Guardian And Andy Clarke Batman Face The Face For The Next Exciting Chapter Of The Adventures Of The New Dynamic Duo The New Batman And Robin Uncover Clues Involving The Mysterious Death Of Bruce Wayne Before Facing Off Against Each Other In A Heated Battle Instigated By Robin S Mother That Both Heroes Will Regret If They Live Through It Featuring A Issues Storyline That Ties Into The Best Selling Blackest Night Event Titled Blackest Knight, This New Collection Is A Must Have For Both New Readers And Longtime Fans Of Grant Morrison S Batman Epic As The Superstar Writer Unveils Of His Genre Defying Masterplan Collecting Batman Robin Update 06 04 2019 I enjoyed this a tiny bit this time around but I knew what to skip.
I didn t really enjoy this volume, to be honest While I was so happy they took Quitely off the art, the writing just didn t interest me I didn t care to see Dick working with Squire and Knight I didn t like the use of Batwoman in this comic I also hate that it seemed as though Morrison played fast and loose with the Lazarus pit Assuming this was Kate Kane and I think it was I don t think she would so easily risk being tossed into the pit, as well I wished for a lot interaction between Dick and Damian because that s why I keep reading this series.
That being said, there were some things I liked I liked seeing Alfred as of a guiding force for his surrogate grandchildren I liked seeing Dick be so protective over his little brother I liked seeing the softer side of Damian as he expressed concern for what would happen if Bruce came back He really likes being Robin, he s learning a lot and rejecting the Al Ghul s training It was nice to see him sort of let Dick in on his concerns and basically tell his mother to shove it The part where she says he s now an enemy to the Al Ghul s and Damian says I hope to be a worthy one That was fantastic So, overall there just wasn t enough of what I like about this series in this volume so I can t really recommend it 2.
5 stars.
When Robin got to meet his mom THEN this series REALLY kicked in I love this author Some stuff was meh in the middle, but conclusion EARNED Even didn t hate Robin at the end And Nightwing is yummy.
After the frenzied bouillabaisse that is Final Crisis, this book feels like a slow cooked pudding deep, rich, slow to see important bits come to the surface Is Morrison practicing suspense and two plot storytelling all of a sudden This is some great mystery writing and shows the character development that I ve been dying to see Awesome art, and well written characters What happened did Morrison write this without benefit of hallucinogens I like both versions of him, but this one was a nice break from the mind f Morrison.
Just to put it on the record, I m one if those that enjoyed the insane zombie Batman.