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[Irvine Welsh] Ì Trainspotting [star-trek-deep-space-nine PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ The Bestselling Novel By Irvine Welsh That Provided The Inspiration For Danny Boyle S Hit Film Choose Us Choose Life Choose Mortgage Payments Choose Washing Machines Choose Cars Choose Sitting Oan A Couch Watching Mind Numbing And Spirit Crushing Game Shows, Stuffing Fuckin Junk Food Intae Yir Mooth Choose Rotting Away, Pishing And Shiteing Yersel In A Home, A Total Fuckin Embarrassment Tae The Selfish, Fucked Up Brats Ye Ve Produced Choose Life I love the movie so much, I didn t think this book could be better than the movie Oh, but it is Review to come, because I need to process what I ve just read P.
S I m attempting to review the book in phonetic Scots, it s immensely difficult.
Fuck me insensible Oh ya cunt, ya Ah dinnae watch the movie, bit ma heid s spinnin fae readin this shite, ah kin fuckin tell ye The book s no novel mair a collection ay short stories, likesay, aboot a bunch ay Scot junkies The cunts go aroond, fartin n shitein n shootin smack The book is written in the Scottish dialect, sortay like whit ah m tryin tae imitate, ken whit ah mean It wisnnae easy fe us tae git intae it It made us scoobied aboot whit the cunts were sayin, likesay, bit after a while it became very enjoyable, ken There s like a hundred cunts in ivry paragraph ay this book, bit it doesnnae mean bad Ivrybody jist caws ivrybody a cunt no offense meant or taken, likesay Bit nivir caw a lassie a cunt thit shite is sexist Ah dinnae see no glossary at the end ay the book, like some people here say Ah thoat ma livin in London fe mair thin a year wid help us wi the dialect, bit ah d be fucked if it did Ah d be the last foreign cunt tae pit doon the Queen s English, likesay, bit truth be telt, ah cannae understand iny cunt if they re fae iniwhair north ay Birmingham Jist the other night this pished cunt came tae us in a bar, talkin shite Ah asks um whair he s fae He sais Sheffield I sais tae um thit ah saw Full Monty, which wis filmed in Sheffield, n ah dinnae understand inything Ah wis jist bein a polite cunt, likesay, tellin um indirectly tae speak posh tae us He sais, awright, ah speak posh tae ye, ye American cunt Bit he wis a good cunt He telt us a few good jokes thit made us spill ma pish Ah should go there some day The cunt telt us thit the pish gits cheaper n the burds git easier the further north ye go, ken whit ah mean Life is mundane n depressin, bit sae whit Pittin poison intae yir body is a load ay shite, only good fe cowardly cunts Choose life.

I must have read the first page of Trainspottingthan twenty times since purchasing the book years ago, and each time I would put it back in fear of all the Scottish dialect There s no point lying, this is a challenging novel, sometimes you have to read things twice or pause to think about them to fully understand what s being said But, unlike a lot of books that are difficult to read, this was ultimately rewarding and once you get used to the slang words it becomes a very gritty, moving and funny read.
Trainspotting is a story about a bunch of Scottish heroin addicts Rents, Sick Boy others , it s about the dregs of society and it s about prostitutes If you don t like reading about these kind of people, you won t like the book If you have problems with the C word, you definitely won t like this book It s told in several short stories that switch between first and third person narrative and switch between character point of views Many of my usual rules have been broken for this book I don t like multiple perspectives, I don t like spending time deciphering the text, I don t like sentences that are made up of profanities But all of those factors come together to make a great novel in this rare case.
All the characters are oddly likeable in a way, which really says something to me about the author s talent as a writer Even though they are morally questionable individuals with an ocean of problems, they have a very dark and hilarious sense of humour, and it is this colour and vivacity that makes it all theheartbreaking when Rents loses his close friends to HIV and other illnesses.
It won t suit everyone, Trainspotting is about the people at the bottom of the pile who get easily written off as hopeless and a waste of space, but Welsh gives a sense of humanity to these addicts, he makes them people with unique characteristics and personal struggles that we can offer sympathy to I m just sorry I put it off for so long.
Everything you heard about this book is true It will not only melt your face, but also the faces of anyone in the same room as you Be prepared for a deluge of c words from page one to page last, be prepared for a detailed account of a bunch of lively Scottish junkies scuffling and waiting for their man and spiking up and all of that This is offensiveness which achieves transcendence There are scenes which will make you will drop your jaw so far you ll have to spend half an hour looking for it it fell off and rolled under the bed You will guffaw in public, stuff may emit forcefully from your nasal region Yes, the first ten or 15 pages will be tough tough tough like Clockwork Orange since it s written in the language of Scottish junkies Bit et s nae bother Hack your way through the first few pages and you ll be hurtling along, larfing and barfing, lurching and hurling, all the way to the sticky end Apparently some people find the title of the book obscure Especially if they only see the extremely watered down but still pretty good film Sometimes the notorious psycho Begbie decides after the pub shuts to go to the station and find anyone who s unfortunate enough to be waiting for a train and give them a random vicious beating In a spirit of fun he calls that Trainspotting.