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Trailer ☆ Why Didn't They Ask Evans? PDF by á Agatha Christie Was It A Misstep That Sent A Handsome Stranger Plummeting To His Death From A Cliff Or Something Sinister Fun Loving Adventurers Bobby Jones And Frances Derwent S Suspicions Are Certainly Roused Espeically Since The Man S Dying Words Were So Peculiar Why Didn T They Ask Evans Bobby And Frances Would Love To Know Unfortunately, Asking The Wrong People Has Sent The Amateur Sleuths Running For Their Lives On A Wild And Deadly Pursuit To Discover Who Evans Is, What It Was He Wasn T Asked, And Why The Mysterious Inquiry Has Put Their Own Lives In Mortal Danger I always find the Christie thrillers to never really connect with me, that probably explains why I d initially skipped this one when working through her cannon.
My favourite part of the story was probably the introduction to the mystery itself.
Bobby Jones and his friend Dr Thomas are playing golf in a Welsh seaside resort, only for Bobby to slice his ball over a cliff edge.
Down below he spots a dying man who utters the final words Why Didn t They Ask Evans Whilst surviving an attempt of poisoning, Bobby regaling the events to companion Frankie Lady Frances Derwent and the pair decided to investigate further.
Even through the set up was great, I found the story to fall into the same plot failings as the other Christie thrillers.
At the same time the pair felt like a weaker version of Tommy and Tuppence.
By no means her worst novel, I d rank this somewhere between The Secret of Chimneys and The Seven Dials Mystery.
Probably not one of Agatha Christie s best books but I enjoyed it just the same Frankie and Bobbie are a delightful pair and I loved their ending The story is fun and I didn t actually guess one of the guilty parties.
I believe this was one of her earlier books and it was not as polished as her work usually is I also had to suspend beliefoften than usual In the first few chapters when the doctor and Bobbie find a dying man on a cliff the doctor goes for help leaving the unqualified young man in charge Pretty sure the young man should have run for help leaving the suitably qualified doctor to tend the dying Never mind though It was a good story and it was fun A very pleasant light read.
Rating 3.
5 of fiveAnnoying Just plain annoying Frankie and Bobby are bumbling amateurs Lady Frances Derwent, daughter of the Earl of Marchington, knows Bobby, the son of the Vicar of Marchbolt, from little on up They meet again when Bobby s found a dying man under the cliffs near his home He and Frankie decide that they ll look into the matter because there are some loose and flapping ends that Bobby knows but had no chance to say at the inquest.
Hijinks quite predictably ensue.
It was 80 years ago that the book was conceived and written, but the kinds of dumbass errors the amateurs make just got up my nose So much so that I was really hard pressed to keep reading I did, oh my, didn t I just, but I kept shouting at the book thank goodness my roommate is in rehab when they pulled yet another bonehead maneuver with their ridiculously overcomplicated plans that shouldn t have worked while overlooking commonsensical things like doors being locked or unlocked from the outside.
Well anyway, there it is, I can t change Dame Agatha s writing and I can t unread it.
There have been two TV adaptations The first, in 1980, starred Francesca Annis and James Warwick later stars of the very good Partners in Crime series featuring Dame Agatha s amateur sleuths Tommy and Tuppence and was supremely faithful to the book It was three hours of pleasure The baddie was bad, the bumbling was still annoying, the goodies wore two shoes But it was beautiful and it was well done.
But Then Came Marple.
Horrifying They totally screwed the pooch Miss Marple, played at that point by Julia MacKenzie, was grafted onto the story, much surgery was done to the plot, and the characters of Frankie and Bobby were prettified Sean Biggerstaff, who played Bobby, was Oliver Wood in the Potter franchise into blandness I d deduct at least two stars for the awfulness of this adaptation but it s just not fair to blame the Dame for what happened thirty years after she popped her clogs In general, I d give the whole fechachte thing a miss unless you are a Francesca Annis fan me in which case hunt up the 1980 telefilm.
C est l un du roman que je ne l oublie plus.
What a fun look at a standalone Christie Why Didn t They Ask Evans is definitely full of twists and turns I also didn t realize the guilty party until the end of the book The characters of Bobby Jones and Frankie Derwent Lady Frances are delightful and some parts of this book remind me of The Seven Dials Mystery which is not a bad thing Why Didn t They Ask Evans begins with Bobby Jones and the local doctor playing golf when they realize that a man has fallen off a nearby cliff and is near death Bobby stays with the man and is there to witness his last words Why didn t they ask Evans Bobby goes through the man s pocket and finds a photograph of a young woman that looks slightly otherworldly A man comes by and offers to stay with the now dead man while Bobby runs off home When an inquest comes up Bobby feels slightly disappointed by the dead man s family and then eventually remembers the man s last words and sends off a letter about it From there though things heat up with someone trying to murder Bobby His childhood friend Lady Frances Frankie starts to think that something about the dead man is dangerous and could lead Bobby to his own end The two of them put their heads together and managed to track down the man that Bobby ended up leaving the dead man alone with and from there meet dangerous characters all over the place.
I really liked Bobby He seems to have a harebrained idea with his friend Badger that name but definitely doesn t want to give up until he finds out who possibly murdered the man he came across Frankie is similar to previous Christie female characters who keep on investigating even if it leads to their peril I loved the writing and the flow of the book improves after we get out of the first couple of chapters It was a bit slow going at first.
The setting of the book has it taking place before World War II It was interesting since most of Poirot s and Miss Marple s stories take place after World War II,The ending was definitely a shocker I was happy though with how things ended up.
Why Didn t They Ask Evans , Agatha Christie Why Didn t They Ask Evans is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie, first published in the United Kingdom by the Collins Crime Club in September 1934 Bobby Jones is playing golf with Dr Thomas in the Welsh seaside town of Marchbolt Seeking the golf ball he hit over the cliff edge, he sees a man lying below The doctor says the man is fatally injured and seeks help Bobby Jones is playing golf with Dr Thomas in the Welsh seaside town of Marchbolt Seeking the golf ball he hit over the cliff edge, he sees a man lying below The doctor says the man is fatally injured and seeks help Bobby stays with the man, who briefly regains consciousness, says Why didn t they ask Evans , and then dies Bobby finds a photograph of a beautiful woman in the man s coat pocket, but no identification Roger Bassington ffrench, a stranger wearing plus fours, offers to stay with the body so Bobby can play the organ at his father s church The dead man is identified as Alex Pritchard by his sister, Amelia Cayman, at the inquest She is said to be the woman in the photograph Bobby wonders how such a beautiful girl could become such a coarse older woman After the inquest, Mrs Cayman and her husband want to know if Pritchard had any last words Bobby says that he did not Later, when talking with his friend Frankie Lady Frances Derwent , Bobby remembers that Pritchard did have last words and writes to the Caymans to tell them 2011 1389 294 9789643636456 20