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[Suzanne Young] Þ A Need So Beautiful [fiction PDF] Read Online · We All Want To Be Remembered Charlotte S Destiny Is To Be Forgotten Charlotte S Best Friend Thinks Charlotte Might Be Psychic Her Boyfriend Thinks She S Cheating On Him But Charlotte Knows What S Really Wrong She Is One Of The Forgotten, A Kind Of Angel On Earth Who Feels The Need A Powerful, Uncontrollable Draw To Help Someone, Usually A Stranger But Charlotte Never Wanted This Responsibility What She Wants Is To Help Her Best Friend, Whose Life Is Spiraling Out Of Control She Wants To Lie In Her Boyfriend S Arms Forever But As The Need Grows Stronger, It Begins To Take A Dangerous Toll On Charlotte And Who She Was, Is, And Will Become Her Mark On This Earth, Her Very Existence Is In Jeopardy Of Disappearing Completely Charlotte Will Be Forced To Choose Should She Embrace Her Fate As A Forgotten, A Fate That Promises To Rip Her From The Lives Of Those She Loves Forever Or Is She Willing To Fight Against Her Destiny No Matter How Dark The Consequences I hate to sound like a pessimistic reader, but I found this book to be a bit anticlimactic and characters, a little irritating EXCEPT FOR THE VERY LAST PAGE THAT really threw me for a mind f ck and I ll admit to wanting to read the sequel for that reason alone It wasn t so much a cliff hangerthe one that enrages a reader with anger or need for the next book, but It s truly compelling Perhaps it was just me, but I felt a bit underwhelmed, but I decided to change my original rating of 2 stars to 2.
5 Most of that is due to the last page and the fact that it had started out so promising Charlotte is some form of angel esque being, who has a time limit on how long she can stay on Earth However, she only finds that bit of info out gradually throughout the book She has these increasingly painful need compulsions that overtake her, forcing her into finding someone specific who could benefit from her omniscience about them and their life Each time she does one of these good deeds, she loses a bit of her physical humanity and start to turn gold According to her mentor figure, Manroe, it s her destiny as a Forgotten and she ll one day turn into light The most beautiful light and that ll be the end of it However, she doesn t want to disappear forever and she tries to find a way to stay, only it becomes a damned if you do, damned if you don t scenario for her That s really it folks For some reason all the characters felt a little too one dimensional and flat As a heroine, all I felt Charlotte let me in on her character was her day to day experience with her friends family and her needs However it all got rather boring after the first few experiences How many times does reading about her feeling the need compel her into going to talk to someone suppose to excite interest the reader There was nothing menacing about her doing it, or her encounters, and I never felt any sort of tension that would make it truly captivating The best situation was when she went to view spoiler sit with the gay guy who dying hide spoiler So I d planned on reading this slowly Seems like I plan to do that a lot Generally, I fail because I m a creature of impulse and little restraint But this time, I can blame a blackout.
I read A Need So Beautiful in one sitting, mostly by candlelight When the power came back on, I pretty much ignored it and just kept reading It s a gorgeous story, full of intrigue and sweeping themes I m a sucker for anything that has to do with the sadness and necessity of forgetting, so parts of this book made me want to hurl with joy and depression.
Young manages to unfurl her secrets here in such an effective way It s difficult to put the damned thing down I m looking forward to the sequel, A WANT SO WICKED.
I really just loved this book A Need So Beautiful is a great take on Angel lore, which I m always looking for, so this was a nice treat.
I ve never read anything by Suzanne Young before, but I think that s just gonna have to change Her writing is easy to get lost in and kept me intrigued from the first page, on.
What I loved most about this book was that the relationship was already solidly rooted No awkward first meets, or getting to know what buttons work here or silly antics to get him to notice you Not that I mind that in reads, but it s refreshing to to able to sink into a characters love life for a change Not only are Charlotte and Harlin absolutely adorable and swoon worthy, but they are both likable and it never felt forced or overly sappy They had a lot of genuine moments and you can see that what they feel for each other is real, which makes this evenbittersweet.
Bottom line, I really enjoyed myself with this book It was exactly what I needed for the kind of mood I ve been in lately It s sexy, sweet and sensational, and I m definitely gonna need to pick up a copy for keeps.
Loved the twist at the end I can t imagine going through what this girl does and being told by, essentially, her watcher, what she had to do about it If you loved Buffy, this series has a similar tone Ready for the next one I ll be honest, I could have given A Need So Beautiful just one star for all the Oh, I love him so moments, but that wouldn t be fair, because it has this one really great thing going for it, an out of the box concept of a non angel the Forgotten with purpose The combination of my going in blind plus my particular brand of cover love did wonders on me wanting to know what the story was And once all is said and done, I m divided a two or a four There were good parts, there s that really great part, BUT there were really annoying bits too Two StarsCharlotte Cassidy Needs notice the caps, to help and has done so, off and on, through out, but of late, her Need has come onfrequently leaving herout of sorts than normal After so many years of being what she was, and doing what she did, why accept the sudden volunteering of information from not one but two people While one was an old and trusted friend, the same had withheld knowledge, and the other, well, the other was a virtual stranger And what does Charlotte do Why, swallow their answers of course She could be the definition of gullible And she s just so perfect, so self sacrificing The Need compels her, so she must help And even with the pain she does so For seventeen years Why, she is an angel, isn t she My question is through all that helping and sneaking about, why didn t anyone notice Now one of my bigger questions is why withhold the information from her Love at all Was this another case of telling you would put you in danger It couldn t be the case because she didn t know what she was And if they loved each other passionately, desperately, why bother hiding For such a deep true love, there s a lot that they didn t talk about Oh well, that they love each other should be enough At least Harlin is sigh worthy He is rough around the edges, but he a softy when it came to her Together though they gave me cavities they were just so sweet Other than said couple, there s the loving adoptive mother and the best friend type that I ve come to expect in these books You know, the rich, popular but misunderstood best friend There really is a lot of same old same old in this one Four StarsIf that s all there was, why bother Well, it s out of the box Unearthly was notable given its angels with a purpose, is that what Charlotte was Mercy was a surprise favorite because I did not know where her story would take me Is that what happened Both these elements are in A Need So Beautiful Charlotte has always helped people but now she is compelled to do so withfrequency With her secret about to be discovered, she is finally told that she s to be The Forgotten Now, to explain that would ruin everything, so I ll just say, go out and read this one.
This is going to be a gush fest, just so you know.
A Need So Beautiful was so very wonderfully, hauntingly beautiful I truely did not want this one to end, I could not put it down It was angelic, but not in the preachy sense Mrs Young has charmed me and has me needingof her writing Charlotte has these compulsions, these needs They take her by the heart and she has no choice but to see them through To fight them seems impossible, besides she never has wanted to until now, now that she knows what she is, now that she knows what is going to happen if she doesn t fight Only fighting it doesn t really leave a better solution She feels so hopeless She doesn t want to just vanish and have no one but her seer remember her She has to fight for her boyfriend, for her friends, for her family But, in the end it s not really them she needs to fight for SHe has to make this decision on her own It s either a moment of pure love or a lifetime living in the shadows Can I just say, that ending was equal parts awesome and sad I want to know where the need comes from What is sending Charlotte to do all these things I want to go deeper into this I see that brilliant little 1 next to the title up there maybe I will get some answers I will definitely be reading 2 4.
5 starsHIGHLY RECOMMEND Do you hear that, it s a chior singing to you they are singing read this, it s glorious read it, it s Marvelous What an interesting story I really enjoyed A Need So Beautiful I took my time reading this, which in turn, made the reading experience so muchThis beautifully written story has the capacity to capture your emotions and tug on your heartstrings This is about good vs evil, making hard decisions to do what s right These characters were flawed, realistic and capable of leaving an impact on you Charlotte, our protagonist, has a duty of fulfilling the Need As this special Need pulls her to help people, she becomes less of your normal teen She is a golden light that shines brightly and fills people she s helped and knows with the feeling of love and hope As the need grows stronger, the golden glow begins to show There is one person who holds Charlotte s heart, and that is her boyfriend, Harlin She would do anything to stay with him While reading this, my heart just broke As Charlotte gets closer to the end of her time and fulfilling the Need, she will be wiped away from the memories of those she loved and who loved her I think this was written so well In fact, the beautiful imagery and emotion behind the story was compelling Memories are such an important part of our lives Pictures, journals and other fascets of capturing moments of our existance I couldn t imagine never being remembered But, there is hope for Charlotte too.
The ending was not what I had expected, but was so much better Just when you think you know how it will end, Suzanne Young, throws you a twist It wasbeautiful I highly recommend A Need So Beautiful On the plus side, I have managed to complete one of my winter challenge books on the very first day it started And no, I didn t cheat, I listened to all seven boring hours of this thing sorry if you liked it, but this book is just dull.
It wasn t the cheesy romance, it wasn t the whole angels and emphasis on religion thing, it wasn t even the annoying voice of the audio narrator it s just that this story is so blah So very very blah Haven t I read this story a million times Don t I know these characters from nearly every other paranormal romance book The lovestruck heroine, the hunky love interest, the supposedly quirky but mostly uninteresting best friend Apart from a few small annoying things that can be said about a lot of young adult novels particularly of the paranormal kind , there isn t anything really awful that I can pinpoint specifically, hence the rating of two stars instead of one But I will have forgotten everything about this book tomorrow In fact, I m already in the process of forgetting it I just had to go back and check up on a couple of names to remind myself of the characters Not good.
The audio narrator in this case does not do the protagonist any favours She plays upon her whininess, and makes her sound all theimmature and completely ridiculously in love I can only guess that she thought this sounded cute but, unfortunately, it did not Also, she never changes her voice for different characters, even though several are male and one is meant to have a British accent I m not very experienced with audiobooks but aren t you supposed to be able to tell which character is speaking The best part of this book is when Charlotte s skin is peeling off which should tell you a great deal about my interest in this story As for the rest, her steamy encounters with Harlin, the discovery that she is one of the Forgotten I really just didn t care.
I had the pleasure of reading A Need So Beautiful while it was being written, so I wasn t sure how the story was going to affect me when I finally read the finished book When I reached the end I had tears streaming down my face, which is saying something because books don t normally make me cryand I d read it before Suzanne Young has done something special She s created a fresh mythology in a genre that s gotten really old for me her characters are flawed and authentic and her writingoh, how it shines P.
S And If you think this is a book about angels think again.