Download Epub Format ç Ashes of the Fall (The Remnants Trilogy #1) PDF by ✓ Nicholas Erik

Download Epub Format ç Ashes of the Fall (The Remnants Trilogy #1) PDF by ✓ Nicholas Erik I enjoyed this first book in the Remnants Trilogy.
The author creates a unique world with an intelligent and sarcastic main character i liked.
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Good gravy, this novel is terrible It may be the worst novel I ve ever read to completion Unfortunately, it s not so bad it s good it s just bad The author is not competent at any aspect of the novel lousy, uninteresting characters who never evolve disjointed, frequently incomprehensible plotting excruciatingly awful dialogue he does not know what a MacGuffin is for and he seems not to have any understanding of distances, rendering his action sequences risible So, no, I won t be completing the trilogy.

Detailed trilogyI usually love to read dystopian books but this was a little complicated for me Con man Luke had alliances coming and going a little too quickly to keep track of while there was so much action 2.
5 to 3 I m conflicted The writing is not bad at all It started out good and then too many things happened and no real back story I was confused a lot of the time of what was happening There are so many organizations in this new era but you dont really get any info of what happened and why Dont think I will read any of the books in the series.
It was ok.
Not really a fan of these type of books, too close to what actually might happen I m also not a fan of being forced to write a review.
The author refers to the man in the high castle several times throughout his narration Using the novel by Dick as a comparison, this falls short There is lots of action and internal reflection, and everyone is lying It s hard to like or empathize with any of the characters I m not sure if I will continue with the remaining 2 books, other than morbid curiosity like watching a train wreck.
Pretty poor It s like someone watched Mad Max, Escape from New York, Hunger Games, Book of Eli and thought I can do that Attempts at plot twists got pointless, characters that help the protagonist out suddenly turn, turn back, turn back again And the point of the whole thing, to bring online what a quasi internet that is going to save a post apocalypse world Boring boring I read 80%, scan read to the end and never even got round to turning the final 5 pages.
Stark, Post Apocalyptic Mad Max NightmareReminiscent of the Chris Carter series Dark Angel , the aforementioned Mad Max and other genre works, the dogged determination of the main protagonist to simply survive is paramount.
Virtual reality also figures in, at least peripherally, in this installment.
Sometimes The Fall Is Only The Beginning In The Year , The Crumbling Remnants Of Western North America Are Suddenly Buried In Ash, Weakening The Grip Of The Brutal Dictatorship A Factional Landscape Springs From The Ashes, Con Man Luke Stokes Artfully Navigating The Clash But He Can T Remain Above The Fray For Long, As Each Faction Seeks The Truth From Luke Regarding His Murdered Brother S Final Project A Neural Interface Technology That Will Forever Shift The Fragile Balance Of The Ashen Plains With The True Believers, Desert Nomads, Survivalists And Existing Regime Closing In, Luke Must Delve Deeper Into His Genius Brother S Secrets And The Truth About His Last Project Will Dramatically Alter The Remnants Of Civilization Because The Fall Isn T Always The End Sometimes, It S Only The Beginning A fantastic adventure that follows Luke Stokes as he navigates his way through a world in ruins I really enjoyed this story it was exciting, full of action, and fast paced.
The main character is likeable as well sharp and quick witted I really liked those sarcastic one liners