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[ Pdf The Electric Church ð m-m-f PDF ] by Jeff Somers ☆ I see this book has an average of 3 stars as I write this review I suppose then I should justify my 5 star rating then The reason I give this 5 stars is that I personally could not stop myself from reading this Now sci fi is generally not my genra of choice so I cannot qualitatively say if this is a great sci fi book But it kept me reading and interested That is all I care May be dark and disturbing for some people Heck my copy of the book came with a warning about the content printed on it I personally am looking to snatch up anything else he writes.
Holy hell, I love this book Love the idea behind it, the fight against eternity and a religion that wants to consume every part of you Willingly or not Avery Cates is not a sympathetic character He s a killer for hire, the man least likely to perform heroics, a cheat and a survivor But he s a likable character all the same He s an honest man who s doing what he needs to survive, but there are lines he won t cross This doesn t make him a good person by any stretch of the imagination, in fact, it probably makes him stupid Luckily he has all these lovely side characters who help him out and not by choice.
You see the world, the city of New New York through his eyes, and it s a fucked up place It s a dystopian future and there s no such things as heroes here I felt tired just reading this book, but in a good way In a sympathising with the Main Character way But even so, I wanted to read if only I wasn t limited by that pesky thing called lack of funds because there s the promise of an epic adventure And the antagonists, the robot monks of The Electric Church, are the creepiest things ever Creepy, creepy, creepy and so deliciously badass I can t say without spoiling it, but if you re a fan of dystopian post apocalypse action adventure with a Main Character who s well on his way to Nick Fury level badassery, then read this book.
I see the majority of review have rated this as a menial read That doesn t surprise me For the age of Cyber punk isn t anything new What I found I liked about the book was the comic style of flow I found the imagery and the characters to be from the comic style of writing than just the standard novel It s certainly not a new concept, just one I found fun and quick If I want to challenge myself I will read the classics When I want to feel pulp style fictions, than I will read this book I look forward to reading Somers next novel of this series It s a good, fun read like Pulp Fiction in novel form.
Folks, there is nothing subtle or beautiful about this one.
Unless, that is, you think perfectly described gun battles and psychotic cyborg monks are subtle and beautiful Or maybe you are just a fan of exciting sucker punch to the stomach writing.
Set in a not so distant, and rotten, dystopian future the story follows the adventures of the surprisingly sympathetic anti hero Avery Cates Cates is a Gunner a hitman scrounging to make a living among the dreary masses He is considered an old man and seasoned at the age of 27 years Doing almost he still has some sense of honor anything to live until the next day Cates is constantly on the run So don t get me wrong, you are rooting for the bad guys in this one, but the people after the bad guys are much worse.
Always after Cates or any random person in the way is the corrupt, and uber, police force of The System Always in front of him is The Electric Church a religion of freaky cyborg Monks, whose converts are suspected of not always being voluntary Always around him is his lack of time.
Things get really interesting when one of these two ominus groups tracks Avery Cates down and hires him to go after the other.
This was pretty much a nonstop read and it made me wish I was a cyborgMonk so I didn t have to be interrupted by petty biological functionswhile I enjoyed this great story It does have some flaws, but it is an impressinve first novel by a promising new author.
Highly recommended for guys crazy ones , women cool ones , and verysmall children unaware ones Also recommended if you are a fan ofpresent day intrigue or grimy mystery novels and don t mind changingthings up.
Enjoy and become a convert to The Electric Church Ryan K Are you read for some hardcore motherfuckers kicking some serious cyberpunk ass Cuz that s what this book is about HARSH LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, CYBERPUNK, FUTURETREK and SEX That s the main parts that create this monster of sci fi It is definitely not for the intelligent type, it s full of vulgarism, constant action, a large amount of dick wagging, pointless and cheesy dialogues, too HARDCORE THAN THOU action scenes and rather weakly explained cyber future world.
However, it was entertaining It s a guilty pleasure An aggressive, industrial cyberpunk book that leaves the taste of led in your mouth after reading it IT IS HARDCORE and not the British type of hardcore.
You can just sense the simplistic American style of writing, trying to be angrier and powerful than all the other books It has this appeal of watching a bully beat the crap out of his teacher You re against it, but just can t stop looking Check it out, it is definitely fun I ve read a lot of mixed reviews of The Electric Church, which surprised me because I thought it was really good Some of the reviewers out there really hated it, thought of it as unoriginal, thought it was stereotypical cyberpunk, were bored, thought it was predictable I thought it was none of those things Indeed, it was such an action packed thriller that each page seemed to have something integral to the plot and I was so intrigued, I read it in less than a day.
Avery Cates is a Gunner, a killer in a dystopian world He s old at 27 and has killed some 26 people for money, and during this book, he really adds to his kill total The seemingly super human cops The SSF are after him for cop killing and now he s on the bad side of The Electric Church, a growing religion whose adherents are cyborgs who were once human and whose brains have been transplanted from murdered people to their new cyborg bodies It s quite creepy The head of the SSF cops hires him to kill the leader of the church in their heavily guarded headquarters, so he assembles a team of transport, tech, and other people to help him out Cates is a bad guy, but he s a likeable bad guy because he plays by a certain set of rules He s also cooler than the evil police or the Monks of The Electric Church, all of whom are certifiably evil and probably insane.
Some reviewers thought character development was lacking in this book, but I was really taken with how the author captured and then let us get to know a Monk The author really delves into good descriptions here and I had a great vision in my head of how the scene was taking place.
There s a whole lot of gun fighting in this book, so if you re into that, you won t be disappointed A reason I m marking it down from five stars to four, however, is the excessive swearing Don t get me wrong I m not a prude I ve got a mouth of my own But this was gratuitous swearing, dropping the F bomb every third word It got old and felt forced Additionally, the author constantly has to let us know that Cates is a hardass and is putting on his macho, hardass face to scare other people away That got old too.
Still, the book is non stop action and it s enthralling I wasn t prepared for the end and thought it was quite good Apparently, this is the first in a series of course , so I might read the second one soon, although I m of the opinion that sequels rarely live up to the original This book is highly recommended In The Near Future, The Only Thing Growing Faster Than The Criminal Population Is The Electric Church, A New Religion Founded By A Mysterious Man Named Dennis Squalor The Church Preaches That Life Is Too Brief To Contemplate The Mysteries Of The Universe Eternity Is Required In Order To Achieve This, The Converted Become Monks Cyborgs With Human Brains, Enhanced Robotic Bodies, And Virtually Unlimited Life Spans Enter Avery Cates, A Dangerous Criminal Known As The Best Killer For Hire Around The Authorities Have A Special Mission In Mind For Cates Assassinate Dennis Squalor But For Cates, The Assignment Will Be The Most Dangerous Job He S Ever Undertaken And It May Well Be His Last I m not normally a big reader of sci fi books This one, however, was a fantastic read I can t really put my finger on what it was about this book that I found so appealing, but it is one of the best books that I ve read in the past year Set in the infamous not so distant future featuring a rag tag group of assassins for hire who are actually the good guys in the dark future created by the author who must battle an ever growing army of militant Monks, this novel is all action from the opening page.
In any other media this would be amazing but it s a little too repetitive for a fun novel.
Just reading the blurb and the title for this book was enough to grab my attention And that very creepy cover sure deepened my interest When I started to read this book, I found myself a little lost in the narrator s set up of this world because there was so much going on, and so much to be explained However, as the story moved into the second chapter and I settled into Avery s tale, I understood exactly why it was vital to drop all of that info on the reader at the very start Getting the who s who out of the way helped me get my bearings and understand exactly what Avery was and what he d gotten himself into It helped me slip into this very dark and brutal dystopian society very smoothly.
Avery Cates is a criminal For the right price he ll kill whoever he s hired to eliminate He doesn t care who it is.
But when he gets himself caught up in some big trouble with the System Cops and attracts the attention of the very freaky Monks from The Electric Church, everything becomes a lot complicated When he s given an opportunity he can t pass up, he takes it All he has to do is kill the founder of this mysterious religion And to do that he ll have to head into the middle of their operation, with a group of misfits that include his only friend, Gatz, female twins who come in very handy, and a Techie who refers to himself in the third person Along the way, he even manages to pick up a scary Gunner who might not be who he says he is For the right amount of money, they re all willing to risk their lives.
This story is an action packed thrill ride that had me on the edge of my seat I couldn t wait to turn the page, to see what was going to happen next Trying to keep up with Avery s very dangerous life was exhausting and exhilarating, because every time he thinks he can take a deep breath, trouble finds him The Electric Church is a fascinating and totally engrossing book with everything that makes the noir futuristic cyberpunk genre so appealing It s well written, gets under your skin, and throws you into the middle of the action Avery Cates is the ultimate anti hero A killer who drinks too much and doesn t bathe near enough Yet, he s trying to make his way in an insane, horrible and very violent world the only way he knows how And I really liked him for that.
I also loved that what starts out as a way to get a huge payout turns into an ambitious attempt at changing a corrupt system that ignores and destroys the majority of the population.
This is a series that I really want to lose myself in I thought this one was fantastic, so I can t wait to read the next book.