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â A Touch Mortal (A Touch Trilogy, #1) Ã Download by ã Leah Clifford I am not sure how I managed to finish this one I think I felt a bit guilty because I won it in a contest and I sort of did want to see what happened, so I forced myself to finish But wow, this one was rough It jumps ALL over the place in no linear fashion, and it includes all these details, randomly dumped in the middle of other scenes I still don t understand what Siders are and what exactly Touch is It doesn t make any sense to me at all Then there s also the fact that we re supposed to feel this big epic love between Eden and Az, except oh wait, we never got to see that happen Their whole relationship building is skipped over, and Eden s whole life pre angel is skipped over, so I found myself not really caring at all.
Then there s the swearing Oh so much swearing I don t think I ve ever seen so much use of the F word in a book, especially a YA novel It was just really crass, and I fully realize that some people talk like that my gosh, it reminded me of high school , but it wasn t tasteful at all And angels swearing That was kind of offensive to me The so called angels didn t even seem like angels at all I also don t understand why the author couldn t just use the terms heaven and hell instead of the cutesy upstairs and downstairs I mean, come on, we re clearly within the Christian realm here, whether you view it as religion or mythology And I also have to mention the dark tone of the book It seemed to be glorifying suicide, which was really startling to me I hate to use the term triggering but I can honestly see how this one might Usually books involving tough issues like cutting and suicide discourage away from it and involve the characters getting help and support In this one People who commit suicide come back And then there s Eden and her role as a mercy killer I don t even know.
Poorly plotted, confusing, offensive, and filled with characters I couldn t really care any less about.
Yeah Wow And not really in a good way Let s do this objectively This book is meant for people who do not question logic or the lack of it or require any sort of definite character depth in a book There is just so much wtf ery that I had to stop reading, put the book down and just breathe for a moment I wouldn t have completed this but I won the book and felt compelled to finish it as a celebration of my win Yeah Anyway The book Right.
The doozy and not really a spoiler since you know, it s the premise of the book is that the hero fakes his own death so that the protagonist will get so shattered over it and kill herself so she can come back as something mystical and powerful I don t know how I feel about a love interest who does something like this Good thing the protagonist doesn t either so she completely cuts him and there appears with remarkable alacrity a third to this flailing triangle Mythos aside, the book is a large scale teen relationship drama Eden, as a character, leaves me unimpressed and manages to go one step further and annoy me Other characters are not so much better.
There s this one particular scene I remember Eden tells her boyfriends hey, I don t know what the status quo is by then that she s going to a movie with her girl friend and then once she s out of the house, changes from movie going clothes to party clothes Okay, firstly, those guys in the house They are not your dad Or any other figure of relative authority If you want to go to a party, you tell them and go Even if you want to be stupid and walk into the lion s den And secondly, changing clothes That is so tawdry Honestly Eden gets bossed around so much that you have to wonder how she became the leader of their group And then when everything spirals towards the climax, the guy she had spent half the book pashing, the eager third to the triangle His disappearance from the triangle is treated with the emotion that could fit half a thimble The book is a hot mess It really is They turned Satan into a broody rock star who has no idea what he s doing That s almost as bad as turning Hades into John I know this review is scattered but, trust me, the reading experience is also like this so I m just staying true to what I read Eden Didn T Expect AzNot His Saunter Down The Beach Toward Her Not His Unbelievable Pick Up Line Not The Instant, Undeniable Connection And Not His WingsYeahSo Long Happily Ever AfterNow Trapped Between Life And Death, Cursed To Spread Chaos With Her Every Touch, Eden Could Be The Key In The Eternal Struggle Between Heaven And Hell All Because She Gave Her Heart To One Of The Fallen, An Angel Cast Out Of HeavenShe May Lose Everything She Ever Had She May Be Betrayed By Those She Loves Most But Eden Will Not Be A Pawn In Anyone Else S Game Her Heart Is Her OwnAnd That S Only The Beginning Of The End My review can also be found on my blog Collections.
5 starsClose to evening on a summer day, Eden sits on the sand at the beach, wondering why her family and friends have been ignoring her for weeks No one seems to care about her any, and it s as if she doesn t even exist to them So, lately, she s been thinking about suicide But as she s sitting there, contemplating what to do, she is approached by two strangers Eden is immediately drawn to one of them, the one who calls himself Az And because of Az, she finds a reason to keep living At least for a little while.
I liked the first two chapters Eden and Az had an instant connection, but I wasn t bothered by it because that s usually the case for romance in books Once I got to chapter three, though, my feelings about the situation changed, and I even started to feel a bit lost Because chapter three takes place about two weeks after chapter two Meaning the romantic development I was hoping for wasn t shown at all The time jump made the pacing seem a bit off to me It was almost as if the romance wasn t that important to the storyexcept it was It was one of the main reasons all the things went down afterward And no matter how much Eden and Az kissed and said they loved each other, I wasn t convinced I could not find the romance believable, even by the end of the book.
The two week skip wasn t the only one in the story Later on in the book, there was a two month skip That one also made me feel like I missed something important, such as information and development, during the time in between An example of the important something I felt like I missed was the meaning of the terms used like Sider, Screamer, Basement, Upstairs, etc Explanations were scattered throughout the book I did get the hang of it eventually, but it made me wonder why it took so long for a simple definition.
Eden s character, I admit, was another reason I didn t enjoy the book She wasn t very likable It seemed like she felt she was the only one going through a tough time view spoiler Az, the love of her life, dies in a horrible accident Then she finds out his death was all a lie, and she feels completely betrayed hide spoiler Full disclosure I didn t finish this book I didn t even get that far in But I m a firm believer that life s too short to read bad books A Touch Mortal hit one of my biggest peeves about YA paranormal romance, and it hit it really quickly.
It starts out with what could be an interesting premise teenage Eden is somehow slipping from the minds of everyone around her, and doesn t know why her friends and family are ignoring her She s depressed about this and contemplating suicide when she meets two young men on the beach One of them picks her up with some cheesy lines, and we re off to the Insta love Races.
In this case, it s not even exactly insta love, but love that is almost entirely developed offscreen Eden and Az have one date, then the narrative jumps ahead two weeks for some reason, and now they re in love Eden is young and inexperienced, so I sort of expect her to assign a lot of importance to the relationship, no matter how brief But where Clifford lost me was when Az wonders, But what will happen to me if you don t love me any This guy is an angel He s I don t even know how old, but his world will fall apart if he loses this girl he s been dating for two weeks And we readers can t even feel the intensity of this love, because it was developed during the time jump instead of where we could see it A Touch Mortal is just too melodramatic to me, with a lot of intense emotions being told to us but not really shown on the page enough to get me invested On to the next book.
If you have nothing nice to saydon t say anything at all Yup That s pretty much how I felt about this book.
First of all, let me say this book is not a light or quick read It is 418 pages in ARC format It is also has a romance with a darkness to it that is not what you would normally see in a normal young adult romance The first half of this book was very difficult for me to get through It was confusing with talk of Touch, Upstairs, Downstairs, The Bound, The Fallen and everything in between Afterlife is not what Eden thought it would be She thought heaven with angels, or hell with demons What she didn t expect was living on Earth still forgotten by everyone she knew yet immortal Add onto that the ability of Touch and it can leave you even confused than Eden the first few chapters In my opinion, there were too many people to keep track of, too many paranormal trends, and the romance between Eden and Az felt forced Yet, when you get past the first half of the book, everything starts to fall into place The things start clicking in your mind like a puzzle that has finally been solved and it all starts to make sense When Az reappears in Eden s life, the romance turned up a notch and took off Between Az struggling not to completely Fall, Gabe trying to keep his friends secrets from the Bound, and Eden trying to find her way with new abilities, you find yourself hoping for each character to find happiness and love Then for the last half of the book, it EXPLODES The suspense, drama and climatic scenes will leave you in awe at the excitement that follows Usually, you expect a huge and climatic ending in the final chapters, but the author used the last half of the book as one giant climax for the reader The ending was frustrating in the fact that now I have to wait forever for the next book to see what is to come with each person in the story.
By far the best angel book I ve read Awesome pacing, fabulous details, believable characters and witty dialogue are just a few of the strengths of Leah Clifford s debut I couldn t put it down, and when I had to, I found myself looking for excuses to pick it up again as soon as possible.

5 starsI don t even know what to say about this.
The story was sort of confusing, mainly because Siders aren t a mythological creature anyone is familiar withlike say, a vampire, werewolf, angel, or fairy You know, something most people have heard of So, with that in mind, I would think you d get a bit in depth explanation of this Sider thing.
But you don t Also, it didn t help that I didn t care for any of the characters Eden just wasn t the kind of girl that I d like to hang out and have a beer with Sorry Az was weird and needy, Adam was clingy, Kristen was bat shit crazy, and I pegged Libby for a bad guy right off the bat Gabriel was ok, but if he s the only character who is semi tolerable that doesn t say much.
And I feel bad saying this, but I just can t rally up much sympathy for a group of people who killed themselves I also thought it was a stupid idea to make a YA book about teenagers who commit suicide and then become immortal It was their destiny to kill themselves Really Please tell me I m not the only one bothered by that.
Anyway, the bottom line is that I had to push myself to finish it, so I won t be continuing with this series.
A TOUCH MORTAL is about a smart, normal girl named Eden with a mind of her own When she dies under mysterious circumstances, she s thrown into a dark, sexy world ruled by twisted and fascinating characters with an amazing ability called Touch Eden, with her unforeseen talent to kill those like her, turns this world upside down and Az her uber hot former lover falls back into her life and turns her world upside down Don t miss this one