Download Epub Format ó Absolute Batman Hush PDF by ó Jeph Loeb

Download Epub Format ó Absolute Batman Hush PDF by ó Jeph Loeb It was okay The graphics were great read it on Kindle Unlimited Mel Batman and Catwoman sitting in a tree, K I S S Okay, enough with that.
What I find fascinating is that nearly every Batman graphic novel I ve read recently has been a good great one Forbidden Planet lists their top 50 graphic novels of all time Batman has 5 No one else comes close Many of the major comic writers have all tackled Batman Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Jeph Loeb, Ed Brubaker, Neil Gaiman, Chuck Dixon etc etc What makes Batman such a compelling character and fodder for some of the greatest stories ever written In short 1 His tragic background After he witnessed his parents being murdered during a botched robbery attempt, Bruce Wayne vowed to rid Gotham City of crime It s this unrelenting pathos that drives the character 2 He s only human Unlike his buddy, Superman, Batman has no superpowers He uses his wits, athletic prowess and all the Bat toys a bilionare playboy can buy He won t break the law much and he absolutely won t kill Unlike Superman, he s prone to darkness, hence the whole Bat theme In this volume, he beats the crap out of the Joker let s face it, the Joker had it coming For a long time and almost kills him.
3 His supporting players A bunch of Robins, Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, Oracle, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman and Ace, the Bat Hound All iconic in their own right.
4 His rogue s gallery Batman probably has the greatest group of villains in the history of comic books Only Spider Man comes close And because he won t kill, they re endlessly recycled.
5 He s a scientisthttp www.
com watch v HqBSnQ6 The Batusi not really.
http www.
com watch v L8BZDwThe review finally Batman is being stalked by an unknown antagonist This villain is using controlling many of Batman s foes in unique ways Batman moons over getting kissed by Catwoman He s kind of lonely so he invites her into the inner Bat circle of friends Jeph Loeb s story combines nicely with Jim Lee s muscular art An excellent Batman story I had such a hard time deciding how to rate this one I liked it and I didn t like it I m going with a four star.
just because I love me some Batman and there are several really good things about this book.
Like Batman and Catwoman Do I like them together doing the smoochie smoochie Well, somewhat I thought it would be hotter than it was.
I mean come on, they are both awesomeness.
but well it kinda fizzled in this book.
But here Pure hawt Yes, I know I m weird I ve been told that before.
The artwork Frigging amazing Ohhhh Bats you are looking good They story was fairly decent at times I liked him teaming up with Superman and I figured out who the bad guy was before the end, but it s not a bad book.
What I thought was over the top Too much going on Why does the Batman series that I ve read have to have every bad guy that he has ever fought in each book I felt sorry for the poor guy because he was running around like a chicken with his head cut off In the end this is one of the better Batman books I ve read He is on the darker side and I love him when he gets all angry and angsty ETA I forgot this My friend Hulk boy aka Jeff recommended this to me He seems to know the comic books I might like.
if he would quit ignoring Kelly and I lately because we Goldblum Groinkick Vomit gif him to death.
Jim Lee Superstar,Or How Many Fights Can You Pack Into One Book Batman vs Killer Croc, Batman vs Catwoman, Huntress vs assorted street punks, Killer Croc vs Batman and Catwoman, Poison Ivy vs Catwoman, Batman vs Superman, Harley Quinn vs almost everybody, Batman vs Joker These are just the major fights of the book s first half, there are many As you can imagine, fighting takes up a good chunk of the story The remaining pages well, they are little than the desperate attempt to justify all the fighting, really And they don t always succeed, either In short, Hush isn t much of a story.
Still, I found myself admiring the sheer professionalism displayed by both writer Jeph Loeb and superstar penciller Jim Lee It is obvious that they were both fully aware of the rules of the game they knew what the fans wanted, and that s exactly what they delivered as many fight scenes as possible, featuring as many well known characters as possible, all drawn in Lee s trademark sketchy, angular, overblown action style It isn t my thing, really, but Lee sure knows how to wow the fans, and Loeb wisely steps far into the background, well aware that a book with the name Jim Lee on the cover must really do only one thing let the superstar strut his stuff It does not necessarily have to make sense.
So what s the verdict It s a book that achieves what it wants to achieve, and I think that deserves some credit Many even consider Hush a Batman classic, maybe especially those who grew up with the exaggerated superhero style Lee helped develop in the early 1990s And yet, personally, I don t like Hush I think you have to be a major admirer of Lee s style to really love this book if not, you ll just file it under empty spectacle 2.
5 stars, I d say, bumped down because well, I guess bigger isn t always better.
I guess I m mostly alone in not thinking much about this title but here are my reasons SPOILERS BELOW I don t think Lee s artwork is right for this story I know this is a very personal taste kind of thing but so be it His work is very high def , and I think mysteries are effective with subtle, even murky imagesI don t want to see each individual sinew of Batman s bicep, and I don t think it helps set the tone of the story.
While the mystery was fun to try and solve, and the twists and manipulations were surprising, the final reveal of the criminal was a huge letdown The childhood friend Really He was so bitter that his mom survived Wayne s surgery, that he waited years became a renowned surgeon and plotted to destroy Wayne s son all the while pretending to be a good kid Okay, even if I could accept that he was acting like a good kid, while really being full of hate why would his hate be directed at Bruce Why wouldn t he just make another attempt on his mother s life And why would he go to the trouble of becoming a surgeon when all he wanted to do with his life was inherit a fortune I dunno just seems really weak to me.
An unknown enemy is trying to destroy Batman at the same time he enters into a relationship with Catwoman But who knows all of Batman s secrets I ve been hearing about Hush since it was coming out in monthly format and finally decided to give it a chance It was totally worth it.
Honestly, I was skeptical at first While I liked Jeph Loeb s work on Batman The Long Halloween, I thought it felt a little padded As for Jim Lee, I was wondering if he still had that old magic I was not disappointed.
Hush pits Batman against many of his foes, including a new one, Hush Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Joker, Harley Quinn, Croc, and others all make appearances Batman s relationship with Catwoman is explored, as are his relationships with other members of his supporting cast Jim Lee s art has come along since his days as the flavor of the month artist that made his mark on X Men before helping form Image.
I do have a few gripes, however view spoiler It was pretty obvious who would turn out to be Hush Tommy Elliot was never mentioned before but suddenly Bruce remembers him as his best friend during his childhood Not much detective work required from the reader I was pleased that it turned out to be complicated than that, what with Riddler and the Lazarus Pit and all It did lead to Jason Todd being resurrected, something I m still not that thrilled about hide spoiler Batman Hush Is A Thrilling Mystery Of Action, Intrigue, And Deception Penned By Jeph Loeb Batman The Long Halloween And Illustrated By Comics Superstar Jim Lee All Star Batman Robin, The Boy Wonder In Which Batman Sets Out To Discover The Identity Of A Mysterious Mastermind Using The Joker, Riddler, Ra S Al Ghul And The Dark Knight S Other Enemies And Allies As Pawns In A Plan To Wreak Havoc Volume Collects Batman , And Volume Collects Batman Never have I read such an emotionally satisfying Batman tale.
As much as I loved The Dark Knight Returns and what sixteen year old comic book geek in 1986 didn t , there is something inaccessible about Frank Miller s Batman that always pushed me two paces to the side Jeph Loeb s Batman, though, is a different guy Well, he s the same guy, but Batman Hush invites us into Batman Bruce in a way I ve never experienced I can t pin down exactly why, but there are a few possibilities First, he s physically and emotionally vulnerable in ways I didn t expect He doesn t just take a beating he comes as close to death as he s ever come, and it weakens him for every fight he faces for the rest of the comic He doesn t just care about people around him, he actually falls in love, opens himself to love and embraces the love that was always and already there The invulnerable Batman and Teflon Bruce actually come together with a little bit of humanity, and this time around he actually listens to his allies and takes advice Wow Second, it could be that, for the first time since the Dark Knight era of Batman dawned, I ve read a story arc that put Batman s need for vengeance at the end of the queue It still appears, particularly in Batman s umpteenth beating of the Joker, but it doesn t dominate the man, which means it doesn t dominate the story Third, and maybe most importantly, Batman Hush finally finds a balance between the Dark Knight and the World s Greatest Detective The two incarnations become one Sure the mystery is a bit clunky, but Loeb really tries to deliver suspense, offering clues and red herrings like all good mystery writers should, and the cracks in the mystery are mercifully papered over by Jim Lee s stunning pencils Which leads to number four the art Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Lois Lane, Huntress, Oracle, they re all sexy as hell Nightwing, Robin, Superman, Batman, they all look the part of heroes Joker, Clayface, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, R as Al Ghul, Two Face, Riddler, they all have their menace and madness intact The flashbacks are beautiful, the action is often in motion, literally, the depth of the landscape and even the rain of Gotham is tangible It is truly a luscious visual experience, and it perfectly captures all of the things Loeb wanted his Batman Bruce to be.
Batman Hush hit every emotional chord in me, and I loved being played Even Batman s mindfuck victory over the mastermind of the Hush conspiracy was what I wanted it to be And then Selina Kyle walked away So perfect Now, I admit that there are thematically superior Batman tales most of Miller s work and Alan Moore s unparalleled The Killing Joke come to mind , but Batman Hush is know slouch, and it did everything else very right For the first time in a long time I could actually see myself choosing a DC title over a Marvel that s gotta be worth five stars.
This was a harrowing Batman story exciting, enigmatic, loads of guest stars and a surprise ending Up there in the greatest works of the ever expanding Batman cannon.
Absolutely fantastic.
Though, holy spoilers, Batman.
I suppose you have to expect that with such a long running series, but honestly this doesn t keep me from wanting to read the previous stories any bit even though I know what s going to happen now Plus, I kind of knew bits and pieces from the movies, the animated series, and the video games already so I can t really complain that much.
I really love all of the women in this universe, though Catwoman will always be my favorite I ve loved her since Batman Returns and when I found I could play as her in Arkham City I couldn t preorder that game fast enough I m also curious about The Huntress now, she seems like a really interesting character and one that I m not at all familiar with Though a quick look at Wikipedia warning, don t go there if you don t want spoilers shows that she was the main character of Birds of Prey, a show on the WB that I vaguely remember Huh I ll have to see what comics I can find at my library that have her in them.
Batman will always be my favorite comic hero I think it s because he doesn t actually have any super powers that I love him so much it also didn t help that I thought he was pretty ahem sexy in the 90s cartoon I will forever hear Batman as Kevin Conroy.
I think it s difficult to please fans of any of the long running series, but this graphic novel is pretty much a fan s dream come true Some might say they mashed too much into the story, too many characters and such, but I think it all really worked to show just how much Batman and Bruce Wayne have been battling over the years.
If you re a Batman fan, this story really shouldn t be missed.