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Ô Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Î Download by ✓ Robert Louis Stevenson OH BOY, OH BOY, PEOPLE I HAVE A NEW FAVOURITE This edition came with two stories, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and The Bottle Imp, and they were both awesome let s talk about them I m so excited I can t contain myself.
Jekyll So Well Crafted From beginning to end the story was engaging and the themes where quite straightforward, but I really love that in writing see George Orwell is my favourite author I like it when authors aren t bogging their messages down in unneeded subtleties Some of these sentences, I swear to god One of my favourite ones I slept after the prostration of the day, with a stringent and profound slumber which not even the nightmares that wrung me could avail to break The context doesn t even matter It s solid gold My only distress with this story comes not from anything Stevenson did, but from the fact that it s so famous spoiler alert I wish I didn t know Jekyll and Hyde are the same person Gosh darn it The story is solid enough that it doesn t matter if you know or not, which is important if one spoiler can ruin your story you don t have a very good story , but it would have been so wickedly fun not to know Stevenson did such a good job of hiding it The ideas of evil vs good in humans were great And the idea that Jekyll didn t hate Hyde.
Bottle I had no idea what the heck this was, which made it so much fun What a story Stevenson has an awesome imagination To avoid spoilers I ll keep this brief This story was so stressful Oh man I felt legitimate anxiety My heart, it was not happy WHICH IS GREAT It s amazing when a piece of writing can make you feel real dread Why was it set in Hawaii When talking to a friend who is Scottish and so is Stevenson so I trust her on this subject she explained to me that Stevenson was known for being a world traveller, so maybe he just wanted to explore something new It was interesting, I d like to lookinto the significance of the Hawaii setting.
definitely something to do with being an island I wanted this to endsadly Gosh it was so set up for a sad ending, and I was dreading dreading dreading that it would end badly but sometimes these things can t end well I think, ultimately, the ending didn t feel too bad It could have been done worse, I think the saviour situation that happened had legitimate merit, but still I think this would have been better if it had ended horribly.
Go read this, seriously people.
KUDOS, KUDOS andKUDOS to you, Mr Stevenson First, for bringing mehappy than a Slip N Slide on a scorching summer day by providing Warner Bros with the inspiration for one of my favorite cartoons, Hyde and Go Tweet I mean who didn t love giant, cat eating Tweety Hyde Second, andseriously, when I tardily returned to your classic gothic novella as an adult, you once again red lined my joy meter with the strength and eloquence of your story craft You story is the gift that keeps on giving.
In both structure and content, this narrative is a work of art From a technical perspective, it can be admired for its superb mingling of different literary devices More importantly for me at least , the story itself is a powerful depiction of some very important ideas about humanity and what we sometimes hide behind the veneer of civilization Structurally, the novella crams, stuffs and presses a complete, fully fleshed story in its scant 88 pages by using a brilliant combo of point of view changes, dialogue, flashback and epistolary components In lesser hands, the amount of information and story contained in this tale would have required a lotpaper In addition to being a model of conciseness, the change in style, in my opinion, added to the enjoyment of the story by allowing the reader to bepresent during the narrative Content wise, Stevenson really knocks the cover off the ball Despite being written in 1886, this tale still stands as the quintessential fictional examination of the duality of man s nature and the very human struggle between the civilized and primal aspects of our beings The constrained, repressive society of the Victorian Period in which the story takes place provides the perfect back drop for the model of outward English propriety, Dr Henry Jekyll, to battle metaphorically and literally the darker, baser but still very human desires personified in the person of Edward Hyde What a perfect allegory between the face people wear in public and the one they take out only in privateHence it came about that I concealed my pleasures and that when I reached years of reflection, and began to look round me, and take stock of my progress and position in the world, I stood already committed to a profound duplicity of life.
Stevenson s prose is engaging and I found myself pulled into the narrative from the beginning I particularly enjoyed when Stevenson wrote of his characters reactions to being in the presence of Mr Hyde and the palpable, pervasive, but non pinpointable, sense of evil and dread that radiated from him For exampleThere is something wrong with his appearance something displeasing, something downright detestable Hyde s features were the expression, and bore the stamp, of lower elements in my soul The last I think for, O poor old Harry Jekyll, if ever I read Satan s signature upon a face, it is on that of your new friendI was also impressed with Henry Jekyll s description of his growing realization that man not homogenous inside his own skin but a conglomerate of competing personalities and aspectsWith every day, and from both sides of my intelligence, the moral and the intellectual, I thus drew steadily nearer to the truth, by whose partial discovery I have been doomed to such a dreadful shipwreck that man is not truly one, but truly two I hazard the guess that man will be ultimately known for a mere polity of multifarious, incongruous and independent denizensOverall, this is one of those classics that lives up to its name and rightfully belongs among the highlights of gothic fiction I am very, very pleased that I decided to revisit this story as I found that I loved as an adult what I could only try to appreciate as a child 4.
This Stevenson guy totally ripped off Stan Lee s Hulk character I mean, did this dude seriously think he could get away with what basically boils down to a copy paste job of one of the most iconic literary characters in comics I Think Not.
Stan, my friend, you have a real chance at winning a copyright infringement lawsuit view spoiler For the love of all that s good and holy, please don t correct me in the comments Hello Joking It s obvious that Mr Stevenson s real inspiration for this short story came from the Bugs Bunny cartoons Duh.
hide spoiler 55 pages later and I m still convinced that Robert Louis Stevenson named his characters this way exclusively so he could fit in the line if he shall be Mr Hyde, I shall be Mr Seek and honestly that s iconic Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm.
There s a reason this novella has stood the test of time it is creepy and interesting as hell I think there s something very terrifying to me about the idea of losing humanity and sanity, at first due to your own choices but later because of forces you cannot control Robert Louis Stevenson allegedly wrote this while on drugs, and you can definitely feel that experience in the book This is such a short book and I don t know quite what else to say, but guys I love Victorian horror it s so fucking weird and wild and all about Transgressing Social Norms and Being Subversive and this is the kind of shit I am HERE for sometime I ll write my term paper about how Victorian horror was a way for queer people, women, and mentally ill people to express their frustrations at Victorian society in a way that appealed to mass audiences, because I find that dynamic fascinating dangerous ideas book 2 Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram Youtube The appearances superficiality motif appears as early on as the first sentence in this tense, tight, but ultimately convoluted smear of a novella Count on countenance for good sturdy bones in a story of detection yet Plus there are really nice framing devices on display here, a check mark always in my book, like the letters within letters narrative, a nifty exercise, which is mighty cool Here, my favorite sentence from the Robert Louis Stevenson classic Jekyll hadthan a father s interest Hyde hadthan a son s indifference 85 Super neat Yet And then there is the fact that the main protagonists become manifested once they are uttered into existence by the status quo, the pre turn of the century Londonfolk Rumor creates their reputations before the two, er one, ever make the center stage HoweverI must mention that I feel as though the actual occurrence, the solved crime, what s underneath all the whispy artifices of this rudimentary detective noir novel, is a homosexual relationship gone to extremes, to a level that s too literary Maybe that s a stretch Also, I LOVE that JEKYLL sounds like jackal, as in Devil Cute.
ButThis is not worthy of the canonBottom Line Cos the whole Dual Nature and Commingling of Good and Evil thing is overdone, stamped into the reader like some mantra that could be interpreted in many different ways and becomes, quite frankly, overly exhausted This ain t as kitschy, or pre kitschy nowhere near as I d foolishly predicted If you want something macabre AND brilliant, go to the French serial classic The Phantom of the Opera Robert Louis Stevenson was a man who knew how to play his audience Utterson, the primary point of view character for this novel, is a classic Victorian gentleman he is honest, noble and trustworthy he is the last reputable acquaintance of down going men like Henry Jekyll So, by having a character who evokes the classic feelings of Victorian realism narrate the abnormal encounterings, it gives it credibility it gives it believability thus, the story is scarier because if a man such as Utterson is seeing this strange case, then it must be real Indeed, this gothic novella was considered very scary at the time I think this was emphasised because Stevenson pushed the boundaries of the gothic genre One of the tenants of the style rests upon the inclusion of a doppelg nger Instead of using this classic idea Stevenson transgressed it with having his doppelg ngers relationship reside in the same character Jekyll Hyde is the same person, and at the same time one and another s counterpart I think this is a masterful technique because the relationship between the two ispsychologically complex and fear inducing, than, for example, the relationship between Frankenstein and his Monster It breaks the boundaries of the normal role and establishes a doppelg nger relationship that is stronger than any others This all happened because one day a Victoria chemist decided to see if he could separate the two states of human nature The result was a successful disaster Utterson has to try and piece together the scraps of the strange situation He is perplexed at the idea of the paranormal because logic dictates that this shouldn t be happening, therefore, it isn t real, but only it is so, again, it becomesscary The incident at the window is demonstrative of this Utterson witnesses Jekyll s transgressive shift into Hyde and a shift between the doppelgangers The blood of the Victorian gentleman is frozen by what he beholdsI learned to recognise the thorough and primitive duality of man I saw that, of the two natures that contended in the field of my consciousness, even if I could rightly be said to be either, it was only because I was radically both I love the gothic genre and I love this novella I think so much can be taken from it because the number of interpretations that have been made of it are huge It is told in my favourite style of narration epistolary There are a number of narrators, including Jekyll himself Consequently, the interpretive value is increased significantly I ve spoken a lot about Utterson, but there is also the strong possibility of Jekyll being an unreliable narrator as he has deluded himself almost completely One could also compare the work to Stevenson s own life and his self imposed exile as he wrote this gothic master piece In addition to this, Hyde can be seen as the personification of having the so called exact physical characteristics of a criminal in the Victorian age, and the homosexual undertones are also very implicit in the text There is just so much going on in here The literary value of this is, of course, incredibly high But, it is also incredibly entertaining to read I ve written essays about this novella for university thus, I could praise this book all day and night This is, certainly, the best novella I ve read to date I had to buy a Folio Society edition of it, I just had to.
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Is The original Title Of A Novella Written By The Famous Scottish Author Robert Louis Stevenson That Was First Published InThe Work Is Commonly Known Today As The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde, Or Simply Jekyll Hyde It Is About A London Lawyer Named John Gabriel Utterson Who Investigates Strange Occurrences Between His Old Friend, Dr Henry Jekyll, And The Evil Edward Hyde 4.
5 read for class What I learned reading Dr Jekyll and Mr HydeBy Jeff1 Some things are better left unsaid Really Who knows how Hyde indulged himself Hookers Pirating Running an orphan sweat shop Booze Opium Ripping the Do Not Remove under Penalty of Law labels from mattresses 2 Never have a nosy lawyer as a best friend Who the hell hangs out with lawyers 3 My evil Hyde would not be a top hat wearing, monkey like Juggernaut Sorry, he would beDean Martin esque, a la The Nutty Professor 4 How in need Victorian England was for body waxing and or Nair.
5 As long as my evil twin was a different size stretchy spandex material for those embarrassing and untimely changes.
6 This has no business being a musical An episode of Scooby Doo, sure I would have worked my way through the entire brothel, if it wasn t for you meddling kids Stage musical, no 7 Possible Hyde potion flavors Salted Caramel, Lime Mint, White Chocolate Almond, Tangerine Mango8 Evil housekeeper good, evil hideout attached to regular pad just stupid Note to self make Evil me smarter and evencunning.
9 Some adaptations over the years In Abbot and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Costello, playing Tubby, is transformed into a big mouse Huh In Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde, the movie poster warned The sexual transformation of a man into a woman will actually take place before your very eyes Acting Brilliant Thank you 10 At around one hundred pages, this book novella was the perfect length Any longer and Stevenson s leaden prose style would have transformed me into grumpy, whiney, sleepy reader.