ó After Oil ✓ Download by ó John Michael Greer

ó After Oil ✓ Download by ó John Michael Greer Author John Michael Greer, Host Of The Blog The Archdruid Report, A Weekly Peak Oil Blog, Brings Together Twelve original Tales Selected From Among His Readers Each Story Offers Glimpses Into Possible Futures Where Oil Scarcity And Lower Energy Availability Spell The End Of Modern Industrial Society Interesting imaginings of post oil humanity.
There are four excellent stories in this collection Maestra y Aprendiz by Susan Harelson The Going by Catherine McGuire Think like a Tinkerer by Thijs Goverde and Winter s Tales by editor John Michael Greer.
The rest are what you d expect from lesson fiction dull, ponderous, lectury, so poorly written that even the steampunk murder mystery couldn t hold my attention Skip these and read the others above.
The stories in this collection were surprisingly good considering that most were written by amateurs Two brought me to tears, and the concluding tale by I wanted to like this book better than I did The concept itself is engaging, but unfortunately the execution left a lot to be desired Several of the stories read as YA entries written by young adults Not that there is anything wrong with that I don t fault the writers themselves so much They are not professional authors for the most part, but rather participants over at Greer s blog Greer, himself, though could have added far credibility by editing better.