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µ Read ✓ Afterlight by Alex Scarrow ¸ The World Lies Devastated After The Massive Oil Crisis That Was Described In LAST LIGHT Human Society Has Or Less Entirely Broken Down And Millions Lie Dead Of Starvation And Disease There Are Only One Or Two Beacon Communities That Have Managed To Fashion A New Way Of Living Jenny Sutherland Runs One Of These Groups Based On A Series Of Decaying Offshore Oil Rigs For Safety A Few Hundred People Have Rebuilt A Semblance Of Normality In This Otherwise Dead World But As Her And Her People Start To Explore Their Surroundings Once Again, They Start To Realise Not Every Survivor Has The Same Vision Of A Better Future Than Their Catastrophic Past There Are People Out There Who Would Take Everything They Have War Is Coming, And The Stakes Are Truly Massive If you ve read the previous book, Last Light, you ll probably enjoy this one too It s set 10 years after the events of the first one, Alex Scarrow states his reasons why which I thought was a refreshing thing to see I like it when an author takes time to connect with their readers.
The story itself isn t quite as gripping as Last Light, the sense of urgency is somewhat lacking, possibly due to the nature of the story being 10 years after the chaos and panic of the first story However, I still found myself eagerly turning each page at 2 and 3 in the morning There are plenty of what would you do thinkers dotted along the way as the characters struggle through their various paths I like a story that makes me ponder how I would react in a similar situation.
As with Last Light I thought some of the characters were pretty well fleshed out Others I wanted to know about seemed a bit limited in their purpose, needs, desires and so on The use of dialogue gives the characters good individuality, although I m not a huge fan of the multiple explanation marks the author uses in his dialogue The circumstances and character behaviour if well written should be enough to tell the reader a situation is tense or not without a lot of at the end of so many bits of dialogue.
Another nit pick for me is the use of capitols in dialogue Again this shouldn t be necessary to convey emotion if the writing is strong Despite this, the dialogue and regional dialects, slang, street talk etc is very well done.
I m sure the Kindle version has been poorly laid out as there are huge gaps between the paragraphs, than the first book I got used to it, sort of A slightly odd thing is the first person diary entry at the start That in itself is okay, however another one crops up toward the end of the story and I thought this was a sort of conclusion, but the story continues on It felt misplaced.
Without giving away specifics I thought it ended in a strange place, with all the build up I expected something big but it just dwindled to a stop quite unexpectedly.
The concept of what a population would do following a collapse of society is an interesting one, and well thought out here, with some interesting ideas of how individuals and groups work through such hardships Many apocalyptic stories tend to centre around destruction and chaos, zombies, guns, cars that still work years later despite petroleum having a limited life span.
Afterlight is different as it looks at things from a realistic point of view, this is evident in the research the author has done The characters have flaws, even the good guys don t always get it right, and the bad guys have reasons for their behaviour It illustrates how some people will strive to help each other and some will act like locusts, consuming and killing.
As with the first book I was dismayed to see the repetitive nature of rape, whether that be actual rape or the intention implication I understand it is used to illustrate a point, that of men being dominant over women, using them as objects etc, but it felt forced to the point of oh, just stop going on and on about rape and docile women and get on with the story Despite these criticisms I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure Thought provoking subject matter, decent enough characters and locations I could relate to, England, London, East Anglia and so on.
If you want a good read about how people might realistically survive following a collapse then I recommend Afterlight whole heartedly.
I m seriously irked because I wrote a whole long review of this terrible book, and it got eaten by my computer So now I hate it even This will contain spoilers but that s a good thing, because it means you don t have to read this dreadful book, and I ll have done my good deed for the day.
Afterlight is the sequel to Last Light, a laughably bad novel about Peak Oil When we last saw our heroine Leona, she had narrowly escaped being murdered by a shadowy Illuminati style cabal of political lizards responsible for everything from the American Revolution to the rise of Hitler to me bruising my hip on a table this morning They were after her because she alone had the power to identify them, and they had sent their most prized assassin to try to destroy her.
Naturally, we never hear from them again They are completely written out of the sequel, replaced by Alex Scarrow s How to Survive the Zombie Hoodie Apocalypse Lesson One Don t Wank on Legumes or PulsesDid you kill the guard she asked.
Walfield looked down at the body and nodded Stumbled on the bugger whacking off on the beans Ten years have passed since Peak Oil The survivors of Great Britain are mostly divided now between two camps, unaware of each other s existence One is explicitly described as a concentration camp It s led by a mid level civil servant boo , who has assembled a crack team of thuggish urban youths, mostly black In the last book, our heroine Leona was nearly raped by an urban black youth whom she named Fifty, because he resembled a famous rapper Alex Scarrow clearly thought this was a very clever idea possibly worth opening a tin of Heinz for , because he stretches it to breaking point Now we have a whole gang of urban youths mostly black who have all adopted rap names for themselves Snoop, Dizzee, etc, etc They enjoy playing violent video games, listening to hip hop, demanding that bitches show them their pooty , and wearing lots of gold jewellery There s a really unpleasant undercurrent here it s like Scarrow thinks that black youth culture is responsible for all thuggishness in the UK Millwall fans beg to differ.
Fortunately, our mid level civil servant has stockpiled enough oil to power up arcade machines for a fortnightly night of fun, along with alcopops and a ten year supply of cocaine It s not clear where the latter came from Did he scavenge it Was it a gift Did all the survivors pool their cocaine together Did he have it in his pockets in case of emergency I demand answers Sadly, none are forthcoming.
Anyway, the rest of the survivors are off the Norfolk coast on an oil rig that they have transformed into a feminist paradise Now, there are of course pros and cons to living out here PRO Nobody is knocking one out on the borlottis CON Alex Scarrow has never met a real live woman, so his feminist enclave is literally a bloody mess Of the four hundred and fifty three members of their community, a large proportion were women between the ages of sixteen and fifty On any given day there were at least half a dozen of them reporting to Dr Gupta once upon a time a GP for something to ease stomach cramps.
Into this feminist dreamland comes a dark skinned stranger with a sexy accent, and everything falls apart The women are suddenly at each other s throats in their desperation to wash the Francophone heartthrob s underwear actual plot point But it s all for nothing because he turns out to be a paedophile This is telegraphed by the facts that a he is Belgian, and b he is some kind of priest What chance did he have So the Belgian paedophile kills Leona s daughter When we last saw Leona, she was an eighteen year old university student Now it s ten years later, and she hasn t changed apart from the sudden development of a five year old girl The father is never mentioned, not even in passing I can only conclude that Leona dove into a bathtub of baked beans, with disastrous consequences It s all moot, though, because the daughter is just a catalyst in pigtails who shows up, gets murdered, and causes Plot to happen.
Plot is this Leona s mother Jenny is grievously injured So she and her brother abandon Mum and head off to London, where Jacob hopes to find a working streetlamp This is a teenage boy who thinks about Yu Gi Oh a lot and doesn t know what a blowjob is, so bear with him , and Leona plans to return to her old house, where her dad died, and kill herself, which issweet Dad s body is still there, by the way, because nobody ever thought of burying him God, these people.
Along the way, Leona and Jacob get taken in by the evil civil servant and his gang of hoodies Here, horrible things happen, but the most horrible is Leona herself She is beaten horrendously and nearly raped she isn t, of course, because nice girls aren t Minutes later, she listens to a girl in the next room get raped Her thoughts on this She wondered if the girl was really there out of choice because she got treated to a little alcohol, a little dope every now and then.
Then Jacob is killed, which is weird, because as I mentioned in my review of Last Light, Jacob is named after Alex Scarrow s own son I can only think that Jacob Scarrow is quite the scallywag Jake, do your homework or I ll make your character a dweeb who all the other youths hate , Help your mum with the washing up or Book Jacob will be told to rape his own sister , You got detention That s it, I m killing your character Finally, we have a climactic battle where Our Boys the remnants of the British army, still proudly loyal to Queen and Country ten years after the apocalypse, and the antithesis of those dreadful hoodies save the day, and everyone lives happily ever after, although a few beans will never be the same again So that brings our checklist to violent video games, youths, rap music, mid level civil servants, feminism, foreigners, paedophiles, men who look like imams and turn out to be kiddy fiddlers, the army saving the dayI can only conclude that the entirety of Afterlight is Alex Scarrow s cover letter for a job at the Daily Mail It finishes with another smug afterword in which Scarrow congratulates himself for writing such a great book, and tells us all that we are doomed God, this man must be a nightmare dinner party guest Do yourself a favour and don t read this book.

This book is recommended to me by Don.
Thanks yo XD I know this book is a sequel, but I dont bother to read the first one.
u dont really need to read the first if the second book somehow explains to us what book one is about.
spoiler,yo Ok, I ve bought this book when I was going to an outing to a bookstore,really with my bestfriend Mikan the other day I was browsing through the shelves when I saw this book looking at me curiously.
Or maybe u can change the I and the book position in that sentence.
This book was,at that time, sitting alone on that shelves.
Yeah, it was the last copy,I guess.
So, I was lucky to notice it and at The same time I remembered the recommendation by Don.
So, what else I bought the book,of course haha I read this book a few days after that, and yes, this book is a page turner.
Then, I brought this book along with me when I went to holiday and somehow my holiday turned into finish this book trip oh I am going to be honest.
This book is good, really But, u have to be real tough to go on with this book if u were some way like me.
I cant stand when people make something mine like his her.
And that, happens in this book through Valerie Latoc And I cant stand a person who talks malicious about someone just because he she was not in charge and felt unimportant.
And that, happens through Alice.
I hate both of them like I hate everything most hateful in this whole world I dont know if u know how much hate I needed to go through Urgghh for just thinking about it However, surely I have reasons for saying that this book is good even though the author killed my favourite character, in a mean way ok,ok.
relax I will go to the good sides Well, good.
Which parts are good Think.
oh, yeah I know the whole book is good except the parts that are not.
How s that lol Post apocolyptic thriller, which had me from the first page This is a follow on from Last Light and I can honestly say that this was better than the first book The scary thing was not the ruthlessness of life post social breakdown, the way the story rang true This is no Mad Max type wasteland novel, this is how I suspect things would really turn out if we ran out of oil There are some interesting parallels to Lord of the Flies and the inclusion of a charismatic child abuser added a dimension which had me thinking about who you really could trust in a world where the old rules had broken down.