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Flavia at the age of twelve finally has left her beloved Buckshaw to sail off to a girls school in Canada, the same school where her late mother attended and is still much revered Upon being awaken in the middle of her first night by a schoolmate, a human skeleton is discovered when it conveniently plops down from within the fireplace chimney, much to Flavia s shear delight Who is this corpse, how long has it been there, and most importantly to Flavia, who dunnit But before these questions can be answered, it is learned that there have been a few schoolgirls over the years who have gone missing Strangely, the police don t seem to be doing anything to solve those disappearances or the murder mystery Flavia soon has her hands full of suspects amid warnings not to trust anyone, period No wonder she is homesick I enjoyed the mysteries as they were presented and how Flavia s mind savored every little clue until she was finally able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together But then other parts of the ending seemed to come out of left field and were just not expected or satisfying Storylines seemed unresolved, poorly explained, and swept under the carpet to make things tidy I am admittedly a bit dazed and confused, not a good feeling.
Oh my Lord.
oh my Lord.
I can t wait I have to admit I was a tad disappointed in this book of the series.
It didn t seem to be of the same caliber as the other books,but still enjoyable.
Hard On The Heels Of The Return Of Her Mother S Body From The Frozen Reaches Of The Himalayas, Flavia, For Her Indiscretions, Is Banished From Her Home At Buckshaw And Shipped Across The Ocean To Miss Bodycote S Female Academy In Toronto, Her Mother S Alma Mater, There To Be Inducted Into A Mysterious Organization Known As The NideNo Sooner Does She Arrive, However, Than A Body Comes Crashing Down Out Of The Chimney And Into Her Room, Setting Off A Series Of Investigations Into Mysterious Disappearances Of Girls From The School Rating 3.
75 of fiveThe Publisher Says Hard on the heels of the return of her mother s body from the frozen reaches of the Himalayas, Flavia, for her indiscretions, is banished from her home at Buckshaw and shipped across the ocean to Miss Bodycote s Female Academy in Toronto, her mother s alma mater, there to be inducted into a mysterious organization known as the Nide.
No sooner does she arrive, however, than a body comes crashing down out of the chimney and into her room, setting off a series of investigations into mysterious disappearances of girls from the school.
My Review We all know by now what the deal is when we pick up a Bradley mystery We re suspending disbelief in the premise of a school girl who also happens to be a gifted forensic chemist, possessed of a fully stocked laboratory, and the youngest member of an astonishingly oblivious and neglectful family who leave the child alone to get on with her solving of the many murders that occur in her remote village home.
Yeah, right Not even in postwar England 1950 ish would a kid have that kind of freedom But without that, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down Where s the fun in that Go with it Surf on Bradley s wave and the reward is a mother of all waves keeping you sharp and alert lest you miss the wave s chicane.
It was fun, and while I m no convert to the idea of books set in Toronto a flimsy drop curtain illusion of Toronto as the setting was , I understand why we had to be there for this story to unwind The mystery itself, not for the first time, failed to generate much suspense in me I suppose this is a far reaching effect of following a long term series, since I see it setting in on almost all my fellow series fans The difference for me, in this series case, is that I am still charmed by the idea of a kid solving adult crimes, and satisfied by Bradley s humor and whimsy Seven books and counting.
There is no sadder word in the English language The very sound of it like echoing iron gates crashing closed behind you like steel bolts being shot shut makes your hair stand on end, doesn t it Banished With those words, Flavia s next adventure begins She is on her way to an academy for young ladies across the pond, as it s now often referred to in Toronto, Ontario She arrives homesick and heartsick, convinced that her family has sent her away as a nuisance, regardless of what her Aunt Felicity told her about who she is, what she is part of, and her duty.
Maybe it s her age she s twelve now or maybe it s being so far from home and all that is dear to her heart, but we have a much emotionally conflicted Flavia in this book She chides herself for it regularly and reminds herself to stick to the facts and trust scienceOne of the things I dread about becoming an adult is that sooner or later you begin letting sentimentality get in the way of simple logic False feelings are allowed to clog the works like raw honey poured into the tiny wheels of a fine timepieceI love how she thinks As though her own personal crisis of growth isn t enough, add to the mix a dead body suddenly arriving into her life at close quarters, a headmistress indeterminably friend or foe, and, in fact, a whole uncertainty of people in a school that feels like prison to her, and this story catapults us into the next phase of honing her sleuthing skills.
From my perspective, as good as this series was out of the station, it just continues to get better It is not only completely entertaining, but also strategically peppered with wisdom that Flavia has picked up from sources such as Shakespeare, Aristotle, Dickens, and fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk, and Peter Pan.
For sheer entertainment value, it s a solid 5 stars For exceptional writing and wisdom, an additional 5 stars Oh Wait I m only allowed 5 stars altogether But I m giving it a 10 anyway.
Flavia is starting her first year at Miss Bodycote s Academy She s homesick a lot and so was I I liked how the school and its inhabitants were described But it was not Buckshaw Dogger, Flavia s father and sisters, Mr and Mrs Mullet still are present in Flavia s thoughts but it s just not the same.
I also found the crime rather confusing There are so many new characters that I sometimes lost track of who was who In the end comes to a logic conclusion but the twist and turns before that were a bit too much for me The biggest surprise for me was that Flavia is being sent back to Buckshaw in the end I like this but I m now wondering what the sense of this volume was Alan Bradley could as well have left Flavia at home if he is sending her back again.
5 stars for As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust This is the lowest rating I have given to this series so far I hope that I will enjoy the next volume a lot I received a free digital copy via Netgalley the publisher Thanks for the opportunity From the beginning I ve been a big fan of Flavia de Luce, and I thought Book 6 The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches was the best yet Unfortunately, this seventh book felt like a misstep The biggest change is that Flavia is not freewheeling about her beloved English village, but banished to an all girls boarding school outside Toronto Although there are some promising characters with quirky nicknames to make up for the change, none quite live up to the stock cast I think, also, that the preponderance of adolescent girls changes the dynamic of the book the others work so well because Flavia is that rare, precocious child in a staid, adult world So although you still get the joy of her gutsy first person narration, the usual pleasures of a Flavia novel are diminished.
However, Bradley always conjures up original death tableaux and chemistry related investigations I have seen numerous dead bodies in my lifetime, each interesting than the last, and each instructive This one, if I was counting correctly, was number seven, Flavia reflects He also shines at period slang, even if he does go rather over the top in places I felt like tossing my toastshe could jolly well suck my salmon sandwiches Luckily, things look to be back on track for books 8 10 view spoiler Flavia s headed back to Buckshaw hide spoiler

This book is set in Canada where Flavia is shipped off to boarding school I much prefer the setting of her ancestral home, and all the characters from home but Flavia is still Flavia and I still enjoyed story, even though it was a bit random Looking forward to getting back to this series home setting.
Flavia De Luce is sent from her home at Buckshaw, England to Miss Bodycote s Female Academy in Toronto, her mother s alma mater She is there to be inducted into the mysterious organization called Nide But a body comes crashing down out of the chimney the very first night at the school and Flavia can t help trying to find out the identity of the dead body and who stuffed it into the chimney.
This is my first Flavia De Luce book, but not my last I had no problem getting into the story, but of course, since this is book seven were there bound to be things mentioned in the book that I knew nothing about Like for instance why she was banished to Canada Apparently, there happened things in the last book concerning her mother that led to this But anyway if we disregard that, everything else was not that hard to understand, she mentioned people but often I got an explanation to who she was referring to so that was ok.
I admit that I first thought the books story took place much earlier than 1950 s, around 1920 30 s perhaps But then television was mentioned and that meant a bit later Also, I wasn t sure about Flavia s ages until someone mentioned that she was 12, I thought that she would be older But she was fun she was like a nosy Nancy Drew, but slightly morbid I was a bit weary of Flavia in the beginning, there is a thin line between precocious and obnoxious but she managed to stay on the precocious side throughout the book The story was interesting and I liked the school setting I have always been a bit fascinated by boarding school milieu, and for mystery books are boarding schools a perfect setting It was a good read and I m looking forward to reading the previous six books in the series I received this copy from the publisher through Netgalley in return for an honest review Flavia goes on an adventure to Canada A reluctant adventure, as it was not her choice to leave dear Buckshaw and the people she loves Still, she faces her voyage in true Flavia fashion, with flair and tongue firmly in cheek Flavia s way of seeing things still makes me smile A description of a woman she meets She was wrapped in a dress of turquoise silk, with a matching scarf on her head and far too much magenta lipstick on her mouth Need I say No need to say , Flavia, tells me all I need to know about this character, haha.
And when Flavia is successful with something, her expression of jubilance The universe had rolled over and let me rub its tummy Flavia attends a school that teaches some extra subjects, the same school her mother had attended This was a fun change of pace for the series To give you an idea of some of the unusual arts taught at this school, a comment from the head mistress You will be trained in the arts of genteel mayhem Oh, don t look at me like that The vegetable scraper, the cheese grater, and the corkscrew are often overlooked as effective means of disposing of an adversary, you know even the pickle fork, in a pinch Her arrival at her new school begins with a dead body, continues with secrets and confusion Girls mysteriously disappearing, nobody talking, and rules against asking questions Training in her beloved chemistry Crazy laundry ladies Ouija boards giving alarming messages I was a bit disappointed with how fast the murder mystery was resolved, and the sudden change that happened at the end of the book, I think there was a missed opportunity there.
Not sure what will be next for our Flavia, but I will be there with bells on, as Mrs Mullet would say.
Not the best in the series, but still fun 3.
5 stars, rounded up to 4 stars.
ARC received from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.