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Ë Read × Batman: Noel by Lee Bermejo å Cute comic book take on the Christmas Carol The artwork is amazing, which makes this book well worth your time.
In the current SJW reboot mode of comics, it is rare to find even a good comic story Most desperately struggle to find even 2 star ratings Thus, it was a pleasure to read a great comic This is not only a wonderful story but the artwork is phenomenal A true work of art.
Noel is a retelling of Dicken s Famous A Christmas Carol Batman plays the role of Scrooge The beautifully illustrated story follows Batman throughout a night where he sees what his life is like and learns some interesting lessons There is not much to say without spoiling the tale read this book Enjoy the beautiful artwork Appreciate a well written story Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates a good story and wonderful artwork.
I have a slight obsession with Christmas No, I m not the kind that advocates that you keep Christ in Christmas or even the kind of guy who goes to church once a year on Christmas Eve In fact, I m not religious in the slightest What I m all about are the Christmas specials, the movies, the music, the food and spending time with friends and family Every year it succeeds in making me feel like a kid again as well as bringing back the best memories of my life.
For as long as I can remember, my favorite Christmas special was Mickey s Christmas Carol It took a classic Dickens tale and adapted it for those wacky anthropomorphized Disney animals You had Uncle Scrooge as well Scrooge Mickey was your Bob Cratchit and Goofy played Jacob Marley There s also a whole cast of characters that round out the special including a very menacing Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come that scared the crap out of a 5 year old Brandon.
For a long time, it went uncontested as my favorite adaptation of A Christmas Carol Hell, it didn t even really have competition That is until I finished Lee Bermejo s spin on the classic tale with Batman Noel.
Going into this book, I didn t really have a whole lot of knowledge surrounding the plot I mean, I knew it was based on A Christmas Carol but I wasn t aware of who was going to play what role Imagine my surprise when I found out that Batman would play the part of ol Ebenezer I was relieved that it didn t feel gimmicky or spun in a certain way for the character to fit Bermejo does such a fantastic job relating Bruce Wayne to Ebenezer Scrooge that I wondered how could be written any other way.
The artwork is beautiful as well Not only did Bermejo write the script but he also drew the damn thing It s not often that you ve got someone doing both You can really see the passion that he empties onto the page with numerous full page shots and inventive dialogue a lot of which was lifted from Dickens story, with a slight spin of course.
Overall, I thought this was an excellent book It was a little on the short side but it s also very tightly constructed I may have to pick this up for myself and make it a yearly read around the holiday season.
Cross Posted Every read Thing Now, this was a SPECTACULAR graphic novel The real reason for my 5 star rating is the artwork, which is amazing It is dynamic, and the contrasts between lights and shadows really give the story setting some real depth All of the characters are inked and colored to not only highlight their personalities, but provides a sense of some historical background especially the Ghost of Christmas Past I really liked how the Ghost of Christmas Present had a glow about him, almost like a barely there aura of latent power Even the supporting characters have this sense of depth that comes from great detail in the artwork Especially noteworthy is how Batman is characterized at different times in his life the artwork reveals his personality and character traits, which adds so much to the story.
Speaking of the story, Batman Noel is one of the better graphic novels I have read in a long time It s almost like a What If Charles Dickens Wrote The Batman Elseworlds volume Putting Batman in yet another version of A Christmas Carol second only to Dracula as retold tales seemed kind of ridiculous, but it works in amazing fashion and makes for an excellent, satisfying read I really liked the twist of the tale teller and the listener at the end of the story, too.
I usually try to read watch listen to at least one version of A Christmas Carol every year on Christmas Eve I think that Batman Noel might be an annual addition to that tradition Highly recommended for Batman fans, Charles Dickens fans, and fans of A Christmas Carol.
Batman faces his rage towards the Joker and other villains during the Christmas season.
Charles Dicken s influences galore.
Amazing artwork by Lee Bermejo also the scribe ARTWORK A minus STORY PLOTTING PANELS B minus to B CHARACTERS DIALOGUE B BATMAN MYTHOLOGY B plus WHEN read end of February 2013 OVERALL GRADE B to B plus view spoiler Interesting twist that Scrooge is Batman hide spoiler

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This is a gift dropped off by Santa when no comic book fan expected it under their trees With a foreword by the great Jim Lee another artist whose reputation precedes him we quickly find out that Lee Bermejo s Gotham City Christmas Carol is a tale that will go down I d say it has as a classic in Batman s universe Batman No l is by far one of the best takes on the original Christmas story written by Charles Dickens While billions of adaptations were done on Scrooge s famous story, there s nothing like A Christmas Carol perfectly knitted around the dark and gloomy Gotham City Written and drawn by Lee Bermejo himself, this exquisite artistic creation presents fans with an opportunity to visit Batman s most famous villains and friends on one of his darkest days Struggling with his own health condition, Batman wanders building by building to capture a criminal has as escaped the grasps of the law.
If there s one graphic novel that should be an yearly read during the Holidays, it is undeniably this one For a person to truly appreciate this, they would in fact need to know the original story written by Charles Dickens, or at least know the main elements of A Christmas Carol Being able to see how Bermejo brilliantly intertwines Scrooge s story with Batman and Gotham City is only half the fun Batman No l doesn t just draw inspiration from its source material, it also dives into a character analysis of Batman What do I mean Simple Lee Bermejo uses the three ghosts and Scrooge himself to show the change that Batman s character has known He shows us the transformation from the light hearted and goofy Batman of the 60s to the darker superhero that everyone came to love in today s culture But this wasn t the only change that was showcased A much heart warming tale about change is also wrapped up neatly and delivered with grace by the end of the book But this intricate moral is for you to go discover for yourself.
If the story is only half the fun, what s the rest The artwork The goddamn artwork Even if you re not a fan of A Christmas Carol, and that having it adapted to Batman s universe doesn t send chills down your spine the good kind , then the artwork alone should be a sufficient reason to take a shot at this graphic novel This is eye candy for the Holidays Forget about candy canes and eggnog There s enough in the art to get you drunk in love I m quite glad that Lee Bermejo had a carte blanche for this project The designs and the style that he used to bring life to both Gotham City and the characters was so heavenly I was truly impressed by the aura that each character he drew had From the kind and powerful to the dark and nefarious, every single one of them was sexy in their own way Even an impressive array of emotions was perfectly drawn into the characters, from joy to anger, sadness to fear Nothing seems to lack in the art department If anything, the talents of Bermejo emanates throughout Batman No l This is one graphic novel that you ll want to keep close to your heart Honestly, to maximize the reading experience, one has to go into it blind The only thing you d need is having some knowledge about A Christmas Carol If you have that in your pockets, then don t even bother reading the blurb or finding out what Batman No l is about It was such a blast to wonder who the different ghosts were going to be and to find out how the story was going to be told With the polished and slick artwork, it was hard to not look forward to all the Ghosts I just knew they were going to pop out of the book with a lot of charisma and life Further, with a narrator that has a unique voice and a new character who s probably purposely named Bob to give everyone the opportunity to identify themselves too, this take on the classic Dickens tale is a fantastic quick read Batman No l is without a doubt THE story for the Holidays EVERY Gothamite yes, you has to read this during this time of the year If you feel like indulging a beautiful adaptation of the classic Dickensian story, look no further The Gods of Gotham have bestowed upon us the perfect story to appease that urge Do not fight it Just do it.
Yours truly,Lashaan Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog shit Pardon my French, but this was a master piece An exquisite artistic creation Batman No l is also one of the best adaptation of Charles Dicken s A Christmas Carol Every single crucial element of Dicken s classic tale is brilliantly incorporated into Batman s world I loved Lee Bermejo s picks for the three ghosts and how everything is neatly gift wrapped in the end The narration was on point, but the best emphasis on best part about this graphic novel is the artwork This is eye candy for the Holidays The talents of Bermejo emanates through this project I m quite impressed by the style and the designs he came up with Thank God for the carte blanche he had for this title.
Batman No l is without a doubt THE story for the Holidays EVERY Gothamite yes, you has to read this during this time of the year.
S Full review to come really soonYours truly,Lashaan Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog I agree with most of the other reviews I ve read here The story was fine, if slight Probably can t be helped for a gimmick title The art is the attraction here A 3.
5 stars.
This was pretty short and to the point I really liked it Amazing artwork I would have never assumed that Batman and a Christmas Carol would work so well together I would recommend this to superhero comic fans.
Thanks to Sud666 for recommending this to me, and not because it was Christmas, but because this spring I have been reading a few genre mash ups, and this is one of those, the classic Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol mapped on to the Batman universe, with both atmospheric and glossy artwork reminding me of the equally dramatic work of Alex Ross that thematically connects the two dark worlds It s interesting how well Bermejo makes the two fit together, making Bat Scrooge come to some empathetic realization, so it s a pretty good adaptation, a hopeful holiday story about the possibility of coming out of the darkness into the light Cuz for this story to make sense for it to mean anything you have to believe in something Something very important You have to believe people can change Bermejo Bob Cratchit here works for Joker, and Batman is Scrooge Catwoman and Superman also make their appearances The modified Victorian style in which the tale is told by Tiny Tim is okay, not great, but one great aspect of the story is the way Bermejo illustrates how Batman has changed over the many years in various comics , from crazy pop art sixties tv Batty to the brooding Dark Knight As you can guess, Bermejo wants to reform the Old Scrooge and make him find his lost broken heart.
I think the art work is at a 5 level, and you have to give him credit for the literary adaptation and basically make it work, 4 for coming up with the clever idea He s an artist, not a writer, so some of the writing is a bit flat, at a 2.
5 level, so I ll say 3.
5, rounded up for the artwork, and because Christmas is coming isn t it or some hopeful holiday always coming NEW YORK TIMES BestsellerInspired By Charles Dickens Immortal Classic A Christmas Carol, BATMAN NOEL Features Different Interpretations Of The Dark Knight, Along With His Enemies And Allies, In Different ErasAlong The Way, Batman Must Come To Terms With His Past, Present And Future As He Battles Villains From The Campy S To Dark And Brooding Menaces Of Today, While Exploring What It Means To Be The Hero That He Is Members Of Batman S Supporting Cast Enact Roles Analogous To Those From A Christmas Carol, With Robin, Catwoman, Superman, The Joker And Playing Roles That Will Be Familiar To Anyone Who Knows Dickens original Holiday Tale