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Download Epub Format · Batman, Incorporated PDF by ✓ Grant Morrison It seems that everything that I have read from Grant Morrison has been first rate All Star Superman, New X Men, the New 52 Action Comics This collection is no exception Here Batman is back from where ever he went when Darkseid obliterated him He s now setting up Batman Incorporated, a world wide network of heroes to battle crime on a global scale Here, it s the Leviathan.
The art is different for each storyline and is exceptional I appreciate how Grant Morrison is reverential to the source material the original Batwoman, Katherine Kane, tribute is a highlight He makes a story about a Native American Batman, which in other hands could easily fall flat, engaging.
Plus, a cameo by Ace the Bat Hound Woo Hoo This is the deluxe version, which has a glossary that clearly explains I needed it the history of each character in this volume.
Some of these issues are really good, some not so much I didn t like the weird Matrix y issue at the end but most of the other ones are pretty cool Confusing Unclear Incomprehensible Unstructured Anticlimactic Pure Morrison.
So Batman, do you wanna talk about your new codpiece I mean, I get it Maybe it s functional, might even offer some added protection but it s a codpiece, Bruce A codpiece Bringing back the codpiece is like trying to convince people that you weren t wearing your underwear on the outside of your costume all these years it ain t gonna happen May as well put Robin in a green jock strap while you re at it And a light up bat symbol on your chest What is that Your Dark Knight Light Think about how that is going to get you killed for a second time Seriously, this collection ranks in the bottom 10 Batman comics for me Utterly inane Half the dialogue doesn t make sense, the other half talks about events that we don t get to see happen So much happens off panel that it makes reading these pages pointless And for a book about how Batman expands into an international concept,supposedly bringing nations and their heroes together under one cause, there is no unity, no glue that binds the artwork and story lines and ideas together Fail Epic, epic fail 1 5 Batman is going global He can t be everywhere so he s training his Bat people all over the world This first installment focuses on some of their tales.
As usual writer Grant Morrison dips into old comic book tales and this is no different Mr Unknown is Dead Batman s planned Bat in Tokyo is dead and he must deal with the immortal Lord Death Man, find a new Bats and creatively put an end to Lord Death Man STORY B plus ARTWORK B plus The Scorpion Tango Batman unsuccessfully tries to get El Gaucho a superhero of Argentina to join him but he refuses Things heat up which includes the Falkland Islands, a cast of British superheroes and a supervillain who has lost part of his memories STORY B plus to A minus ARTWORK A minus The Leviathan Strikes a new global enemy named Leviathan is revealed Batman mingles with of his future Bats and works at dismantling the Leviathan organization STORY A minus ARTWORK B plus Morrison nods in spoilers.
ARTISTIC PRESENTATION PANELS B plus to A minus CHARACTERS DIALOGUE B plus to A minus STORY PLOTTING PANELS B plus to A minus ACTION SCENES B to B plus BATMAN MYTHOLOGY A minus OVERALL GRADE B plus to A minus WHEN read April 2013 view spoiler SPOILERS there s a lot of homages to older comic book characters and such I shall mention a few of them here Morrison listed a lot of them in the back of this hardcover volume.
El Gaucho made his first appearance in January 1955 Cimarron showed up recently in 2000 a superhero on the sidelines Batwoman first appeared in 1956 She was the first woman Batman ever loved but then she became non canonical.
Batwing was influenced by a 1973 tale in which Batman teached a poor kid to become a temporary Bat hero.
The father son team known as Man of Bats and Little Raven made their first appearance in 1955 as the American Indian superheroes.
Lord Death Man 1966.
And the list goes on and on and on hide spoiler Yep, done with morrison s run on Batman Besides Batman and Robin he s the worst Batman writer of all time Goodbye

Batman starts to realize that he s overextended He has his hands full trying to protect Gotham City, and other places around the world could use their version of Batman That s where Batman Incorporated comes in He sees and investigates good candidates that can take on the Batman mantle in a worthy manner in different cities This volume focuses on Tokyo and Paris The Tokyo storyline is pretty over the top and crazy It reminds me of the crazy nature of Japanese and Asian action films The villain is seriously heinous, which is really par for the course with Batman heroes The pace is pretty fast and frenetic, but not so much that I couldn t follow the storyline As crazy as the Tokyo story was, the Paris one was serious and somber I like that Batman doesn t allow religious differences and cultural differences to preclude a worthy Batman His choice for the Paris Batman is perfect and he is leaving the mantle in good hands there.
Grant Morrison is highly edgy in his graphic novels, and after the last one I read, I was leery But this was a good book.
This book collects the entire run of Batman Incorporated before the New 52 reboot DC Comics did with their superhero line a few years back This is Grant Morrison doing what he does best with Batman, expanding the mythos by reviving and reintroducing characters and concepts that used to exist on fringes of the DC Universe Batman Incorporated is Morrison latest take on the character, a culmination of sorts from prior stories that gave us Damian Wayne and a new version of the international Batmen This is about Batman bringing his crime fighting out of Gotham and into a global scale, bringing in the corporate resources of Bruce Wayne into a larger role The first story arc is a great example of Morrison introducing a lesser known version of Batman, and he does it by bringing back the mysterious and over the top Lord Death Man Batman is seeking new agents to help him with global war on crime and he s recruiting actively His extend family of sidekicks and the Gordons are already in the fold, and now Batman is looking to franchise the Cape and the Cowl worldwide.
Batman Incorporated would be the last Batman title Morrison worked on a monthly basis and it made sense all of the past stories were about moving all the pieces for that epic last page reveal It would make sense looking back However, that would make this book an incomplete collection There would be another Batman Incorporated title after DC transitioned into New 52, but it only served to continue Morrison s final Batman story If you thought then that Batman Incorporated volume two moved to its baton is because it doesn t fit in with its New 52 launch mates It would be to the advantage of the reader to treat this as its own continuity, as this reader did If one has read all the Morrison Batman stories from Batman and Son to this one, this would where your payback begins.
This was a great read Batman is a darker character than most, but Morrison mining of its Silver Age past mean that there would at least be color The villains are nefarious and stranger but this Batman has a upbeat vibe which is understandable because this incarnation has surived death and Darkseid.
Morrison is a great writer, and he s great at Batman He also has interesting tastes in stories Here, Bruce Wayne has decided to use his wealth to fund a worldwide consortium of Batmen Batman is everywhere Sort of like McDonalds On the surface, the idea is sort of silly, but it also works It makes sense Why wouldn t Bruce Wayne do something like this There s some truly great issues in here Teaming up with Catwoman in Japan, meeting up with Batwoman, the reservation storyline, and seeing poor Stephanie as Batgirl nice while it lasted, wasn t it were all great There was also an odd cyberspace storyline in there, though, and the overarching Leviathan storyline went out with of a fizzle than a bang But overall, satisfying to read than not.
There s some behind the scenes information from Morrison at the back, about how and why he did what he did Always fun to read this sort of thing from him, even if it never explains everything.
About fifty percent of this was fun to read.
Some of the stories were coherent and fun, and some of themwere classic Morrison In other words, there was a whole lotta flipping backward to see if I missed something that would make what I just read make sensesigh And then I would remember who the author was I thought quite a few of the new Batman recruits were lame, and there was also a noticeable amount of doofy villains That guy with the parrot Noooo.
However, when Grant takes his meds, his storytelling ability is quite amazing It s kinda worth it to wade through the crap to find one of his golden turds.
Grant Morrison Continues His Earth Shattering Run On The Batman Titles With This Exciting New Series Illustrated By Hot Artist Yanick Paquette That Features The Next Stage Of Evolution Of The Dark Knight Bruce Wayne Publicly Announces That He Is The Financial Backer Of Batman And Establishes A Worldwide Franchise Of Batmen That Will Protect The Entire Globe This Is The Beginning Of A Stunning Direction For The World S Greatest Detective That Will Team Him With Catwoman, Batwoman And Batman Inc Representatives On International Crime Fighting Missions Against Lord Death Man In Japan, South America And ArgentinaCollecting Batman Incorporated , Leviathan Strikes