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[ Pdf Ashes, Ashes Ø ghosts PDF ] by Jo Treggiari · At first I was thinking that a good comparison for the book would be a blind date but thinking further it s closer to a relationship that is just about to break up horribly There s no mystery, passion is long gone, and any intimacy is just a sad joke from here on out.
At no point did I care enough about anyone in this to to accept the things that goes on throughout the book Eventually not only did I stop trying I just about shut down I had less than an hour left and I kept thinking how did this all go so wrong.
I m not going to spoil it for anyone deluded enough into thinking that this book is for them but after the decision was made to make a move , NOTHING makes sense any People either seem to have all the answers or no answers whatsoever and no one seems concerned about it If you think I m kidding imagine both ends of the spectrum occurring at the same time and not questioning how on earth does that make any sense right now Why keep drinking a drink you know is drugged and struggle to accept that a person is being honest with you Why chase a person for almostmaybeif you hold it against me I ll smack you 2 years and then when you finally have them in your sights not only let them go but help them escape What This is what anyone who walks down this road is going to have to deal with I m totally going to ignore the fake love triangle The overly horny men left in the world The wizened old grandmother Also without nitpicking that ending was one of the most pointless things I ve read Nothing happened that I didn t already know Nothing happened that I hadn t already assumed would either Ahh see I tried not to do it but I still did Sorry There s going to be of these books Hell to the no I m out There are any number of cracking ways to open a novel, but I am going to argue that view spoiler dismembering a turtle hide spoiler Um, when your hero chick is supposed to be crazy grubby, with necessarily shorn hair and tatters for a wardrobedon t portray her on the cover wearing spotless skinny jeans, long lush locks, and a bright white tea seemingly with a push up bra to boot Justdon t I skimmed from chapters four on and found this to be what the over descriptive book jacket promised insipid, MOR, boy saves girl who acts tough until the kissing starts.
The beauty of Ashes, Ashes is all in the story s details I don t think I ve read another dystopian with the level of deep, engrossing detail that Jo s novel has in Ashes, Ashes, I can smell the world s decay, feel the rain pounding on my back, sense the pain in my lungs as Lucy runs for her life.
everything is alive, immediate, and vivid Lucy and Aidan are a sweet young couple, and the story is dark but not without hope Recommended Jo Treggiari seems like a pretty cool woman from the little blurb about her on the back flap thing and this is a YA dystopian novel with a female protagonist, so this story should be fun right Eh, not really This book didn t succeed in convincing me of much of anything and I found I was counting down how many pages were left every time I finished a chapter I didn t like any of the characters enough to care about them and I didn t really know what they wanted other than to survive from day to day Lucy was sort of like Bella Swan from Twilight in the way that she is antisocial and so clutzy it makes me almost concerned there may be an inner ear issue going on or something that throws them so off balance Though Lucy is competent and slightly likable than Bella, it isn t by much I will say that Lucy is a tough cookie though She suffered a lot of bodily harm in this book, but managed to survive by herself for a year and make it to the end of the story alive.
Mostly I was just confused which leads me to be frustrated I probably wouldn t have finished this book if I hadn t promised to read it for SPC I haven t been through enough apocalypses or biology classes to know what would be realistic or not, but this didn t seem believable to me Does weather act like this Do plagues Do people react like this I don t knowAshes, Ashesis forgettable and almost pointless On the back of the book there is the phrase The world has endedwhat comes next Well, if you are looking for the answer, it isn t in this book.
Global warming has wrecked havoc on New York City Streets and highways have been turned to rivers and Central Park now has an ocean view Four years later, a virulent plague strikes and wipes out much of the world s population, leaving a remnant of less than one percent living Lucy is the sole survivor of her family everyone she knows has died Now she makes her home in the wilds of Central Park For a while she lived in a city shelter, but the Sweepers kept abducting people for some unknown reason She was scared and fled Thankfully she had a survival manual and the gumption to make it on her own One of her survival techniques was to avoid other survivors This worked well until the day when she was surrounded by a pack of vicious dogs with no obvious escape Aidan to the rescue He has been living with a large group of survivors a few miles away, and he has been keeping an eye on Lucy Lucky for her, as he helps her escape the dogs A few days later, when disaster strikes yet again, Lucy has no choice but to seek out Aidan and the community he lives in This book started with a plausible premise The population of the world has been decimated and there is an ongoing threat that the plague will re surface Where it fell apart was due to several factual errors These were so distracting that I couldn t enjoy the rest of the book I started by listening to the Oasis Audio book version of this story It was read by Cassandra Campbell She did a wonderful job it was easy to differentiate between the different characters and to feel their excitement and anxiety as the story progressed Nine hours 46 minutes While listening to the book, I was driving on the highway and thought that I had mis heard a passage I was under the impression that there was still a large remnant population it was the resurgence of a killer disease that had reduced the global population to less than 1 percent of what it had been within three short months page 4 This would mean that there was approximately 70 million population of the world, of that 5 million in the United States A few chapters later most people had contracted the plague in the first wave of contagion Out of every one million people, 999,999 had died Most of the survivors were picked off by the second wave page 53 This means that from a population of 500 million I don t know the dates when this story starts nor what the actual population of the United States would be on that date, so I am making an assumption , there would be less than 500 people surviving the first wave in the United States, and that most of them would die in the second wave To be generous, lets say 20 % of them survived, that leaves 100 survivors in all of the United States I m being really generous as on page 140 we are told that Of those who contracted the mutated hemorrhagic smallpox in the second wave, maybe one in a million survived Well, there are now no survivors Having been told on page 39 that People had left the cities in droves it seems unlikely that almost all of those survivors would be living in the area of Central Park On page 126 we learn that There were close to seventy five when I first came, living in Aidan s settlement Add to this the number living in the shelter that Lucy had been living in, that would be all the remnant population for the entire country This doesn t include the Sweepers and anyone else that are living with them As I said, I was listening to the audio book while driving and figured that I must have misheard the survival rate and that instead of one in a million people surviving, it must have been one in a hundred thousand I borrowed the book from my local library to check the facts That is where I obtained the above quotes From this point on, the story was ruined for me Two factual errors turned the story into a poorly researched and written book Where was the editor and the fact checker Anyone who has ever used a mercury based thermometer knows that you shake the thermometer before you put the instrument in the mouth Well, not in this book, they must have used some new style thermometer that no one I spoke with has ever heard of When he turned around again, he held a thermometer Open again She opened her mouth and he placed it beneath her tongue.
and removed the thermometer He shook it a couple of times and, squinted at it, trying to read the numbers pages 105 106 According to the dozen or so mothers that I consulted, the shaking would have moved the mercury back to the bulb and there would have been a very low temperature to read, yet Lucy s reading was normal The teens that I spoke with had no idea what a mercury thermometer was Later the same day in the story, Lucy is helping to cook dinner She has chopped up several rabbits for the soup pot The onions and carrots are already cooking in the bottom of a huge pot over an open fire They are feeding approximately 40 people, thus a lot of soup is required He led her to where the others were standing around a large pot on the fire.
About forty pounds of carrots and onions simmered in the bottom page 145They added the rabbit, chopped potatoes and then a large bucket of water The good smells were making Lucy woozy She sat down on a bench and closed her eyes, letting the fragrant steam wash over her Aidan sat down beside her About fifteen minutes, page 146There is no apparent lapse of time between when the rabbit, potatoes and water go in the pot and when Aidan tells her dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes There is not sufficient time for the water to come to a boil, let alone for the potatoes to cook As any cook will know, after the water comes to a boil, it will take at least 20 minutes for the potatoes to cook I consulted several home cooks and The Joy of Cooking by Irma S Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker, and they stated that at least 1 hours, but often 1 1 2 to 2 hours is required to safely cook rabbit It must be cooked long enough to kill the medium causing tularemia and trichinosis I admit that teens reading this book will mostly miss the information about the thermometer and the rabbit cooking, but there is no reason that they should not be baffled by the survival statistics I have read dozens of reviews of this book, and only one other reader has commented on this confusion I can t understand how the editor missed these factual errors The book copy that I checked this with is a first edition, it is possible that corrections have been made in subsequent printings I find it disturbing that this book has been selected for the Forest of Reading program in the White Pine category in Ontario This means it is widely promoted in the schools and public libraries.
Epidemics, Floods, Droughts For Sixteen Year Old Lucy, The End Of The World Came And Went, Taking % Of The Population With It As The Weather Continues To Rage Out Of Control, And Sweepers Clean The Streets Of Plague Victims, Lucy Survives Alone In The Wilds Of Central Park But When She S Rescued From A Pack Of Hunting Dogs By A Mysterious Boy Named Aidan, She Reluctantly Realizes She Can T Continue On Her Own She Joins His Band Of Survivors, Yet, A New Danger Awaits Her The Sweepers Are Looking For Her There S Something Special About Lucy, And They Will Stop At Nothing To Have Her I had wanted to read Ashes, Ashes for such a long time it received high ratings when reviews started to emerge so I put at the top of my mental young adult dystopia must read list However, now that I ve read it, I m not entirely sure it is a dystopian novel I think people can get confused and think that if it s a futuristic novel especially if it s an apocalyptic novel then it s automatically dystopian While I m not completely certain and therefore it shall remain on my YA dystopia list , I personally wouldn t put it in the dystopian genre It s much like Life as We Knew It It focuses on life in a post apocalyptic or apocalyptic 99% of the world s population has been killed off by a terrible plague but there s no indication that the apocalypse is over and therefore they may not be living in a post apocalyptic world Genres can be tricky things Pedantic discussion of genres aside, I really loved Ashes, Ashes It may not have the dramatic action sequences that similar books have but I think it works really well in this case There s a lack of dialogue in the first few chapters, which it has been criticised for, but I cannot see why that is We watch as sixteen year old Lucy attempts to survive alone in the wild I personally find this sort of storyline fascinating and I think it shows that a story doesn t necessarily need to constantly have conversations to be exciting and engaging.
Nonetheless, Lucy eventually does make contact with other humans and this is where it begins to get complicated for her Ashes, Ashes is an inspiring survival story and raises the question of whether it s better to band together or go it alone It makes you think What would I do in this situation I pretty much adored all the characters Aidan the love interest yes it features romance but it isn t the main focus of the book, which is important to note , Del what s up with her , Henry hilarious , as well as Leo, Sammy and Grammalie Rose extremely admirable characters I wanted to find out about them all It had the same sense of wonder and fear of what was going to happen as in Life as We Knew It but had the added thriller type intrigue of what exactly do the Sweepers want with members of the camp and why have they taken particular interest in Lucy While the ending isn t perfect, I thought it was satisfactory and it didn t ruin my overall enjoyment of the novel I still loved it It gets points from me for being a standalone novel so rare these days within YA fiction although it doesn t quite work as well as it could have Without giving too much away, the climatic ending needed much detail, which would have most likely made it exciting, horrifying and perhaps would have pushed it into the dystopian genre And that s what we want, right Overall, even though I wouldn t describe this as a dystopian novel, I thoroughly enjoyed Ashes, Ashes and I d say that it s still well worth reading It most likely would still interest fans of young adult dystopia Dystopian or Not Dystopian Not Dystopian I also reviewed this book over on Pretty books.
This really had a lot of promise, but oh, there is always a but it just didn t do it for me The author could ve done so much , but didn t take advantage of what she d already set up It was interesting, but not really exciting Quick Overview 16 year old Lucy is surviving on her own in the wilds of Central Park, while floods and droughts still plague New York City The ravage of natural disasters and the epidemic that killed millions of the population leaves Lucy as the last survivor of her family The S ans infected survivors of the plague still roam the city Lucy hasn t been in contact with another person in months until a boy named Aidan rescues her from a pack of ravage dogs hunting her He tells her that he lives with a group of other survivors After her shelter is destroyed she looks for Aidan and the settlement and suprisingly finds herself at home among them But the people of the settlement are being taken by the Sweepers and no one knows what they re doing to them It s up to Lucy and Aidan to save their friends, but it s exactly what the Sweepers want This had a lot going for it, but everything was just okay I mean, how excited can you really be when you ve been practically told the entire story in the blurb Honestly, everything in the blurb is exactly what you get in the book The last 30 pages is the only thing you don t know is going to happen Not to mention I guessed all the twists waaaaay before I couldn t really grasp or feel the disaster that the book describes and I noticed that I didn t really feel a whole lot towards Lucy The romance is a little lack luster There s some stuff that isn t really explained, like Aidan s background or anyone else s really besides Lucy s The villain and some of the other characters are weird The things they do don t makeANYsense with their character.
I liked some things, like the fact that Lucy used a survival guide instead of being some natural ian warrior The idea of the S ans was also interesting, but again that isn t really talked about The reason why the Sweepers are taking people should ve been brought to the forefront of the book It was the best thing it had going for it The book lacks a message or at least a distinct one At the very end there seems to be a bit of a slap on effort to give the book a point, but it s just stuck in there without any real air time Also, I kept waiting for something to happen For being a dystopia book it s surprising how muchdoesn thappen I think I had certain expectations for this book because of the other dystopia books that I ve read This book would be good for younger readers or someone who s just starting out in the dystopia genre, but you won t find much nitty gritty action with a resonating message in this.
Ashes, Ashes is a terrifyingly realistic view at the world s end BookWhisperer is not known for books such as this one after several struggles this is usually a book that I would have avoided Much to my surprise Ashes, Ashes will be the first of this type of book on my favorites list Lucy is the strong and courageous sixteen year old that will follow throughout this novel Being the soul survivor of her entire family she has set out to living in the wild alone It is remarkable to follow this young girl as she struggles to survive in a world where the population has been wiped out down to a mere third After the natural disasters that reeked havoc over the entire world the survivors then battled the plague that swarmed the remaining population This was a terrifying look at the apocalypse that would leave every reader pondering their future The romantic twist for Lucy and Aidan was a sweet hopeful addition that give readers moments of happiness to grasp through this story This simple addition gives readers future hope the story that they will follow, and possibility for a dramatic happily ever after As far as I can tell this is only this authors second novel, but I am utterly impressed by her ability to present such an intriguing story If this is a glimpse at the works possible from this author I look for many great books.