ä Wetware ↠´ Download by Á Rudy Rucker

ä Wetware ↠´ Download by Á Rudy Rucker In , Bopper Robots In Their Lunar Refuge Have Founds A Way To Infuse DNA Wetware With Their Own Software Code The Result Is A New Lifeform The Meatbop Fair Is Fair, After All Humans Built The Boppers, Now Bops Are Building Humansrt Of Its All Part Of An Insidious Plot Thats About To Ensnare Della Taze Who Doesnt Think She Killed Her Lover While In Drug Induced Ecstasybut Isnt Sure And Its Certainly Catastrophic Enough To Call Cobb Anderson The Pheezer Who Started It All Out Of Cold Storage Heaven Once upon a time there were a mess of agitated robots on the Moon And agitated humans in Florida Also some agitated humans with a touch of robot in em, on the Moon and in Florida What is it about Florida that lends itself for these kind of stories, anyway What a wild ride Seriously And I was just thinking that I d have boppers and meat sacks in some sort of wacky adventure.
Little did I know that this would be about boppers making meat sacks or what it would mean for religion in this wild, wild world.
Things are always changing in these novels Big changes Enormous changes No spoilers, but the results of the whole bopper human war is really freaky Rudy Rucker doesn t hold back with his idea storms He lets it all hang out.
I love it And by the way, this one has a much tighter plot and the themes are less a drug infused orgy and of a brain melt Often quite literally a brain melt for the characters, too Let s start mixing machine DNA with normal biology, shall we Roll out the machine messiah and other preachers of peace and harmony between all PEOPLE, no matter what they began as or what they became, and then let s roll out the reactionary machine Of course.
But what a wild ride It s the details and the the gorgeous tidbits of a really zany SF future that makes this novel I stand by my original pronouncement that these should BE a huge Cult favorite We should all be sitting around these books hitting shots and laughing about all the nutty things going on here

I enjoyed Software, the first book in Rucker s Ware series, but this second installment was even better The ideas were unique and disturbing and took the logical steps forward that a series should which deals with artificial intelligence For being such a slim read, it packs a punch and leaves the reader s mind scurrying down endless possible paths of what will happen next in the future Rucker has created I just love that as far this book is concerned, intelligence is intelligence, regardless of the housing Intelligence makes mistakes and starts all sorts of mischief, regardless of the housing.
Rucker also has loads to say about drugs I have never read anything in which society has so solidly accepted drug use as these books have Drug use is typical and expected and also provides numerous opportunities for trouble and story progression Just as with Software, my one minor, tiny, hardly worth mentioing complaint is that I had difficulty connecting with the characters If the characterizations had been a bit detailed, I would have truly loved this book, but maybe Rucker meant for everything about the characters to be realized through action, since this book is extremely action oriented The time jumps worked and did away with what might have been excessive details of down time between Rucker s action scenes I may have just argued against my initial complaint and won The ending with the moldies was perfect I am excited to see what happens in the next book 4 1 2 stars and I highly recommend this series to science fiction fans.
Rudy Rucker has reprinted the series as a complete set