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Ë Read æ Under The Hood Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 by Judd Winick ¸ A new vigilante is in town and he s shaking things up for Black Mask, the new crime boss of Gotham But when Batman steps in he finds that this new guy happens to know lots of things about him, things his enemies don t know, couldn t possibly know But who could know Batman so well, who could be under the red hood I think most people coming to this book will know who it is under the red hood, so much so the subtitle of the book should be The Resurrection of Jason Todd Jason, the second Robin, was famously murdered by the Joker in the book Batman A Death in the Family and became Batman s biggest failure But hey this is comics, it s all middle story, nothing s forever Superman died, Green Arrow died, and they re both alive, why not Robin too The book is actually pretty good Besides some shaky dialogue characterising Batman as an extremely grumpy and unlikeable man the back and forth between him and Nightwing was unlike the way their relationship has largely been written , the plot was full of action and intrigue moving forward at a blistering pace and throwing a few curve balls at the reader I especially liked the final confrontation between Batman and Red Hood, I think what most people expected to hear wasn t what was said and that s always a good thing, that a writer can surprise like that Think you know what motivates Jason Think again And of course Joker is knee deep in it as usual.
But I think the biggest problem most people have with the book is how Jason was brought back from the grave It s included here at the end and I have to agree it was a bit convoluted Remember that the means to resurrect the dead exists in the Batman universe, they re called Lazarus Pits, but rather than simply use this device Winick goes for an even out there explanation that probably turned a lot of people off the story proper.
That said, this is a fine Batman book that I had a blast reading Winick underwrote Black Mask a bit until the end when we saw his viciousness come through, and as I ve said the final showdown between Batman and Red Hood is an instant classic and very moving If you love Batman then you ll get a lot from this book, I know I did.
Batman Is Confronted With A Hidden Face From The Past It S The Return Of The Vigilante Red Hood Who Appears To Be Batman S One Time Partner Jason Todd, The Same Jason Todd That Died Many Years Ago But The Red Hood S Violent Ways Pit Him Against The Dark Knight In His Hunt For The Very Person Responsible For His Death The JokerThis Volume Collects Batman , And Batman Annual You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.
Judd Winick masterfully introduces to the canon Batman stories one of the most iconic characters who has shaken the very foundation of the Dark Knight Filled with intense and bloody action sequences, Judd Winick does an impeccable job in characterization and brings to life the Red Hood with pure finesse and grace In Batman Under the Red Hood, readers will be pleased to see the rise of a new player in the war on crime who doesn t see justice through the same scope as most superheroes.
Batman Under the Red Hood is unmistakably one of the greatest story arc to have graced the Gotham lore It took me a while to finally get my hands on this splendid graphic novel containing both volume 1 and 2, but the wait was well worth it Like anything that I know I ll love, I ve been keeping my distance to not lose that first impression that would surely capture my heart and coat it with a layer of complete praise for the character Now that I ve indulged myself in the very story that brought the Red Hood to life, I can humbly say that he is an unbelievable and unforgettable addition to Batman s universe.
In this truly fantastic story arc, a mysterious new figure meddles with the top dog of Gotham and stirs the hornets nest like none other before Now crime lord Black Mask seeks to rid himself of this pest by using all possible methods, from retaliation to compliance, in order to settle this business before his own plans fall into ruin In the meantime, Batman attempts to figure out who s under the red hood while a whole war dipped in dilemmas unravels at the heart of Gotham.
The Red Hood is one of the most beloved character by fans, and there are so many reasons why it is so His personality is eccentric and completely cocky, and his methods are vicious and mysterious You d imagine that there s no one out there that could actually go head to head with Batman, but this one finds ways to stun him and stay a couple steps ahead of him While bloodshed comes with his approach, there s a hint of his knowledge and way of doing that succeeds in impressing Batman, but also rattles his very disbelief of the impossible.
The best part of this storyarc is in understanding the motives behind this antihero While he does appear out of the blue, the Red Hood rose out of the shows with a plan The revelation that view spoiler he is the once dead Robin, Jason Todd see A Death in the Family by Jim Stalin hide spoiler This is a batman graphic novel at near to its finest And for both fans of the Dark Knight and newcomers this is a must read novel in any form If you enjoy good versus evil, are interested in the psychology of your characters, like stories with morals or just love graphic novels then you could buy this book from me if I owned it go and read itWhat sets Batman apart from all other superheroes is not simply his lack of any metaphysical powers the tragic death of his parents the children he trains as weapons the gritty nature of his stories or the various villains he contends with No rather it has always been his resolve and determination His spirit to keep fighting the demons of Gotham City and the demons within his own fractured psyche As a result and in effort to prevent himself slipping to the dark side of the force Batman must prevent himself from killing all the remaining jedi.
And it is this fact that Under the Red Hood portrays so effectively It brings up elements from batman s past along with twists and turns You will, as you progress through the story come to see why Batman does not kill and why he is a true hero But for that you need the perfect adversary And so the story introduces both a new and an old villain The Red Hood Which for anyone who knows their DC history was the suggested identity of the Joker before he became the Joker So who is this Red Hood read the book I mean graphic novel.
If you re a follower of the series I recommend that you read Batman Hush as this very much ties into the storyline of Hush However you don t need to have read any previous novels to understand this storyline as cleverly explained as it is by both the written text and the luscious art.
In short if you re interested in gritty stories with depth then this may be for you Not to mention there is the art to enjoy alongside So you get a two for the price of one deal with a graphic novel like this.
So fast forward toddles is back less chill than ever, the fact that freeze shows up i thought toddles was gonna melt his ass with one look A while ago i watched the movie of this because Dimaggio as the joker was awesome not as awesome as my boy hamill but if you ve got a spare hour it s a good little film so i debated whether to pick this up however they are completely different which i was pleased about I didn t expect it to be funny, but mannnn black mask brought his A game he s hilarious in this, which balances out batsy having a meltdown over jason who is too busy cracking wise ass and blowing shit up Have to say i do like todd better as red hood the fact that he shut up joker was amazing just slow clapping it out It s a really good read got through this one quite quickly it has a ton of characters, there wasn t much sassy alfred though which was disappointing The toddster is completely unhinged he s a bit of a shit really there s still a lot of brattyness to him, like someone needs to give him a time out but he s another gotham tortured soul and ya either gonna learn to love him or hate him.
This was pretty damn heartbreaking Honestly, you can t read anything Batfam without hearing about what happened to Jason Todd these days so I had to read this Much like the other Batman stories adapted for animated films, there are some pieces missing changed in the film This was a really entertaining and engaging comic and I teared up a bit at times Jason Todd is not okay Not only was he severely beaten to death, he had issues with abandonment and low self worth before that that shows here He didn t see Batman refusing to kill the Joker as just abiding by his moral code, I think part of Jason thought he wasn t worth enough to Bruce for him to break his rule It s clear that isn t the case for Bruce and it was heartbreaking to see him have to attack Jason to save the Joker of all people Anyway, watching Jason destroy the drug trade by shooting and blowing people up was interesting As screwed up and dark as it is, it served the purpose of making it clear that Jason was not here to be another Batman It was interesting seeing Onyx take him on and challenge his sense of morality Loved getting to see how Alfred felt about some of this I love his relationships with all of the Robins Sad to see him try to get Bruce to take care of himself and helping find out Jason was actually back Bruce seemed pretty desperate here and that s not something I m used to It was kinda intriguing Anyway, it lagged a bit during some of the scenes with the Black Mask but I was really interested and entertained through most of it 4.
5 stars.

I read Under the Red Hood as the third installment in the Saga of Jason Todd, consisting previously of A Death in the Family and A Lonely Place of Dying In A Death in the Family, we bore witness to the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin, at the hands of the Joker In A Lonely Place of Dying, we saw Batman struggling to cope with Jason s death as his guilty conscience slowly broke him In Under the Red Hood, Batman and Jason Todd s story comes to a climactic end, which leaves us with arguably one of the best Batman graphic novels written to date.
Under the Red Hood is written marvelously, offering plenty of mystery, excitement, action, and drama to satiate the desires of the biggest Batman fans Unfortunately for me, I was well aware of the identity of the Red Hood long before reading this graphic novel, so the reveal did not impact me as greatly as I know it could have Despite being spoiled to the mystery of this story, I still found the rest of it to be entertaining and deeply engaging In particular, the action was a vast improvement over the preceding A Death in the Family and A Lonely Place of Dying Showcased throughout was a blood dripping, fist flailing, explosives laden, bullet doused adventure that put the earlier entries to shame There was never a dull moment to slow things down.
Though I must say, as good as the action was, my favorite parts weren t those packed with fight scenes, but rather those that concentrated on story development through the use of dialogue between principal characters Those tense moments when the Red Hood and Batman shared the page were masterfully written The emotions that poured out of each character felt authentic and significant hardly anything felt like filler or fluff The relationship between Batman and the Red Hood is one of the most intimate and complex dynamics to have ever impacted Batman s career as a crime fighter, rivaling even his close friendship rivalry with Superman These moments of brilliant dialogue serve to enhance the splendor of Batman both as a character and as a comic book series, making everything feel all the human and relatable This isn t your average bad guy beat em up story with a happy ending, for what Under the Red Hood offers is far nuanced and mature to be taken so lightly Probably the most impactful moment in Under the Red Hood was the sequence between the Red Hood and Batman that delved into the morality of how Batman operates Is it a sign of weakness that Batman does not kill his most vile adversaries, or something else entirely Would it be wrong to cross that harrowing line for just one glaring exception What event, if any, could be so consequential as to push Batman over the edge These questions are some of the most haunting inquiries into the psyche of the Batman, and contemplating their answers only strengthens his stature as one of the best superheroes in the world of comics It says a lot about the strength of a character when they can dress up as a bat and still be so emotionally and mentally complex to the reader Along with A Death in the Family and A Lonely Place of Dying, Under the Red Hood firmly establishes Batman as one of the premier comic book franchises in a market saturated with comics that simply pale in comparison I honestly don t have any complaints about this graphic novel, as I felt that it was executed to near perfection Not only did it faithfully conclude a story arc decades in the making, but it also gave birth to one of the coolest new anti heroes of the DC Universe in the Red Hood a cunning, smart mouthed badass who is not afraid to spill the blood of evildoers He is the perfect foil to rival Batman and his virtuous ways As far as significance goes, Under the Red Hood is high up on that list and is a must read for any fan of Batman looking to read up on his most significant story arcs.
This is where my obsession with Red Hood and the Outlaws originally started.
And as some of you know, I catch lots of shit for loving that titlesecond only to the piles of crap I m subjected to for boldly standing behind Aquaman Shut Up.
I read volume 1 several years ago, but this is the first time I ve had a chance to read the arc in its entirety Honestly, I was afraid it wouldn t hold up under a second reading, but this story is one that definitely stands the test of time.
In fact, I m going to have to say this was even better the second time around Besides, I had forgotten quite a bit of the first half of the story, so a re read certainly didn t hurt And one of the main things I forgot was how fucking funny Black Mask was in this thing Every time that guy opened his mouth something hilarious came out of it I had some fairly serious giggle, giggle, snort moments over the interactions between him and Deathstroke, that totally balanced out the earnest angsty parts of the story.
Another thing I noticed was that this is the only book that has ever made me feel disappointed when Batman was winning I feel a little blasphemous even typing thatIt s not that I wanted anything bad to happen to Bruce, I just didn t want Jason to lose Make sense Unless you ve read this, probably not.
Jason does everything you ve secretly wanted Batman to do Like, instead of turning the bad guys over to the cops, he just shoots them in the head Brilliant Ok, nobody really wants Batman to cross that line, but if someone else were willing to do it shrugsWell, that would be sorta niceI thought Ed Brubaker did an excellent job bringing Bucky Barnes back from the dead, but I m tempted to say that Winnick outdid him with this one I mean, at least everyone already had fond feeling for Barnes, right Brubaker just had to find a plausible way to get him into present day comics And I m not saying that was easy.
However, Winick had to totally reinvent a character that readers hated so much they voted to kill him off How annoying do you have to be for fans to that Why, yes I would rather the Joker whack him to death with a crowbar than have to continue reading about him Kill, please I don t care what you think of the reincarnation of this character, you have to admit it would be a monumental task for any writer And he pulled it off I noticed that I m not the only reader to feel this way, either OMG There really is a first time for everything And I m sure it s only a matter of time before you all eventually love Aquaman too Especially once you see the I HEART ATLANTIS t shirts I ve had printed up for all of usI would honestly recommend this to anyone who loves comic books You don t even have to be a fan of Jason Todd to like it because the dialogue and story are enough to keep anyone entertained.
Pre review 1 This is my birthday present to myself, and it had finally arrived 2 My goodnessBlack Mask and co are using what looks like a Nokia cell phone Lol 3 I think there are too many side villains in the storyline 4 Huhhto be honest the artwork really isn t inspiring aside from the few cover art done by a certain artist named Jock But whatever, after enjoying the awesomeness which is Dexter Soy s artwork for the Red Hood and the Outlaws series, nothing can be the same for me 5 ARGH but Black Mask and co just don t look as cool as they do in the anime Plus I LOL so hard when I saw Black Mask using what seemed to be a Nokia cell phone LOL 6 I read to the ending part and I m like What Are the authors running out of pages or something How can they just cut the story so abruptly instead of giving it the grand finale like they did in the anime 7 But I do LIKE how the story of Jason getting view spoiler revived hide spoiler