Download Epub Format Ý Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? PDF by ✓ Neil Gaiman

Download Epub Format Ý Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? PDF by ✓ Neil Gaiman I m not saying this is the best Neil Gaiman I ve ever read But I do think it s Neil Gaiman at his best For those of you, this is the story where Batman dies Really dies It s written in such a way that it can take place at any point in the future in the Batman storyline when he finally dies This book feels loving I can t think of how to describe it other than that You can tell that Gaiman is approaching this character and subject with such reverence and care It s clever, and it s sweet, and it s playful, and it makes me cry Every time I read it I just cry So yeah Another tip of the hat to Gaiman here If you can make me cry while reading a Batman comic, you know you ve done something right.
A collection of short stories in one volume I assume Neil wrote them all There are 5 stories in all.
I enjoy the first one where it is revealed that Alfred the butler see s how depressed and messed up Batman is so he hires all these people to play the part of villains to give Bruce something to live for Alfred, it is revealed, is I thought that was the best story and such a great twist I didn t see coming.
It also shows Batman being reborn over and over again, which accounts for all the different stories told about Batman which is also interesting There is a story about Poison Ivy There is a story about the Riddler.
There are some great moments in these pages The art gives throwback feel to the old characters and style previously seen in the pages of Batman The tone is omnous.

So I m caving in and getting the individual issues for this Come on, it s Neil Gaiman.
First issue So there s a funeral in a church in crime alley Batman is in the casket His friends and foes are assembled to give their respects and tell how Batman died.
The thing I ve always liked about Neil Gaiman s comics are that they re about something They have themes They re actually pretty clever Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader is a good example.
In the first story, Catwoman gives her tale of her relationship with Batman and how he died, bleeding to death on her couch after a freak gunshot wound In the second, Alfred tells about Bruce going off the deep end and becoming Batman after his parents died Since he wasn t having much luck fighting crime, Alfred hired some of his actor friends to be Batman s rogue s gallery, with Alfred himself portraying the Joker The best part, in my opinion, is that Adam Kubert draws the different parts of the story in the styles of artists of other time periods.
Now I have to either wait a month until the second half comes out or wait until the collection comes out Based on the first half, I m giving it a four for now.
LaterThe second half wasn t quite as good as the first but still very very good More accounts of Batman s death and then Batman s alone at his own funeral Well, not precisely aloneI d definitely be picking this up when it s collected Good night, mechanical dinosaur Good night, giant penny.
This was beautiful The art, the story, simply everything But still it s not a typical Batman story It s much less action y and philosophical It s smart and i like it foe it.
I recently started reading comics again and most written just by Neil Gaiman, so I couldn t miss this one I ve always been a fan of Batman, since the TV series of the 60s and then the comics and the latest movies There is an introduction at the beginning of this volume, where Gaiman himself talks about how he always saw the masked hero and how he really wanted to write what is, surely, a possible final chapter of his life This album about Batman is a tribute from one of his loyal fans and in a way, it s also a tribute from each of the characters who has met, friends and enemies The story takes place in the back of the bar of Crime Alley, where all the characters pay tribute to Batman and tell their own version of his end I don t want to say too much, because this is an album that should be read without knowing anything, but in the end I believe that Gaiman was able to tell what Batman is for Gotham, but also for its readers Absolutely recommended to all fans.
The artwork was classically close to superb with some interesting focuses The story, however, was a transition of sorts that suggested Batman died but we all know they re not going to kill Batman off Worst case scenario is that he ll disappear for a time and then just return That said, this is about Batman looking down on his funeral wake as notable villains of Gotham and a few non villains give their jaded interpretation of their times with Batman It was way too short for my tastes and vague as well Gaiman has interesting ideas but his stories are sometimes hit or miss and this is one of them CHARACTERS DIALOGUE C plus to B minus STORY PLOTTING B minus ARTWORK ANGLES A minus WHEN read early March 2012 OVERALL GRADE B review Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader is my second exposure to Neil Gaiman.
Earlier in the year, I read American Gods and while I loved the premise, the execution bugged me I found it long winded and a little on the boring side I was sure that when you put the mind of Gaiman into the Batman universe, you were going to get something very, very cool.
Truth be told, I found this to be pretty average When I told my friend that gave this to me what I thought about the story, he responded with, You have very high expectations of Batman I thought that this was kind of unfair, actually I ve read some of the best Batman work that had ever been done with Batman Year One, Batman The Dark Knight Returns, Batman The Long Halloween and most recently, Batman The Black Mirror, so I ve established in my mind what makes a great Batman story.
That s not to say that this is a bad Batman tale, I just thought I didn t come across as anything memorable which is really unfortunate since it apparently ends two long running Batman series Batman Detective Comics It gobbled up several awards and is recognized as being a fitting ending to The Dark Knight saga.
Yar, here there be spoilers view spoiler I suppose in the end, it isn t an actual occurrence but a near death experience which means Gaiman can pretty much do whatever he wants I really wasn t a fan of the Alfred stuff where he declares he hired his actor friends to portray villains in the beginning of Bruce s fight against crime It was too out there and his reveal as The Joker was bizarre hide spoiler Best Selling Author Neil Gaiman The Sandman Joins A Murderer S Row Of Talented Artists In Lending His Unique Touch To The Batman Mythos For This Deluxe Edition Hardcover Spotlighting The Story Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusaderfrom Batman And Detective Comics In Which Gaiman Joins Artist Andy Kubert And Inker Scott Williams For A Story That Shines A New Light On The Batman Mythos Also Collects Gaiman Stories From Secret Origins , Secret Origins Special And Batman Black And White This Collection Is Not To Be Missed As the original line of Detective Comics came to an end, Neil Gaiman was asked to write the eulogy to the Dark Knight and, for better or worse, this is it A two issue send off for everyone s favourite superhero, the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, the Batman.
Gaiman creates an ingenious setup for the final Batman story The spirit of Batman Bruce Wayne presides over a funeral service where all of his rogues gallery, close friends and family, show up to tell their version of how Batman died and each version is different, to reflect the numerous stories told over the years in Detective Comics Catwoman and Alfred both get space to tell their stories in full, but Alfred s was the best impossible, but still brilliant and momentarily chilling That sneaky butler Andy Kubert s art is fantastic and imaginatively chosen I loved the way he alternated between the many designs for Batman s appearance, paying tribute to the different artists depictions of him through the decades, as well as drawing different versions of the famous villains too While the story has some great moments in particular the scene when Bruce goes back to Crime Alley, the place where Batman was born, to end it it doesn t feel like a Batman story despite having the features of one People read Batman for the action, adventure, the mystery and the sleuthing none of that is part of this rather slow moving story So while it s a clever idea and visually superb, it s not the most interesting Batman book to read But then it was never going to go down perfectly was it Gaiman and Kubert were given the thankless task of putting to bed a game changing line of comics and pretend to bury the most famous superhero of all time this book was never going to satisfy the fans because no book could Despite this, it s not a terrible story nor a brilliant one It s a story It adds to the hundreds of Batman stories that are out there, that are being written now, and that are waiting to be written.
Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader Nothing and everything And he keeps going.