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É Read É Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne by Grant Morrison ↠´ Grant Morrison S Best Selling Multi Part Batman Epic Continues With Bruce Wayne S Return To Gotham CityA Time Spanning Graphic Novel Featuring Bruce Wayne S Return To Gotham City To Take Back The Mantle Of Batman, Written By Award Winning Writer Grant Morrison And Illustrated By A Stable Of Today S Hottest Artists Including Chris Sprouse, Frazer Irving And Yannick Paquette This Is The Final Chapter Of The Epic Storyline That Began In The Bestselling Graphic Novels Batman RIP And Final Crisis In Which The original Batman Was Lost In TimeCollecting Batman The Return Of Bruce Wayne Not so much a cohesive story chronicling how Batman returned to life, or at least his own time, so much as it is an excuse for Grant Morrison to write Batman as a caveman, a pirate, etc The individual stories are entertaining enough that I d like to see Morrison on an anthology series like this Grant Morrison s History I d buy it But as a Batman story, and as a single story in general, it never quite comes together, nor is it a satisfactory return for Bruce But read it as an anthology of stand alone stories of the Wayne clan, and you ll have a much better time.
So, Bruce is back Well, I guess that alone is worth at least 3 stars, right The actual story behind his triumphant return, though Hmmmm It s a little convoluted and confusing to say the least It felt like to me, anyway that there were too many different little extra plots that were crammed into this I just wanted to see how Bruce fought his way back I mean, Blackbeard Really And what was the deal with Annie Is she the reason for the dark turn his life took or something A Wayne curse M kaaaaay.
Anyhoo, the pseudo science was a bit confusing, but he s back Yay Maybe now Tim can drop the dorky Red Robin persona Bruce Wayne was zapped with Darkseid s Omega beams at the end of Final Crisis, sending him hurtling back through time while making it seem to others that he died Now Bruce is travelling forwards, jumping from one era to another, building up omega energy and if Bruce makes it back to the present, he s going to destroy the entire world This is the first Batman book in Morrison s recent run that I wasn t totally immersed in Reason being is that it s mostly an excuse to see Bruce dress as Batman in different times repeatedly before getting to anything resembling a story in the final chapter So we get to see Batman as a caveman, a Puritan witch hunter, a pirate, a cowboy, a detective and as some weird futuristic cybernetic thing Visually it s interesting but it s pretty tedious to read Morrison is essentially just waiting until the end of each chapter when Bruce jumps to the next era Occasionally the interesting story makes an appearance as Superman and co try to locate Bruce somewhere in time and alert him of Darkseid s plan, but those moments are few and far between The final chapter is really great and lifts the book up at the last minute Here Morrison revisits his idea of Bruce Wayne as the ultimate survivor, the only man who could be Batman, and the greatest detective of all time who somehow manages to reach back from the end of time, save Superman and the rest of the Justice League, save the world and himself, and defeat Darkseid all at once It s a scene that s a direct slap to the face of Geoff Johns dim witted remarks in his New 52 Justice League books that Batman s lame because he doesn t have superpowers Unexpectedly, Red Robin aka Tim Drake plays a central role in this story, knowing the key to reminding Bruce of who he is at the crucial moment in a book full of god like beings, two humans play the most important roles There are lots of moments like this in the book that I loved and made reading it worthwhile, but considering the genius of the previous Morrison Batman books RIP, Son, and Black Glove, The Return of Bruce Wayne feels remarkably superficial and stretched out Obviously if you re reading or re reading like me the series, you shouldn t skip this one but it s definitely the low point in an otherwise incredible run.
5 Enjoyed this comic Cool to see Bruce travel through time and have many different Batman costumes Nice to see the other members of the Justice League as well Glad they were able to stop Darkseid s bomb.
Well that wasweird More a collection of Batman through time stories without a strong payoff.
I thought I d struggle through this given some of the other reviews on here, but I quite enjoyed it It was a little confusing, given that he s literally falling through time And it s Morrison at his most Morrison, which I don t always like But seeing the different eras by different artists was cool.
There was a knowing line from The Return of Bruce Wayne that I ll throw out hereWhen you think about it, life is like a detective story it s all shadows and clues, mysteries and secrets And it always starts with a dameIt just sounds like something from and or describing a Chandler, Hammett or Spillane paperback from their storied pulp fiction bibliographies.
Sadly, that quote was pretty much the highlight of this convoluted book, featuring Bruce Wayne in various roles caveman, pirate, Old West desperado, film noir thug during some sort of time travel nonsense The one I found most interesting was the part two story set in witch hunt trial era Gotham village of the late 1600 s.
The term Full Morrison means absolute, balls to the wall, avante garde Morrison insanity This is Full Morrison If you dislike that, if that makes you experience unpleasant emotions, if you only enjoy Morrison s accessible books, if you have trouble with alinear narratives, this is not the book for you That being said, this is the wildest, most unique, ambitious, and entertaining Batman comic I ve ever read And the artwork, starring Yanick Paquette, Cameron Stewart, Frazer Irving, and Andy Kubert, is fantastic So for that it gets 5 stars.
If you haven t read any of Morrison s Batman run, do not start here You will bang your head against the wall trying to make sense Go back to Batman and Son and start there This comes between Batman Versus Robin and Batman Must Die in the Batman and Robin series and generally explains what happens to Bruce after Final Crisis Again, if you haven t read Final Crisis and don t know Bruce s fate, stop reading right here.
So following Final Crisis, Bruce bounces around time like Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap Although the places in time are essentially random, they re fascinating times for a masked vigilante, and events of importance take place which drive the plot These events also resurface constantly throughout the book because this is a story where time travel goes wrong although aren t they all Each chapter adds layers of mythology which slowly reveal the central mystery and its various details What s in the Bat Box Where or when is Bruce going Will he ever get home Why was he sent back in the first place And then we learn how various characters fit into the Batman run through the time travel narrative, such as The Black Glove, Doctor Hurt, John Mayhew, Thomas and Martha Wayne, Professor Carter Nichols, Darkseid, The Justice League, Red Robin, Batman and Robin, and Blackbeard, to name a few If you have questions from Morrison s Batman run or Final Crisis, this book is like the Key of Solomon, telling you how to read his Batman run and conjure up its grim and fantastic magic Although I didn t understand all of the avante garde moments, and honestly I don t think we re supposed to, this is simply an entertaining read Batman is not a man who often travels from Gotham, let alone time travels And that s pretty risky on Morrison s part But it pays off if you re willing to keep an open mind Really open Because most Bat books take place in Gotham on solid ground with familiar villains, and we re generally happy to read those books But here we really have no idea and it s the unfamiliarity and alienness that makes this so great.
Batman in silly costumes going around different time periods Mehs.