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Ò Read ñ The Tide Knot by Helen Dunmore ñ The second installment of the Ingo series begins with Sapphire refusing to adapt to her new home While Conor has given up on Ingo and embraced his Air side, Sapphire still goes to Ingo to visit with Faro One thing leads to another terribly detailed, I know and Sapphire gets to see her dad, who everyone but her and Conor believed to have drownedthan a year before our story starts Seeing her dad leads Sapphire and Conor to go to Ingo with the purpose of trying to bring him back However, while speaking to the wise Mer insert complicated name here , they become involved in the issue of The Tide Knot, a knot duh that controls the tides and is threatening to come loose, which would entail a massive destruction of both Ingo and Air.
Now that the synopsis is out of the way and I do know it s not a good one , here are my thoughts on the book they re a bit spoiler y, so they re hidden view spoiler why on Earth is The Tide Knot only mentioned in the final third of the book The way things were going, I thought the book would be all about the brothers trying to bring their dad home, but no, it all boiled down to The Tide Knot in the end There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but why imply that the book s problem is going to be one and then abruptly change it to another I can t like Sapphire s dad right now He d better have a very good excuse for what he did, other than She sang so beautifully, I couldn t help it Sapphire s a bit childish in some points of the books, not to mention selfish I mean, tying her dog and just going to Ingo when the tide is rising and could possibly drown her dog And Sapphire, one piece of advice, in case you didn t already get this dogs and other animals have very good instincts If they signal that there s something wrong, it s because there s something really wrong and not because they suddenly decide to be annoying and bark their heads off hide spoiler This is the Sequal of the brilliant series, ingo If you haven t read it read IT OR GET IT NOW I Can T Go Back In The House I M Restless, Prickling All Over The Wind Hits Me Like Slaps From Huge Invisible Hands But It S Not The Wind That Worries Me It S Something Else, Beyond The StormSapphire And Her Brother Conor Can T Forget Their Adventures In Ingo, The Mysterious World Beneath The Sea They Long To See Their Mer Friends Once But A Crisis Is Brewing Far Below The Ocean S Surface, Where Saldowr, The Wisest Of The Mer, Guards The Tide Knot And Soon Both Sapphire And Conor Will Be Drawn Into Ingo S Troubled Waters The Tide Knot continues on from Ingo , with Sapphire and Conor now living with their mum in St Pirans I found this book to be muchsatisfying than the previous book, withunderwater adventures and a real sense that the Mer consist ofthan just Faro and Elvira That said, much of the book still takes place on land I found Sapphire to be as annoying as in the first book, with far too much whinging Faro, too, is still rather unlikeable and I find it hard to understand why Sapphire remains so keen to spend time with someone who is frequently smug and constantly mocks Sapphire and humans in general Nevertheless, I enjoyed the story around The Tide Knot and I m glad some of the mystery about what happened to Sapphire s father was resolved.
The Tide Knot return to ingo This a fun adventur about a grill torn between the beauty of the sae and her live above the sea.
sapphy half mer so hes is dron to the sea.
Sappy on a qust to save her dad how every one thout was dead find out her dad left them for his new faimly under the sea.
She ends up saveing everone from the fears tide that have brockin free from ther knots.
With the help or her brother and her mer freds they lock the tides back up not be for it flood there home both above the sea and be low.
The second book in the series Sepphy and Conner try hard to forget their adventures in Ingo, but for Sepphy, whose Mer blood is so strong, it isn t easy Living in town instead of by their cove, she spendstime moping around by the shore than normal But when her father appears, trying to warn her of a terrible event, she has to return under the sea to rescue him Instead, she finds out about The Tide Knot, a mystical entity that keeps the tides from covering too much land When the knot is loosened, all that she holds dear in the twon is threatened and both her and Conner have to dive deeper than they ever have in order to save both Air and Ingo.
This was a much better story than the first, mainly because there was a story I love the idea of the knot holding back the waters from the shore such great imagery Sepphy can sometimes be a really annoying character, but I guess someone reading the book of the same age would identify with her so muchAnother great read on to the next one.

5 Wow, well I m in a bit of a predicament now I didn t like Ingo very much, did I But guess what I saw this book in a charity shop for 1.
25 and took the plunge.
And now I have to hold up my hands and say damn am I glad I did.
It wasn t the best book in the world, I ll admit, but Sapphy really grew up in this She was still stupid and whiny at times, but definitely less than in the first book andindependant, not relying too much on having Connor around or becoming jealous.
The reason I haven t given this four stars is because I didn t much like the ending It seemed a bit rushed, if I m honest Or maybe the build up was too slow I m not sure Either way, I felt like it was all solved a bit too easily.
I have The Deep and The Crossing of Ingo after seeing them in a discount book shop near where I live and seeing as The Tide Knot has redeemed my faith in this series, I m going to complete it.
I just hope that the characters continue to grow and the conclusions become stronger or I ll be bored by the end, knowing that there will be all this build up of the characters missing all the signs for it all to be solved in five pages toward the end.
I have no idea why I loved the first book Ingo a lot Maybe because when I read the first book, I was way younger Or maybe the first book is actually way better than this second one I havent read the first book for years.
This could be a great book for children, but not for young adult at all The story is way too dreamy, it s boring And I don t know whybut Dun s writing doesn t make myself believe in her words I mean, some parts are interesting, but most parts are boring S And the dialogues sound too fake Unnatural, if you know what I meanEven the ending doesn t make me want to buy the third book at all Everything s going all fine I expect achallenging ending But hey I think this book will be interesting for people under 12s, you know It has strong family and environment messages, which are really good and also light for children and pre teens.