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Ñ Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn É Download by Ñ Grant Morrison Beware villains Here comes Batman Robin This TPB edition collects Batman Robin 1 6 featuring two storylines Batman Reborn and Revenge of the Red Hood.
Creative Team Writer Grant MorrisonIllustrators Frank Quitely Philip Tan LEGACY AND SYNERGY I enjoyed comic book runs where the status quo is challenged, therefore I knew that I will like a lot this title where Dick Grayson now is Batman and Damian Wayne became the new Robin.
So, it s Batman Robin, but not the usual crimefighter partners that people used to think when they hear those names.
Batman was dead due the events in Final Crisis , so, after the Battle for the Cowl event in the Batman titles,Dick Grayson took the mantle of Batman, becoming the new protector of Gotham City and taking Damian Wayne as his Robin.
Even having a flying Batmobile Bruce Wayne before his death had been dealing with Damian Wayne as a potential Robin in the Batman and Son storyline, but tensions were too explosive and they weren t able to work together, however, while Dick Damian synergy wasn t peaches and cakes, they were developing a better dynamics pun intended in its own version of the caped crusaders, since while Bruce Damian was a clear father son relationship that never it s something easy to deal with, in the case of Dick Damian, while they didn t share blood, they were indeed like brothers and that was the key change in this new Dynamic Duo, to make them a better crime fighting formula.
Dick Grayson isn t Bruce Wayne, so while he is taking the mantle, certainly you can t expect him to behave just like good ol Brucie, since Dick has different ways to deal with stuff, so it s good to have a fresh new kind of Batman not so grimm, still with a detective brilliant mind, but not so tortured, and while Commisioner Gordon and the GCPD officers didn t tell it aloud, they know that this is a different Batmanand they are receiving him with pleasantness.
Also, I was quite glad of reading this run, since I knew Batman through the 1966 TV series and Superfriends along with both Filmation cartoon series too so, to me, it wasn t just Batman like he was doing in the comic books at those times but it was Batman AND Robin, the Dynamic Duo So, while nowadays I have no problem to read stories with Batman going solo, I always think that it was cool to have both of them in the action QUITELY FINALLY GOT IT I saw sad that Frank Quitely only did the inner art of the first three issues while he kept doing covers in the run , since while in some previous works I had been too critical of his tendency to make everybody too chubby, here, in Batman Robin, Quitely seemed like finally understood that people have different body types It was a gorgeous artwork NEW VILLAINS, OLD RELATIVES This exciting run of Batman Robin introduces us to several new villains along the run and in this first TPB, you ll meet the insane Professor Pyg and his twisted experiments, that certainly he is one of the best new additions to the Batman s Rogue Gallery in the recent years.
Also, you ll meet The Flamingo, that while he is indeed a dangerous killersorry, I can t take seriously a professional hitmanwearing pink Sorry Nope.
And about old relatives of the Bat Familyyou can bet that if Dick Grayson is wearing the mantle of Batman, you won t have Jason Todd far away, in fact, Red Hood Jason Todd is back, doing what he considers that Bruce and Dick never had the stomach to do, to keep safe Gotham City s streetsand now he is having a sidekick Batman Robin vs Red Hood Scarlet Bring it on Updated 22 03 2019 Hello everyone, I d just managed to tear myself from Batman online fanfics to read actually Batman comicthis time it s a re reading here is my finding 1 Love the character design and the artwork Everyone looks awesome They are all very cool looking 2 By everyone I mean.
everyone expects Jason Todd Red Hood because his design is just awful, perhaps it s supposed to be awful, or perhaps the comic artist hates him or perhaps it s just me, but still As a Red Hood fangirl, I m entirely NOT happy with him being the worst Joker cosplayer out there OkayRed Hood and Scarlet have managed to do so damn great despite Hood s terrible outlook, therefore they are still totally cool XD 3 Talking about Jason, during the re reading I m shocked to see him actually blaming Dick currently Batman for not bringing Bruce back from death when he might have the method for it coughs the Lazarus Pit coughs WellI am sure that clearly is Jason showing his love for Bruce.
what I can see is some really in depth daddy issue here LOL 4 I m looking forward to of this series 5 Last but not least, I feel a bit sorry for Dick because taking up the job as Batman means he too has to deal with the underpants on the outside thingyThe original review I really like Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin the Boy Wonder They make a great and lively crime fighting duo despite Dick being uncertain of himself and Damian constantly being a brat Not to mention Red Hood and Scarlet I just.
like Red Hood so much even since I heard about his story from Under the Hood fangirl s screams After Batman R.
P, Grant Morrison continues to prove himself a great storyteller for Batman s tales, this guy really knows what he is doing although I don t always agree with his version of Batman and the Bat Family And goodness The artwork is so, so very awesome and adorable Andthe villains They are also great Especially the super creepy Professor Pyg and his army of mind controlled living dolls Prof Pyg is an expect of doing really creepy stuff while acting like a total creep e.
g doing weird dance moves while tying Robin on a chair and wanting to cut him up and I LOVE IT Review for Batman R I P.
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The Dynamic Duo are back Batman and Robin No, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely ray Batman s dead I know, I know, le sigh, cue eye rolling, etc But after his death in Final Crisis, a lot of great comics followed The Return of Bruce Wayne, this great series as well as Scott Snyder s The Black Mirror, culminating with Batman Incorporated While Bruce is temporarily away, Dick Grayson steps up to don the cowl and become the new Batman with surly sidekick Damian Wayne as his Robin.
Grant Morrison gives Dick a suitable first adventure as Batman by sending him against a disturbing new adversary Professor Pyg and his Circus of Strange Remember Dick grew up in the circus Nice touch It s like a circle, reminding the man he is now Batman of the boy he once was Robin Pyg is a very sinister villain Morrison warps the traditionally campy nature of Batman s villains an overweight guy in a pig mask calling himself Professor Pyg with some dark twists Pyg fuses plastic masks onto peoples faces, wiping out their identity and turning them into his Dollotrons, mindless slaves to do his bidding Morrison has him do this horrible and kinda funny striptease with power drills to sexy disco music as he worships his mummy made of nails who only he can hear When the GCPD catch up with him, he starts screaming for them to hit him some very fucked up and creepy Identity is the theme of this book Dick is wary about stepping into Bruce s boots, not least because he never wanted to be Batman anyway The cape was the first thing I ditched when I got out on my own I m way off balance But he does his duty because he s the right choice and to honour Bruce s memory Morrison wrote a great Bruce and an even better Damian who s difficult towards Dick at first but gradually respects him as Batman Did you just save my life but he also wrote a terrific Dick Grayson Despite all the shit Damian gives him, he says to a sympathetic Alfred in the cave, Who s gonna save him if we don t What a great guy that s why he was the best Robin Also, after being partnered to Damian s stoic father for so many years, he s bound to be patient than most to the standoffish brat Morrison s Alfred continues to be the best Not only does he rustle up some amazing snacks chicken and jalapeno sandwiches recipe, now for his boys but the scenes between him and Dick were brilliant He s there to dispel Dick s doubts about Damian If anyone can bring out the best in the boy, it will be you, I have no doubt, and the pep talk he gives Dick to help make him feel better about his new role as Batman is wonderful A new character called Sasha continues the identity theme She s one of Pyg s victims who has a Dollotron mask put on her Damian is unable to save her when he attempts stopping Pyg solo, another sign that he needs Batman, Robin s other half and she ends up adopting the new name of Scarlet Like Dick and Batman s cowl, a mask is forced upon her and she must deal with this unwanted new identity Scarlet is one of the few parts of the book that aren t great Sure she underlines the book s theme but, when she becomes Red Hood s new sidekick, she too quickly becomes a capable fighter She s just an ordinary Russian girl but suddenly she can hold her own against the likes of Damian, a kid who s been trained to be a ninja from birth Speaking of Red Hood, Morrison s Jason Todd aka the second Robin is far vicious than the less intense character he is these days Back then he was still pretty much an evil bastard, guns blazing, knives out, killing criminals he s a bit jarring here if you re used to the mellow guy he is now But he s a fine inclusion, not just because this is a book about the Robins but because Jason serves as a counterpoint to Dick, showing Damian what happens when you step over the line and begin taking lives Jason s a cautionary tale of Batman gone wrong.
Frank Quitely is one of my favourite artists so of course I loved his work on this title Besides drawing the brilliant covers, he draws the first arc of the series, the Pyg storyline, and everything looks perfect The new Batmobile is an amazing design, switching from road driving to flying, oh, why can t these exist in real life I love his Damian s tight lipped scowl when he s talking with Dick a smiling Batman, I love it , who s kind of forced into the role of stepfather trying to get his stepson to like him It s all very cute, especially when you see Dick acting like Bruce as Batman in the Gordon scenes who immediately knows it s not the usual Batman It s a shame Quitely doesn t draw the whole book Philip Tan takes over in the second half and it s a little too much, a bit too busy the pages look especially crazy frenetic compared to the Zen like space of Quitely s layouts but it s superficial flashiness sort of fits Jason Todd s trying too hard approach to a T Flamingo is a bit of a crap villain He s the obligatory unifying one note bad guy that Dick, Jason and Damian have to beat at the end of the book He wears pink, he doesn t talk, and he s apparently super tough Hmm He was a quirky addition in Batman 666 but proves to be just as insubstantial in a longer story as a short.
Despite Scarlet Flamingo Philip Tan s art, I really enjoyed re reading this book of Dick Grayson Batman stories he was an outstanding Batman He s a perfect fit with Damian too, a younger man than Bruce, closer in age to Damian, a surrogate big brother, and you can see they ve got great chemistry together Even though I knew it wouldn t last, I still found it disappointing when Bruce returned to become Batman again that s how well Morrison writes Grayson s Batman Batman Robin Reborn is a fantastic book a fresh, exciting, modern take on a classic title full of great stories and fully realised memorable characters.
If Grant Morrison has ever written a crappy comic, I don t want to know about it This volume is about Robins, past and present The current Batman is Dick Grayson, Robin 1, who is taking over for the dead missing Bruce Wayne His Robin is Damian, Batman s son with Tahlia al Ghul He s a ten year old raised by assassins He s a mechanical genius and an adept crime fighter He s also violent, surly, uncooperative and contemptuous Good luck, Dick.
The other Robin is Jason Todd, now the Red Hood Jason was the second Robin, who met an untimely end by getting repeatedly smacked in the noggin by the Joker and then blown up He came back when Superboy punched a wall don t ask He has issues He s become the vigilante that than half of Gotham wants they took a poll with his motto being The punishment should fit the crime or something.
The art here is excellent Frank Quietly, who worked with Morrison on All Star Superman and Phillip Tan share the chores on this volume sigh This review was written before I read Action Comics, Volume 2 and other less than stellar Morrison penned works so, um, hindsight and all that.
Batman Reborn In their first case as Batman Robin, Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne take on Professor Pyg and the Circus of the Strange.
I ll be honest, despite reading comics off and on for the last 30 ish years, I haven t read all that many Batman comics When I heard Grant Morrison was doing the Batman monthly, that s when I got on board Batman and Robin is Morrison at his best.
Remember when Bane broke Batman s back and they replaced him with someone who wasn t Dick Grayson Well, Morrison didn t make that mistake I love the dynamic between Dick and Damian Damian saying That will be all, Pennyworth made me laugh when I read it, even the second time For once, Batman is the lighthearted member of the dynamic duo Professor Pyg is pretty creepy and made a good first foe for Batman and Robin Other things I liked the flying Batmobile and the paracapes.
Revenge of the Red Hood While looking for the man behind Professor Pyg, Batman Robin run up against a different dynamic duo, The Red Hood and Scarlet.
I didn t like this one as much as the first story Batman and Robin were made to look like chumps, which is no way to get the fan boys behind them this early in their run On the plus side, Flamingo seemed like a very credible threat in his first outing Jason Todd chewed the scenery as always but he and Scarlet contrasted well with Dick and Damian.
The sketches in the back provided an interesting look behind the scenes.
So what gripes did I have Only that I know all of this will be nullified when whomever follows Morrison on the title hits the reset button on everything so no one will ever have to read interesting Batman stories again.
Grant Morrison took his medicines probably drugs and gives us two new, original and badass dynamic duos at the price of one Dick Damian Red Hood Scarlet Just imagine David Lynch under hallucinogens directing Adam West s Batman tv series to make yourself an idea of what is waiting for you between these pages just beware this is not the Dark Knight you used to read And the cast of freakshow Gotham villains was just much bloodthirsty and disturbing than usual.
A good and weird read, but if you are looking for a funny and relaxing one, just stay away from here.
You ve been warned.
The Batman is dead Long live the Batman.
Grant Morrison and frequent artistic collaborator Frank Quitely gives us the first arc of entirely new take on the Dark Knight.
Morrison has charted Batman s adventures the past few years and along the way gave the Caped Crusader a son, a league of Batmen and a super secret identity called the Batman of Zur en arrh This led to his fateful encounter with dark god Darkseid in Final Crisis which resulted in Bruce Wayne trapped in the time stream This gave former sidekick and ward Dick Grayson the chance to don the cape and cowl of his fallen mentor.
Dick Grayson as Batman is definitely a lighthearted Batman than his brooding and intense mentor ever was For Grayson, Batman is a mask, as much as the Bruce Wayne persona was to the original Batman It is once said the Robin was a counterpoint to the darker Batman, with his colorful costume, youthful athleticism and high flying act That is known as the original Batman and Robin dynamic With Grayson as Batman, this relationship takes on a polar shift, with Damien the aforementioned son of the Bat, taking on the role of a Robin that takes himself too seriously and a reflex for violence.
This is a promising take on the Batman mythos The new Dynamic Duo has opened up possibilities of new stories for the odd couple, This is the Batman I am most excited about.
I m not a member of the cult of Grant Morrison I liked what he did with the X Men a few years back, but I didn t make it through the last giant re boot of the DC Universe that he played a huge role in His All Star Superman left me scratching my head, and his previous Batman stories left me cold Part of that was due to my lack of patience with a comic publisher killing a major character Anyone who thought that Bruce Wayne was actually going to stay dead should email me your credit card numbers immediately for a once in a lifetime investment opportunity.
So this version of Batman Robin had a lot of strikes against it before I even started I actually thought the idea of the original Robin, Dick Grayson, having to fill Batman s cape could be an interesting story, but since I knew it just marking time until the return of Bruce Wayne, it s hard to get emotionally engaged in it I ve come around to a new way of thinking when it comes to the messy issue of comic book continuity I m renouncing my fanboy ways that demanded slavishly sticking to a character s past It just leads to problems when aging makes a re boot necessary, and it also means that a comic company will always return to a baseline version of the character no matter what stunts they pull These days, I think we d be better served to embrace a notion of multiple versions of characters that don t have to stick to what s gone before I d be interested in this story if Bruce Wayne was really dead The Dark Knight Returns comic and The Dark Knight movie were powerful and interesting stories precisely because they gave us new chapters in the Batman mythos without having to one day return to the normal Batman Marvel used their Ultimate line of comics for a similar effect by giving us an updated version of the characters while leaving the older stuff in place in the original books So if this was a spin off story of some sort that told the story of Grayson trying to carry on the Batman name, it d resonate better than knowing that Bruce is going to crawl out of the grave and take the keys to the Batmobile back at some point Back to the book, it s actually a decent story The new Robin is Bruce Wayne s illegitimate son Damian whose mother is Talia, the daughter of Batman s old enemy Ra s Al Ghul Apparently Batman forgot to load up the ultitily belt with a supply of bat condoms one night and Damian was the result Damian is an arrogant brat who was raised by a league of killers and groomed to think that he s entitled to take a priviliged place as Bruce Wayne s kid He s angry that circumstances have forced him to play sidekick to Grayson, who he thinks is a piss poor Batman Plus, the rumors about Batman s death have been circulating so both the cops and Gotham s criminal community aren t sure what to make of the new Dynamic Duo It s good writing with solid artwork I like the concept of Dick Grayson and Alfred struggling to continue Bruce Wayne s legacy while dealing with his spoiled bastard But knowing that it s all for nothing once the original Batman returns makes it seem kind of pointless.
Batman Reborn Begins Here With The Reunited Team Of Grant Morrison And Frank Quitely All Star Superman, We, New X Men The New Dynamic Duo Hit The Streets With A Bang In Their New Flying Batmobile As They Face Off Against An Assemblage Of Villains Called The Circus Of Strange They Also Tackle Their First Mission Investigating A Child Who S Been Abducted By The Mysterious Domino Killer But Will Everything Go Smoothly And Who Exactly Are The New Batman And Robin The Newest Era Of The Dark Knight Begins Here Collecting Batman Robin Whatever happened to you, it helped make you special, understand Following the events of Batman R.
P and Final Crisis, Bruce is gone I ll leave it at that Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne take up the mantle of Batman and Robin to replace Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake, who s become Red Robin While no duo is as classic as Bruce and Dick, this one is a close second for me As you probably know, Damian was my least favorite Robin, until this book He s now tied with Jason He s still kind of a mean, headstrong little shit of only ten years old Who wouldn t be if you were raised by killer assassins But he s slowly getting better He s somewhat kinder to Dick and Alfred He s good at mechanics, having figured out the coolest Batmobile so far He s beginning to learn from his mistakes and takes needed advice from Dick Dick himself struggles with the cape and cowl, aware that he s accidentally impersonating Bruce with his Batman growl and military slogans Alfred suggests that he needs to be his own Batman, with theatrics and less grit And although even tempered and less broody, Dick makes a great Batman with his athleticism and sharp wit As far as plot goes, it s pretty solid, and Morrison slowly weaves a grand web of criminal complexity that involves the Circus of Strange, Professor Pyg and his Dollotrons, The Black Glove, The Gravedigger, The Red Hood and Scarlet, The Penguin, and Flamingo There are definitely questions left unanswered at the end of Volume 1, but knowing Morrison they should be answered shortly I really admire Frank Quitely s artwork It s generally very clean, modern, and atypical, like his psychedelic covers Reading the extras about the very involved redesign of Batman and Robin for this series, I think Quitely s illustrations with Philip Tan s colors work great I love the new costumes and gadgets, the new Batmobile and Bat Quad, that Wayne Tower is their new high tech headquarters I ll say, though, having read all three volumes before, I wish Quitely would have stuck with this series But overall a great reread and start to the series Let s hope the other volumes hold up better with a second read.